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[ROM] Soulife's Roger Remix V3.1 [Sept/29/2009] (small/fast)

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Jul 27, 2008
Soulife's Roger Remix v3.1

Version 3 was completely rebuilt from scratch. I incorporated the new HTC update, as well as added mytouch support (sapphire 32b). This build will also fit any spl, so you need not worry about which spl you have or which version to download. Themes coming soon... (i hate not being themed)

(There's 2 builds available now. The regular will work with any spl, and the extended build has been "odexed". The odexed build should be slightly faster, and will also give you full space on your data partition. All themes that get developed will be for one or the other, and not compatible between the 2)

  1. Yes, this will work on your mytouch (sapphire 32b), rogers, or dream/G1 device
  2. Please check this thread by haykuro before flashing this on a rogers phone!!
  3. To add all the ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds back on the phone download the sounds.zip file from download page, and add those 3 directories to the root of your sdcard. Viola, you now have audio.
    Also hero and standard wallpapers are available for download.

This Build is constantly getting worked on, so looking at the change log to figure out what your getting can be confusing. So here it is in a nutshell...(as of September 29, 2009)


  • Built with Cyanogen's kernel and ramdisk (4.0.4)
    (please, please visit his thread. a lot of those same rules apply here
    i modified his a2sd script and ramdisk to be more suited for this build, also dalvik-cache stays on internal memory and not on sdcard when a2sd is active)
    * UNIVERSAL! Runs on both Dream and Magic 32B
    * Does not require "DangerSPL"
    * Now identifies itself as either T-Mobile G1 or myTouch
    * Enhanced ramdisk which uses optimal mount options and smart startup
    * Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems
    * Apps2SD is automatic! All you need is a second partition (ext).
    * Includes script to upgrade to ext3 (from recovery mode, see FAQ)
    * Supports ext2/ext3/ext4 for Apps2SD
    * Clean filesystem shutdown at poweroff/reboot, and fsck at boot (no FS corruption!)
    * Highly optimized kernel with many extra modules
    * Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz with latency tweaks
    * Runs /system/sd/userinit.sh after A2SD setup and before starting the runtime for user scripts
    * Compcache 0.6 enabled by default (if no userinit is present)
    * Linux cgroups for better app prioritization
  • Optimized with JF build environment (adp)
  • Updated busybox (terminal)
  • Newest Google Maps app
  • "English - United States" comes up in locale
  • fix_permissions in bin (its called "fixperm" in this build) (terminal)
  • rwsystem and rosystem in bin (easily remount system as read/write or read only) (terminal)
  • changed a font that was bout 2mb bigger than normal
  • added powertop, htop, nano, and some other stuff (terminal)
  • added Browser enhancements from loccy
  • added MMS enhancements from rgv151
  • added OpenOBEX commandline tools ported by Erin Yueh (terminal)
  • added terminal
  • added spareparts
  • added ion's libhtc_ril.so (for 3G icon instead of H, HD quality in youtube)
  • added launcher in portrait mode has 5 x 4 icons, in landscape mode it has 6x3 icons
  • added allow protected downloads
  • added reboot function that works
  • added haykuro's apn list with updated apns
  • added man(ual) pages to bin (ex: man ls, man cp, etc.. in terminal to study busybox commands)
  • added voice search
  • removed all roger apps
  • removed Chinese ime
  • removed all foreign keyboard layouts
  • removed all but needed ringtones, alarms, notifications.
  • removed all but needed wallpapers.
  • fixed sms/mms issues (led's/missing txt's)
  • optimized all png's to cut down on size
  • re-compressed most apk's to cut down on size
  • optimized all apk's with zipalign

* To Do *
^port stericsons lock screen
^port HTCmusic
^Add some script goodies
^Keep up with cyanogen (try at least)
^port cyanogens settings tweak (modversion, ext partition space)
^evaluate my progress to give credit where due


Extended (odex, requires .2005 spl or mytouch)


Mirror2 (mobile/wget friendly)
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Jul 27, 2008
change log

Version 3.1
~Removed the compression (squashfs) on framework.. it was causing slowdowns
~Ran the png's through 3 different algorithms to get maximum compression
~Sorted through all images to remove unused artwork for more space and speed
~all apk's were optimized with zipalign (better battery life/faster access to resources/better memory management)
~stripped a bunch of modules that were consuming memory
~FASTER than the last build, SMALLEST rogers build available!!!

Version 3
~added nano command line editor
~updated fix_permissions (fixperm)
~completely rebuilt from stock using HTC update
~using cyanogens 4.0.4 "stable" ( kernel (with compcache .6 modules)
~re-compressed all png's, and almost every apk (better speed and size)
~compcache is auto on if no userinit.sh is present
~added powertop, htop, bluetooth tools
~squashfs framework to trim that extra 1meg i needed
~probably a lot I forgot to mention
~SMOOTHER and FASTER than any of my previous builds

Version 2.9.2
~updated cyanogens kernel (from 3.9.7), performance tweaks from init.rc, modules
~mms.apk (updated 8/4)
~minor upkeep

Version 2.9.1
~fixed "sticky" widgets (nope, stick less though)
~fixed dialer hesitation loading contacts
~Cyanogens "new" kernel ( & cpu scaling fix (3.9.2)
~updated apn's
~Removed cc_on/off from bin (compcache seems to cause lag)
~fixed some lousy design flaws between htc and rogers customizations (more room)
~optimized some more png's
~fixed some mistakes with default theme (google icons are smaller so i kept them, sorry glock30)
~hero theme has big clock now / corrected music's themeing
~themed dialer is moved into themes now (all themes will have the themed dialer)

Version 2.9
~cyanogens cgroups settings from 3.9 (its all he changed in boot.img, same kernel)
~only 3 versions available now.. extended, regular, and lite (danger spl, hardspl, development)
~no more pre-themed builds, porting more themes
~updated Google maps
~updated apn list
~swap_on/swap_off renamed to cc_on/cc_off (to turn compcache on/off... cc can lead to slowdowns once cache fills up, so can swap although its reported faster)
~removed some "unused" background apps
~added cyanogens sexy black terminal
~added cyanogens log collector (no more excuses for lack of logs)
~clearcache added to bin (clear Android Market, Browser, GMail, Google Maps, StreetView, Youtube cache)
~added iptables back to fix tether problems
~pushbookmarks, pullbookmarks in bin (to backup and restore your bookmarks, even between htc and google builds)
~all png files optimized to reduce size (all themes are optimized too)
~lowered boot sound in extended (so when i restart my phone at 2am i dont scare the **** out of myself)

Version 2.8.2
~Version "a" uses squashfs and cyanogens .29 kernel and boot (
(yes this has the compcache modules)
~Version "b" uses cramfs and cyanogens .25 kernel and boot (no kernel panics)
~Versions "a" & "b" have an odex version (should add some speed)
~easopen in framework wasn't being called in the init.rc as it does in the original rogers phones... it does now (hope this fixes widgets sticking)
~if you dont have a userinit.sh setup and you have a2sd, you can use "swap_on" to activate or "swap_off" to deactivate swap (compcache)(this will overwrite your userinit.sh if you already have one setup)
~fixed sms/mms issues (led notification, missing txt's, etc...)
~added man pages (want to learn more about terminal commands, use manpages)(extended)
~added voice search (extended)

Version 2.8
~Kernel 2.6.29 (cyanogen of course, thanks man)
~squashfs instead of cramfs
~several theme fixes
~ext in bin (same as busybox df -h /system/sd)
~boot.mp3 is 1/3 its original size (caught a mistake)

Version 2.7
*2 versions available
*Default theme
*White clock (stericson gave us something to reverse engineer, jf gave us smali... horay)
+added sound files from ion (tell me what ya think)

Version 2.6
~fixed protected apps issue
~dalvik-cache stays internal now instead of on sdcard (notice the speed increase, and the phones not as hot)

Version 2.5
~Cyanogens 3.4.6 boot.img and kernel
~Teeter is gone now (will provide my own resources.zip this weekend)
~PC Sync is gone again (it will be in the resources.zip)
~Nothing is installed to data partition
~some minor bug fixes that nobody reported
~Haykuro's apn list

Version 2.4
~Reverted to stock sound files, visit meltus's thread and pick one for your needs.
~Updated to cyanogens "newest" kernel and boot (from 3.4.3)
~Updated Google Maps to newest version
~Moved teeter and Quickoffice to /data/app (maps update was big, needed room)
~PC Sync is back, its on data partition

Version 2.1
~ original boot.gif again so it will fit on old spl (lol.. funbacon)
~ md5 sums added to download page
~ re-added teeter and spare parts (still enough room to flash with old spl)
~ v4 volume hack for clarity not loudness (v5 made sound cut off randomly, waitin for update)
~ Changed status to ok to flash to non-extended spl (i cant test this, i have the "new" one.)
~ added international update to downloads page (this adds back all language files i removed, for international uses.)
~ odex optimized theme again. fixed some issues.

Version 2
+ Cyanogen's kernel and boot.img from his 3.4 stable version (check his thread for more info, yes this means a2sd with ext3 and all the aufs goodness, dynamic overclocking, etc..)
+ Upgraded permissions_fix [permfix in this build] to support data/app
+ Added rwsystem and rosystem to bin (jus type rwsystem as su in terminal to mount system as read write etc..)
- removed 3rd party apps to a seperate update (to save room)
~ Theme has new title bar for better clock visability
~ Theme has auto-rotate for home screen
~ played with boot.gif to trim about 26k off it (took a dozen frames out, the alien dudes a little faster now)
~ swapped a font that was bout 2mb bigger than normal (i think it was canadianized. you know eh')
~ V5_r2 audio hack w/V1 loudness (thank meltus) (waiting on a better version)
~ removed radiooptions from bin (takes up more space than people that actually use it)
~ removed upgrade_fs from bin (its in cyanogen's recovery image, no need for it twice)

Version 1
+ added IONs dalvikvm and lib (actually haykuro did)
+ added terminal
+ added weather widget (thank jsharkey)
+ added spareparts
+ added upgrade_fs to bin (future use, thank cyanogen)
+ added cynogen ext2/ext3 tools to bin (future use, thank cyanogen)
+ added fix_permissions to bin [its called fixperm] (thank cyanogen)
+ added radiooptions to bin (it has its uses)
+ added ion's libhtc_ril.so (thank virtudude for the idea)
+ added launcher in portrait mode has 5 x 4 icons (thank TheDudeofLife, he compiled it first. i hacked it)
+ added launcher in landscape mode has 6x3 icons (thank TheDudeofLife, he compiled it first. i hacked it)
+ added boot logo from hero (thank haykuro)
+ added v1 volume hack (thank meltus)
+ added reboot function that works (updated toolbox)
+ added build.prop to allow protected downloads
- removed boot sound (boot.mp3)
- removed all roger apps
- removed PC sync (i don't need it)
- removed Chinese ime (i don't need it)
- removed all roger specific language files (dont need em'. i do the english)
- removed all but needed ringtones, alarms, notifications. (download resources.zip from TheDudeOfLife's thread)
- removed all but needed wallpapers.
*"English - United States" comes up in locale now
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Jul 15, 2006
nvm. He fixed it before I posted. lol

Testin' it out now man. Seems you use (and don't use) the same things as me, so I'm givin' it a go. I'll let ya know.


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Jul 15, 2006


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Apr 20, 2008
So if I try to flash my stock Rogers Dream... all I do is rename this to update.zip and do the flash procedure¿

I`m not suppose to flash the radio or spl due that they don`t work on the Rogers Dream.


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Jul 15, 2006
You'll have to root first.

Just installed. First impressions, great theme rework. Funny thing is, it's basically what I've always used prior to going to rogers. :) So far, everything seems quick, as expected with a Rogers rom.


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Jul 14, 2008
just installed w/odex theme, 1st impression ... nice theme :) very fast rom as expected with rogers.... everything works so far..

Great Job ty!!


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Jul 27, 2008
The clock is bothering me with the theme. When it switches to double digits or landscape it looks... well ugly. Ill try to do somethin with the theme or "bang" my head against the wall to port a white clock. I don't wanna lose my black status bar lol. I donno maybe I'm just missing stericson touch.


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Jul 14, 2008
im having problems getting Apps to SD to work... this rom work with it if so what method? seems like so many diff ways nowadayz hehe

ty again