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Jul 24, 2010
my phone just switched off and wont come back on again. i cant access recovery only thing that happens when i try recovery nav buttons turn on for 2 seconds and go off. windows recognises the device.

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    As of 8/18/2016, this will no longer be supported by me. Thank you all for providing feedback.

    Hi everyone,

    I have ported cm11 to the HTC First along with the MSM8960 kernel. The rom is mostly working and is stable. The only major bug left is the DSP and AMP (see below)



    What works:
    - Data (4G/3G)
    - GPU Acceleration
    - phone calls
    - NFC
    - USB Tethering/Hotspot

    What does't work:
    - Speaker DSP and AMP (dsp is currently disabled. It does not work because the open source hals for the tfa9887 dsp and amp do not initialize it correctly. Speaker volume is a bit lower and may not be as "crisp" as stock)

    [B]Installation steps (If you are coming from stock rom, otherwise just flash the rom):[/B]
    1) S-OFF your phone.  HTC dev unlocked with S-ON is fine too, but you will have to flash boot.img manually after installing the update)
    2) backup your data (including your "sdcard") (Example: adb pull /data/media ~/Desktop/backup)
    3) flash recovery
    4) boot into recovery
    5) go to "mounts and storage" and format "/system", "/cache", and "/data and /data/media (/sdcard)" [COLOR="Red"]*[/COLOR]
    6) sideload rom
    7) [OPTIONAL] sideload cm11 gapps (get your gapps from [url=http://opengapps.org/]OpenGapps[/url].  I recommend at least "micro")
    8) reboot
    *If you do not format all the partitions (especially "/data and /data/media (/sdcard)" option) when migrating from stock, QSEECOM/TrustZone won't work correctly and may cause random app crashing.


    cm-11-20160717-UNOFFICIAL-mystul.zip (latest)


    - Upstream kernel patches from CyanogenMod
    - June 1 Security Patch Level
    - Misc CM updates
    - Enabled ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) feature for camera
    - Most stable release
    - Fully working camera/panorama/camcorder
    - Various small fixes
    - Camera/Camcorder is partially working
    - Fixed audio bugs (mostly)

    Source for building ROM:

    - Recently opened apps is now mapped to 'long press home' instead of double tap.
    - "Sdcard" data is now stored under /data/media/0, and not /data/media.

    My support for this ROM is limited. Flash at your own risk. Please report all bugs in this thread (with a logcat and dmesg) and I will try to fix them.
    Camera now partially works, but I cannot capture the image yet. Mic and all audio are now fixed. The proximity sensor is also fixed. I am still working on camera and NFC.

    Again, you can check for updates at https://github.com/CMyst and feel free to open an issue for whatever bug you find. I will be building another release soon!
    @hohosanta @CornfedChris Rom updated! Fixed the microphone/speaker bug but camera/camcorder still doesn't fully work.

    Edit: I have fixed the camera issue and camcorder recording. Rom will be updated shortly.
    Rom updated. Everything should be working (except for the speaker amp). Camera/Camcorder is fixed.. If there's still anyone around..
    Rom updated. Everything should be working (except for the speaker amp). Camera/Camcorder is fixed.. If there's still anyone around..

    Of course :)

    Just out of curiosity since I don't own this phone (yet), the deactivated speaker dsp concerns the speaker that is used for music playback and not the one that is used for calls, correct?