[ROM][SP][JB][LB,UB][JB 4.3] eXistenZ Ultra 4.0.0 | 12.1.A.1.205 | OTA | Dual Recovery | Complete SIRIUS | 01/07/14 |

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Nov 21, 2013
download error

can somebody please upload system/etc/firmware/modem.bo6 .mine is corrupted please someone upload it. i have already downloaded 2 times but got an error;)


May 4, 2013
Google AOSP/CM navigation bar

Hey, I have been using existenz 4.0 for quite some time now, but with any kind of launcher the navigation bar goes black(opaque).
Is there any way to get transparent google stock 3-button navigation bar on existenz 4.0?


May 4, 2013
Can you be a little more specific? I am not a noob but definitely not an expert. In exposed framework website it says that it only supports existenz 3.3.0.

le grande magnetto

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Jan 21, 2012
Samsung Galaxy A71
Redmi Note 10 Pro
Can you be a little more specific? I am not a noob but definitely not an expert. In exposed framework website it says that it only supports existenz 3.3.0.
nvm, install it anyway. enable it, open that mode, choose application, than find your launcher in there and choose transcluent/transparent nav bar/status bar. these are basic steps, I dont have this mode right now so I cant tell you steps very accurately .


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Jan 22, 2013
Similar but not exactly same
Don't forget that SP got the glove mode and also illumination bar that Z don't have.

Btw there is no way to port Z rom to SP.

it might be tough to port the rom but not impossible bro b4 xsp i had htc pico n that phone ports from htc one v and desire x which had snapdragon s2 and s4 resp

Ben Ling

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Nov 2, 2012
Kuala Lumpur
There is no need to port this ROM for Z!
Check this! :O

He is talking about porting rom from Z to SP

it might be tough to port the rom but not impossible bro b4 xsp i had htc pico n that phone ports from htc one v and desire x which had snapdragon s2 and s4 resp

if porting the same Android version might be possible but if different Android version is difficult & different chipset is also a problem


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Nov 21, 2013
I have done fresh installation of the rom., but both time i have lost my network and imei no. Any solution ?

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    [ROM][SP][JB][LB,UB][JB 4.3] eXistenZ Ultra 4.0.0 | 12.1.A.1.205 | OTA | Dual Recovery | Complete SIRIUS | 01/07/14 |



    Please welcome the first eXistenZ rom for the Xperia SP, eXistenZ Ultra.

    The rom is based on latest Stock Sony 12.1.A.0.266 with latest optimizations from all Xperias :laugh:

    Video Reviews

    by KiaTheKing

    by light19940120

    Screenshots & Features

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Xperia SP - eXistenZ Ultra, ROM for the Sony Xperia SP

    ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: none
    Based On: Stock Sony 12.1.A.1.205

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.0.0
    Stable Release Date: 2014-02-15

    Created 2013-10-10
    Last Updated 2014-06-30

    MD5 v1:

    eXistenZ Ultra v1.0.0: (MEGA) https://mega.co.nz/#!VINGCBzJ!MORbvimq-7evePj6hkRQKRe0l5VR-Q29hkrL9YOd87A
    eXistenZ Ultra v1.0.0 mirror: (4SHARED) http://www.4shared.com/zip/TQKnmC7h/Xperia_SP_eXistenZ_Ultra_100.html
    eXistenZ Ultra v1.0.0 mirror: (DEVHOST) http://d-h.st/426

    eXistenZ Ultra v2.0.0: https://mega.co.nz/#!VUFQBIaK!yihkjlpAICtfUsaJ-NoIR0GqWIgtpyhAfCVtHv_yDG8
    eXistenZ Ultra v2.0.0 (mirror): http://www.4shared.com/zip/yqnN_Bz9ce/Xperia_SP_eXistenZ_Ultra_200.html
    eXistenZ Ultra v2.0.0 (mirror): http://d-h.st/Tqs

    eXistenZ Ultra v3.0.0: https://mega.co.nz/#!gRdQhbLI!qFV6ekkPcGW0P90-w2j6ewnobZi0W5Mnytc3X8UlXf0
    eXistenZ Ultra v3.0.0 (mirror): http://d-h.st/g9U

    eXistenZ Ultra v3.1.5 (OTA UPDATE ONLY): https://mega.co.nz/#!nY5XHbJb!fvV7iWbWYzYQk-pXLdc4ztU06GNCozU8MJ64lb5FQYo

    eXistenZ Ultra v3.1.5 (OTA UPDATE ONLY)(With Instructions): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=51788950&postcount=2393

    eXistenZ Ultra v3.3.0 (OTA UPDATE ONLY): http://www.mediafire.com/download/4isdm65yyd4nq18/xperiaspexistenzultrav330OTA.zip

    eXistenZ Ultra v4.0.0: https://mega.co.nz/#!UNUFjQJC!t9vruI9kHgnzXnKL5_Vsi4d6HeQ18nNeGITY4_M-BjI

    eXistenZ Ultra v4.0.0 (Mirrors): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53934690&postcount=3508

    eXistenZ Ultra v4.0.0 (Mirror): https://yadi.sk/d/16cuM3ADW23k3



    • eXistenZ Ultra v1.0.0

      - Based on latest official 4.1.2 12.0.A.2.254
      - Fully Deodexed and Zipaligned with DSIXDA's Kitchen
      - Xperia Honami X-Reality.
      - Xperia Honami Phonebook.
      - Xperia Honami multi small apps.
      - Xperia Honami Calendar.
      - Xperia Honami Conversations.
      - Xperia Honami Home.
      - Xperia Honami Widgets.
      - Xperia Honami Clocks.
      - Xperia Honami Camera.
      - Xperia Honami Settings.
      - Xperia Honami Calculator.
      - Xperia Honami Keybords.
      - Xperia Honami Note.
      - Xperia Honami Sketch.
      - Xperia Honami Boot Animation
      - Xperia Honami Ringtones.
      - Xperia Honami Wallpapers.
      - Xperia Honami Real Themes with new theme accent colors.
      - Xperia Honami Walkman.
      - Xperia Honami Album.
      - Xperia Honami Movies.
      - Xperia Honami Stamina Widgets.
      - Xperia Honami fully working SystemUI with rounded corners and changing colors according to application.
      - New themes (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green)
      - Power menu with different reboot options.
      - Advanced volume settings.
      - Full control of music with volume and camera shutter when screen is off.
      - Long press back to kill apps.
      - Clear all recent Tasks button in task switcher.
      - Many pre-installed small apps.
      - Full Honami frameworks:
      • All icons.
      • All buttons added with animations (Group, Radio, Check, Default, Rating, ... ).
      • Scrubbers and Switchs.
      • List section dividers and colored titles according to theme accent.
      • Texfields with changing color according to theme accent.
      • Cabs backgrounds.
      • Contact pictures with changing color according to theme accent.
      • Dialog titles and dividers with changing color according to theme accent.
      • Progress bars.
      • All is there and only on eXistenZ as I used a new way to compile framework-res
      - Xperia Honami animations.
      - Many more I can't remember right now ;)

    • eXistenZ Ultra v1.1.5 (OTA Update)

      - Missing thumbnails for videos fixed.
      - White text for USSD reply fixed.
      - Stamina turning off after reboot fixed.
      - Layout problems with sketch fixed.
      - Add of Honami Tasks application.

    • eXistenZ Ultra v1.3.7 (OTA Update)

      Direct link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=47724612&postcount=509 (Thanks to Amin.HVS)

      - Add Honami Email.
      - Add Honami Exchange.
      - Add Honami Task Switcher.
      - Add Serajr Clear All Recent Tasks.
      - Add Honami Small Apps Launcher.
      - Add eXistenZ Small App Calculator.
      - Home updated to 6.1.A.0.5
      - Walkman updated to 7.15.A.0.0
      - Album updated to 5.2.A.1.20
      - Honami framework updated.
      - Calculator layout fixed.

    • eXistenZ Ultra 2.0.0

      - Based on latest Xperia SP Sony Build 12.1.A.0.266
      - Based on latest Xperia Z Sony Build 10.4.1.B.0.101.
      - Based on latest Xperia Z1 Sony Build 14.2.A.1.136.
      - Based on latest Xperia Z1S Sony Build 14.2.C.0.159.
      - Deodexed with DSIXDA's kitchen
      - BusyBox integrated
      - Zipaligned
      - Xperia Z1 Conversation
      • Save Draft Dialog added
      • Real Timestamp
      • Slide show editor added
      - Xperia Z1 AR Effects Camera
      - Xperia Z1 Art Filter Camera
      - Xperia Z1 Camera
      - Xperia Z1 TimeShift Camera
      - Xperia Z1 InfoEye
      - Xperia Z1 Bluetooth
      - AOSP Browser with working synch
      - Call Vibrator
      - eXistenZ Clock Widget
      • Different Clocks and colors
      • Weather
      • Calendar
      - Xperia Z Clock Widget
      • New backgrounds for Digital Clocks
      - All Google apps updated to latest version
      - Latest Liveware manager
      - Xperia Z On/Off tools Widget
      • Resized to have exact same size as Clock widget
      - OTA updater
      - Xperia Z1 Package Installer
      • Wrong layout fixed
      • Wrong background color fixed
      • Look & Feel added
      - Performance Control 2.1.8
      - Xperia Z Phonebook
      • Speed Dial added
      - Xperia Z1 SemcPhone
      • Data Connection message when turn off disabled
      • National Data Roaming
      • Speaker voice enhancement
      • Call Recording
      • Answering Machine
      • 2g only added
      • No more Warning Cost popup while activating Datas.
      - Latest Sony Album.
      - Xperia Z Calendar
      • Widget redrawed for eXistenZ
      - Xperia Z Email
      • Widget redrawed for eXistenZ
      - Latest Sony Walkman.
      • Modded to allow any Navigation Bar size without layout problem
      • White theme for settings
      • Look & feel added
      - Xperia Z Video
      • Modded to allow any Navigation Bar size without layout problem
      - Xperia Z Settings
      • eXistenZ settings section added
      • Xposed framework shortcut
      • Gravity Box shortcut
      • Power Toggle shortcut
      • eXistenZ Clock Widget shortcut
      • Performance control shortcut
      • Xperia Xposed shortcut
      • App OPS added
      • Starter added
      • Seamless Tethering added
      - eXistenZ Small App calculator
      - Xperia Z Small App Launcher
      • Favorite bar layout modded to 5 shortcuts
      - Slider Control Small App
      - Xperia Z1 Camera Widget
      • Redrawed background
      - Xperia Z1 Note
      - Xperia Z1 Sketch
      - Xperia Z Sound Enhancement
      • White theming
      • Look & feel added
      - Xperia Z1 X-Reality
      - Xperia Z SystemUI
      • Long press on Quick Settings to access related setting
      • Status Bar Handle carrier label themed
      • Status Bar Notification bar glow effect themed
      • Selected recent app glow effect themed
      • Serajr Clear All recent task button added
      • Navigation bar modded to allow any navigation bar size without layout problem
      • 12 Quick Toggles available.
      - eXistenZ Weather Widget
      - White Balance themed
      - Xperia Z1 Super Stamina
      • Queue background datas added
      - Xperia Z Lockscreen
      • Unlock hint message removed
      - Service.jar patched to remove signature comparaison.
      - Xperia Z Power menu
      • White theming
      • Reboot options (Soft Reboot by long pressing Power Off).
      • eXistenZ Icons changing according to theme accent
      - Advanced volume control
      - Xperia Z1 Wallpapers
      - Background Defocus Camera Add On.
      - AR Effect for Line Camera Add On.
      - AR Effect for eXistenZ.
      - Calculator with adapted layout for all Navigation Bar size.
      - Conversations app adapted for eXistenZ (Support for new themes).
      - Home Launcher adapted for eXistenZ (Support for new themes).
      - eXistenZ Wallpapers
      - SomcTasks added.
      - Keyboard with emoji support.
      - 36 DPI Navigation bar as default size.
      - New eXistenZ Boot Animation.
      - Xperia Xposed by Serajr.
      - Pre-installed NUT Dual Recovery
      - More I can't remember...

    • eXistenZ Ultra 2.1.5 (OTA)

      - Update of all recoveries
      - SemcPhone is now based on Xperia SP one.
      - Wifi settings fixed
      - Bluetooth pairing fixed
      - Some more little things fixed
    • eXistenZ Ultra 3.0.0

      - Based on latest Xperia SP Sony Build 12.1.A.1.201
      - Based on latest Xperia Z1 Sony Build 14.3.A.0.681
      - Based on latest Xperia Z2 Sony Build 17.1.A.2.36
      - Based on latest Xperia T2 Sony Build 19.0.D.0.253
      - Deodexed with latest DSIXDA's Kitchen.
      - Zipaligned.
      - All Applications modded with previous eXistenZ Mods.
      - All Applications updated to their latest build.
      - Xperia Z2 AR-Effect Camera add on.
      - Xperia Z2 Art Filter Camera add on.
      - Xperia Z2 Background Defocus Camera add on.
      - Xperia Z2 Info Eyes Camera add on.
      - Xperia Z2 Camera Common.
      - Xperia M Camera.
      - Xperia M Camera 3D.
      - Xperia T2 Self Portrait Camera add on.
      - Xperia Z1 Voice Balloon camera add on.
      - Xperia Z2 Themes (All modded to have gradient transparency).
      - Xperia Z2 Experience Flow Live Wallpapers.
      - Xperia Z2 Sounds (Ringtones, UI, Notifications, Alarms, ...).
      - Xperia Z2 Wallpapers.
      - Xperia Z2 Bootanimation modded for eXistenZ.
      - Xperia Z2 Widgets (Camera, Clocks, OnOff Tools, Music, Photo, Weather).
      - New eXistenZ OnOff Tools Widgets with Black background.
      - Xperia Z2 Conversations.
      - Xperia Z2 Home Launcher with full transparency and latest animations.
      - Xperia Z2 Simple Home.
      - Xperia Z2 Location Based Wifi.
      - Xperia Z2 My Xperia.
      - Xperia Z2 Photo Slide Show.
      - Xperia Z2 Photo Table screensaver.
      - Xperia Z2 Phone & Dialer.
      - Xperia Z2 Album.
      - Xperia Z2 Walkman.
      - Xperia Z2 Walkman Visualizer.
      - Xperia Z2 Movies.
      - Xperia Z2 DLNA.
      - Xperia Z2 Clock app.
      - Xperia Z2 Email app.
      - Xperia Z2 Calendar app.
      - Xperia Z2 Photo Editor app.
      - Xperia Z2 Photo Analyser.
      - Xperia Z2 SystemUI modded for eXistenZ.
      - Xperia Z2 Task Killer modded for eXistenZ.
      - Xperia Z2 Settings (Notifications, Status bar icons, Home, ...).
      - Xperia Z2 Setup Wizard.
      - Xperia Z2 Small Apps (Calculator, Timer, Touch Block).
      - Xperia Z2 Keyboard with Emoji support.
      - Xperia Z2 Update center app.
      - Xperia Z2 Note app.
      - Xperia Z2 Sketch app.
      - Xperia Z2 Task app.
      - Xperia Z2 Sony Entrance app.
      - Xperia Z2 PodCast add on.
      - Xperia Z2 Movie Creator add on.
      - Different smalis optimizations and new libs.

    • eXistenZ Ultra 3.1.5 (OTA Update)
      - Xperia Z2 Conversations updated (Bugs fixed).
      - Xperia M Camera updated (Bugs fixed).
      - Xperia Z2 Clock updated (Bugs fixed).
      - Xperia Z2 Phone updated (Bugs fixed).
      - Xperia Z2 Podcast app updated.
      - Xperia Z1 Voice Balloon Camera add on updated.
      - Xperia SP SuperStamina added.
      - Xperia Z2 Tasks app updated.
      - Xperia SP Settings updated.
      - All recoveries updated.
      - Complete support of Busybox implemented.

    • eXistenZ Ultra 3.3.0 (OTA Update)
      - Xperia Z2 SemcPhone updated (Complete SP Illumination Bar support added).
      - Xperia Z2 Audio Recorder added.
      - Xperia Z2 Chinese Keyboard added.
      - Latest SemcVideo added.
      - Some cleaning of code and add of some other things.

    • eXistenZ Ultra 4.0.0
      - Based on Latest Xperia SP build 12.1.A.1.205
      - All previous things included.
    Install Instructions

    Fresh installation:

    From an other eXistenZ:

    • Reboot in TWRP recovery (Volume Down when phone reboot), Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache.
    • Flash the rom.

    From an other Stock based rom:

    • Do a fresh installation!

    From anything else (CM10, PAC, ...):

    • Do a fresh installation!


    • None


    Add ons


    Thanks for help and support to these great guys:

    Felimenta97 | Serajr | Erorcun | machao44 | krabappel2548 | NUT | DaRk-L0rD | dssmex