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Oct 25, 2017
I was able to dirty flash it through OrangeFox, to replace my Global Stable 11.0.6, but sound for phone calls and messaging did not work. I just restored 11.0.6, no problem.

I tried to update using the MIUI Updater, and it would not accept it as it was just a beta. I will wait for the real global stable. Xiaomi should have at least put the word beta in the name and all the hassle could have been avoided.


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Jul 28, 2019
Can anyone please help me
I want to install fastboot rom without mi flash tool
My desktop can't run mi flash I don't know why


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Feb 14, 2011
I cant get to work MIUI 11 (android 10, global) with the MIUI Launcher up to 4.17...i have problems on the multitask...has anyone the same problem?


Jan 28, 2020
Does anyone know if similar to incremental (OTA) update possible using TWRP? I'm fine with reflashing Magisk later but my main issue is that I want all only security patches and dont want uninstalled MIUI bloatware to come back if I flash it via TWRP and I dont want to reconfigure phone from scratch again.


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Nov 29, 2013
I was offered the update while I was on vacation at a spot with terrible internet, I tried to update when I got home but it no longer shows as available.

Was it pulled?


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Oct 25, 2017
Got mine too from the updater. All good, except i had to do some little changes in Tasker for Android 10.

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    Link to download the zip.


    choose your version and download
    put the file in the folder downloader_rom in internal storage or SDCard
    install it and be happy!
    My lavender got this update pushed.
    Hello everyone,
    i have received the notification for the download of the version
    My RN7 has root (magisk) and Orange Fox as recovery.
    I don't want to make trouble because the phone is highly profiled and set as I need it, so once downloaded the update what step should I follow through Orange Fox, please?
    I need to do some wipe after or before?
    And after the installation i need to reinstall something, like Magisk or something else?
    Thanks to those who want to help me.


    No TWRP has OTA I believe, Orangefox is still working on it for Note 7.

    Just do a backup (Nandroid ) through Orangefox first (always good to do). Backup boot, data, system-image, vendor-image
    Reboot after completed
    Download the full MIUI 11 zip file
    Put it in download folder of your phone in internal storage
    Reboot back to OF
    Go to files and find the downloaded file
    flash it
    After flashing it will show a button to wipe caches, press that button to do it
    Got to menu and Reboot to OrangeFox Recovery
    Flash Magisk
    MIUI 11 = Android 9
    Where did you got MIUI 11.2 Android 10?
    He is talking about Xiaomi eu 11.2, not official miui. It's based on Chinese developer rom Android 10.