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May 6, 2013
Moto Z Play
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Colour settings


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Jul 23, 2007
What if you set the color scheme to standard?
I tried and it seems to help.
Before that I unlocked and went to miui 12 eu which didn't help.
I mean I could do that but the image retention doesn't happen very often with my usage so I'm not overly worried about it. TBH I'm not sure if the update caused this or if I just haven't been noticing it . I've read that its normal from one of the screen oem's used. Let's wait and see. So far 2-1 in favor of it being the ROM!
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Dec 12, 2017
I flashed miui 12 global stable (Indian) before 2 days,and it looks very nice rom, very good battery


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Mar 14, 2012
São Paulo
Update via OTA in Brazil (Global)

I updated via MIUI 11 OTA (QFGMIXM). Android 10.
Good battery is stable so far.
Only problems:
1. It is not working is in gesture navigation. Swiping your finger up to return to recent home or apps (works only in the tutorial). After some time it started working again ^^
2. Update Apps by PlayStore - it seems to be slower and sometimes does not update.

Other than that MIUI 11 Android 10 is great, especially in terms of battery.

Upgrade via MIUI 12 Package

I tried but did not leave, I believe that is why:
Another important point to note: Xiaomi follows only a thin distinction between “beta stable” update and “stable” updates. Beta stable updates are only intended for users enrolled within the Mi Pilot beta testing program, meaning that builds assigned for this group will not install on devices with Mi Accounts that do not have the requisite permission. Once the Mi Pilot beta testers give positive feedback, the same build then gets opened as stable release, creating a lot of confusion - for instance, the same builds linked below might first fail to install, but then they will make an appearance through the official OTA. If you get the error message that the update is for closed beta testers only, you can sideload the update through TWRP.

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    Link to download the zip.


    choose your version and download
    put the file in the folder downloader_rom in internal storage or SDCard
    install it and be happy!
    My lavender got this update pushed.
    Hello everyone,
    i have received the notification for the download of the version
    My RN7 has root (magisk) and Orange Fox as recovery.
    I don't want to make trouble because the phone is highly profiled and set as I need it, so once downloaded the update what step should I follow through Orange Fox, please?
    I need to do some wipe after or before?
    And after the installation i need to reinstall something, like Magisk or something else?
    Thanks to those who want to help me.


    No TWRP has OTA I believe, Orangefox is still working on it for Note 7.

    Just do a backup (Nandroid ) through Orangefox first (always good to do). Backup boot, data, system-image, vendor-image
    Reboot after completed
    Download the full MIUI 11 zip file
    Put it in download folder of your phone in internal storage
    Reboot back to OF
    Go to files and find the downloaded file
    flash it
    After flashing it will show a button to wipe caches, press that button to do it
    Got to menu and Reboot to OrangeFox Recovery
    Flash Magisk
    MIUI 11 = Android 9
    Where did you got MIUI 11.2 Android 10?
    He is talking about Xiaomi eu 11.2, not official miui. It's based on Chinese developer rom Android 10.