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Sep 10, 2014
Obviously David Expertz isn't available for the moment.
If you are unsure how to make a reliable Zenfone 5 (Modell T00F) for everyday use running on Android 5 - here is what I did (you have to install TWRP before, if you don't have it already):
Download this ROM in version 1.0 (it's in the first post of this thread).
Download Borets24 kernel from this thread
and replace the file "boot.img" inside the 1.0 ROM zipfile with Borets24 kernel file - rename it to "boot.img", of course. Place the ROM on the external SD-Card, along with the 1.5 update of the ROM. Find it on page 13 of this thread, here:
Reboot to TWRP, wipe system, data, cache, dalvik. Reboot to TWRP again, install the ROM 1.0. Reboot again to TWRP, install ROM Update 1.5. Reboot to system. This will take 10-15 minutes.
You will probably encouter freezes once a while. Try this fix, it was much better after that (at least for me):
Remember that this is a one-time-action. If you do it twice, your phone will freeze, and you have to start from step 1 again.
Last I wasn't satisfied with the overall audio volume. Try the fix from here, worked without problems for me:
You'll have to enter the password for the downloaded archive manually, copy&paste didn't work for me.
If you get reboots while making/receiving calls, go in Settings to ZenMotion and disable the option "Double-tap to wake-up".
I deinstalled the app "Splendid".
Note: System hangups may occur, as soon as the battery drops significantly. Don't know how to change that behaviour or find out, if an app is responsible for that behaviour. So, either you find it out (and tell us, hopefully), or make sure to keep your battery charged whenever possible. I ordered a replacement battery recently with 2900mAh, let's see if that helps.
EDIT: Changed battery. Situation is better now, hangups are very rare.
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