[ROM][STOCK][D855][20A- LRX21M][OFFICIAL] Lollipop rooted ROM by skin1980

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Nov 25, 2009
Hi all, i'm pleased to share my work with you.

Here you have the latest official lollipop firmware for D855 ( v. 20A - LRX21M) packed in a zip flashable file.

I made this because all of us want to keep the old bootloader that is - at the moment - the only one who accept the bumped TWRP provided us by team Codefire.

I made also a step further and found a way to root this ROM.

Here you go:

First of all i suggest you to install the TWRP modded by me to allow the backup of the modem.
Be sure you select also the modem partition before taking the backup. ( If you want to restore the backup then restore also the modem ;))

1- download the two files and put them into the sdcard;

2- reboot in recovery and do a factory reset;

3- install the ROM and the supersu ZIP;

4- reboot the device and enjoy your rooted Lollipop ROM.

If you come from an earlier lollipop firmware you can dirty flash, it might work.

I spend a lot of time developing this so if you think i deserve you can donate ( look at my sign ;) )


SUPERSU flashable ZIP



KK MODEM ( you need this only if you downgrade from lollipop to kitkat and you don't need if you backed up before with the modded TWRP recovery)

DONATORS:( really tnx guys)

GTMoraes, tobitege, shaboogen, pRo_lama, hnyuk49, rossonero82, spotlight79, TeamSlayr, Vegard Helland, Mishaal Almashan, Sagar Singh, PAPPL, ArubidCo, bigmupps

teamcodefire, chainfire

- 13.11.2014 - updated to the official LRX21M - 20A ( poland FW )
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Nov 25, 2009

What this ROM include?
In the ROM zip you can find only the system, modem and kernel (bumped) image

What do i need to flash this?
You need only to have the TWRP recovery installed

If i flash this i will lose the bumped recovery?
Nope. The bootloader will not be changed.

If i want go back to KK roms ( stock or AOSP) what i have to do?
Just flash your ROM or restore a previous nandroid backup. But, after that, flash the zip with the KK modem you can find in the 1st post.

I really need to flash the root files?
Must i answer????

Cannot write to internal SD?

With adb or a terminal emulator do:
restorecon -v -R /data/media
Your statusbar and navbar are gone?
This is a issue reported from some user.
Try to format manually data in TWRP before install the rom.
If this doesn't work try flashing the kdz of the H firmware ---> root ----> twrp ----> install this rom ( sperimental).

Doesn't have the option to enable LTE?
Go with a root browser to system/app/Lteconfigs/, click and install the apk, then reboot and you will have the option for LTE.
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Dec 1, 2012
Wait wut? So this is all done in the stock recovery? No root, no custom recovery needed? Just bang it all on the sd card and go?


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Mar 15, 2013
Sorry for this question but after flashing this rom via bump twrp can we go back to KK Aosp by flashing it back? Or do we need to connect to a PC to restore back to stock fw?
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