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[ROM|Stockish|ROOTED|NO KNOX] 11/15/15 Sprint TouchWiz Lollipop 5.1.1 (N910PVPU4COJ6)

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Nov 30, 2014
@freeza I found a bug where it disables my ability to use Sprint services (i.e. data, calling, text). Any help with how to fix it?

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Thanks. I tried the Deoxed version but somehow it disabled my sprint services i.e data, calling, text

NVM I just forgot to install the baseband correctly. Sorry for being a n00b

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    Here's a Stockish ROM for your N910P. This ROM has Knox, Sprint ItsOn, and secure storage removed. Nothing else was done to this ROM. I'm new to the Note 4 so I may upload patches to remove any other traces of Knox or ItsOn or optimizations I happen to find while making my own ROM.

    MD5: e01898c8544a21d505987b95989eadf0

    MD5: e05951dfc2b110fa819e4aff23399b61

    OJ6 Baseband:
    MD5: 248ee48a2f85220c0d7ff4b0f9c9d308

    Patches and fixes:
    None yet.

    [size=+3]DeOdex note:[/size]
    The first boot time for this DeOdex ROM is very long. Approximately 5-8 minutes. Your phone will get hot as the splash screen remains on the yellow Sprint boot animation. I recommend keeping your phone in a cool environment while this is happening. The heat, if not properly checked, can make boot times even longer as the system throttles speed in order to deal with the heat. This doesn't happen on the Odex version.

    [size=+3]Install instructions:[/size]
    -Are you currently on the OB7 bootloader and would like to stay on it?
    --Simply flash the baseband with Odin, and the ROM.

    -Are you on the update from OTA or flashed the OJ6 TAR?
    --Flash kernel only.

    -Are you one of the unlucky ones to take the OTA and hose your system trying to root and are now on another ROM?
    --Flash ROM only.

    -Are you on any build after OB7 but not the current OJ6?
    --Flash the baseband and ROM. Bootloader is optional and not available in this thread as of yet.

    Wiping is only necessary if you are coming from a different base, such as AOSP/CM. If you are coming from a touchwiz ROM, wiping isn't needed, but won't hurt.

    11/15/15: Update to OJ6
    8/7/15: Initial Release.
    The phone restart thing is due to "itson" in the '/carrier' directory of your phone. Browse there with your root explorer of choice and remove the contents of the itson folder. NOTHING ELSE.

    Oh, and OJ6 baseband is up :)
    DeOdex uploaded.
    Uploading deodexed debloated version. :)

    I may add a regular deodexed version but as i was testing out the theory to remove google apps for the 491 error, I just left it like that once I fixed the 491...
    Just a FYI. Those of you (like myself) who have never properly updated their phones to OG5 via ota update or odin'd the OG5 rom tar, you should be aware that the carrier partition has changed with OG5 and unless you odin OG5 or take the OG5 ota then you may have connectivity issues, errors, etc. Simply flashing this rom does not write/overwrite some of the missing partitions that the official rom tar writes during flash. I'm working on building a new tar minus the OG5 bootloader. This is what I'm doing for myself personally in order to stay on OB7 bootloader and still do a "full" OG5 update. If I get it done and it works well then I'll share for those who want to go this route and stay on the OB7 bootloader. For all others who have updated to OG5 via ota update or the tar via odin then this doesn't apply.