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[ROM] Sudo Rom [v1.1] [STABLE]- For Galaxy C7 & C7 Pro [22-Jun-21]

Which Rom Do You Use As Your Daily Driver ?

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Mar 26, 2017
that is the stupidest recommendation ever done by someone but worry not .. your data is all gone because of the stunt you just pulled out
in order for banking apps to work you can use magisk hide

first of all if you have twrp boot into that and get back all of your data..i don't know if that's possible.

after that boot to download mode and flash stock firmware and then you will have a working condition phone.

i have done this mistake once so you are not alone and this is not the end of the world.
Thank you mate for your help. But my phone was not even restarting to TWRP mode, hence couldn't back up anything.
I flashed the stock ROM. My mobile is working fine now but I lost all my data. It was not even backed up anywhere. Is there any way that I can recover the lost data? Please, do let me know.
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Senior Member
Dec 8, 2014
C7000 patch file link expired.. if anyone has the patch file please i need it please can somebody reupload the file?

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    Sudo Rom

    No , This Rom *Can Not* Be Used For Further Development Without My Permission . 👼


    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, or any malfunction caused by carelessness. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you ! If it works and you are satisfied then I will claim all credits without leaving one


    This Rom Was/Is Mainly Built For Performance & As A Common Base For Sd 626/625 . :laugh:


    Rom Features

    High Performance In A Lite Package
    Rebase From Latest Firmware
    Pre Rooted & Safety Net Pass
    Fully Patched & Permissive Eulah Kernel
    Removed Unwanted Encryption & Stuff
    ButterSmooth UI
    Added Several Features
    Yuva Features Made Optional
    Completely Deodexed & Debloated (Optional)
    Several Tweaks In System Props
    Added Many Optional Mods
    Added Navigation Bar (Optional)
    Comes With Aod & Google Services
    New Aroma Installer Theme With Cleaner Layouts
    Unified Framework
    And Several Other Things That I Never Mentioned :D

    # Read This Post For More Details About Features


    Sections/Parts Of Thread

    1) Steps For Installation (Scroll Down)
    2) Supported Devices, Bugs & Fix
    3) Downloads & Changelog
    4) Credits & Support Groups
    5) Q/A


    Steps For Installation & Notes

    1) Make sure you have the latest Bootloader

    For more information on how to Flash latest Bootloader for C7/C7 Pro, follow the steps mentioned in this thread -

    Latest Bootloader Flashing Guide

    2) Make sure you have the latest TWRP recovery installed

    For more information on how to install latest Twrp for C7/C7 Pro follow the steps mentioned in this thread -

    TWRP Recovery Guide

    3) Download the rom and transfer it to your Device

    Download The Latest Version Of Sudo Rom Package & Move A Copy Of The Package To Your SD Card -

    Download Section

    4) Make sure OEM is unlocked in developer settings

    There are three ways to unlock bootloader -

    1) To unlock OEM , Go to (settings/about phone/software information) and tap on "build number" 4 times , then go back to settings and you will see "developer options after "about phone" . Click on "developers option" and you will see and option called "OEM Unlock" select/turn that on .

    2) Type "adb reboot bootloader" (without the quotes) in adb shell and accept the adb request in your device,
    Then type "fastboot flashing unlock" or "fastboot oem unlock" (without the quotes) and press vol up if any prompt displayed

    3) In case you dont have OEM Unlock in developers option, then follow this guide -

    Oem Unlock Guide

    5) Make sure you have at least 15%+ battery left

    6) Boot your phone to Twrp recovery

    There Are 2 Way To Boot To Recovery -

    1) By Holding The (Power Button + Volume UP Button + Home Key) When The Device Is Switched Off

    2) By Typing "adb reboot recovery" (Without quotes) in adb shell

    7) Do a FULL Data Format : (Twrp/Wipe/Format Data ) (Is A Must due to partition encryption)
    & If You Want Performance That I Mentioned Then You Must Do It Although I Have Added An Cleanup Script, Manual Format Is Must If You Want The Performance That I Am Talking About :cowboy:

    Note : All your files from Internal Storage Will Be Deleted . So take a backup and place the rom in your SD Card, Otg or (copy the rom package from backup / PC to internal storage after formatting data incase you dont have a Sd Card)

    8) Flash Sudo Rom

    Drop the Rom Package (Sudo Rom.zip) into your device (If Not Done Yet) & Locate ("Sudo Rom.zip") in the location where you have kept it and install it (TWRP/INSTALL/<location where the rom is> ---SWIPE TO INSTALL)

    Note : After Following All The Steps, You Should See The Sudo Rom Splash Logo . There After The Aroma Installer Will Guide You 👼

    9) Install Fix/Patch If Available

    Now after installing the Rom / Installer setup, Place the fix file (If provided for a specific version of Sudo rom) in Your Device and locate it in your storage (via twrp) and flash it . (TWRP/INSTALL/<location where the Fix is>/ ---SWIPE TO INSTALL)

    10) Reboot To System

    Note : Wait patiently After Rebooting From TWRP After Installing The Rom... There Might Be 1-3 Bootloops during the First boot & It may take A While To Boot to system (7-15 min), After Setting up system make sure to reboot atleast 3 times to make butter smooth ;)


    & The Last Step Is To Hit That Thank Button :good:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Sudo Rom, ROM for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://github.com/Cyborg2017/android_kernel_samsung_msm8953

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Bootloader, Twrp Recovery, Brain & Time
    Based On: Samsung Experience

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: v1.1
    Stable Release Date: 2019-10-05

    Created 2019-10-04
    Last Updated 2021-6-22

    Supported Devices & Bugs -

    Galaxy C7 Pro

    Galaxy C7
    (C7000 users flash v1.0 patch to get it working correctly, else camera, bluetooth, etc might not work on boot,
    Note : Only C7000 users ! C7-pro users can install/boot the rom without the patch as usual)


    Dont Forget To Hit The Thank Button :good:

    Downloads :

    Sudo Rom v1.0 Patch/Fix (*For C7 Only) [22-Jun-2021] (400MB)
    Sudo Rom v1.0 [5-Oct-2019] (1.5GB)

    Changelog :

    ~Initial Release~


    Don't Forget To Hit That Thank Button :good:



    *corsicanu (My Mentor/Teacher)

    *jesvi (For Creating This Entire Rom)

    C7 / C7 Pro Support Groups -

    Telegram Discussion Group :-

    Donatation Link :-


    Hit That Thank Button :good:


    Q1) Can I Dirty Flash Sudo Rom Over Other Roms ?

    It Is Highly Recommended To Format Data But Still If You Wanna Dirty Flash, You Can Upgrade From Other Custom Roms (Of Any Version Of Android) & Not From *Official Stock Rom*

    Q2) Why Is My Device Is Stuck On The Splash/Boot Logo ?

    Possibilities are :
    * you might have not flashed the latest bootloader
    * you might have flashed some other zip file before first boot
    * you might have flashed magisk v19.3 or higher versions
    * you might have modified some stuff
    * etc
    Post a comment if the above is not whats going on

    Don't Forget To Hit That Thank Button :good:​