Which Flavor Of Synergy Works Best On Your Device?

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Nov 15, 2007


  • Bring together an all-star team of some of Android's most talented ROM developers and deliver arguably the best base Android rom experience ever.


  • RLS1 Changelog:
    • Updated Market to 3.0.27
    • Updated Google Maps to 5.8.0
    • Updated Facebook to 1.6.2
    • Updated Gmail to 2.3.5
    • Other minor tweaks and bugfixes

    Full Changelog / feature list can be found in Here


  • Download Synergy RLS1 + GodMode
    [What is GodMode?]
    [MD5Sum: 4a414c823ec56059fc4b8d93b8954585]

    • Please Note Synergy + GodMode Wipes Data Upon Flashing.
    • Currently GodMode is only compliant with Amon_RA's recovery.
    • Expect 10 - 30 mins To Flash This Rom In Recovery.
    • Unless explicitly specified, current mods/themes are not compatible with GodMode


  1. Download Rom
  2. Reboot into Recovery.
  3. Perform Nandroid backup
  4. Minimally wipe dalvik and cache. For optimal experience, perform full wipe (data/dalvik/cache).
  5. Flash rom
  6. Reboot
  7. Enjoy :)


(Flash these just like how you flash roms)
  • Many optional installs available via Synergy Updater and in post #2
  • incubus26jc's Warm Synergy Theme For RLS1



  • As always, Team Synergy is not responsible for anything that happens to your phone while using these files.


  • Team Synergy - DJZager, incubus26JC, Joelz9614, myn, Rafyvitto, suilmagic, WoZZer, Virus
  • Thanks to DrMacinyasha, lowetax, Mrono, NxtGenCowboy, onicrom, tommytomatoe, everyone listed in changelog and of course all of the beta testers (you guys rock!) and #[email protected].
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Nov 15, 2007
Mods For Synergy From The Community:

If you'd like your mod added please PM me :)

Please use Brozono's flashing process to install these mods/themes on the GodMode version of Synergy.


Boot Animations


Flip Clocks


Keyboard Mods

Lock Screens / Lock Rings

Notification / Statusbar Mods

Other Mods

Quick Settings

Rosie Mods

Rosie 3.0 Mods

Splash Screens


Titlebar Mods

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Nov 15, 2007

  • RC2 – (07/17/2011) Download: Synergy RC2 or Synergy RC2+GodMode
    • Enabled wireless 802.11 N in kernel modules
    • Added Panoramic and HDR support to Camera (Thanks aamikam)
    • Fixed Google Auto App/Settings Restore
    • Added New Netflix with 1080p, Auto Rotation and Video Enhancement (Thanks Sprintusa)
    • Updated Market to 3.0.26
    • Added Total Memory, Media Volume, Brightness and Auto Rotation to Quick Settings (Thanks Chingy)
    • Updated DSP Manager
    • Added Preset Email Providers From Sense 3.0
    • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.7.0
    • Updated Facebook to 1.6.1
    • Updated Flash Player to
    • Other minor tweaks and bugfixes

    RC1 – (06/27/2011) Download: Download Synergy RC1
    • Based on Speedy_S_Sprint_WWE_2.72.651.2 Leak (Thanks 911 Sniper)
    • Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
    • Sense 3.0 threaded text messaging (Thanks SEO)
    • Sense 3.0 Weather (Thanks SEO and Damo)
    • Sense 3.0 MMS
    • Sense 3.0 Task Manager
    • Sense 3.0 Polaris Office
    • Sense 3.0 USB Menu
    • Synergy Updater app, allowing in rom updates (Addons and Themes)
    • Optional PureBlack theme (Thanks Krysick)
    • Green overflow scroll (Thanks Robocik)
    • Rased available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
    • Google Talk with Video support
    • Support for ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
    • 1% battery increments and animated sync
    • Tweak to increase sdcard read ahead buffer (Thanks Calk)
    • Custom HTC Wallpapers
    • CRT display off/on animations
    • Optimized apks (thanks aamikam)
    • CRT TV shutdown animation
    • BusyBox v1.18.4 with color output disabled
    • CyanogenMOD A2sd Scripts Modified by Virus and Robocik
    • Custom Notification sounds
    • Rosie settings with right button remap
    • Screen Scaling and systl.conf tweaks (Thanks Ziggy471)
    • Build Prop tweaks for faster screen transitions and call connect (Thanks CapyChimp)
    • Framework and Rosie transition times sped up (Thanks Calk and Aamikam for the Logic)
    • HTC hub (Huge thanks to aamikam)
    • 3G/1X status in Titlebar Mod
    • Transparent Rosie (Thanks Virus and Snq)
    • Sprint Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free :) (Thanks Leoisright)
    • HTC Mirror App support
    • H264 native support
    • Synergy bootanimation (Thanks to the King of bootanimations.. Wrx4memp)
    • HTC_IME.apk with non arrows version
    • Landscape Rosie Support (Thanks TommyTomatoe)
    • Increased GPS Lock Performance (Thanks Ziggy471)
    • Wireless Tether 2.0.7
    • Settings toggle in Display for Stock (AOSP) Lockscreen (Huge thanks to aamikam)
    • Settings toggles in Display for Screen On/Off (CRT) Animations (Huge thanks to aamikam)
    • Added HTC Media Share (DLNA Server)
    • Unlimited tabs in Browser.apk (Thanks JoelZ9614)
    • Netflix Works
    • Updated DSP Manager
    • And much much more..

    • Q: How come there are no addons or themes available in Synergy Updater?
      A: You first must configure an Addon/Theme server. Do this by going to: menu | configuration | Addon/Theme Update Settings | Manage Addon/Theme Servers | Menu | Update Featured Addon/Theme Servers" Then check for Addons and themes and there should be a list presented.
    • Q: When I apply an update through Synergy Updater, occasionally recovery doesn't apply the update and I get a screen with an exclamation mark
      A: Clockwork Recovery has been tested to not be as consistent as Amon_RA's Recovery. At this time I recommend and use Amon_Ra's 2.3.* recovery which can be installed through RomManager or downloaded and installed manually from Amon_RA's thread.
    • Q: I am looking for a particular file that I am sure has been posted before in this thread. How can I easily find it in this huge thread?
      A: In your web browser click on the paper clip next to this thread on the index page of "EVO 4G Android Development". A list of all of the threads attachments will be presented.
    • Q: Do you have any tips on conserving battery life?
      A: See this great EVO Battery Saving Tips thread here. Also try going into Spare parts and uncheck "Compatibility Mode" and reboot. More info here. (Thanks Agimax)
    • Q: I am getting a "Package file was not signed correctly" when I flash the update files?
      A: Toggle signature verifications within recovery before flashing, Disabling signature verification.
    • Q: How do I disable the Swype OTA so I can run a beta version instead?
      A: Follow the instructions in this post or this post.

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Apr 10, 2007
Topeka, KS
AWESOME! I used warm for forever and kept going back to it! Too bad I just installed your nightly for the first time 2 hours ago...I guess that's what I get for downloading it without permission...


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Aug 6, 2010
Jacksonville FL
Currently running this now , Runs smooth as silk especially with an all star line up of devs on this project . Awesome work ! Now to pair this up with a netarchy kernel (Yes I know when the source is released) and this will be one of the crown jewels of the EVO 4G line up


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Nov 13, 2008
Fort Collins, CO
Just one question....does Sirius work on this baby!!??

All betas have been way cool. Glad to see this in RC phase now. Great job to all the devs that put into this monster!!! Much appreciated!!!

teh roxxorz

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Nov 21, 2010
Great work as always, this'll probably be my sense rom, since I run AOSP.


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