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Oct 11, 2010

version #4.0

Now with New Custom Battery Bar, and customisable statusbar Date View.

PvyParts and iridaki
Proudly Present you
T.E.A.M. Stock Rom
A Rom for the Community By the Community!

Be Sure to read this post FULLY before you post a question



Make sure you are running the latest SE stock kernel and baseband .71.
Boot into xRecovery (or CWM if your running a unlocked bootmenu kernel)
and make a NANDROID BACKUP (this is really IMPORTANT, as we can't recover your data!)


If not in xRecovery boot into it
Do a Factory Reset (Full Wipe)!
Flash the "" via xRecovery.
Flash the "" via xRecovery.
Reboot and let the phone do it's thing as it will be rebuilding caches and settling.
First boot can take UP TO 5 minutes so be patient!
After first boot, do your normal thing with setting up your accounts.
Choose a Home Launcher!
***Optional if you choose ADW***
Once you are on you Home Screen, Press the Menu Button
Select More>ADWSettings>Themes Preferences>Select your Theme>Pick "Sony Launchifier"
Hit "Apply Theme!"
Update AppMan via the inbuilt update (open AppMan> Press Menu> pick About> Pick Update)

If you want to use your own custom Clock font:
1. You should place your custom font in folder /system/TEAM/font and it should be a .ttf file named clock_font.ttf.
2. Go to Settings > Tweaks and check the option Custom Font for whatever element you wish (clock, battery, signal, date).
You can now also tweak the text size to your liking!!

Main Features

Transparency Mods - Full Theming
EMOJI - DroidSansFallback modified font with support for B/W emoji icons + Emoji Keyboard Free
Modded Sony Home Launcher - Smoother transitions and more transparency!
ADW launcher - With Sony Ericsson Theme
Rooted with Xrecovery 0.3 (thanks to Doomlord and Zdzihu)
Bravia Engine (Thanks to Zdzihu)
xLOUD Fully working, no FCs or other inconveniences! Use at your own risk, may damage your speaker
FPS Uncap (Thanks to Zdzihu)
Audio Stutter Fix (Thanks to Zdzihu)
All stock widgets included + Widgets from the Arc and Mini
AntTek App Manager Free app included, so you can freeze/remove any system apps that you don't need
Some working Tweaks collected from here and there :)
Customizeable Tweaks in Tweaks Menu - eg, SD-Card Read Ahead Speed
Custom Font Option for Battery/Signal/Clock Text
Modified EDT Tweaks
from birgertime AKA romanbb ported from the vibrant
Q & A

Q: Where are all the addons?
A: In AppMan :) check your app drawer for the Superman-droid icon. That's AppMan!

Q: Can I install xLOUD?
A: Yes! But it is proven to damage the speaker, so we have also included DSP manager so you can increase the volume. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when stressing your hardware's limits! We are not to be held responsible for any damages to the fragile speaker on your phone.

Q: Can I use this or that kernel for unlock or locked bootloader?
ALL kernels built for stock ROMs WILL WORK on this rom. We have tested all of them and we recommend ThKernel 029e, which you can find as an addon in AppMan.

WARNING: If you are using a Bypass Kernel it will be removed when the ROM is installed and you will just need to reflash it after flashing the ROM.
If you are using a Replacement Kernel(Unlocked Bootloader) then there will be no effect.

Q: Can I use this or that theme?
A: Short answer, no. Unless of course it is built of our framework. We have made MASSIVE mods to the framework so most themes will disable most, if not all, options in the Tweaks app.

Q: I am getting a FC on this or that, can you help me!
A: NO. We can't help you. Because what you just said means nothing to us. :p
We want to help you SO much, but in order to do that you need to report the bug properly. :D
We took care of that too, see here:

Q:OMG YOU STOLE MY WORK! YOU [email protected]#$!% etc etc etc :D
A: We kindly ask you that if you have an issue with any of the inclusions in the ROM to either PM me or iridaki so we can sort it out politely :) There is no need to flame in the thread. Also if we have forgotten credits, please let us know and we will add them immediately. :)

Q: This rom is stupid, I hope you fail, "that" ROM is better!
A: That's cool, use "that" ROM. There is absolutely no need to report your disgust :) unless of course you have constructive criticsm. :p Personal Preference isn't a bug or an issue :D
We encourage EVERYONE to use the ROM they feel is best for them :)

Full Rom ZIP (temp mirror)

Update Zip 3.8 -> 4.0

Latest Version of AppMan

All Updates Are Avalable In AppMan
We hope you enjoy the T.E.A.M. ROM!

PvyParts and My_Immortal

Visit the GIT
to see all of our changes, feel free to kang as you wish but please give credits where credits are due, and if you reuse EDT please follow the rules :) as set out by romanbb


If think you have found a bug KUDOS! Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ this thread then and ONLY THEN report it to me :)

sarcasm will be ensued should we find out you didn't read said thread...

Known Bugs


There is a random FC on some devices shortly after boot - but it does not affect stability in any way.
However, we are looking into it.

Google Search FC
bern4d1 found us a Fix THANKS DUDE!
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Oct 11, 2010
Change Notes.

Change Notes

Updated AppMan to v1.4

Updated Tweaks
-New Options Battery Bar Height
-Hide Quick Option Toggles
-Small code tidy up lots of work to still be done

New Battery Bar
- Fixed a bunch of issues
- Added height options

New Quick Toggles
- Volume of Everything in one
- Brightness :D

Theme Fixes
- PATTERN LOCK! yes we got it right this time :D
- a few text issues

Old Updates
Change Log:
Latest Update!
- New Clock options
- New battery % options
- New Signal Strength options 
- New custom font function for all 3

- Grey Popups to help fix the issues with text colors

- Latest AppMan Built in

- more to come...

Here we go again

- Fixed white text on white search bar (Market, Browser, etc)
- New Google Talk from 2.3.4 with fixed text colors (video calling may or may not work for all users)
- Removed all purple elements from framework, Phonebook, Phone. (thanks to AyDee)
- New theme for SE Camera application. (thanks to AyDee)

- added built in update from about menu. (100% OTA capable now :D :D)
- added new icons for if an item is to be updated / installed / uninstalled.
- icons on the items tint if item is new.
- lots more code tweaks and random fixes here and there.
- added a option to clean up the downloads folder
- Redone download code to download all files first then install after. Also check md5 sums after download.

[B]- New Item Update notifications! yep that's right! :D :D
- tweaked the reboot menu to hopefully fix all issues.

[B]Theme [/B]
- fixed pattern unlock
- Updated to Talk 2.3.4 and fixed text issues
- Possible fixes for search bar text glitches (needs more testing)
- remove some purple elements that slipped their way to the final ROM (ooops!)


We are very happy to announce our collaboration with [B][URL=""]ThJap[/URL][/B] who was kind enough to provide us with his latest kernel, 029e, 
previously exclusive to his [URL=""]ROM[/URL]. 
Now this is the [B]official T.E.A.M kernel[/B], fully compatible with the ROM and highly recommended.
   Detailed kernel changelog is provided [URL=""]here[/URL].
A brief overview of the kernel features is as follows:

- Based on latest FreeXperia sources
- OverClock (up to 1228 MHz) & DownClock (128 MHz), UnderVolt   (adjustable vdd levels), optimized CPU settings (latency, speed and   more)
- General Volume FIX, including in-call volume (Max & Min Gain)
- FPS uncap integrated
- ext3, ext4 support
- Turned on Swap, CPU Thumbee, tree RCU
- Ondemand CPU governor FIX (it can use all frequencies, much like interactive)
- Auto loading init.d scripts
- Updated yaffs2 (backport from Arc kernel)
 - backlight.c and lcd.c update
- Smartass v2 CPU governor (default)
- BFQ scheduler tweaked
- Touch driver FIX (upped touch response to the limit)
- Backport some sources from .32
- [I]and many more[/I]!
Now to the ROM itself:

- Added more build.prop tweaks
- Cleaned for the users that will flash ThJap kernel

[B]NOTE[/B]: Install this update ONLY if you run [U]stock SE kernel [/U]
(doesn't matter if you run any other kernel for locked bootloaders,
the state of your bootloader (locked/unlocked) also doesn't matter) 
 or [URL=""]BootManager Stock Kernel[/URL].

This update is [B]highly recommended[/B] because it will enhance user experience vastly.
 However, it is still optional.
Next updates will be kernel-independent so you can skip this.
But we can guarantee that you [I]will [/I]regret it! [IMG][/IMG]

First boot might take a bit longer than usual, because the cache and dalvik cache will be wiped during flashing.
Also, for the first few minutes after boot, phone might be a little laggy, as caches are being rebuilt.
It should catch up very quickly though!

Undervolt is [I]not [/I]included, for the sake of compatibility with all devices.
Each device has unique tolerance in overclock/undervolt, so you have to experiment yourself.
For overclock, use SetCPU or No-frills CPU or CPU Master, etc.
For undervolt, open /system/etc/init.d/13vdd_levels and edit the values as you wish.

[URL=""]DOWNLOAD[/URL] or get it from AppMan
[/B]Flash with xRecovery.


[URL=""]DOWNLOAD[/URL][/B] [B]or get it from AppMan[/B]
Select with Boot Manager, via the Custom Kernel Selection menu.

As far as the main ROM is concerned, on our To-Do list are some theme  fixes (text color glitches), 2.3.4 Home  Launcher modification to  support selectable number of homescreens, the enhancement of our beloved  AppMan with new features and many more cool things. 
So, as always, stay tuned and[B] thanks for all your unmatchable support[/B]! [IMG][/IMG]

-added the right build.prop
-updated the to be what it is meant to be. (iridaki)

-added the right build.prop
-updated the to be what it is meant to be. (iridaki)
--latest Juwe's RAMscript included
--automatic insmod of smartass/interactive/minmax/undervolt for stock kernel and Doom's stock BootManager kernel

[B]Some Theming[/B] (by iridaki - so all complaints should be directed towards her [IMG][/IMG])
-- Redid the theming cause it was pretty bad
-- Redid the theming cause it was pretty bad
--Some theming on buttons/checks/popups, removed blueish tint
-- Dark background and white text in ALL popups and buttons

-Added option to select different battery icons.
-- Sony Default
-- 1% Grey Circle mod
-- 1% Honeycomb Circle Mod
-- Much more to come... ( please give me suggestions )
-New Reboot Menu

[B]-[/B]Multiple Code fixes
-Needs a full rewrite of the download code will do that this week.

-Dark SE Keyboard 2.3.4 with swiping
-B/W MiUI Music with Shake-To-Skip-Song feature (added Greek localisation - iridaki)
[B]v2.0 [/B]Hot Fix
-Fixed the so that FPS uncap works.
-Updated AppMan to not FC when there is no data connection available.[/QUOTE][QUOTE][B]v2.0 [/B] Latest Update 

-New 9 button Scrolling notification Toggles with Long press to settings  (Wifi, BT, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Data, Flight Mode, Auto Sync, and  vibrate) 
-- Long press takes you to the corosponding settings page for quick access to options. 

-AppMan first Release
-- Still Considered Beta, but has been tested ALOT.
-- Will keep filling up lists as we go.
-- Info [URL=""]Here[/URL] and [URL=""]Here[/URL]
-- All Futrure Releases will be avail through AppMan As well as here.
-Tweaks App Updated
--Tweaks Menu - Added option to disable Tweaks app setting values at boot.

-Sony Home Launcher Mods
-- AppMan appears on home screen on first boot of a fresh install. (or when you wipe data of launcher)

-More Framework Tweak app Integration.
-- More info to come soon. for now there are a few nice suprises to be found here and there ;)

-New Version Rom Download Options
-- Full Rom Zip ( Approx 90meg Download )
-- Update from Prev Ver Zip ( Approx 20meg Download ) 
-- Update from Rooted Stock Rom Zip ( Not done yet )

[B]v1.6 -> v1.8[/B]

Here we Go Again
- Added Boot Animation
- Added Transparent Calculator ( My_Immortal )
- Added App to Bunch alike Widgets together ([URL=""]AppWidgetPicker[/URL] by boombuler) ( Thanks Slashfoo )
- Added Battery text options again to Tweaks App. 
-- Append text to Battery Text
-- Prepend text to battery Text

- Added Kustom Launcher Options to Tweaks App.
-- Select Numeber of Home Screens (Must have my Modded launcher (Home.apk), will add more options later on down the track :D )
--- Select from 3 to 21 home screens could have more but realy... why would you want to. :D

- Added Kustom Tweaks Options to Tweaks App. ( Customize your tweaks for your phone )
-- Select SDcard Read ahead Speed.

- Added my Modded Sony Home.apk for Kustom Home Tweaks 

- New Tweeks ( My_Immortal )
-- Build.prop Tweaks
-- init.d Tweaks
-- automatic Zipalign

- Added sqlite3 Support
v1.4 -> v1.6
**NOTE - EDT will need to be reconfigured with this Updated**
-Updated EDT Tweeks app (Thanks Birgertime aka [URL=""]Romanbb[/URL])
---New Battery Menu
---New Layout
---Merged into Settings Menu for ease of access
-Added Signal Level dB Options
---Show / Hide Signal Icon
---Show / Hide Signal dB Text
---Show / Hide / Small dBm text
---Color Automagically with Signal Level (5 Levels)
-Link2SD supported (ext2 partition required)
-Supercharged! (3 - Balanced) Thanks to [URL=""]zeppelinrox[/URL]
---Script is also included, you can tune your system any way you like better.
---To run it, download Terminal Emulator from the Market, fire it up and type:
--- su
--- /system/
--- and follow the instructions.
--- To remove Supercharger script simply delete it from system/etc/init.d/

v1.2 -> v1.4
-Added Status bar Toggles (Thanks [URL=""]tkymgr[/URL])
-Added links2sd support (Thanks[URL=""] tkymgr[/URL])
-Updated Sony Launchifier Theme on market.

v1.0 -> v1.2
-Fixed a few issues in the phonebook
-Added some default.prop edits
-Added DSP Manager (Thanks Z)
-Added EDT tweaks (Thanks[URL=""]birgertime[/URL])
-Some minor fixes in the framework
-added the colored signal bars when collected to google (thanks [URL=""]achotjan[/URL])

Hot Fix 1:
Fixes for the errors in the update script. that cause apps to not install.
All Versions are Available here (new and old)
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Oct 11, 2010
Addins - Customisations - Perks - Epicness!

Description of the Parts of the ROM

Sony Launchifier Theme for ADW by pvyParts (me)
can be found HERE - Market Linky
This is a theme i made to make the ADW launcher look like the Sony Launchers, so that we can Customise the look and feel! and have the looks (PLEASE give me feed back on the app as i have tested it for a week now but if there are bugs let me kno!I am using this as our "Theme Manager" for the rom :p updates will be pushed via the market and i'll notify ppl via the Thread!
Updated - August 18, 2011
EMOJI Keyboard!
This is included to alow the use of the EMOJI emoticons :) select it like any other keyboard by
Long Press on text area>Input Method>Emoji Keyboard
AntTek App Manager
This was included to make sure you can customise the rom to your liking (Without Paid Apps or Advanced Console Commands)
It is free off of the market - Market Linky Link
If you want to Freeze some apps the see how it affects stability b4 your delete/uninstall it you can fire this app up and do just that!
EDT Tweaks
Ported from the HTC Sensation Originaly by birgertime, these are Status Bar tweeks and are integrated into the settings menu. (as of v1.6)
Clock options (colors/am pm settings/hide)
Battery options (Text/automagically colored text based on battery level/hide icon)
Signal options (Text/Automagically color/dbm text/hide) (as of v1.6)

How to Use EDT
Goto Settings>Status Bar Tweaks>
Pick the area you are after (Signal, Battery, Time)
Change the settings you want to change.
** Some Options take a minute or 2 to update **
More to come Soon!

Different Colors for when connected to Google Services

Grey is for when not

will put links back after v2.0 release.
Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana AppMan!

What is AppMan

How To Use AppMan
It is Designed to be Super Simple!
1 - Open AppMan App.
2 - Pick a Cattagory
3 - Pick an Item
4 - Install / Uninstall / Update
5 - Reboot if needed :D
6 - DONE

List of apps/addons available through AppMan

(will update this list from time to time, app will change mroe frequently)
- Timescape
-Facebook Inside Xperia
-Live Wallpapers
-Weather Widget
-Sony Postcard
-Sound Picker
-Playnow Store
-Chinese Keyboard
-Japanese Keyboard
-Sony Bloatware

-More TBA
-Blue Status Bar Icons and Toggles
-Orange  Status Bar Icons and Toggles
-White  Status Bar Icons and Toggles
-Red  Status Bar Icons and Toggles
-Fuscia  Status Bar Icons and Toggles
-Default Sony Home Launcher (Tweaks Options Enabled)
-Desatureated Sony Home Launcher (Tweaks Options Enabled)
-Semi Transparent Sony Home Launcher (Tweaks Options Enabled)
-Transparent Sony Home Launcher (Tweaks Options Enabled)
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Team work for the T.E.A.M.
First of all, THANKS to everybody for their support in this attempt! :)

25/8/2011: I am updating this post with the results I got from testing all the custom kernels available, up to today.
It was an amazing ride and our developers have really produced great enhancements for our phones!
Also, let me note one more time, T.E.A.M ROM is stock ROM, so this review applies to any stock and stock based ROM (as long as there are no tweaks conflicting with the boot.img).

First of all, the apps I used to measure the kernels' features performance
are: CPUSpy and NoFrills CPU Control (was a fan of SetcPU, but Nofrills is simpler and somehow I got over my Profiles obsession :D).

1. [KERNEL] zKernel | 2.6.29 | for 2.3.3 stock ROM | 19/08/2011

This is an "old-time classic"! U MAD??? :D


- latest SE sources
- FPS cap removed
- overclocked
- added extra frequencies
- in-call volume increased
- TUN/TAP support (VPN)
- CIFS support
- debugging disabled for improved performance
- enabled ThumbEE CPU extension
Performance and speed with the >998 frequencies are great,
but in my case the phone got too hot above 998 MHz.
In-call volume is increased and there's no distortion, which is very very nice! :)
There's no undervolt, so nothing to report there.
Overall, it's very stable, faced no problems while using it,
but wanted to try undervolt, so moved on to other kernels.
Of course, I know my device actually can handle undervolt, so if you
had bad experiences with undervolting before, this is definitely the kernel for you.

2. 2.3 Th_kernel_023.2

The latest kernel from 24/8 seems to pack some neat features,
but unfortunately got stuck at boot logo when I installed it,
so no review here. :( I am sure ThJap will sort it out soon enough!

3. [KERNEL][X10] DooMKernel - "Power to The People" [Rel:v03d][Dt:26/08][FW3.0.1.G.0.75]

This is my personal favorite. The latest version, 03d, runs very very stable
on my phone.
The VDD controls are a great way to discover and use the best undervolting settings for your device!
I made a startup script and set the voltages to:

128000 Hz - 875 V
192000 Hz - 900 V
245760 Hz - 925 V
384000 Hz - 950 V
460800 Hz - 975 V
576000 Hz - 1000 V
652800 Hz - 1050 V
768000 Hz - 1100 V
844800 Hz - 1150 V
921600 Hz - 1200 V
998400 Hz - 1250 V

I use minmax governor and you can see what I personally feel about other governors here.
With the latest update, ondemand and interactive seem to be fixed and lag has been eliminated,
but I am still testing.

All in all, what's important for you to know is that all the custom kernels work in this ROM!
You just need to flash the zip and then wipe cache and dalvik cache in xRecovery before rebooting.
As simple as that! :)

Don't be afraid to try, don't forget that you are as good as your last backup :D
and come here to report your experience with custom kernels!


In the T.E.A.M spirit, I will be updating this post with additions for the ROM from members!

1. Transparent Widgets by alzbac!
Check them out, they match the transparency of the rest of the ROM.
Download link and support provided by alzbac: :)

. . .

More to come!

User Requests / To-Do
- Smaller in size ZIPs for download (as suggested by riginal)
*Most probably the upcoming releases will be updates and not Full ROMs anyway,
but keeping the download sizes at minimum will be a priority

- Colored Icons in the Statusbar for When-Connected-To-Google (as suggested by slashfoo) DONE

- Battery Percentage Mod with working Reboot options (as suggested by Slothagus)

- AppWidgetPicker implementation (as suggested by slashfoo)

- Host the files for this rom on github
pvyParts: Sorry guys i will get on it. :p as i have to decompile everything and organise it a bit beter :p

- Add a 6th Icon on notification toggles for data on/off
pvyParts: working on the data enable/disable taking more time than i like

- Be able to configure notification toggles
pvyParts: not sure if thsi is "easy to implement" but will look into it soon.

- Change the "POWER" key to "ENDCALL"

- Add "Take screenshot" to power menu (instead of xrecovery which would be a LOT less used).
pvyParts: hehe more framework mods, gotta love it. i will see if i can get it to work.
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Aug 28, 2009
Awsome, can not wait, this is exactly how i like my roms, well done on your first rom, this is going to be so cool.:)


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Jan 2, 2011
The name is a bit cheesy & reminds me of dj bobo's songs, hehe, kidding (sort of, lol)

but seriously good to see you finally releasing a rom, hope you can make it more unique & special

keep up the good work


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Feb 21, 2007
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wow just now I get transparent theme from my follower.

Can I upload like you ??
Great! More options = Happier Users!
:D :D

The name is a bit cheesy & reminds me of dj bobo's songs, hehe, kidding (sort of, lol)

but seriously good to see you finally releasing a rom, hope you can make it more unique & special

keep up the good work
LOL! Then I guess we have to apologise to you for the name!
We are open to suggestions though! :D

Thanks a lot! :)
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Lockon Stratos

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Jan 30, 2011
Sold!!! I'll definitely check this out. I also appreciate the fact that both of you are being upfront about the 'tweaks' instead of 'upselling' ;) I value that attribute a lot.

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Jun 4, 2010
I AM enjoying this!!

Such a wide variety of roms to choose from!

Good to see a Aussie dev at work!

And ofcourse good to see My_Immortal (as per always) :)
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