[ROM][T110] I8200 build for T110

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Oct 2, 2014
Would this be possible?

If there is an official rom port from i8200 to SM-T110. Would it be possible to port the LineageOS version compatible with i8200 to our device?


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Apr 15, 2020
os wouldn't let roblox install on os because os is 4.2.2

just wondering if there is away around getting the rom to install that game for my child or is there a newer os rom that i might be able to install on the samsung galaxy tab 3 lite sm-t110 thank


Aug 28, 2019
Is it fixed

Is the charging screen issue fixed? I am looking at the feedback and I am quite happy but if the charging screen could be fixed it would be good! :D


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Aug 9, 2010
Anyone faced the issues with access some sites, Connected to wifi seems okay , able to access few sites ( google/ FB) but majority fail with a connection problem

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    First of all i want to thanks @drumandbassfreak for his work. Check it here.

    - Rooted
    - Deodex
    - No more bloatwares
    - Some build.prop tweaks
    - Nova Launcher by default

    What's working:
    Except multi-window and, of course, GSM functions, i didn't found anything that's not working.


    First of all you need an working custom recovery. You can get TWRP from here or from here (recommended).
    Wipe System, Data and Cache (from TWRP -> Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Check the System, Data and Cache -> Wipe) (see attachments)
    now go to Mount and unchecked the System. (see attachments)
    Now install as normal zip.

    # Mirror 1 - Mega
    #Mirror 2 - Digi Storage

    For T111 check @addysharma thread here.
    Nice job linking to a twrp file that doesn't work the flashing with odin CWN flaashing your rom
    Ended up with a non booting device booting back to CWM what ever i do wipping mounting system or unmounting system nice job NOT

    I have had no issues at all with this rom and have even used it as a base for my own tinkering and rom building venturesb for leaning and personal use of course.. I don't know what your issue is with the rom but in all of the OPs in every rom that I've flashed it States "use at your own risk and the dev is not responsible for any damages" or something to that effect.
    We have maybe 3 ROMs for this device and I would hate to see us lose any devs from posts by people who screw up their own tablets and then blame it on the rom.
    I am not trying to be a jerk to you or anyone else here but your post is the only post that I have read on this thread where the tablet was borked after flashing this rom.

    I would hook your tablet up to a PC and run Odin to get back to stock and then you can flash something else. Hopefully you have better luck next time.

    "Chance Favors the Prepared"
    I know how to fix offline charging animation, its really simple. if we want, i give a solution :)
    will this work on sm t 111 .???
    which is gsm 3g india ???

    I've deleted 3g functions such as Phone, etc.
    You can add them from original ROM. Should work.
    You must replace charging animation with properly permissions from stock rom, and it works