[ROM][T320][T325][Android 13] Unofficial LineageOS 20.0 Nightlies Tab Pro 8.4 Wifi/LTE (mondrianwifi/lte)

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yxo 6o6uka

Dec 14, 2018
US Eastern Time Zone
Strange, I think this should be working with clear data. I thought i remembered this working? Are you sure you don't have some automatic data restore? (Does the included backup automatic restore only when restoring app from backup or will it do it if you install from apk?)

Screenshot of latest working (although this was done by deleting the /data stuff I mentioned in an earlier post)

You are right. After trying harder to cleanup (after uninstall, deleted all chrome leftovers in /data at shell prompt), the latest chrome works fine. My bad, apologies for misreporting. And thx!


New member
Feb 25, 2023
Is anyone facing overheating issues with the SM-T320 (mondrianwifi), I've tested some roms and basically all of them are overheating my device when opening some light games or videos, does anyone have a method to work around the problem?

I thought of a custom kernel, I'm running LOS20 at the moment I'm testing it for a few days, it works very well, but I'm uncomfortable with overheating, I can use it all day normally, but when I start a game, even if it's very simple and light, it starts to heat up very.

Excuse my English, I'm speaking from Brazil and using google translator.

Please help me.
TLDR; The problem with Chrome seems real and T320 specific. Apparently in graphical rendering/overlay. Looks like a "white out" with content on page becoming invisible.

It occurs in this LOS v20 as well as in LOS v18 that share some common code. I understand if an objection a la "why are you seeking Chrome support here" is raised in this thread, yet I sense a bunch of people need Chrome to work on this ROM. So perhaps something csn be worked out.

The compatibility was first broken by changes in Chrome v109-xxx, not by LOS 20/18 changes. However there is something incompatible in LOS20/18 that was exposed by changes in Chrome. I tested 6 other android devices using various Android versions and ROMs - the Chrome stopped working only on T320.

- Install fresh ROM, this or LOS18
- Install the latest Chrome v110 (110.0.5481.65) [from APK] (to prove it's not caching/davlik)
- Type anything in the url bar (a real website like cnn.com or any garbage so it's google search). The browser will show blank white page. Apparently it's a visual rendering issue b/c touching the white page appears to react on "click".
- The same issue persists in LOS20/18 with the prev "major" version Chrome v109-xxxx. Tested the latest minor 109.0.5414.118

- The issue is NOT present in Chrome v108-xxxxx. Install 108.0.5359.128 (latest v108-xxx), works fine [for me, at least].
Can you try disable this flag in chrome://flags ?
Yes, I did the clean install, I have no experience with magisk, or how to change the kernel, would you have a tutorial for that?
Download magisk and flash it through twrp like you did the rom.
Also maybe worth installing devcheck and watching the CPU clock. After everything settles down you should spend a notable amount of time with one core at 300MHz and others offline.

yxo 6o6uka

Dec 14, 2018
US Eastern Time Zone
Can you try disable this flag in chrome://flags ?
Thank you for following up. This chrome issue on LOS20 was resolved with deep cleaning. I have a LOS18 backup where it reproduces, but the flags page falls under the same issue - the content is invisible, so can't test easily due to catch 22. But then my los18 auto-updated to the latest (newer than the version I originally reported) chrome and im happy to confirm the problem is gone. At this point the issue should be resolved for everyone. Thx again


Dec 27, 2022
Can you try disable this flag in chrome://flags ?
View attachment 5846597

Thank you for always. I have a question. sm-t320 Wi-Fi is often disconnected, and after disconnection, automatic reconnection is not attempted or even if it is attempted, it takes a long time to reconnect. When disconnected, other connected devices are not disconnected, so it is not a problem with the router or LAN at all. Is there a way to fix or improve this important problem?


Dec 27, 2022
The passion and hard work of the developers for this os is great and I appreciate it. But I wish I had an answer for my wifi stability problem. This is a chronic problem that I felt while using Lineage OS from version 17.1.


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2020
Awesome! I bought a T320 just to try this one! I really enjoy the ROM, and really grateful to the developer, thank you! 🙏

I have also had random WiFi issues, to an extent even Bluetooth, but that one was minor.
I am also experiencing random reboots, anyone else too?
Then there is a small issue where I can't get vlc player to open files downloaded in Newpipe directly within Newpipe, but have to go through file explorer. But I get that on other devices with LOS, not sure what that is related to.

Despite all, it is still very usable for mediastreaming and such. Thanx again, @phoval!


Dec 27, 2022
Wi-Fi issues are not light. For example, when watching content like YouTube, stuttering often interferes with immersion. The important thing about this issue is that after the wifi drops, it doesn't try to reconnect immediately or takes a very long time. When disconnected, you need to press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the top to enter to try automatic connection or execute a direct connection. This needs to be checked and updated.


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2020
To help troubleshoot random reboots, see post #1 below for how to gather logs to help developer.

Of course, random reboots stopped now... 😄

I would, again, like to express my gratitude and admiration for the developer. This rom is so fluent it's amazing! Unbelievable that this works so well on a almost 10 year old device! 🙏

I am however, experiencing at times rather severe WiFi issues, like some other here, for instance @kmmo here above. And when the WiFi drops the device sees no networks and it doesn't immediately help to switch the wifi off and on again, might take a little time to find the networks.

Sometimes for instance music streaming to stereo through bluetooth can stutter violently when browsing just random sites that are not necessarily content-heavy. Other times no stutter even when web content is more demanding. I don't know what that is a sign of.

I am not experienced tester and not really sure how to pull logs, but I could try if that would help the developer regarding those issues, if he tries to fix them. @phoval ?

Otherwise I will just try to reflash the ROM and see what happens...

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    Thank you for the great rom everything is working great except for one thing I cannot get an external SD card to be formatted as an internal storage any ideas?
    If you can't format your external storage as internal one you're lucky! If you had succeeded, you would certainly have had problems. I remember of many reports about problems (lost data, disappearing shortcuts etc.) of users who tried also to enhance their internal storage.

    You should check if you can transfer data, especially large files like photos, music, video files to the external storage. To reiterate and to be clear: I've not seen a single report of a successful format as internal storage for various devices in the last few years.
    I tried to reproduce the the WiFi connection problem the last few days with my old backups from LOS 17 / 18 and 19.
    It was not possible for me to run in the problem..

    I recommended anyone who has WiFi problems, go back to the Stock Software
    and than clean reinstall the LOS Version..
    I'm 100% sure that is an router settings or connection problem.
    Doesn't the t320 device or Lineage OS support the 80 mhz frequency band? It's not an exact fact, but after changing the Wi-Fi frequency band to 20/40mhz, it seems that the disconnection was noticeably reduced. I don't know if it will be helpful, but I'm sharing it for similar people who suffer from Wi-Fi disconnection.
    Imho you're mixing up frequency with channel width.
    The frequency band is either 2,4 or 5 GHz.
    On 2,4Ghz the channel width is 20 and 40 MHz.
    On 5GHz it's 20, 40, 80 160MHz.
    Both bands are working for my T325.
    BUT as recommended before my Fritzbox has separate SSIDs.
    In my router there's no option to set the channel width.
    Btw I didn't encounter Wifi probs.
    A long time ago I've got the same WiFi issue, ( I'm not sure was it with LOS 18 or 20 )
    But than the are gone .
    I'm on phoval last TWRP with FOTA patch.
    And if I had a strange issue than I try a new clean install, at first only the ROM , test it .than with gapps , test it

    Try to go back to Stock and start by zero , than step by step.
    Also try an older TWRP Version.
    Sorry that I'm posted to your question.
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    I'm not responsible for any damage to your device of any sort.
    By flashing this, you take responsibility of anything that happens.
    Process at your own risk!

    If you want to check - please make backup. Better to store all partitions.

    What works

    • audio
    • bluetooth
    • brightness
    • call/LTE (mondrianlte)
    • camera
    • DRM
    • OTA
    • video
    • wifi
    • wifi display

    What doesn't work
    • Back camera preview : wrong rotation on preview in default app Fixed build 20221204
    • SELinux Fixed build 20221130

    0. Patched TWRP for FOTA : mondrianwifi / mondrianlte
    1. Factory reset if coming from another ROM.
    2. Install ROM
    3. Install GApps (optionally) [Recommended BiTGApps ARM 13]
    4. Install Magisk 25.2 (optionally)

    Sources & Changes:
    Device tree mondrianwifi
    Device tree mondrianlte
    Kernel tree
    Vendor tree mondrianwifi
    Vendor tree mondrianlte
    TWRP tree mondrianwifi
    TWRP tree mondrianlte

    Note to users: I'm not responsible if you brick your tablet. See the disclaimer above.


    ROM OS Version: 13.0

    Version Information

    Created 2022-11-27
    Last Updated 2023-01-05
    Build for mondrianlte is now available. All should work even LTE.
    Big thanks to @bmwdroid for helping test builds.
    Hey all, thanks for this incredibly good ROM. It's really the best ROM ever for the tablet. If we can get the final settings adjusted, it would be a dream come true. Please, don't stop working on it - together we can get all the potential of our good old Tab Pro!!!!
    Imho it's finished for T325.
    Camera (both), Wlan WPA/WPA2 2,4 + 5GHz, mobile data, LTE, Bluetooth, speaker, headphones, mic, SD card 64GB, SELinux.
    Flashed with Bitgapps ARM v1.8 and Magisk.

    GPS idk as to wet outside.
    Hey guys, any progress on the adoptable storage?
    If we get this last piece of the puzzle done, it will be the most perfect ROM EVER for the Tab.... for a Tab from 2014!
    Adoptable is not working. only crash occurs. Tried different things but haven't much time to look at it.
    microg is included in the new build.
    my tabelt is still slow, even with this built. i did a factory reset. even my battery is draining extremely.
    @bierma32 what is zram_ boot.IMG. can you provide me that file? can i flash it in twrp?

    Provide logcat.
    zram boot img was alpha kernel for test.
    The changes are includes since 2nd december build.