[ROM][T820][8.x] LineageOS 15.1 20180614

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Aug 6, 2016
any new development for lineage 16 pie for t820?

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usb-otg issue with lineage 15 ? please help ... can charge and trnsfer data from T820 to pc thru USB-c cable but usb-t=otg not detected

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    I'm not responsible for any damage to your device of any sort.
    By flashing this you take responsibility of anything that happens.
    Process at your own risk!

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community

    - oreo bootloader
    - twrp 3.2.0+
    - backup everything before install
    - wipe data before upgrading from LineageOS 14.1 or stock rom

    - Flash zip in TWRP
    - Don't forget about gapps (arm64 8.1)
    - Root not included. Flash magisk before first start.

    Google apps should be installed via recovery immediately after installing ROM.
    If you reboot into ROM before installing Google apps, you must factory reset and then install them, otherwise expect crashes.

    Not working:
    bt audio
    stuff, I haven't checked

    I broke my tablet. There are no more updates here further.

    T820: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ql4VIjTsSHNwzsoJm3Yb8wt0RW9OJerE

    Device initial config sources:
    I broke my tablet last weekend, so no more updates here anymore.

    Can you share any other sources you might have used to build for the 820? I know you linked to your GitHub, but anything else would be appreciated. Would love to keep this going for the group of us that have the 820.

    Thanks for giving us Lineage 14.1 & 15.1 in the first place! :D
    I broke my tablet last weekend, so no more updates here anymore.
    Hello @bonuzzz, thank you for the reply.

    I was able to restore my Lineage 14.1 because I flashed the ARA2 boot loader (tried with Odin the first time, then with my TWRP backup, same result)

    If someone used or uses lineageos 14.1, is speaker rotation work there or not?

    Only with VLC. Stuck in portrait mode with stock player. I don't have any games... :)

    The last thing I need to try is installing the GAPPS... Like I said, I don't want to, so if the problem comes from this, I'll pass. But I have to try to be sure...

    In this order from TWRP:
    - Flash BRE2 boot loader
    - Format Data and wipe everything
    - Flash Lineage 15.1
    - Flash openGAPPS nano arm64 8.1
    - Flash Magisk 16.4

    And... It's working...

    Well... :D

    I want to cry...

    So the GAPPS are mandatory.
    For gapps it shows "arm 8.1" it should be "arm64 8.1"

    Edit: 5g seems to be working fine after a resetting WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth. Still can't seem to get audio playing through Bluetooth even though it's connected.
    edited, thanks
    yes, bt audio doesn't work. seems I broke it in last moment...

    Just wanted to let people know of what I've initially noticed and tested.
    * Not laggy like stock is
    * Able to format sd card for internal storage
    * Official Keyboard case works (didn't use much before)
    - show/hide key for virtual keyboard and Lang key don't do anything (at least it appears that way)
    - Left 'alt' brings up emoji, right 'alt' brings up symbols on virtual keyboard.
    * Auto wake/sleep works with 3rd party case (assume all work since it's just a magnet)
    * Auto brightness works but I tested it with a flash light.
    I have official keyboard case too. Unfortunately it's almost unusable in aosp if you need more than one keylayout. What about special keys, aosp doesn't have that triggers what stock rom has. I only could advice 3rd party app, but paid https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1541916

    I liked the 14.1 version and I seem to like this version as well. It is to early to say more, but why can't you share this with lineage? It would be a dream, if this would be official and we would recieve updates. And maybe they will help you with the missing GPS?
    Nothing will change with official status except It would create more troubles and bureaucracy there.
    Nobody will help. Believe me.
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