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Jun 4, 2020
Files found here: downloadandroidrom .com/ file/ GalaxyTab10.1/ roms/ Task650ROM
Don't know if this is legit. Use at your own risk.


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Sep 7, 2010
Portland, Oregon
Anyone that owns this tablet still should seriously throw it in the garbage. Not only is it a security risk with the lack of software updates, it's a total piece of sh$t. Just saying. ;)

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    Features for Task650's KME
    Official TW UEKME
    Deodexed, Optimized Pngs, and Zipaligned
    HW Accelerated Launcher
    Host files added (no ads when browsing)
    Memory Optimizations
    Ad-Hoc Support
    Strings added (by Hooolm) to switch browser UA


    Installation If not coming from 7.1!!!
    1)Make a nandroid backup
    2)Wipe cache
    4)Wipe dalvik
    5)Wipe data/Factory Reset
    6)After boot up, and setup REBOOT!!!
    7)Do not flash any of my updates until you flash the ROM and let it boot FIRST!!!!!!! unless of course you are already running my latest rom release.


    Changelog for V7.2 Will be coming soon...
    Reverted back to old TW settings menu(Sick of wow & bob issues)
    Using Hooolms browser (you can just select which UA you want to browse with instead of being stuck in "Desktop" mode
    Added different host files (no more adds and still be able to stream videos on website)
    Added back built-in wallpapers(no more questions about "where the wallpapers are?"
    Added init.d support
    Added optimizations for better memory management
    Added all of the additions from my V7.2 Update plus some more...

    Changelog for V7.1
    Cleaned up UI a little with some new images for a better looking theme
    Added Polaris Office by request original thread here
    Tweaks to increase speed and smoothness
    New Boot Animation!!!
    I know there's more but my brain is out to lunch right now!!!

    Changelog for V5
    Removed Bloatware
    Back button in browser issue FIXED
    Various framework tweaks for speed and smoothness
    Slow auto-rotation FIXED
    Lag when going into widget selector FIXED
    Should be less lag in overall UI
    Added 5 screen launcher2.apk back in


    -ROM Downloads-

    NEW!!!- Task650's V7.1 ROM

    UPDATE V7.2!!!
    This update adds browser UAstring set to "Desktop, fixes hosts files, adds Ad-Hoc support, New Lockscreen (Cleaner Look), Asus Weather Widget Added!!!


    Task650's KME V5


    Mods & Themes

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    BoB WoW Fix for 7.2 (flashable!)

    -Stock Theme w/Extended Power Menu Options and UAstring set to "Desktop"-


    I just want to apologize to anyone that doesnt get a response from me at times. sometimes it hard to get through all the questions and issues because im working on fixing things here and there and helping you guys out. so just repost if i dont answer and im sure i'll make it to ya and fix whatevers going on.

    not yelling. just wanted everyone to see it. lol
    Hey guys. Me and Phantom have teamed up. So we're going to be working together and get a brand new rom out by Sunday night!
    What I've tried to do here is a version for KME 6.1
    It's based on Browser.apk and twframework-res.apk from Task650's UEKME v6 ROM and v6.1 Theme addon framework, so you need to be on that version for this to work. I think.

    I've added my own elements and tried to make it look like it looks on my own device:

    ...I've also added a UA (User Agent String) selector, since that seems to be an issue for many people.
    You just open your browser, go to settings

    Hit the new User Agent String menu item and you get this

    Zeee download:

    Edit: I've done a new build because I had forgotten to account for another UA fix that Task650 had already added to the framework. This would mean the my User Agent String selector would actually choose between "Desktop" and "Desktop" :D

    As always, please backup first, because I have no way of testing what I've done here. It works great on my device, but that's a European 3G (P7500)

    Ive got Circle Mod to work on v6 finally (had work the whole week) but only problem now is that i have all the images for 1-100% Battery dispersing and charging but the battery indicator on the status bar doesn't update by 1% increments.... kinda annoying....

    Yeah, these files...
    ...tell Android what to do with the image files. So you need to decompile framework-res.apk to edit them. You could also use my file from above and drag/drop your icons into there.
    I have found the same thing pertaining to the returning from sleep issue. With his kernel installed this always happen (even the latest from 9/4)....with just Task's ROM installed I have had zero issues returning from sleep. The thing that bugs me is that pershoot will not admit this. He always blames it on the ROM....Oh well....this ROM runs fast enough without his kernel!

    stop putting words in my mouth.

    not once did i place blame on anything. there are certain things i do and dont support. i do support stock rom configuration on a device that is supported by that rom.

    you have an issue, you go back to the stock rom for your device and latest kernel for your device. if you can reproduce issue in that scenario, then we will work on it. not before.

    i am shocked that you all think a kernel should cater to all of the custom roms and their iterations out there, plus all the other wild things you all may or may not be doing on your tabs, then blame it on the kernel when things go awry. you want this, pull my src, modify and build to your liking. i only have 2 hands and so much free time to go around.