[ROM] [Team D.I.R.T][ICS 4.0.4] DarkLIGHT

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Oct 19, 2008

Like all my threads, I want to credit and thank all those that have made this possible!

Team Kang | Cyanogen and his team | Preludedrew | Tommytomatoe | Atyoung | Papa Smurf151

RockoDev | Evilisto | travp624 | rapmv78 | Android Does | VLLWP | Darktremor | dsixda | sammyycakes

All of Team D.I.R.T, you guys are awesome and keep things going!! Also any testers that have tested for this ROM!!

If I've left you or someone out, please PM me and I will add you if that's the case!

- 4G/Wimax
- Camcorder works with 3rd party app
- Netflix and Hulu Plus (untested at the moment)
- Whatever else you guys find.....

[COLOR="Red"][B]Dark LIGHT v1[/B][/COLOR]
- Removed all live wallpapers
- Removed OpenWnn.apk
- Removed VideoEditor.apk
- Removed Soundrecorder.apk
- Removed Nova Launcher 
- Removed all .mp4 files located in system/media/video
- Removed stock Music.apk and added CM9 Music 
- Removed MusicFX.apk and added CM9 DSP Manager
- Removed stock Deskclock and added CM9 Deskclock
- Removed stock MMS.apk and added CM9 MMS.apk (more options)
- Removed Bootanimation.zip 
- Removed LatinIME.apk
- Added market ICS keyboard to better work with On-Screen Buttons
- Added 12 Black & Wallpapers (tincandroid wallpaper app)
- Added Sony Xloud/Beats Audio
- Added Apex Launcher (themed)
- Added camera/camcorder/panoramic fix
- Added Honeycomb Style Lockscreen
- Added custom WP7 Style App Switcher (black background instead of WP7 blue)
- Themed 95 percent of the ROM
- Updated host file (no more ads)
- A2SD baked in (see post #2 for instructions)
- Included GAPPS (included Google Play 3.5.15)
- Included Papa Smurf151's speed/performance tweaks 
- Grouped widgets when selecting from homescreen not appdrawer
- Updated OOM Grouping Priorities
- Mason v0.12 sbc kernel included 

[B][COLOR="red"]Dark LIGHT v2[/COLOR][/B]
- Updated the ROM base to AOKP Build 28
- AOKP build 28 features....see link
- Updated and themed Google Play to 3.5.16 
- Themed more system apps to include phone.apk, framework-res.apk and settings.apk
- Included WP7 App Switcher in ROM Control (regular app switcher set as default)
- Included Mason G series v0.14 SBC FSO kernel
- Fixed recovery status 7 error (beta testers let me know!!)
- Updated beats audio files (THANKS Rockodev)
- Removed A2SD that was baked in previous version (TOO many complains from people)
- Removed Gmail and Youtube app (install from google play store if you want them)
- Updated and themed Apex Launcher
- Included and themed Nova Launcher
- Included and themed OI Filemanager
- Set own number as voicemail
- Removed about 10 notification ringtones 

[B][COLOR="red"]Dark LIGHT v3[/COLOR][/B]
- Updated the ROM base to AOKP Build 31 (HWA is working)
- Removed AOKP Build 31 kernel and included Mason I series SBC kernel v0.14
- Removed a few ringtones to decrease ROM size
- Added Dark Light bootanimation
- Included Camera Preview fix (THANKS kushdeck)
- Removed Beats Audio files that were added in V2 and added original files (Sounds better)
- Added A2SD back in the ROM (if you have flashing issues, partition your sdcard and then flash)
- Added Qualcomm Vision GPS Driver v1.1
- Removed WP7 style app switcher setting in ROM Control
- Added SENSE 4.0 Style App Switcher and set it as default for multi-tasking
- Updated Papa Smurf's speed/performance tweaks
- Included Tablet MODE, see note below
- Fixed Phone / Market to work with Tablet MODE
- Updater-Script now wipes System, Boot, Cache and Data (still recommend that you wipe yourself too)
- Added TabletUI / PhoneUI option in Rom Control
- Added Swagger Toggle (If you don't know what it does......you don't have swagger..hahahaha)

[B][COLOR="red"]Dark LIGHT v3.5[/COLOR][/B]
- Fixed WiFi / GPS issue
- Removed A2SD once again....for those that want it, I'll provide a flashable zip 
- Removed unnecessary languages from this ROM (left a few just in case...mainly English..hahaha)
- Removed unnecessary libs for apps that were no longer installed
- Removed MarketUpdater.apk 
- Removed WIP Dark LIGHT bootanimation until I get it done (it was confusing some noobs..hahaha)
- Optimized all .ogg files and a few system apps as well
- Odexed optimization (left some apps alone due to mods/theme BUT should feel faster)
- Added Sense 4.0 style Clock Widget 
- Added LCD density changer app until native lcd density changer is fixed
- Fixed app compatibility issues i.e Draw Something and a few others :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 
- Whole new updater script which should prevent any issues when flashing
- Included Mason I series - v0.14 sbc fso kernel
- Modified Search Button, no longer goes to search....it brings up GB style Multitasking 
(to activate tablet mode, please use the third party lcd density changer app inside the rom and change it to 120)

[B][COLOR="red"]Dark LIGHT v4.0[/COLOR][/B]
- Used a different base (Preludedrew's latest ICS)
- Ported Official AOKP Milestone 6 (Crespo 4G)
- Modified Framework to get Honeycomb Lockscreen (Thanks Evilisto)
- Included DarkLIGHT wallpaper app
- Included latest Mason Kernel (Thanks Atyoung)
- Modified settings app to included Animation Manager and DSPManager
- Removed a lot of unnecessary things such as audio/video files, lanaguages, etc
- Included latest Apex launcher (themed)
- Updated to latest GAPPS 
- More then likely, I missed something BUT I honestly can't remember....

- Download the ROM using WiFi
- Move the ROM zip to the sdcard
- Flash it and ENJOY


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Oct 19, 2008
While I wouldn't mind seeing a LITTLE color, that does look pretty slick. I might give this a run tomorrow when I'm bored at work. Any issues?
SO far there's no issues at all aside from the obvious like NO 4G...NO FFC and NO HWA (none of the people that tested for me before posting here have reported anything..hahaha)

GAPPS already in there or do we need to flash them?
GAPPS are included. Please read the OP
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Jan 19, 2012
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Looks good. Though iffy since AOKP always gave me reboots.
Hey Roxx.... I had boot problems with AOKP too. I haven't had one since I flashed this one. Give it a shot.

See ya'


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Looks clean. I'm in... where is the dl link for the rom? Am I missing it?

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You are missing it. Look at where it says "DOWNLOAD LINKS" at the bottom of the OP.

See ya'



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Apr 3, 2009
Good to see ya Mazda! Great contribution. I love the blue, and probably wouldn't want just black/white, but while reading the mods you did to the ROM, I definitely was going 'Holy HELL, I WANT THIS'!

Great work and thank you ;)

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Sep 28, 2010
downloaded twice and got error installing

assert failed: write_raw_image("/tmp/boot.img", "boot")
error in /sdcard/Dark Light.zip (status 7)


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Oct 19, 2008
downloaded twice and got error installing

assert failed: write_raw_image("/tmp/boot.img", "boot")
error in /sdcard/Dark Light.zip (status 7)
Just hit reboot......it should boot up just fine! (I got fix that in the next release)
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