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    • Based on Stock L710VPBMB1 [4.1.2] JellyBean
    • ODEXED for a smooth optimized Dalvik experience
    • BLUE themed. If you do NOT like blue, please dont flash. Dont ask me to make other colors
    • Themed odexed Nova Launcher
    • Themed odexed TouchWiz Launcher
    • Themed inverted Sprint Visual Voicemail with subscription solicitation removed
    • Holy Grail edit changing peachy-orange highlight to blue within the webkit
    • Working MultiWindow, themed Flashbar
    • Multiwindow control in Settings/Display
    • Long press menu kills apps
    • Silent Camera
    • Messaging - MMS size uncompressed, Screen off option, No force Closes
    • Several Inverted Rujelus22 apps further themed by me
    • 4 in 1 Reboot Options
    • 23 customizable SystemUI Toggles including MultiWindow
    • 1x3g SystemUI mod WORKS!!!
    • Toggle in Settings/Display to show or hide brightness slider
    • Native Sprint Hotspot hack with working 4g
    • Several annoying sounds removed
    • Themed and modded Pandora
    • 100% charging notifications removed
    • Custom Boot animation and International Samsung Shutdown animation
    • No increasing ringtone
    • SMS removed from call logs
    • Enlarged "clear" button, gradient notification panels
    • Status Bar is an image. Transparent by default but easily customized.
    • MD4 Camera, themed, Volume rocker/Power button shutter trigger
    • Camera enabled during call
    • DRM removed
    • 1% Battery
    • No input switcher in status bar
    • Build.prop tweaks
    • PRL Write/Hidden Menu Fix for MB1 - Thanks digiblur
    • PNG optimized
    • Freeza's MB1 Stock Kernel Optimized with bootanimation, ADB, and init.d support
    • Extra Options in Settings
    • Themed PopUp Browser
    • Most apps left in since there is always someone that wants it
    • Themed Inverted Google Now
    • Themed MD4 Gallery
    • Removed Sprint Connection Optimizer (both physically and disabled code)
    • Set device status to "Normal"
    • Themed Swype
    • Custom boot splash
    • Didact74 Status Bar Clock mod (choose clock style, am/pm style, day style from settings)
    • Volume rocker skips music tracks
    • More sounds removed such as volume rocker, screenshot
    • Disabled scrolling cache for a smoother scroll
    • Themed Context Aware Service
    • Dexopt-Wrapper in system/bin for odexing
    • Several mods to Messaging
    • Ads Blocked with modified Host file
    • Inverted/Themed Native Exchange Email
    • Inverted/Themed Native TouchWiz Calendar
      brought to you by a partnership between Odexed Blue and Darkhorse Themes (Do NOT use without permission)

    Q & A

    Q: Will this rom ever include Aroma custom installer?
    A: No
    Q: Will this rom ever include a custom Updater?
    A: No
    Q: Why do you not de-bloat the rom?
    A: You are big boys and girls.. you can remove what you dont want. There is always someone that wants that crappy app that you want removed. With an odexed rom, it is easier to remove than to add.
    Q: Do you use a "script" to odex your rom?
    A: NO!
    Q: Then how do you odex it?
    A: I manually odex every file according to the bootclasspath using dexopt-wrapper, smali, baksmali, dd, and zip
    Q: What is the holy grail edit?
    A: It is a smali edit that changes the webkit highlight. I have been searching for it for a year.
    Q: Will you ever offer a deodexed version?
    A: No way
    Q: I like green and dont think its fugly.. can you put in some green?
    A: Never!.. Seriously, if you like orange and green.. Use dazednconfused Anakonda. Its very nice.

    Thanks and Credits

    Team Venum
    Team Website HERE
    • sleshepic - This guy can compile anything
    • dazednconfused - Great theming companion
    • joshbeach- Great theming companion
    • Rujelus22 - Freaking Brilliant and master of the inverted apps
    • Venum - Amazing Team Leader
    • 1brainsurgeon - Just for being awesome
    Team Mik
    Team Website HERE
    • chogardjr - King of Blue, learned a lot from him
    • tommytomatoe - Master of Odex and my mentor
    • clark44 - Tutorials and sharing knowledge
    • NunHugger - Helps find some of those tough xml edits
    • freeza - This guy is fantastic. Using his base stock rom. Most valuable dev in this forum
    • Wanam - Toggles
    • gruesomewolf - Sharing his outstanding work on MultiWindow
    • B-boy™ - Masterful inverted apps
    • Gunthermic- Theming companion and partner, Inverting specialist
    • rompnit - Extra Settings and sharing knowledge
    • Didact74- Tutorials and sharing knowledge
    • crawjr- Hotspot
    • mpcdata - Assistant
    • pjjohn73 - Assistant
    • DrKaotica - Assistant
    • mavd5831 for ftp
    • gyrra (twice)
    • raybudd
    • notmyepic
    • twig49
    • bigbad614
    • FR8R


    jo666886, Tahde, Brcub1, psyman42, Flashing4fun, runner77, GMSchiller, taylortr, DrgnRebrn, DrKaotica, The Root, pjjohn73, Adam_v1, Skyward01, notmyepic, Brcub1, verngator, jdelano, calebsb, dquangt, Action B, GTOJim, Optimal Carnage, 1970mueller, xyks, Forever Justice, bulldog76, rocafella_ny, makipsee, hikouka71, beyeond, mrcollpepper, Skyward01, bigbad614, ruben1221 , damagi123, stevek1, The Computer Guyz LLP, Jdubb77, runner77, Evilone69tmg, rocafella_ny, Jaybell4444, JCJ77, FunnyOrDead, Skyward01 , punkerEVO , nealecj954, bulldog76, dquangt, rochelle0420, a2tz, Thebear J Koss, unxguyjr


    Stay Odexed (of course)
    Eradicate all green and orange TW fugliness
    Stay current on custom mods and options
    Colors that are considered fugly around these parts: Any shade of Green, Orange, Yellow. Some shades of Grey. "ICS" Blue has been deemed fugly on this rom.
    Colors that are encouraged on this rom are: Any shade of Blue (less teal the better), Black, White. Reds are allowed in direct contrast of Blue

    Still to do:
    • Update to MD4. Nope.. not gonna happen.

    [B][U]3.1 4/1[/U][/B]
    -Changed to Freeza's optimized stock kernel with boot animation, adb support
    -Custom Boot animation
    -Updated Gmail
    -Updated ClockPackage
    -Updated Settings with Multiwindow control in settings/display
    -Disabled mpdecision, gsiff_daemon, and qosmgr for better battery
    -Updated Hosts file for more ad blocking
    -Improved theming in framework-res, SystemUI, and VpnClient
    [B][U]3.2 4/7[/U][/B]
    -Updated Gapps
    -Improved theming to SystemUI
    -Improved theming to Framework-res
    -Updated Nova to 2.0.2
    -Updated hosts file
    -Update 3.1 to 3.2 Package only on post 7306
    [B][U]3.3 4/12[/U][/B]
    -Native Sprint Hotspot hacked with working 4G
    -Improved theming to Settings for Hotspot 
    -Only change to SystemUI was my battery mod
    -Improved theming to framework-res
    -Updated hosts file
    -Updated Dropbox
    -Updated Google Play Store
    -Updated theming to SecMms
    -Update from 3.2 to 3.3 on Post 7438
    [B][U]3.4 4/19[/U][/B]
    -System Device status set to "Normal"
    -Sprint Connection Optimizer completely removed both in code and physically
    -removed Wifi Tether and included Sprint Hotspot in settings
    -removed extra lib file needed with tether
    -new MC3 Gallery themed and odexed
    -Market Updated to 4.0.26
    -theming updates
    [B][U]3.5 4/28[/U][/B]
    -23 Toggles (including MultiWindow)
    -Updated Play Store
    -Updated Settings for new Lidroid Settings
    -New Lidroid Settings
    -Updated Fixed MD4 Gallery
    -New Lidroid
    -New SystemUI to accommodate new Lidroid
    -BuildProp Edit to prevent MD4 Update Nag
    [B][U]3.6 5/21[/U][/B]
    Updated, themed and odexed Sprint Visual Voicemail
    Updated themed and odexed SuperSU
    Updated, themed and odexed..
    Google Plus
    Google Play Store (Market) fixed and updated from before
    Google Core (Google Settngs)
    Hangouts (removed Talk)
    Google Music
    Google Search (Google Now)
    SecSettings (now includes Google Settings and brightness toggle)
    SystemUI (toggle brightness slider)(toggle is in settings)
    All necessary library files
    Performance full time multi sample anti-aliasing by razz1
    Brightness slider will be hidden by default, light theme is removed from voicemail, dark theme should be default for SuperSU


    1. Nand
    2. Full Wipe!
    3. Flash Rom


    1. Nova Users go to settings/look and feel/color theme and set a nice solid blue theme color
    2. Go to developer options and set all three animation scales to 0.5x. See if checking "Force GPU rendering" gives you a better experience
    3. Open SuperSU, go to settings/theme and set theme to device default
    4. For brightness slider in your pulldown - Go to settings/Display/Display brightness slider
    5. Go to Settings/Date and Time. Set all your clock options. Center, AM/PM, day or no day.
    6. For name customization on pulldown - edit data/eri.xml with text editor. Change Odexed Blue to whatever you want
    7. Never let the market update Nova, Gmail, Gplus, YouTube, Dropbox, Hangouts, Gmusic, Play Store, Gnow, Maps, Sprint Voicemail, SuperSU. Wait for me to post a flashable update.
    8. Go to settings, applications extras/toggle settings and choose which toggles you want to use and which order you want them to show in your pulldown. There are 23 choices.
    9. Keep on eye on post 2 for any new developments
    10. Use Titanium backup to freeze/disable those apps you dont like or use. That way, if something goes awry, you can easily unfreeze/re-enable. You have more than enough space. Dont worry about freeing the space by deleting apps blindly.
    11. Download Screen Off and Lock by Katecca from the market. It has the old CRT animation shut off. Program a Nova gesture to your Screen Off and Lock and that way you dont have to use a hard button to turn off your phone.

    1. Make sure you are on LATEST version
    2. Make sure you did not dirty flash and performed a FULL wipe prior to flash
    3. Make sure you are on the ORIGINAL stock kernel included with the rom

    MD5 CHECKSUM: 11F5CA986D2FBC112E7AFE5391F59A99

    Be sure and check Post #2 and see if there is an update to flash since this OP download

    If you are enjoying my rom, please consider donating
    and please support the folks that I thanked above

    Donators.. please include your XDA name in the donation so I can thank you


    Updates since the OP last updated plus Extras for SS Odexed Blue


    Report sightings of Green immediately!



    SS Custom Themed Handcent
    1. COMPLETELY uninstall all other instances of Handcent on your phone
    2. Flash
    3. Go to settings /Custom Style/ Skin
    4. Scroll Down and Choose Darkness and make active
    5. Feel free to customize further as you prefer

    SS Custom Handcent in linked folder below

    APP Updates

    Hangouts 1.2.018 Sept 27
    Maps 7.2.0 Sept 17
    Nova 2.2.3 Sept 18
    YouTube 5.1.10 Oct 2
    Google Play Store (Market) 4.3.11 Aug 25
    Google Now (Search) 2.8.8 Sept 30
    Dropbox Aug 29
    SuperSU (Choose Device Default Theme) 1.65 Sept 10
    Pandora 4.5.1 Sept 3
    Handcent 5.1.5 Sept 12
    SS style AppBrain 8.2 (installable) Sept 10
    Google Translate 2.8 (installable) Sept 17
    Google Settings/GmsCore/Google Play Services (Parts 1 and 2) 3.2.65 Sept 21
    Sprint Visual Voicemail T. Sept 25

    Download from HERE

    Explanation of Google Settings (GmsCore) two part flash
    Go to Post HERE

    ***Google Plus and Google Play Music are discontinued. I dont use them and they update way too often. Get your updates from the market or you can go to Gunthermic's site or Team BlackOut site for alternatives.


    pjjohn73 SEE POST 4
    SEE POST 3


    Status Bar Morph Zips - Attached
    Black = 100 percent black bar
    Full = 100 percent transparent bar
    dh = Darkhorse style
    20percent = 20 percent black 80 transparency
    50percent = 50 percent black and 50 percent transparent
    Closing Thread

    I am going to close this thread now as I am will be focusing on the Note III. To best stay in touch with my future work on the new device, be sure and join the Odexed Blue Hangout by PMing me your gmail address.

    I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and the excellent people that have helped keep it going. From my assistants, benefactors, and team members that have supported me, I send you a heartfelt thank you and God bless.

    I can say that my future projects will always stay true to my basic ideals. Remaining odexed, a good solid blue color scheme, inverted, and attention to detail. I invite you to join me on the Note III device but if you cant, I understand.

    Also, please remember that this rom does not expire. It will work on your SIII forever. Do not think that it no longer is a valid rom. You can stay odexed and Blue for as long as you own your SIII. This has been an amazing rom and I too will miss it dearly.

    Stay in touch and as always, Stay Odexed, my friends..
    I am just wondering how much interest there would be in a MAJOR odexed blue update...

    would include..
    Fully themed and inverted Calendar Widget
    Fully functional Multi Window
    Insane Clock Mod

    Just saying.. maybe
    At this point, I still have not started on MD4. I am pretty happy with MB1 as is and I am hoping that it is finished for good. I do tentatively plan on starting MD4 at some point but this is a busy time of year for me at work. I will soon have the summer off, however. I am waiting a bit to see if the prices fall on the GS4 so that is up in the air right now too. Anyways, I hope that the few of you left still enjoy my MB1. For now.. I am just going to take it easy. Thanks to everyone that continues to support this project.