[Rom]Team Venum - STS v1.2 - Odexed/Tweaked- MA7/MK4 3/25

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Feb 17, 2008
D.C. Area
I'm trying to set up my install here, but am having trouble activating any of the fonts I have previously used. I keep getting the error "The font is not supported. Contact the font provider. Uninstall this font?". Anyone have any luck installing fonts from their SD card after 4.3?


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Aug 8, 2007
Anyone know how I would do the wifi fix through mobile odin? Not sure where to open the file under.

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Jan 1, 2009
I've had some issues. I had the Samsung keyboard crash on me and freeze the phone once (had to pull battery).

Also, a few of my widgets would crash or stop updating. One was the clock widget from HD widgets. I put the phone on the charger at 3:10 am and when I awoke, the clock said 3:16 and wasn't updating(it was 10am) I had to remove and replace the widget for it to work again.

All apps/widgets were fresh installs too, not restores.

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Oct 18, 2011
There will be a lot of drain until it's run for a couple charges. Lots of syncing etc. System usage will be high for first. Turning off some unused "syncs" in account settings can help

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Oct 18, 2011
note 3 features --


note 3 features thread --


...and i uploaded the air command icons fix in case thats needed as well. idk if its needed but here it is anyway --


The "add on" zip is almost as big as the Rom :eek:

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Sep 5, 2011
Orange city
Can someone post a link to the note 3 features

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Ok now if you flash the note3 features be aware that you will have issues and that is why they are not included with this..... they are new and will loose alot of features included in this rom.....


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    Team Venum and Sleshepic Present
    Slesh's Tweaked Stock - Odexed LJC/MA7/MK4
    --MK4 Release Second POST--

    This was built from requests, and work, from the community. For most of this I merely put together and odexed the work of others - So Credit goes to them. Big Thanks to AndreiLux, Viperboy, Joshbeach, and Venum, for their work. It was built to have the look and feel of Stock, with added speed, smoothness, battery, and added functionality.

    -Theme left stock per request...This was Difficult. Only a couple Apk's were added otherwise left Stock
    -Slesh's/Venum Tweak Package - Battery and Smoothness build.prop, init d etc
    -AndreiLux's Perseus Kernel - Thanks AndreiLux
    -4 -1 Reboot Mod (don't use Quick Reboot) - Thanks Joshbeach(and for Deodexed LJC base I started with)
    -Multi Window All Apps Mod - Thanks Viperboy
    -Wifi Tether - Treve mod - (in Settings set Device-Profile to "Samsung Galaxy S3", and Setup-Method to "Netd-Ndc") - Thanks Treve!
    -Noozxoide Audio
    -Chameleon and HFA fix for Lk8 to LJC reversion - thx t3project
    -Dexopt-Wrapper in /system/bin for easy odexing, and Busybox included

    STS - Slesh's Tweaked Stock - Odexed

    MA5 STS
    -Theme left stock per request. Only a couple Apk's were added otherwise left Stock
    -Slesh's/Venum Tweak Package - Battery and Smoothness build.prop, init d etc
    -Odexed MA5 App and Framework - Thanks DanWeb66 for Deodexed base
    -AndreiLux's Perseus Kernel - Thanks AndreiLux
    -Extended Reboot - Thanks Clark44 for Guide - Don't Use Download Option - not working
    -Multi Window All Apps Mod - Thanks grgsiocl for Guide
    -Noozxoide Audio
    -Dexopt-Wrapper in /system/bin for easy odexing, and Busybox included

    MA7 v1.3
    -Everything as before Plus CRT OFF

    MA7 v1.4 3/19
    -fixed CRT
    -fixed multi app mod
    -added expandable popup browser
    -few build.prop edits
    -new 1.4 bloat package
    -my newest kernel (Governors_v1.6)
    (if you have 64gb exfat sd issues format to fat32 or flash Perseus kernel)


    Full Wipe is Strongly Recommended. Rom is Odexed, If you have issues after not doing so I can't Help.
    I, nor anyone associated with the mods, are responsible for anything that happens to your device upon flashing. We do this to better our devices, not get caught up in poor wiping procedure

    Slesh's Tweaked Stock - MK4

    Based on Official MK4 4.3 release - Thanks Sammobile and Dsixda and his awesome Kitchen tool
    -Big thanks to Chaz187 and Avatar for testing!
    -Heavily Debloated (`319 megs of Junk Removed, All SPen Functionality Left in)
    -Extended Reboot menu
    -Native Hotspot Enable (thx Crawrj)
    -Connection Optimizer Removed - thx digi
    -Modded Stock kernel - Selinux Permissive
    -Noozxoide Audio
    -CRT Off Animation - Thx Sorg
    -Apex Launcher included
    -Custom/Original Notifications/Ringtones.
    -Custom Bootanimations enabled
    -All updated apps Post MK4 release
    -Tweaked for speed/Battery life and other touches, init.d support
    -Wanam Xposed is in /data/app. to install Xposed framework and wanam modules simply open Wanam xposed app and follow directions for xposed framework download. If you do not want Wanam's ad-on etc, simply uninstall.
    I have been Using CWM and have not had any flashing issues. CWM can easily be gotten from Rom Manager. Or many have been using Philz Touch as well (TWRP may work fine but have not tested myself)​

    [outdated]STS MK4 v1.1 Odexed W/ CRT OFF
    -Full Wipe Needed, Wipe System, data, Cache and Dalvik
    STS_MK4_v1.1_ODEXED.zip - 661.50 MB

    STS MK4 v1.1 Odexed Bloat
    STS_MK4_v1.1_ODEXED_BLOAT.zip - 281.69 MB
    -Zip is Flashable. If you only want a couple apks simply use 7zip or other on comp to delete everything BUT what you want flashed(and their resepective .odex files). Then Flash in recovery wiping cache and Dalvik

    STS MK4 v1.2 Odexed 3/25

    Add On for Profile/PRL Update Flash after Rom Flash for Apk needed for Profile/Prl updates (also in Bloat Package)
    STS_v1.1_Add_On_SprintAndroidExtension.zip - 514.18 KB

    -Added back/rearranged Stock Toggles, Added flashlight
    -Added STS Settings Menu with access to SU, Noozie, Torch, Pie, and Google Settings
    -included Themed Play Store. Thanks to Team Black Out for base
    -Added Battery Percentage Mod, will work now with Battery morphs, Posted Below (wipe cache and Dalvik before flashing in Recovery)
    -Made the redo of SystemUI standard(quick settings and Settings button on left and "Clear" button moved to bottom of layout
    -Updated and Odexed System apps. have not touched Bloat package
    -Some Tweak Changes

    Venum Keyboard
    note_2_MK4_Venum'd_Keyboard.zip - 6.45 MB
    -Wipe cache and Dalvik before flashing in Recovery​

    NOTE: if upgrading from previous firmware (MA7/MC2 etc) for first time, Odin Wifi fix and Flash MK4 Modem (Modem not required but probably recommended). They can be found in Lorjays thread. Thx Lorjay and Dr. Ketan
    Re: [Rom]Team Venum - STS - Tweaked Stock - Odexed MA7 3/19

    I absolutely love this rom but it ruined my 64gb SanDisk card :( bought a new Samsung 64gb card and it too is not recognized... Figured I'd see if it's just me. Downloaded multiple times and it's the same thing.

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    Nothing about my rom "ruined" your sd card. Flash perseus kernel, or stock kernel. This is an issue with exfat modules being totally proprietary and untouchable not my rom.

    Edit: honestly this is becoming frustrating, I wish people would read a bit across the forums. Exfat is an ongoing issue and im SICK of hearing about it. Honestly at this point...learn how to build your own kernel. People request kernel features like they're theme features. If you dont like my kernel, THEN JUST FLASH PERSEUS OR STOCK!!! OMG. Dont mean to be a **** but damn people, this has been gone over so many times.
    64gb users are SUCH a minority yet I hear so much crap from them. Fu $#in read a little before you complain in my thread. If you have a prob with your 64 gb stupid sd card FLASH PERSEUS!!!! (Or...build your own...simple right?)
    I shouldnt have to write all this damnit lol.
    You all should know better if you're buying a damn note 2 and flashing random stuff on it, exfat is kernel (NOT ROM) dependant and is hit or miss

    So please, someone other than Andreilux gives us a kernel with working exfat for TW roms built from MA7 source. Im not at all saying im doing everything right. But im just a regular guy that taught himself everything from scratch and am sick of tons of people doing nothing other than requesting stuff. Build your own FU $#in kernel, dual boot your comp, learn linux, get the source, modify it, pour over Git for hundreds of hours (hundreds! ) then field complaints over stupid 64gb cards you don't own yourself., flash Perseus, enjoy mine, or shut the [email protected]$ up.
    Rant over
    Repeat this in my other thread. Geez people
    Was bored, so updated this to MA5. Had a feeling/read this was either official, or we won't have many leaks for a bit.(i'll be proven wrong in 17 days i'm sure) Couldn't get the download mode to work with my Extended Reboot Mod, but Recovery and Reboot work fine so I'm rolling with it.
    Ready to try this out... I loved the last versions. I should be good in about 6 hours, now I remember what a 56k modem felt like. Thanks for the hard work.

    Just got home, will start a mirror now. will be a while.

    And I gotta say, cus it's been buggin me(and a few others) a bit.
    I (We/Team Venum) will do the best it can to get mirrors and such up in a timely fashion, but please understand in the meantime that we have lives, and put alot into this to get complaints about speeds. Not only do we spend countless hours making something for free, but what most don't know is I/we pay to get you guys a dedicated server for our stuff. I pay every month for access to a reliable, clean server, and have never once made my money back through donations - never once. Think about that. I pay out of my own pocket to make stuff to give away, knowing I'll never make it back. Not trying to *****, just trying to put it in perspective when I read posts about DL speeds. I'm paying money to give something for free, that I spend tons of time on, and then get complaints on how fast it gets there. makes one wonder why I/we do it right? Rant over

    that being said, the damn mirror is upcoming lol

    Edit: Actually I did once, now that I think about it, Thank you Brian and Avatar :) deserve a shout out
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