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Yep, that's the ticket. That should work for me I hope.

Will sprint still be hooked up to my phone # if I do it that way, or will there be another procedure I need to know to hook it back up?

I went to his site and don't see a video for my phone. I see the S3 but not the S2. Am I missing something?

That question should be addressed to @rwilco12.

Sent from: SGS2 - JB 4.1.2 GB27 / SGS4 - JB 4.2.2 MF9

Unfortunately I'm not very photogenic so I don't do any videos. ;)

I do have several walkthrus and such on my site though. As well as several one-clicks for a variety of different things. There are definitely a TON of things for the E4GT as it was the device that got me started. You just have to find the right one-click for your needs.


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Feb 3, 2011
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Did anyone get an email like this today?


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    About the ROM
    • Aroma Installer
    • Stock FL24 Base
    • The Kuban Kernel
    • The Kuban Updater
    • Odexed
    • Transparent Lock Screen
    • Extended Toggles (Thanks to sleshepic for pointing me in the right direction and to Wanam who made the GS2 Toggles Port!)
    • Using Blue Havoc boot animation
    • Tweaked JB animations
    • Boot animation zips now supported
    • ROM Updater for new updates of the ROM, Mods, Add-ons, and Fixes
    • Tweaked ICS Lockscreen
    • Beats Audio files (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1525226DSP manager)
    • New recent apps view
    • Apex Launcher 5x5 default (Themed)
    • All stock apps themed to match ICS style
    • Removed Sprint Proxy
    • Using Google DNS
    • Removed ICS keyboard notification
    • Added Extended reboot options
    • dalvik-cache moved to /data/
    • Automatic ZipAlign of /data/app/*.apk on boot
    • Screen Rotation animations
    • 180 degree rotation
    • Landscape lockscreen
    • 4G Hot Spot Hack (Fixed reboot issue in
    • Changed Sprint Hotspot to Hotspot and added settings
    • All apps optimized and zipaligned
    • Tons of speed tweaks
    • All pre-installed widgets are themed the same
    • GPS Tweaks
    • Blocked ads
    • build.prop tweaks
    • All my apps except Facebook installed
    • Silent Camera/Boot Sound/Screen Clicks
    • RUJELUS22 Icon and Wallpaper Pack
    • Disabled battery full notification
    • Completely clear ADW default workspace
    • Unkown sources is turned on by default
    • location enabled
    • Haptic feedback disabled by default
    • CRT Off animation
    • No SMS/MMS in phone log
    • 1x/3G Mod (Thank to nivron for the guide)
    • Added font size settings back in (Thanks to barnacles10 for the guide)
    • Tons more I am sure I am forgetting

    Stripped Very Bare ROM
    • Almost all of Touchwiz removed
    • Almost all stock widgets removed
    • Tons of Stock apps removed
    • Kies removed
    • Most alarm/notification/ringer sounds removed
    • Designed as an install your own apps ROM
    • Stock=325MB Blu Kuban=239MB

    List of apps installed by default
    1. The Kuban Updater
    2. ICS Stock Browser (Themed)
    3. TW Calculator (Themed)
    4. TW Calendar (Themed)
    5. Camera (Themed)
    6. TW Contacts (Themed ICS Style)
    7. Downloads UI (Themed)
    8. Google Drive (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    9. Dropbox (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    10. Stock ICS Email (Themed)
    11. Es File Explorer (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    12. Gallery 3D (Themed)
    13. Gmail (Themed)
    14. Google+ (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    15. Hotspot (Themed)
    16. Google Maps (Themed)
    17. Market (Themed)
    18. TW Mms (Themed ICS Style)
    19. ICS Keyboard (Themed)
    20. Google Music (Themed)
    21. Phone (Themed ICS Style)
    22. Google Reader (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    23. Google Search (Themed)
    24. SuperSU (Themed)
    25. Google Talk (Themed)
    26. Task Manager (Themed)
    27. Google Translate (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    28. Terminal (Themed)
    29. Twitter (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    30. Video Player (Themed)
    31. Google Voice (Uninstallable)(Themed)
    32. Voice Search (Themed)
    33. You Tube (Uninstallable)(Themed)


    Use my ROM at your own risk. I am not responsible if you break your phone. Always do a NAND backup or other backup, and READ. (unless you like losing your data).

    Review and install videos

    http://youtu.be/G2P6fiJEfrM (Video Outdated)

    QBKing77's Videos

    How to install:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1KI3DvxpzM (Video Outdated)

    Review of the rom:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKKF0sPIWBs (Video Outdated)

    To Install

    1. Boot to recovery
    2. Make an NAND Backup
    3. Wipe the phone (with the Format All X2 script)
    4. Flash the ROM
    5. Boot the phone
    6. Go to the updater (Under the stock section) and install Part 2 (Two part install is to finish theming Talk)
    7. Reboot and Enjoy


    Wipe before installing over any previous builds

    Download Available on TeamVenum.com

    Format All X2
    MD5: 5484ABAF72447260CAF7B6E9D9ECB33E

    If you have an issues with Google Talk, it must be re-installed in 2 parts

    Thank You
    Thanks to everyone who has donate to keep the Kuban project up and running. You guys are the reason this is still alive

    If you enjoy my work please donate or click the thanks button.

    Also a huge thanks to all the TeaM VeNuM members for keeping me motivated to keep going.


    I am always making changes and looking for new ideas, if anyone has ideas or things they would like to see, please feel free to post them here.

    Things that have been requested
    I am going to start a list here let me know if I forgot something
    • Disable the Task Manager popup message
    • Volume Rocker music skip mod
    • The ability to change the status bar carrier text
    • Make the in call screen work in landscape
    Mods and Add-Ons

    All mods and add-ons can be downloaded from within the Kuban Updater in settings

    Thanks to PETKING for the Flashable morphs base

    [*][I]Add Buttons Mod - Adds torch and camera buttons to the pulldown[/I] - No Longer needed with Extended Toggles
    [*]Transparent Status Bar
    [*]Roaming Notification fix
    [*]Galaxy Nexus screen clicks sound
    [*]Increase Mms Compression to 1536000
    [*]Disable SMS Tones while on call
    [*]Remove Exchange Security
    [*]Remove music pause on new message
    [*]Remove or Add ad blocking host file
    [*]Disable 180 degree rotation
    [*]Disable Lockscreen rotation
    [*]Disable CRT animation
    [*]Change Screen shots from jpeg to png
    [*]Change the LED color while charging
    [*]Restore the keyboard popup
    [*]Restore Stock notification, alarm, and ringtones
    [*]Change the Lock Ring Image
    [*]Put clock back in the status bar
    [*]Have Battery Image & Battery Bar (Or any combination of them)
    [*]Change the battery image
    [*]Change the wifi icon (Thanks N0J)
    [*]Change the bluetooth icon (Thanks N0J)
    [*]Change the Pull down image
    [*]Change Launchers (Apex, TW, Nova, Stock S3, LG Home)
    [*]Restore Samsung Lock Screen
    [*]Remove Android Guy
    [*]Remove Battery from the status bar
    [*]Revert to Stock Gapps
    [*]Move clock to the middle of the status bar (now it stays there no matter what icons are visible)
    [*]Labs Section (For the brave)
    [*]Change ICS lock screen secondary button function to
    [b][color=#155496][SIZE="4"]Add-On Apps[/SIZE][/color][/b]
    [*]Google Ears
    [*]Tapatalk Pro (Morph)
    [*]S3 Launcher
    [*]TouchWiz Launcher
    [*]Nova Launcher
    [*]Apex Modded
    [*]Stock ICS Launcher
    [*]TouchWiz Dual Clock Widget
    [*]Digital Clock
    [*]Voice Recorder
    [*]Sprint VVM
    [*]Alarm Clock Plus
    [*]TouchWiz Music
    [*]TouchWiz Calendar
    [*]TouchWiz Calendar Widget
    [*]Swype Beta (Metamorph)
    [*]Clock Package
    [*]Photo Editor
    [*]Video Editor
    [*]Movie Maker
    [*]Social Hub
    [*]ICS Mms
    [*]S Voice
    [*]MIUI Music
    [*]SMS Backup and Restore
    [b][color=#155496][SIZE="4"]Boot Animations[/SIZE][/color][/b]
    [*]Blu Havoc (Default Blu Kuban)
    [*]Jelly Bean
    [*]Nexus 7
    [*]Purpl Haze
    [*]Final Havoc II
    [*]Hairy Havoc
    [*]Liquid Havoc II
    [*]Warp Vortex
    [*]Bokeh Loop
    [*]Android Particles
    [*]Android Particles Blue
    [*]Death Star
    [*]Drunken Clam
    [*]Full Metal
    [*]Modern War
    [*]Blue Lines
    [*]Blue Hole
    [*]Blue Wave
    [*]Gear Clock
    [*]Fractle Clock
    [*]Speedo II
    [*]ICS Nexus Prime
    [*]Colour DNA
    [*]Modern Warfare
    [*]Liquid Havoc
    [*]Jolly Roger
    [*]Zombie Black
    [*]Android Pee
    [*]Charlie Brown Xmas
    [*]Android Laser
    [*]Black Blue Eyes
    [*]Droid Mix
    [*]If there are any others you would like to see just let me know and send me the link to the animation
    [*]The Kuban Kernel
    [*]Agat_Sleshepic 1.1
    [*]AGAT 0.4.0
    Flip Fonts (NOW Available in the Kuban Updater)
    Available at

    And Much More.

    All custom and themed apps can also be updated from the ROM updater.

    Change Log

    -Updated to FL24 Base
    -Updated the Kuban Kernel to FL24 Base Linux kernel 3.0.61
    -Updated Drive
    -Updated DropBox
    -Updated ES File
    -Updated Google Plus
    -Updated Google Maps
    -Updated Terminal Emulator
    -Updated SuperSU and su binary
    -Added a lagfix init script
    -Updated to the Kuban Kernel 0.2.3 (New schedulers and updated to linux kernel version 3.0.54)
    -Made the longpress to kill app a little longer
    -Updated the Kuban Updater (Completely moved to fragments. Faster and more stable, Added some new features)
    -Updated Gmail to 4.2.1
    -Updated the Google Keyboard (Small numbers on main keyboard are fixed)
    -Updated ADW to the newest version
    -Updated The Market
    -Updated SuperSU
    -Updated Dropbox to 2.2.2
    -Updated ES File Explorer
    -Updated Drive
    -Updated Google Plus
    -Updated Twitter
    -Updated Terminal Emulator
    -Updated Google Drive
    -Updated Google Translate
    -Updated Google Voice
    -Updated YouTube
    -The Blu Kuban is now an Odexed system. 
    -Added ADW as a launcher choice
    -Added long press back to kill app mod. 
    -Updated ad blocking host file 
    -Added choice for ICS keyboard or new 4.2 keyboard
    -Updated the Market
    -Updated Google Plus
    -Updated Google Reader
    -Updated Google Music
    -Updated YouTube
    -Updated Super SU
    -Updated Google Voice
    -Updated Dropbox
    -New Aroma installer
    -New kernel V0.2.0 based off Linux Source 3.0.49
    -Updated Gmail to 4.2
    -Updated Maps
    -Updated Apex
    -Updated SuperSU
    -Updated The Terminal Emulator
    -Put screen click fix back in
    -Added the ability to switch lock screens to AOSP or TW (Thanks to [B]tdunham's[/B] [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1949148"]great guide[/URL])
    -Version 1.0.3 of the Kuban Updater
    ---New Fonts section
    ---New Item Notifications
    ---Tons of code optimization
    ---Should work on 4G
    ***Updated to new FI27 base (FULL ROM ONLY)****
    -Updated Docs
    -Updated Dropbox
    -Updated Google Plus
    -Updated Twitter
    -Updated Apex
    -Updated Google Music
    -Updated Terminal Emulator
    -Added previous Settings fix for new updater
    -Updated the Updater
    ***This update will revert your mods (FULL ROM ONLY)****
    -NEW Kuban Updater -Made by RUJELUS22
    -Fix for long press on data toggle
    -Updated Docs
    -Updated Maps
    -Updated Apex
    -Updated Music Player
    -Updated Street View
    -Updated Terminal Emulator
    -Updated YouTube
    ***This update will revert your mods****
    -Updated the kernel to V0.1.8
    [*]Gestures can now be turned off individually
    [*]Color support - Under the new Screen tab in ExTweaks[/list]
    -Transparent Lock Screens!!!!!
    -New Transparent Statusbar Mod (Thanks to [B]_dan [/B]for the tutorial)
    -Updated Maps
    -Updated SuperSU
    -Updated Wallpaper Chooser so you can select Transparent images
    ***This update will revert your mods****
    -Updated the kernel to V0.1.7
    [*]Better profile support
    [*]Second core support
    [*]Screen Gestures[/list]
    -Updated to FH13
    -Updated SuperUser
    -Updated Google Muisc
    -Fixed issue with some mods showing an arrow for text boxes
    -Updated Kernel to V0.1.4
    [*]Now supports profiles for Screen Off, Low Power, Screen On, and Charging
    [*]3 Step GPU
    [*]GPU OC and Voltage control
    [*]Updated to Linux Kernel 3.0.41
    -Added some mods to ExTweaks
    -Fixed LED notification light
    -Updated Gmail
    -Updated Google Plus
    -Updated The Market
    -Updated Twitter
    -Updated the Updater
    -Fixed some issues with YouTube
    -Fixed error in log about Charger_Connection.ogg
    -Updated Kernel to V0.1.3
    -Added ExTweaks into settings
    -Updated ES File
    -Updated Translate
    -Updated Twitter
    -Updated Gmail
    -Tweaked init.d scripts for the kernel
    - Updated ES File Explorer
    - Updated Google Voice
    - Updated Google+
    - Updated The Market
    - Fixed FC when click voicemail setting -> Now goes to Google Voice's settings
    - Updated Talk to 4.0.4
    - Updated YouTube
    - Changed to SuperSu instead of Superuser
    - Changed a few small theme things to help black on black buttons in some apps
    - New Kernel Version now V0.1.1
    - Changed some recovery images
    - Tweaked a few more options in the kernel
    - Updater now pulls from the new teamvenum server, so updater should have less issues.
    - Added The Kuban Kernel as the Default 
    - Tweaked init.d scripts for the kernel
    - Added Kuban Kernel Tweaks section to the updater
    - Updated Dropbox
    - Updated Google Plus
    - Updated Apex
    - Updated Music Player
    - Changed the low battery color on the battery graph
    - Added JB animations 
    - Tweaked for speed
    - Added Labs section to the updater (More will come)
    - Added in Mms Fix[br]-Added some more settings to Setting.apk
    - Updated the RUJELUS22 Wallpaper Chooser
    - Updated Apex
    - Fix a small text issue in Google Voice
    - Updated to FF18
    - Updated Maps
    - Updated G+
    - Updated Market
    - Updated Docs
    - Updated YouTube
    - Updated Super User
    - Updated Street View
    - Updated Hosts file
    -Fixed 4G Hot Spot reboot issue
    -Added a Stock Gapps section to the updater
    -Fixed the Google Maps traffic widget selector
    -Updated ES File
    -Updated terminal emulator
    -Updated Apex
    -Small settings script modifications
    -Updated updater views
    -Added more mods to the updater
    -Added the ability to have both the battery bar and the battery image at the same time
    -Testing new db script
    -Center Clock will now not be covered by notifications
    -Added Extended Toggles Mod
    -Updated Dropbox, Google+, and Twitter
    -Added some new images to the wallpaper chooser
    -Update Maps and themed
    -Updated Dropbox
    -Update Translate
    -New Updater build.prop for battery + buttons mods
    -Added Flicker Fix (Thanks to [B]_dan[/B])
    -Changed status bar secondary text to #ffc0c0c0
    -Fixed Gmail deleted popup text
    -Changed the Mms notification icon
    -Mms secondary text color
    -Changed to FE22 Calk kernel
    -Added Beats audio ([url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1525226DSP%20manager[/url])
    -dvfs.sh mods
    -2tweaks mods
    -Added Smoothness script
    -New multiple email icon
    -Added 3G/1X Mod (Thank nivron)
    -Updated Maps
    -Updated Host file
    -Updated to Apex 1.2.1
    -New Framework (Theming fixes)
    -Updated Google Plus
    -Added more build.prop tweaks
    -Added more init.d tweaks
    -Moved Docs and G+ to /data/app/
    -Small fix for new framework in Contacts and ES File Explorer
    -Small Mms and Gallery3D Fixes
    -Changed to the Blue Havoc boot animation
    -Added dvfs.sh tweak for better battery
    -Added 2 AnAm85 wallpapers to the wallpaper chooser
    -Fixed first lock screen dimensions
    -Updated Terminal Emulator
    -Lock screen landscape wallpapers will now work
    -Added back the setting in display to choose the text size (Huge and Large seem to be the same) 
    -Boot animation zips will work now (Changed the default to the helix animation) 
    -Switched to the ICS calendar (There is an add-on to switch back to the TW one) 
    -Fixed ES File Explorer sdcard analyze views 
    -Fixed the Contacts popup landscape view 
    -Added the Camera Fix 
    -Fixed some black on black text issues 
    -Fixed Google Voices select phone number popup 
    -Updater updated to 1.3.0 
    -Stock Blu Kuban has moved to Calk's FD26 Kernel 
    -Updated to Android 4.0.4 FE10
    -Updated Maps, Street, Updater, and Market
    -Added the ability to take a picture while on a phone call
    -More Mms theming
    -Removed increasing phone ringtones
    -Added disable roaming notifictaion mod
    -Part 2 is now avalible through the updater in the "put things back to stock" section
    -Stock Blu Kuban has moved to the FD02 Kernel. 
    -Added all fixes from the ROM Updater fixes section
    -Removes all Camera sounds 
    -Themed some more 
    -Updated Google Street 
    -Updated Twitter
    -Disabled more debugging
    -Other small changes
    -Initial public release

    Q & A

    Huge Thanks to Ravaged Pheonix for writing this guide for the ROM. This link has all the normal Q/A for the ROM.
    Please check here before asking questions, there is a good chance it has already been asked and answered.

    Ok so I think the ROM is finally at a point where every one can test it and help me find any little issues that still exist. I will be working on it again all night tonight, I hope to have the public beta out tonight or tomorrow at the latest. :good:
    Just a few teasers, figured I would show you guys what is coming. Still lots to do but I am only working on this today. :good:

    Honestly..... If Ruj makes a Jelly Kuban I would be forced to hang on to my Epic for a while and skip the S4. But I know he is a busy man ;)

    Sent from my SPH-D710 using XDA

    If ha, it is happening :D. Although I am 98% sure the S4 is going to be my next phone.

    Team Blackout, well aite, you got some heavy hitters down with you. Makes sense, best of the best coming together to be. Just another sign that you are one incredibly special DEV. Kudos, Invert for everyone

    Yeah it will save us all time, and get some of the best inverters all sharing ideas and edits. :good:

    Been working on the JB build all weekend, had to do errands with the wife today so it will be a little longer. :(