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james robinson

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Jul 11, 2007
Can't change lockscreen wallpaper. Tried everything that I can comprehend!!! Love the whompasaur, but want another wallpaper. Any ideas where I went wrong?

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Feb 22, 2010
Fort Polk
James Robinson... I had the same problem with changing my lock screen. I figured out that since I was using Nova launcher, I had deleted the TW launcher completely, but I lost a few things in doing that. One of those was the ability to change lock screen wallpapers. Hope this helps.

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    Stock look for those PlainJanes out there also because of so many request. Same feature's as Allstar just a stock look

    75% Transpaent StatusBar
    Notification Tint Removed
    Battery Full Notification removed
    Transparent PopUp Menu's
    ICS Keyboard included
    16 ink colors
    Roaming Notification removed
    PRL write enabled
    23 toggle mod
    Light Manager
    Carrier Label removed
    Pie Control
    Ac!d Audio
    Wifi Tether
    MultiWindow Mod
    Smooth Animations
    Custom S pen Sound Effects
    Bravia Engine 3
    Xperia Z Launcher
    Volume Boost
    AOSP Notifications
    Google wallet
    Long Press Volume track skip
    4 in 1 Boot
    No issues with 4G LTE
    Sms Screen on removed
    Camera shutter sound Option
    1% Battery
    Transparent MultiWindows
    Multiwindow Mod
    4.2 Camera and Gallery
    Ink effect unlock without S-pen
    AOSP LockScreen
    Real Icons
    Morphology Friendly
    Bloated *Remove your own apps
    Tranparent Pulldown background
    -enable camera during call
    -enable camera shutter sound menu
    -enable sdcard import
    -enable locale holiday display
    -enable save as attachement
    -enable sync and connect
    -increased image size
    -max recipients to 50
    -enable blocking
    -enable group messaging
    -enable message reminder alert
    -enable schedule message send
    -enable history delete
    -enable bookmark editing
    -Call Blocking and Msg Blocking added to settings
    Silent Bootup
    Custom Bootanimation
    Silent Shutdown
    Samsung Shutdown Animation
    That's all I can think of right now :D


    - Stock Clock added
    - touch up on stock look
    - 25% Transparent Statusbar


    evolutioncsr - Whomped up settings, Skip track mod, AOSP Lockscreen shortcuts
    cincyelite22 - Support
    Gyrene2083 - My #1 Guy
    Thermus - Bootanimation
    Chaz187 - Graphics
    T3project - For the MA7
    The_Plattypus - Enabling
    loserskater - Skip track mod
    Compusmurf - 1% mod
    AnAm85 - Graphics
    jbeitel - for Real Icons
    DigiBlur - for the awesome mods
    Arsaw - for help with the 16 ink color mods
    PoD_Hazard - Wake Lag Mod


    PlainJane 1.1 <-- Must be currently running the Base, No need to wipe just a small update
    PlainJane<-- Base
    Soooooo. Only real change that this rom has from the other is the theme??? o_O and a different name lol.... Uhh....o...k...still a great rom just wondering does there really havr to be one JUST like allstar?

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    Why even comment dude, I said i did it because of all the request
    Update coming soon
    Same reason you do idiot. Dont just look through forums like a dumbass ok yea this one is stock big whup. A flashable theme that will make your phone stock is just about the same shiz. But ain't no one hating. When I got something to say I aint afraid of saying it. Like the rom its great. Cool he made one because of the request thanks for taking your time for this one mack n hahaha this little guy what u mesn brick my device little boy trying to threatened me? Up in the A playboy get at me

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    Either your 14 trying to act like an adult or your just a very immature older one who obviously has a very low reading and comprehension level.

    A joke was in my last post, and you come back with that gibberish, lmao:laugh::rolleyes::rolleyes: . You get 'em Internet Rambo.

    You got anything further take it to PM Don't clog up Mack's thread, He doesn't need anyone to speak up for him I just saw the disrespect that your were spewing onto the thread at basically all dev's who put their time in and didn't appreciate it.

    P.S> Your location says Colorado yet your reppin' "the A" and if you were any tough boy like you try to be your would know anyone claiming "the A" is Atlanta. So either way you're wrong.