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Sep 4, 2013
I'm down as soon as I get home....this ROM is the reason I decided to get my 1st Pixel, I might as well help😁


May 28, 2016
Google Pixel 6 Pro
ok I tested the 2/2 with gapps/pixel build can't restore apps and there's no play store. when setting the wifi connects then it drops after and asks do you want to continue setup or try other network


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on the latest build the setup manager does not work either and there is no playstore available

is there face unlock @b0uNz? if so I'm gonna try the aosp build and flash gapps
No face unlock(it did pop up as a notification though, I didn't check it with the Pixel build), but flashing AOSP build and then flashing MindTheGApps, this one here, will get you the Play Store.

I'm going to run the build for tomorrow and see how it holds up. Going through the settings, so far what I've noticed, is that the system icon packs doesn't apply for theming. Other than that, everything else seems to be holding up for the past couple hours that I've been on it.

@alvin14 Any chance you have a TG group up for Pantah?

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