[ROM] [TF201] [JB Bootloader] CyanogenMod 10 Unofficial - JZO54K - Oct 30 2012

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Mar 27, 2012
Anyone here that has gone from Craigs CM to the official CM10.1 like to comment on how the official CM is actually going?
The Nightlies seem to be coming quite regularly now so i am considering going across to official.


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Sep 12, 2012
Anyone here that has gone from Craigs CM to the official CM10.1 like to comment on how the official CM is actually going?
The Nightlies seem to be coming quite regularly now so i am considering going across to official.

Make sure you only jump to the official builds when they add the JB boot loader in. Which means 10.1 lol


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Jan 26, 2012
I need to fix the audio before I can release this, but you get the deal.
Obviously you need to be on the JB bootloader for this.

A higher res link if you want: http://i.imgur.com/2tEPJ.png


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Aug 4, 2012
As long as you run the nvflash steps before upgrading to the JB bootloader you will be fine... you will not lose nvflash access...


I updgraded the bootloader to the JB one, wheelied the TF and re-downloaded the three important NVFLASH files. I ran a binary check and two of the files differ from the ones I downloaded with NVFLASH while on ICS BL. Any thought/advice on this?

EDIT: I mean for example what if flash the ICS files with NVFLASH? I keep both versions but would like to know what I can do with them and what I shouldn't do.
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Sep 14, 2008
Victoria, TX
i dont get it.. the only cm my prime takes is the 10/31 unooficial.. any of the official nightlies never make it past the asus splash *facepalm*

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    This is an unofficial build of CyanogenMod 10 for the new Jelly Bean bootloader for the Transformer Prime.

    As a start, the build dated Oct 13 2012 has the new bootloader and TWRP 2.3 for JB within the ROM so it can be installed on any device with a custom recovery, even if the device has the ICS bootloader or the TF300 bootloader... All future releases will not have the new bootloader or TWRP as part of the ROM.

    For the most case, this ROM uses the official commits to the CyanogenMod 10 tree. The exceptions are the TF201 device specifics. Unlike the official CyanogenMod 10 builds, this ROM uses the new 3.1 Jelly Bean kernel and the new Jelly Bean drivers and proprietary files. I will stop this project once this becomes part of the official CM10. I will not release builds daily, rather ever 2-3 days.

    Highlights of this ROM:
    1) Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JZO54K
    2) Built using the latest CM10 changes as of 30 Oct 2012 10:00AM Pacific Time (GitHub / Gerrit)
    3) Uses the latest AndroidRoot TF201 device tree with the Jelly Bean kernel (3.1) and proprietary files & drivers with some changes and additions by me (GitHub)
    4) Needs the new Jelly Bean bootloader [IMPORTANT: Flashing over an incorrect bootloader can permanently brick you device. The Oct 13 2012 build includes the bootloader upgrade and can be flashed over any ROM/bootloader]
    5) HDMI audio/video streaming and bluetooth audio streaming (AVRCP 1.3 ready)
    6) Camera and microphone
    7) 4-way reboot menu (Reboot, Recovery, Fastboot & APX)
    8) Includes all the files and changes need for the Google Widevine DRM [untested!!]
    9) CIFS and NTFS (read-only) support
    10) Fully functional dock and dock battery display
    11) Removed CMUpdater
    12) All other features of CyanogenMod 10 and Jelly Bean (full hardware acceleration, Project Butter, HD video, customisable notification toggles & many more)
    13) Some custom addons and feature ports by me (see the individual build changelogs)...

    New in Oct 30 2012 build:
    1) Several device overlay updates and cleanups (bunch of updates for JB)
    2) Auto-brightness turned off by default
    3) Expanded desktop (hide/show Combined/Status Bar using the Power menu)
    4) Cleaned-up & updated release tools script (this creates the zip packages)
    5) Set correct permission for BtService.sh (Bluetooth DUN) script
    6) Force NV_FPS_LIMIT to 60 for all performance modes
    7) Device Advanced setting menu to set Asus performance modes (defaulted to Balanced). This is not for the CPU speed, rather the Tegra performance setting (cpuX.sh like functionality)
    8) Fixed Torch
    9) Updated device power profile based on official JB release

    Highlights of the Google Apps Pack:
    1) Uses the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JZO54K Google Apps & Services from the Nexus 7 factory image
    2) Includes the latest Play Store 3.9.16
    3) Does not include any Google Apps available via the Play Store (GMail, Books, Google Now, etc. are not included)

    Known issues:
    1) Key layouts for certain regional keyboard may not work
    2) Auto-brightness is funky [Use the app Lux for auto-brightness]
    3) NTFS support is read-only
    4) exFAT is not yet supported

    1) Wipe data/factory reset if coming from another ROM (including the official CM10 nightlies)
    2) Wipe cache/dalvik cache for every update
    3) After flashing a build, it is a good idea to wait for 5-10 mins after bootup to allows everything to settle in
    4) If you have not upgraded to the official Jelly Bean ROM yet, you will need to flash the Oct 13 2012 build or a stock JB ROM first to upgrade your bootloader, and then you may flash the latest build here.
    5) Once you upgrade to this ROM, you will no longer be able to use the official CM10 nightlies till the new Jelly Bean changes are merged
    6) Make sure you use a recovery compatible with the new Jelly Bean bootloader after flashing this ROM.

    The usual 9 yards:
    1) Have you read this post properly. Read it again!!
    2) You need to have an unlocked bootloader
    3) You need to have a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP)
    4) It is a good idea to have enabled nvFlash (thanks to AndroidRoot) so that you can recover from almost any brick
    5) Neither I, nor the CyanogenMod team, nor the AndroidRoot team take any responsibility if anythings goes wrong. Use at your own risk
    6) Always make sure you create nandroid backups regularly

    cm-10-20121030-UNOFFICIAL-tf201-jbbl.zip [IMPORTANT: You need to upgrade to the JB bootloader before flashing this. Flash the Oct 13 2012 build (second post) or a stock JB ROM to upgrade your bootloader.]
    Google Apps Pack 20121011

    GitHub Sources:
    Device Tree
    Vendor Tree

    Tweaks & Mods:

    1. GPS Config Tweaks (Multi-Region):
    This has various regionally optimized GPS configuration tweaks to inprove GPS locking.
    Download tf201-GPSTweaks.zip and flash using TWRP recovery

    tf201-GPSTweaks.zip - Dev-Host
    tf201-GPSTweaks.zip - Goo.Im

    2. SysCtl And DNS Tweaks:
    This has a set of SysCtl tweaks to improve multi-tasking and overall performance as well as makes use of the Google DNS servers which are generally faster.
    Download tf201-SysCtlAndDNSTweaks.zip and flash using TWRP recovery
    tf201-SysCtlAndDNSTweaks.zip - Dev-Host
    tf201-SysCtlAndDNSTweaks.zip - Goo.Im

    3. Build.Prop Tweaks:
    A compilation of build.prop tweaks tested on the TF201
    Read here

    4. EXT4 Journaling Tweaks: (Advanced Users Only. Manual Steps Involved)
    If you don't understand these commands, you probably should lean more about them before using these tweaks.
    Read here

    Useful threads:
    TF201 NVFlash
    TF201 nvFlash General Users Guide [Unbrick/Recover/Downgrade/Upgrade]
    [ADB/FB/APX Driver] Universal Naked Driver
    TWRP Recovery For JB Bootloader

    Support the project:
    Donate to CyanogenMod
    Donate to AndroidRoot
    Donate to me (craigacgomez)

    CyanogenMod Team & Contributors, AndroidRoot Team, TeamWin
    Google, Asus, nVidia
    Goo.im, Dev-Host
    Me!! :p
    Looks like I will soon be stopping my builds since the official CM10 nightlies will start to roll out... i guess tonight according to the post on Google+...

    My work here is done as soon as the official builds start!! Big thanks to everyone who used this... and of course, the CM team!!
    Hey, everyone.

    Dogfooded and uploaded another build.


    Same disclaimer and stipulations.
    I flashed it and it seems to work properly. Thanks a lot!

    Thanks for testing it. I've got the build environment in place now, so until NRG or whoever else comes along to be maintainer of the TF201 again, I can keep making new builds every few days or so just so we can at least stay on top of CM10 source updates.
    Base Version with Jelly Bean bootloader & TWRP
    Flash this if first if you have not yet upgraded to the new Jelly Bean bootloader.

    New in Oct 26 2012 build:
    1) BFQ v5 I/O scheduler [Ported from CM10 Nexus 7 kernel]
    2) Low memory killer tweaks (memory compaction) [Ported from CM10 Nexus 7 kernel]

    Older version:

    New in Oct 21 2012 build:
    1) Revert/disable nVidia CPU Quiet [It restricts the CPU to 1.3 GHz]
    2) Standardise CPU frequency tables' values.
    3) Disable Asus system mode CPU speed settings [It only allows 3 max CPU speeds and doesn't play well with the CM kernel]
    4) Remove prebuilt power HAL

    New in Oct 17 2012 build:
    1) Fixed model number (Shows Transformer Prime TF201, not EeePad)
    2) Enabled KSM (Kernel SamePage Merging) support (Go to Settings > Performance > Memory management to enable/disable)
    3) Enabled zRam/Compcache support (Go to Settings > Performance > Memory management to enable/disable)
    4) Added LCD density property to build.prop (fixes YouTube app display and may fix some Play Store compatibility)
    5) Added Extended Desktop toggle (show hide Combined bar/status bar) [Cherry pick from CM gerrit]
    6) Miscellaneous kernel cleanups

    New in Oct 15 2012 build:
    Enabled nVidia CPU Quiet: Dynamic CPU core management
    Lulzactive CPU Frequency Governor v2: Created by Tegraak. Based on "interactive" governor, inspired by erasmux's "smartass" governor [Ported from clemsyn's Nexus 7 kernel]
    Pegasusq CPU Frequency Governor: Samsung's own multi-core aware governor. Based on "on demand", controls hotplugging [Ported from clemsyn's Nexus 7 kernel]
    SIO I/O Scheduler [Ported from clemsyn's Nexus 7 kernel]
    V(R) I/O Scheduler [Ported from clemsyn's Nexus 7 kernel]