[ROM] The Dude's Cupcake1.3RC2 [AOSP + ADP1.5] [2009-06-19]

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Jul 21, 2008
These builds are based on the Android Open Source Project Android1.5R2 branch with some other necessary parts coming from the likes of Rogers, Ion, and Hero
*Theme parts from Hero
*Dalvikvm from Ion
*Camera from Rogers
*Google closed source apps from ADP1.5

Current Builds
Dude's Cupcake 1.3 RC2

Default Googley Theme Template 1.2a
Manup Blue/Black Theme for 1.2a Lite
Resources.zip See README.txt for more info inside zip.
OTA Radio from htc.com This is also in Resources1.1.zip
Full download list, click on the Summary of each file to see SHA1sum


+Now with amazon mp3

RSS Feed for new builds


Version 1.3 RC1
+Switched to cyanogens boot for improved kernel/aufs apps2sd method (till i get my kernel worked out with aufs :( )
+Modified a2sd script to mount auto but not automatically convert to ext3
+upgrade_fs binary to convert ext2 to ext3
+fix_permissions script from cyanogen
+New a2sd script from marcus/cyanogen that fixes permissions and doesn't have any issues with installing applications, lack of free space.
+Louderv5 from Meltus once he releases it.
+Updated libhtc_ril (from hero, should make latitude happy)
+hero port theme with green status bars and hero animations ;) (no rosie)
+Waiting for new services.jar update with headphone fix...
+Moved 3rd party apps / dev apps to separate update.
+Added Wiftether 1.51 from http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/
+created odex files and removed classes.dex from system apps (won't fit on original spl...working on it..)

What's New 1.2a
+dalvikvm from ION (reported speed increases same as Ion phones)
+Added Amazon mp3 from ION (thanks to disconnect for getting ion out so quickly)
+Added "Louder" AudioPara CSV files by Meltus
+Added IM Application (AIM, Yahoo, MSN)
+Updated Kernel from
+added noatime to mount options for ext2 partition
+Updated theme from Manup
+White analog clock from Stericson (Full build only)
+Full time Charging lockscreen from stericson (themed by manup) (full build only)
+Latest a2sd script from marcus (should eliminate no space errors)

Changelog - Build 1.0
+Multitouch browser and kernel
+5 Home screens w/o custom Home app
+Launcher in portrait mode has 5 x 4 icons
+Launcher in landscape mode has 6x3 icons
+Single update, no more this build or that build.
+MarcusMaximus' Super Easy apps2sd method ready. Just create partition, copy files and smile. or use his app http://www.cyrket.com/package/com.appstosd2
+Tethering built in
+Build optimized with JF's build environment.
+Headset button bugfix by laloch
+Built in theme by manup (thanks also to
+Market works. - Paid, Protected, and Free apps can download/install
+Google Sync (Contacts, Calendar, Gmail) from ADP1.5
+Latest kernel from cyanogen's mod
+cyanogen's excellent ramdisk with some modifications to allow htc developed apps
+Possible 72 Locales (I'm going to start weeding out the bad ones by 1.0, but I'd prefer to get language packs from you guys :D)
+Google VK (HTC VK possible to be installed as a 3rd party app)
+Browser Works, zoom etc
+Working Gtalk (No other IMs, but there's an app for that ;) ) (I have the standard IM app if anyone wants to take a crack at making it work)
+Teeter from HTC
+Wifi and Wifi Location Services working
+Busybox with symlinks to many apps in /system/xbin/bb/
+Superuser / root abilities by zinx
+Email from ADP1.5
+GPS / Location Services enabled
+Camera/Video Recording
+YouTube HQ and Video Uploading
+Terminal emulator from JesusFreke compiling one for you guys soon
Known Issues
-NO Exchange Sync. Try Haykuro's 6.0H build, a hero build or a rogers based build.
-No HTC Dialer - Again, this is based on too many htc custom jars, try one of those other builds.

Get more locales from Rogers ROM
Breathe, relax, and take a vacation
Clean this post

*all versions are released "when they are ready" ;)

Tell me what's broken so I can get it squared away....keep it to just real bugs, not feature requests and such.

Standard Disclaimer....
You must have root.
I hope you know what you're doing by now.
No I will not fix your phone. :D
If you're not sure what Cupcake is or know a lot about flashing your phone, this may not be for you. Go read up on JF33 and get used to a stable officialish release.
I make no promises of deadlines, features, or general awesomeness. So don't be upset if the build isn't up yet or feature: blah doesn't work yet. I promise I'm working on it, and when it is working you will get an update.
I'm not gonna answer general questions here. This is the only post I'll update about the details of the latest build.

Thanks to: JesusFreke, xmoo, Haykuro, Stericson, disconnect, zinx, dapro, marcusmaximus, manup456, cyanogen and many others.
Without them I'd still be running a pretty boring phone. These guys paved the way for us to experiment and learn.
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Jan 27, 2007
What's the differences with Cupcake? I remember reading back in February, that this would be the next development branch, but nothing specific in terms of roadmaps, TODOs, etc.


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Jan 8, 2009
Hope you get the kinks out. I'll be glad to try it out once you release it. Thanks for putting in your time to get this working.


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Feb 25, 2009
So I just compiled the latest nightly using the donut branch from google.
Then I added the following
Google Sync (Contacts, Calendar, Gmail) from Haykuro G build.
Latest Dapro Apps2SD ready kernel (apps2sd not tested yet)
Possible 72 Locales (haven't tested them all and a lot seem to just be placeholders, but wow)
Both HTC and Google VK (English from older HTC build, not Chinese)
Wifi is broken right now, but shouldn't be by the time I release this.
Browser has working zoom
Market works.
I installed an app...paid apps and copy-protected apps are working as well.
Working Gtalk (No other IMs, but there's an app for that ;) )
I am still working out some last minute bugs but I'll put something out in the morning, and by morning I mean after noon Central Time.

Thanks to: xmoo, Haykuro, and dapro, without them I'd still be running RC33.

Just one question ... have you used the latest haykuro/daproy-kernel (from Haykuro 5.0.1Gr3)? Otherwise tethering won't work because of missing netfilter/iptables support.

Screenshots look very promising :D


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Feb 15, 2009

Very interesting work, thank you - until now I just wanted to install the H-Version/

Is Wifi in your uploaded version fixed?

To install it is the same way like JF and Haykuro? Just put your file as update.zip @SD-Card and rebooot?


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Sep 7, 2006
Birmingham, Alabama
Yo Dude, does it have the pdf viewer? It's a must for me anyways. The size looks great though. The H version is killing me with the lack of ROM space. The link is dead and cannot test (says size or limit is reached) maybe someone can host it on 4shared? I'll pm you later about your visit (I've got to check my schedule for this/next week) ...


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Jan 1, 2009
This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

This limit is reached.

To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

Could somebody upload this to another server please?


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Nov 7, 2008
Who tested this version please report about:
- Soft keyboard
- Camera and picture quality
- Gallery
- Widget
- Battery life
- Main screen rotate and rotate effect
- Extra application
- Call sound quality
- Airplane mode
- Please test Bluetooth and wire audio
- Radio quality (after call -> disconnect ?)
- Browser feature, zoom ? bookmark ?
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