[ROM] theOne3TOS [OxygenOS][AROMA]**Open Beta 30**Stable 9.0.6**[11/22/2019]

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Mar 23, 2014
After Flashing the ROM + Add-on ( installed before logging in ) , TWRP was gone and once logged in no sign of magisk and no root, all the debloated APP i selected in the installation process where still there. No sign of the add-on modules
I have the same issue, TWRP gone after installing main rom file, not risking install of addon through stock recovery.

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Aug 29, 2012
I installed the latest ROM
But after a while this page will appear
What should I do?
Thank You


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Mar 8, 2020
this rom has been used other times and it was all ok!
This made meo oeplus 3t a3010 bricked 100% death brick
i tryed all msmtool ways without success
help, help me, please


May 10, 2017
I'm on 9.0.4 Decrypted, dm verity disabled.
Is it worth it to upgrade to 9.0.6 considering the problems almost everyone is facing?


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Aug 6, 2016
My device was also bricked as many users' here so be very careful if someone want to flash this ROM, in OP says to "Fix bootloop" but it has to say "To AVOID bootloop; aka BRICK" so once is done no way to follow the steps.

Luckily the files here saved my device again; the ROM and the MSM download tool was what I used to solve the brick https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3t/how-to/unbrick-unbrick-tutorial-oneplus-3t-t3515306

If someone else is facing the same; I already had qualcomm 9008 drivers installed for all my previous Xiaomi devices that is very usual to use EDL mode with; this is the link to the drivers for 64 bit PC https://gsmusbdrivers.com/download/qualcomm-hs-usb-qdloader-9008-driver-64-bit-windows/

My device then to install this ROM (Oreo) got bricked with no way to go to recovery either flashing all the available versions through fastboot nor hot booting to it nor flashing it directly to the boot but with a way to enter to fastboot mode that was useless anyway.

To enter to EDL mode I did power off my device using fastboot menu, the first I did is open device manager to check if device is detected and then exactly at the same time to connect device with PC it has to be pressed volume up, a yellow light is on and if PC detects it then no need to keep holding volume up button, just release it and let the tool start the operation, after all is complete you will go throw away the time to the Marshmallow era and with bootloader locked but device returning to life. Here I let you some screenshots how it looks MSM tool.


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May 28, 2013
Hi people.
Im running android 10 (Nitrogen OS) for a few months, but im not 100% satisfied.

Please, let me ask about a pair of features that i want, to know if this rom match my taste.
-Does the arom allow to disable SIM without phisically remove it from the tray?
-Does the rom have Parallel apps?
-Any problem running Aurora store?

Thank you very much.


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Apr 1, 2010
Hi people.
Im running android 10 (Nitrogen OS) for a few months, but im not 100% satisfied.

Please, let me ask about a pair of features that i want, to know if this rom match my taste.
-Does the arom allow to disable SIM without phisically remove it from the tray?
-Does the rom have Parallel apps?
-Any problem running Aurora store?

Thank you very much.

This ROM works exactly as the official OnePlus ROM for the 3T...

So first question: yes
Second question: yes
Third question: sorry I don't know...


Pubudu Hashan

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Jul 30, 2018
Hi people.
Im running android 10 (Nitrogen OS) for a few months, but im not 100% satisfied.

Please, let me ask about a pair of features that i want, to know if this rom match my taste.
-Does the arom allow to disable SIM without phisically remove it from the tray?
-Does the rom have Parallel apps?
-Any problem running Aurora store?

Thank you very much.
Only problem that NOS 10 has is it's GPS issue. If it's be fixed, NOS 10 is perfect!


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Aug 17, 2012
After Flashing the ROM + Add-on ( installed before logging in ) , TWRP was gone and once logged in no sign of magisk and no root, all the debloated APP i selected in the installation process where still there. No sign of the add-on modules
I lost TWRP and my phone runs slower LOL

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    for OnePlus 3T


    Based on Stock OxygenOS
    => My Custom Slashscreen - thanks to makers_mark for Injector tool
    => My Custom Bootanimation
    => Aroma Installer - thanks to amarullz
    => Root Choices- Magisk
    => Permissive Module
    => AdAway or Blokada
    => Debloater via Aroma
    => BusyBox Installer - thanks to osm0sis
    => Option to Choose Options Through Aroma without having to Install Full OS (Just UnCheck theOne3TOS)
    => Viper4Android (must install Permissive Module)
    => Dolby Digital Plus
    => No Verity for those who are Decrypted (thanks to xXx)
    => Option for Stock Bootanimation/Splash Screen in Aroma
    Thanks to c_86 for testing my betas and testing my Open Beta Roms due to I am not using/installing Open Betas on my 3T

    ROM OS Downloads
    Installs OS, Root and Debloat options
    Open Beta
    Community Beta

    ROM Add-On Package Downloads
    Installs Apps, Magisk Modules and Sounds Mods

    Substratum Theme Engine
    Titanium Backup

    Magisk Modules
    CloudFlare DNS
    Fingerprint Swip - Aswin08
    Google Contacts and Dialer
    Samsung ONE UI Weather
    YouTube Vanced
    Wifi Bonding 2.4GHz

    Sound Mods
    Audio Modification Library
    Dolby Digital Plus

    Dirty Flash/Update Install Instructions
    -Must have Bootloader Unlocked and TWRP installed
    !!!remove any Overlays if using Substratum!!!
    1. Boot to TWRP
    2. Make sure to always do a Nandroid Backup
    3. Install theOne3TOS Rom (Do Not Wipe Anything) (Make sure to choose a root and redo you debloating)
    4. Install Add-On package and configure AROMA (if just dirty flashing no need to reinstall any apps, modules or sounds mods unless new)
    5. *Optional install Xposed (Not Compatible with Pie)

    Clean Install Instructions (TWRP Bootloop Fix)

    1. Boot to TWRP
    2. Make sure to always do a Nandroid Backup
    3. Wipe > Factory Reset (Do not wipe data in Advanced Wipe)
    4. Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Caches, System and Vendor
    5a. Install theOne3TOS with Root and boot to OS (Do not install Add-On package yet)
    5b. ***Reboot back into OS so Magisk Manager will load (You do not have to go through Setup yet)
    6. Boot to TWRP and Install Add-On package and choose your options in Aroma
    7. *Optional install Xposed (Not Compatible with Pie)
    Setup OS and Enjoy!


    Splash Screen

    Wallpaper + Boot anitmation

    Rounded Recents

    Color Accent Light

    Color Accent Dark

    Magisk Module Uninstaller
    fixes bootlooping due to Magisk Modules - thanks to @veez21
    How to Use:

    1. Flash in recovery (TWRP)
    2. Go to TWRP's Terminal/ADB Shell (if you're not using twrp 3.x)
    3. Type
    4. That should present you a list of modules you've installed


    I have not flashed any custom roms or decrypted so I cannot provide support if coming from any other custom roms (even other custom OxygenOS roms) or having device being decrypted, seems like a lot of people are having issues with this and I am sorry, I am removing decryption options from my rom and I will try to provided the best instructions from other members who know how to fix this issue. Thank you!

    If you want to keep decryption please read this POST for Patched Boot.img and this Post how on how to keep Decryption. Thanks to @seburton for link

    My other Roms
    theOne7ProOS - Magisk Module
    theOne7OS - Magisk Module
    theOne6TOS - Magisk Module
    theOne6OS - Magisk Module

    Donations: Thank you so much!!!
    @110112 - 5.00
    @bigbaldbloke - 10.00
    @preference - 10.00 @preference - 5.00 @preference - 15.00
    @checko55 - 10.00
    @grellsen - 10.00 @grellsen - 10.00 @grellsen - 10.83

    If you like my work Donations are appreciated, You all are Amazing!!! and Thank You!!!
    Please Report Any Bugs. Thank You!
    Change Log
    [B][U]theOne3TOS - Final Stable Release 9.0.6[/U][/B]
    -Updated Android security patch to 2019.10
    -General bug fixes and improvements
    -Updated GMS apps
    -Updated Magisk 20.1
    -Updated Magisk Manager v7.4.0
    [B][U]theOne3TOS 9.0.4[/U][/B]
    Updated Android security patch to 2019.6
    General bug fixes and improvements
    [B][U]theOne3TOS Stable 9.0.3[/U][/B]
    [B][U]Bug Fix[/U][/B]
    -Fixed issues of parallel WhatsApp can't login
    -Updated system to Android 9 Pie
    -Brand New UI for Android Pie
    -Updated Android security patch to 2019.4
    -General bug fixes and improvements
    [B][U]Do Not Disturb mode[/U][/B]
    -You can now customize the time range in the new DND mode
    [B][U]New Gaming Mode 3.0[/U][/B]
    -Supported displaying text content of the heads up notification
    -Added notification for 3rd party calls
    -Dialer now supports Google Duo
    -Supports Google Lens to provide you with powerful image recognition experiences
    -Updated Magisk 19.3
    [B]theOne3TOS Closed Beta Pie[/B]
    -Closed Beta for testing *Use at Own Risk*
    -Updated Magisk Manager 7.1.1
    -Updated Magisk Stable 18.1
    -Added Magisk Beta 19.0
    [B][U]Add-On Package - v1.3[/U][/B]
    -Made apps magisk module based
    [B][U]Add-On Package v1.2[/U][/B]
    -Made all Launchers as Magisk Modules for easy uninstall if you do not like
    -Added CPL Launcher w/Google Feed/Weather Plugin (thanks to @jas_is_0n_fire for suggestion)
    -Added CPL Launcher - Pixel Bridge (thanks to @jas_is_0n_fire for suggestion)
    -Added Emoji category
    -Added iOS 12.1 Emoji
    -Added S9 Emoji
    -Added One Emoji
    -Added Facebook Messenger Emoji
    -Added Whatsapp Emoji
    -Added RoundedCorners to Apps
    -Added OnePlus Bullets Wireless Viper4Android Profile - Thanks @anaganisk (if have V4A installed, needed to delete from magisk first, reboot to OS, then install V4A from Add-On Package)
    v7.1 - 5.0.8 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Added Dolby Digital Plus Module
    -Added Audio Modification Library Module
    -Updated/Fixed Viper4Android (you must choose between 2 options during flash... so pay attention)
    -Updated BusyBox to 1.29.2
    -Fixed Google Dialer and Contacts Module
    v7.0 - 5.0.8 (Oreo 8.0)
    - Updated Android Security Patch to 2018.11
    - Support OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones
    - General bug fixes and improvements
    -Updated to Magisk 18
    -Updated BusyBox 1.92.2
    v6.0 - 5.0.7 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Updated Android Security Patch to 2018.11
    -Support OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones
    -General Bug fixes and improvements
    v5.0 - 5.0.6 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Updated Android Security patch to 2018.9
    -General bugs fixed and improvements
    -Upgraded background apps limit to 60
    v10.3 - Open Beta 30 (Oreo 8.0)
    v4.1 - 5.0.5 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Updated Magisk Manager to 6.0
    -Updated Magisk Beta to 17.2
    -Updated Substratum to 1007
    -Updated Ozone to 3.95
    -Removed OTA System Updates
    -Added Engineer Mode in DeBloat list
    v4.0 - 5.0.5 (Oreo 8.0)
    - General bug fixes and improvements
    v3.0 - 5.0.4 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Updated Android security patch to 2018.7
    -Improve image quality for front camera
    -Fixed manualISO setting issue of 3rd party camera apps
    [B][U]Third-Party Apps[/U][/B]
    -Fixed parallel WhatsApp crash issues
    -Fixed front camera zoom in issues for Snapchat
    -Fixed Dolby Atmos install
    -Removed Force encryption disabler (causing issues)
    -Updated Magisk Manager 5.8.3
    v2.2 - 5.0.3
    v10.2 - Open Beta 30 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Added Dolby Atmos to sound mods
    -Fixed issues in Aroma
    -Removed Force Encryption Disabler [COLOR="Red"](Removes all confusion and people are messing up their phones and since this is stock OxygenOS u do not need to be decrypted and there is no speed differences)[/COLOR]
    v2.1 - 5.0.3 (Oreo 8.0)
    v10.1 - Open Beta 30 (Oreo 8.0)
    -Added Force Encryption Disabler (check if decrypted, if you are encrypted and need to decrypt, you will need to format data)
    -Added Contacts and Dialer to DeBloat List
    -Added Google Contacts and Dialer to Modules List
    -Updated Magisk Manager to 5.8.1
    v10.0 - Open Beta 30 (Oreo 8.0)
    [B][U]Open Beta 30[/U][/B]
    -Improved search tags in app drawer
    -Added "New Installs" category tag in app drawer
    -Improved app list for hidden space and toolbox
    -Optimized switching between front and rear camera
    -Supported seeking through timeline for AAC audio files
    -Added DeBloat All Google Apps to DeBloat List
    -Added DeBloat All OnePlus Apps to DeBloat List
    -Added Google Contacts Sync to DeBloat List
    -Added Google Print to DeBloat List
    -Reorganized DeBloat List
    -Updated Magisk Manager 5.8.0
    v9.0 - Open Beta 29 (Oreo 8.0)
    - Added CloudFlare DNS magisk module
    [B][U]Open Beta 29[/U][/B]
    - Updated Android security patch to 2018.6
    [B][U]OnePlus Switch:[/U][/B]
    - General bug fixes and improved data transfer stability
    v8.0 - Open Beta 28 (Oreo 8.0)
    [B][U]Open Beta 28[/U][/B]
    [B]OnePlus Switch[/B]
    -UI improvements
    -Improved support for application data migration
    -General bug fixes and stability improvements
    [B]File Manager[/B]
    -Now able to manage Parallel Apps files
    -New Camera UI design
    -Updated Installer to 5.7.0
    v2.0 - 5.0.3 (Oreo 8.0)
    [B][U]Oxygen OS 5.0.3[/U][/B]
    -Updated Android security patch to 2018.5
    -Supported FaceUnlock
    -Refined Shelf UI design
    -New design for App shortcuts
    -Supported more options when long pressing an icon
    -Places: a map view of photos by location
    -Supported sharing photos to Shot-On-OnePlus
    -Added "Recently Deleted" collection
    [B][U]File Manager:[/U][/B]
    -Added "Large files" category
    -Added new widget for Launcher
    -Improved the positioning accuracy
    -Adjust refresh interval for weather information update
    v7.0 - Open Beta 27 (Oreo 8.0)
    [B][U]Open Beta 27[/U][/B]
    -Updated Android security patch to May
    -Added Toolbox Card in shelf
    -Added Hidded Space in app drawer
    -Added support for editing dynamic icons(weather,clock and calendar)
    [B]OnePlus Switch[/B]
    -Optimized user interface for backup & restore
    -Optimized logic for time remaining
    -General bug fixes and stability improvements
    -Added Group MMS
    v6.0- Open Beta 26
    [B][U]Open Beta 26[/U][/B]
    - Supported double-tap to lock screen
    - Improved search history for App drawer
    [U][B]File Manger[/B][/U]
    - Hide lock-box entry in guest mode
    - Optimized scanning logic for large files
    v5.1- Open Beta 25
    - Added CloudFlare DNS Magisk Module
    - Removed Google DNS from build.prop
    - Updated Permissive Magisk Module to 1.2
    - Updated Magisk Manager to 5.6.4
    - Updated Busybox to 1.28.3
    - Updated substratum to 984
    - Updated Ozone Theme to latest
    v5.0- Open Beta 25
    [B][U]Open Beta 25[/U][/B]
    -Updated Android security patch to 2018-04
    [B][U]OnePlus Clock[/U][/B]
    -Changes to alarm background color and other UI changes
    -Stopwatch updated with new UI
    [B][U]Card Package[/U][/B]
    -Added new membership card in Shelf
    v4.0- Open Beta 24 (Oreo)
    [B][U]Open Beta 24[/U][/B]
    -Added recent search tag in search app section of the app drawer
    -General bug fixes and improvements
    v3.6 - Open Beta 23 (Oreo)
    - Updated to Magisk 16.0
    - Updated to Magisk Manager 5.6.3
    v3.5 - Open Beta 23 (Oreo)
    -Updated to Magisk Manager 5.6.1
    -Updated to Magisk 16.0
    [B][U]Open Beta 23[/U][/B]
    - New auto pickup gesture; answer an incoming call by raising the phone
    - Updated Android Security Patch to 2018-02
    - General bug fixes and improvements
    [U][B]Gallery 2.5:[/B][/U]
    - New design for Collections tab
    - Added reorder function for Collections
    - Added recently deleted Collection
    [U][B]OnePlus Switch:[/B][/U]
    - Supported data migration for application backup
    v3.0 - Open Beta 22 (Oreo) *** v1.4 - 5.0.1 (Oreo)
    [B][U]Open Beta 22[/U][/B]
    -Added pick-up gesture switcher
    -Added SMS categorized function in India
    -General bug fixes and improvements
    [B][U]Added Apps Section in Aroma[/U][/B]
       [U]-Apps Added in Aroma to Select[/U]
    	+Titanium Backup
    	+Substratum Engine
    	+OZone Substratum Theme
    	+Xposed Installer moved to Apps Section
    	+Rounded Corners - Gives Rounded corners like Galaxy S8+
    [B][U]Added More to Debloat List[/U][/B]
        [U]-Apps Added to OPDebloat List[/U] (Oreo Only)
    	-Removed AndroidPay (no longer in system)
    -updated Xposed Framework to v90 beta3 for Oreo (must install manually)
    v2.1 - Open Beta 21 (Oreo) *** v1.3 - 5.0.1 (Oreo) ***  v1.3 - 4.5.1 (Nougat) 
    -Added Xposed Installer to Aroma
    -Aroma theme mods (debloat and oneplus debloat in the same section)
    v2.0 - Open Beta 21
    -Updated to Magisk Manager 5.5.5
    -Added OPNote to OPDebloat list
    [B][U]Known Issues[/U][/B]
    -Bootanimation will not install on first install (read bug reports for fix)
    [B][U]Open Beta 21[/U][/B]
    -Launcher Updated to v2.3
    -Drawer categories
    -You can see new categories when using the search icon in the drawer
    -Auto folder tagging
    -When you add applications that are similar, our system will help you automatically name the new folder you created
    -Dynamic Icon for Clock
    -The Clock icon is now dynamic
    -Notification dot optimization
    -The Blue notification dots present to notify you of a newly installed app will now be removed automatically after 15 days
    -Launcher usage tips improved
    -We’ve added some new helpful tips for first use of the launcher
    -Support for Airtel VoLTE in India
    -Face Unlock function added
    -Added OnePlus Switch application for backup & restore
    -We’ve added the new OnePlus switch app so moving your information to a new OnePlus device will be easier than ever
    -Other bug fixes and optimizations
    [B][U]Known issues:[/U][/B]
    -Airtel VoLTE feature may not work (have coverage) in some areas
    -Some third party camera applications may not fully work with this update
    -AROMA Theme Updated
    -Updated Magisk Manager to 5.5.4 and Magisk to 15.3
    -Should Fix Magisk Manager not installing on first boot
    -Fixed A.R.I.S.E (must have permissive and busybox installed - look at possible bugs on how to install modules with magisk)
    -Removed 5.0
    -Added Calculator, DeskClock, OPMessenger, and OPGallery to Debloat list (thanks to @hasenbolle)
    -Added AdAway to Debloat list (at the bottom of list)
    -Updated OB20 to Magisk 15.2
    -Fixed SuperSU Install
    -Installing Magisk will Uninstall SuperSU (may need to uninstall SuperSU app manually)
    -Installing SuperSU will Uninstall Magisk (may need to uninstall Magisk app manually)
    v1.0 - Initial Release
    -Magisk 15.2 (OS 4.5.1)
    -Magisk 14.6 (OB20/OS 5.0.1) (15.2 will not boot)
    [B][U]OxygenOS 4.5.1 (Nougat)[/U][/B]
    -General bug fixes and stability improvements
    [B][U]OxygenOS 5.0.1 (Oreo)[/U][/B]
    -Added support for aptX HD
    -Added Wi-Fi hotspot device manager
    -Added "adaptive mode" screen calibration
    -Updated Android security patch to December
    -General bug fixes and stability improvements
    [B][U]OxygenOS OB20 (Oreo) (Not Tested by me)[/U][/B]
    [B]Notes (New OnePlus app):[/B]
    -Take notes quickly and simply
    -Share notes as picture
    -Memo widget on Shelf is editable
    [B]Quick clipboard:[/B]
    -Enhanced copying and editing ability
    -New weather widget
    [B]File Manager:[/B]
    -Added large files category
    -Speed improvements while deleting massive files
    -Added OTG toggle in Quick Settings
    -Added notification when 3rd party apps delete contacts
    -Updated Android security patch to December
    -General bug fixes and improvements
    Older Releases
    [U][B]OxygenOS 5.0 - Oreo[/B][/U]
    -Update to Android O (8.0)
    -Added Parallel Apps
    -Added Picture in Picture
    -Added Auto-fill
    -Added Smart text selection
    -New Quick Settings design
    -Updated security patch to September
    -Added notification dots
    -New app folder design
    -Now able to upload photos directly to Shot on OnePlus
    Update Everyone... Enjoy!!!
    links are live

    v4.0 - 5.0.5 (Oreo 8.0)
    - General bug fixes and improvements
    -Removed OTA Updater
    -Added Engineering Mode to debloat list and not auto removed
    sorry for the delay, here is OB24, Enjoy!!!
    Thank you!
    v4.0- Open Beta 24 (Oreo)
    [B][U]Open Beta 24[/U][/B]
    -Added recent search tag in search app section of the app drawer
    -General bug fixes and improvements
    OB29 link is now live, Thank you everyone!