[ROM] THL W8s (Sony S-Heart) 4.2.2


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Jul 15, 2010

ROM Phone THL W8s – ROM Android 4.2.2
Ported from iOCEAN X7 Elite Sony on THL W8s ;)

- call data wifi bluetooth camera compass, GPS problems and other sensors are normal,
- Sony original camera only for Sony, has been replaced with the official version of the interpolation rear camera front 500w 1300w
- Add INIT.D support
- Apps Zippalign
- Rooted
- Boot saving technology
- Sony image display engine
- Build Touch / VM / image optimization
- Media performance
- Engineering mode
- GravityBox - centralized app for additional customizations
--- Status bar tweaks (QuickSettings tiles, additional tiles, background color and transparency, ...)
--- Lockscreen tweaks (custom background, maximized widgets, ...)
--- Power tweaks (advanced power-off menu, low battery warning policy)
--- Phone tweaks (flip action, disable vibrate on call connect, fullscreen caller photo)
--- Display tweaks (minimum brightness setting, autobrightness settings, ...)
--- Hardware key actions (action on menu long-press/doubletap, back key long-press)
--- Media tweaks (more volume steps for music, skip track using volume keys)
--- Other miscellaneous tweaks
Language support: EN/CN

Dont know if works with others W8 models, there's still a chance you might come accross some issues caused by incompatibility. :confused:

ALWAYS make a backup of stock rom before flashing anything on your device!!!

Install ROM :

Step 1: Download the custom ROM copied to an external SD card root directory
Step 2: the shutdown state. While holding down:
– Power button + volume button up, to enter the recovery mode.
– Wipe Data / Factory Reset -> delete all user data
– Wipe Cache Partition -> Wipe cache
-- Advanced-> wipe dalvik cache
Step 3: Return to recovery main interface Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard -> Select your ROM
Step 4: Brush complete, restart the phone Patience required – first boot takes a while

Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-20-57.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-21-41.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-21-55.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-22-01.jpg
Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-22-19.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-22-28.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-22-45.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-23-00.jpg
Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-24-03.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-24-52.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-26-15.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-26-29.jpg
Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-26-53.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-30-14.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-44-31.jpg Screenshot_2013-09-10-14-44-52.jpg



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Jun 15, 2012
You can implement the Italian language in this beautiful rom?
On needrom there is an update of stock firmware ofw8s.
So if you are porting for Multilanguage please use the update as base.
Btw I suggest to you to post your Rom in needrom before that someone make it and maybe gets donations for it...
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Oct 14, 2013
Thanks for this rom.
First because it is 4.2.2 and not 4.2.1 which has an ugly bug: it spamming the Logcat as crazy. Official rom is stil with 4.2.1

Next: at Developer it is a very nice feature.

Show Layout bounds. It help at UI developing.

I don't know how to use this attachments properly: I have uploaded png files not automatically they are converted to a miserable jpg file...

The important Xperia part it would be this Stamina settings - for me -


it seems has an error, not sure, if is really working!!!


Can't edit and save my post ....Forum rules:

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Watch out: Max memory runtime for apps is 128MB.
I am not so happy as it would be ... 512mb, since we have 2GB...
FHD display a few background settings a few other cache images and the app can run out of memory.


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Oct 14, 2013
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10-31 19:50:08.565: D/SuperStamina-NativeDaemonConnector(505): conecting to xssm ...
10-31 19:50:08.566: E/SuperStamina-NativeDaemonConnector(505): Error in NativeDaemonConnector: java.io.IOException: No such file or directory

Of course I will block www.google-analytics.com, why should I need adds?!!!
But who put those requests into this build? Kratos or SonyEriccson?

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Jun 15, 2012
Ok for traslation but can you work on some bugs?
Connect to pc internal memory is blank.
Some strange display effect when go back closing app.
In app drawer some empty apps
Menu button on home screen make nothing...

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Ok for traslation but can you work on some bugs?
Connect to pc internal memory is blank.
Some strange display effect when go back closing app.
In app drawer some empty apps...
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Nov 26, 2007
Hi. This is a truly excellent Rom, but I still have a problem. The messages in sms app duo not show. I downloaded handcent and it works, but I would prefer the original app if possible. Any ideas?