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[ROM] [ togari ] AICP - 11.0 - MM 6.0.1_r43 | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

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Nov 14, 2013
Love this awesum ROM. Everything is working fine no reboot even after two days. only proximity issue. I make camera to work for pics. Picture quality is very good. I attached pics in this post taken by camera. Z ultra c6802. Hurray I have stable marshmallow now. Thanx Aicp team.


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Nov 14, 2013
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Nov 26, 2010
Sorry haven't flashed anything in a while so this might have been answered but i've tried to read about as much as I can. I have the google play edition so what does this mean

"Make sure you have been on latest Sony STOCK at least once!!!"

Do I just download TWRP and install onto a sd card then download the rom?


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Jan 23, 2013
Sorry haven't flashed anything in a while so this might have been answered but i've tried to read about as much as I can. I have the google play edition so what does this mean

"Make sure you have been on latest Sony STOCK at least once!!!"

Do I just download TWRP and install onto a sd card then download the rom?

Togari GPE is a separate model. Your device cannot run any rom here. The roms you can run is located here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-z-ultra/xperia-z-ultra-gpe
And official CM12.1 https://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=togari_gpe


Feb 12, 2013
Problems I have are, low incall volume, proximity sensor showing 0cm. and when calling or someone is calling me the screen turns off and can't do nothing, camera is sometimes taking pictures and sometimes it doesn't, video recording isn't working also random reboots 1-2 times a day after heavy usage so that's not much of a problem.
For now I use my Arc S for calls and the Z Ultra for everything else.


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Nov 4, 2012
proximity sensor issue. It was working fine few updates earlier. Very low incoming sound and screen goes blank while making calls .


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Dec 16, 2008
Was running GPE 4.4.2 rooted on 6806 Non GPE device (with Xperia Logo).
Downloaded XperiFirm
Downloaded C6806_Customized US_1276-1569_14.6.A.1.236_R2D via xperiFirm
Downloaded Flashtool
Flashed C6806_Customized US_1276-1569_14.6.A.1.236_R2D (minus the .ta files) via flash tool.
adb install NewKingrootV4.9.6_C151_B309_en_release_2016_08_18_105203.apk
Used king root to root
Booted to fastboot
fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-togari.img
Booted to recovery
Installed aicp_togari_mm-11.0-NIGHTLY-20160904.zip
Installed gapps.
Reboot, every thing running smooth.
Excellent, thanks. (Not all steps may be shown above).

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    Android Ice Cold Project​

    AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!!

    Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features.

    If there are any bugs, either we will sort them or CM team if it concerns their modifications. This rom isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!!


    In the beginning WE would like to thank:
    • CM team
    • maxwen
    • SlimRom team
    • Omni rom team
    • DU team
    • Community


    • @LorD ClockaN
    • @zipsnet
    • @semdoc
    • @eyosen
    • @Chezbel
    • @Drgravy
    • @eboye

    Special thanks go out to:
    • Sony and Alin @jerpelea for providing AOSP sources
    • And all the wonderful people who have contributed to Sony AOSP sources
      You can find an incomplete list to these guys here
      Of course there are many more who contributed!
      If you think you should be mentioned here contact me!


    We are now paying for servers that build nightlies and everything that comes with it, so EVERY DONATION
    will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
    Thank you!!​


    There is no Stable MM Release (Not yet) Version 11

    Download link: http://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/?device=togari
    Old and experimental builds (unofficial): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=50811


    Full Changelog is included in ROM!

    Known Bugs/Issues:
    • Cam is only halfway there
    • You tell... :p

    How to flash:

    ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy Marshmallow. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, gapps, flash it, and go!
    You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.


    • Make sure you have been on latest Sony STOCK at least once!!!
    • Custom recovery (TWRP)
    • Clean flash if coming from another ROM (no dirty flash)
    • Don't do it if you don't know it
    • Don't freak out if you have a black screen for a minute or so after Sony splash on first boot!
    • ROM has gapps persistance in between dirty flashes

    Kernel in this rom follows Sony AOSP source (3.10) with custom additions.

    To be able to flash over OTA app, TWRP recovery is needed.
    You can still use CWM and OTA app, but only to download zip file and flash it manually from within recovery. Zip gets saved under AICP_ota folder on your internal SDcard.

    If you want to contribute to the AICP or wanna see what is being worked on/merge feel free to visit our gerrit, link is at the bottom!!!


    AICP ROM G+ community

    kernel github
    device tree github
    rom gerrit

    You want to see a normal night at the DEV office, click here!!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AICP - 11.0 - MM 6.0.1_r43 | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

    Source Code: https://github.com/sony-aicp-mm

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 5.1.1/14.6.A.1.236
    Based On: ROM CM |||| AOSP-Device-tree & Kernel

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2016-02-27
    Last Updated 2016-05-05

    . .


    . .

    . .

    . .

    Use a small (like MINI or smaller!) opengapps package.

    Most up to date version and instructions are by @Triflot here!
    Make sure you have the new bootloader!

    Important note:
    Before flashing this ROM
    If you have not already:
    Flash unmodified (not prerooted(!)) latest Sony-Stock 5.1.1 / 14.6.A.1.236 or tripple-check that you had it flashed at least once before.
    You do not need to be / come directly from stock to use this.

    If you did not, then there is no support

    Still have Issues?
    You could try to flash some KitKat-Stock and let it OTA all the way up to 5.1.1
    Can this be flashed using TWRP You know, by those who can't get the new recovery partition?

    Just try, or hotboot the TWRP3.0 Recovery ;)

    flashed the rom and gaaps and right after i hit reebot now onTWRP, it blackout and never comes out of it! What am i supposed to do it? Have to flash the stock rom using flash tools and ****! But why didn't it work? :/
    Instructions said, dont freak out if it blacks out but it wont boot at all again!

    It blacks out on first boot after Sony-Splash for up to a minute (or so).
    Did you dirty, or clean flash? This needs a clean flash (first time)
    You surely had the latest stock rom at least once flashed before? You do not need to be / come directly from stock to use this
    And used TWRP3.0 from new recovery Partition?

    Also you need an unlocked bootloader.

    What gapps did you use?
    Use a small (like mini or something) GAPPS package from openGapps or use theese: https://s.basketbuild.com/devs/semdoc/AicpMM/SlimMMGapps

    New build availible!
    Significant changes: Doze enabled
    Full changelog: http://hastebin.com/pasubumoso.vhdl
    link: https://androidfilehost.com/user/?w=settings-dev-files&flid=50811
    Stuck at starting Apps?

    Just wait! and / or use a smaller GAPPS package!

    How to Convert your Ext SD Card into Semi Portable Storage?


    I have converted my ext sdcard into semi portable storage as you can see above.

    Benifits (8gb adopted storage+21Gb Portable Storage) out of 32GB ext sdcard Class 10

    1. i have 8GB (internal)+ 8GB(external) now for apps to move around
    2. i can still remove the sdcard and transfer files directly to the sdcard 2nd partition of 21GB from PC

    i followed the following guide by Sam Liddicott here is the link.

    if ADB commands dont work from pc . try mounting all partitions from TWRP recovery that worked for me

    i am on the latest build of this rom
    I could not reproduce any issues when calling, but well, i have been building pretty much all weekend and testing stuff...

    Will post screens and FAQ in a few days too.

    Anyways, I'm proud to announce that my sources have been pushed to AICP, and offcial nightlies will start soon, when I get a few more issues resolved!