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  • v6.1 : a ton of new feautures in hyper-tools

    Votes: 67 14.9%
  • v7 : new ui, based on "Note Ux" style

    Votes: 382 85.1%

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Jan 31, 2013
so there is any working solution for stuck on samsung logo on first boot?

i wan't to try this rom but i have this annoying issue, have tried to flash with official boeffla and still the same, don't boot into system.


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Mar 11, 2014
Settings has a problem. If you set a different view type crash the app.
Android crashed after setting up advanced greenify features in accessibility
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abdou royal

Mar 9, 2016
Settings has a problem. If you set a different view type crash the app.
Android crashed after setting up advanced greenify features in accessibility

To fix settings force close when use "Tab view"
- Go to General options in hyper-tools and select "Old Style" option
- Open Settings and select List View
- Now uncheck the "Old Style" from hyper-tools
To fix crashed system and freezing phone when set up apps accessibility's like greenify features
- go to phone sittings , applications and slide left to all , and search for Samsung text-to-speech then forced closet it then chlear data and cache then turn it off , do the same for s voice if still doesn't work


Apr 11, 2017
Tanto que ilusionaron a un poco con las imágenes de la supuesta nueva versión y los dejaron a todos con los crespos hechos que [emoji90] son.

Enviado desde mi GT-I9300 mediante Tapatalk


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Jun 9, 2011
hai guys... can i install directly from resurrection remix rom?? or i need to flash to stock rom first???

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    HYPER-ROM for Galaxy S3 (I9300)

    First of all, I'm not responsible for your phone getting bricked or whatever things could happen
    Do a NANDROID BACKUP of your current ROM first!

    For another devs: It's NOT allowed to use anything from THIS ROM without my permissions!

    Main Features :
    All the apps are based on note4 4.4.4

    # Framework & twframework (system)
    # Launcher
    # Music
    # Camera
    # SystemUi
    # Dialer & Contacts
    # Messages
    # Settings
    # Download Manager
    # Browser
    # Keyguard (Lockscreen)
    # Clock
    # S Planner (Calendar)
    # My Files
    # Plat Logo
    # AccuWeather
    # InCallUi
    # Memo
    # SamsungIME (Keyboard)
    # Calculator
    # VideoPlayer
    # Voice Recorder
    # Wallpaper picker
    New Stuff
    # Google Emojis
    # System Language Pack
    # Edge Screen
    # Hyper-Tools
    # OTA Updater

    ROM Installation process:

    1) Go to CWM based recovery (Latest Recovery is recommended https://dl.twrp.me/i9300/) by holding HOME - POWER - and VOL UP BUTTON
    2) FULL WIPE is highly recommended!
    3) Mount everything (System, Data, Cache..)
    4) Choose "Install ZIP from sdcard"
    5) Choose ROM zip file
    6) Go through AROMA (Choose only what you want to install)
    7) Wait for finishing flashing
    8) Reboot and enjoy

    Bugs, Lags, etc :
    - Keyguard force close when use backup pin
    - No sound preview when set up an alarm
    - Call recorder dont auto save the record file
    - Some ui bugs here and there
    - Untranlated text in call options
    - Browser force close sometimes for no reason at all
    - Accessibility dont give permission

    Download :
    If you wanna make a mirror, please ask me first.
    CLICK HERE FOR V9 MEDIA FIRE (First you must be on v8)
    CLICK HERE FOR V8 MEGA (Thanks to @dshoangtien)
    CLICK HERE FOR V7 MEGA (Thanks to @RhckTeam)
    CLICK HERE FOR V6 MEGA (Thanks to @RhckTeam)
    CLICK HERE FOR V5 MEGA (Thanks to @RhckTeam)
    CLICK HERE FOR V4.1 MEDIAFIRE (First you must be on v4)
    CLICK HERE FOR V4 MEGA (Thanks to @cobras3)
    CLICK HERE FOR V3 MEGA (Thanks to @cobras3)
    CLICK HERE FOR V2 MEGA (Thanks to @cobras3)

    Videos :
    COMPARING TO S6 EDGE WITH MM (thanks to @joniielizondoo)
    V11 (thanks to @H A S S A N R A Z A)

    Credits :
    arter97 - for the great port
    E-Team - for some apps etc, also the inpiration
    Albe95 - for some note4 apps
    Blekota - for some note4 apps
    Lord Boeffla - for the kernel
    MaHo_66 - for Stagefright patch, etc
    BarakOsama - for the SmartManager
    DroidBuster - for the platlogo mod
    Chainfire - for the SuperSU
    zhuhang - VIPER4ANDROID
    LAzY_kRAzY - for the launcher with folder color mod
    josete_197601 - for "GRX Mod" and "Launcher Mod"

    If I forgot some one, please tell me via PM

    Facebook Page

    Telegram Group

    You can put my banner into your signature:


    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][TW] HYPER-ROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    Based On: Android 4.4.4 port - back-to-n00t

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-March-06
    Last Updated 2018-July-02
    - Samsung browser
    Click here to download from Mediafire!
    - Camera Patch
    Click here to download from AFH!
    - Themes
    Click here to go to the thread!



    #1 Hyper-Tools
    - Rebuilded from scratch
    - Reworked in all mods
    - Fixed some mods
    - Reworked on categories
    - Reworked in interface
    - New seekbar text font
    - Removed AUTO from color picker
    - New color picker text font
    - Removed green background in color picker hex value
    (Cause there are in setting too)
    - About logo color
    /Full Player
    - Added Custom Background options
    (Color, Gradient with deferent styles)
    - Prev color
    - Next color
    - Shuffle color
    - Repeat color
    - List color
    - Star color
    - Volume color
    - All Share color
    - Playlist color
    - Menu color
    - Seekbar Min color
    - Seekbar Max color
    - Title color
    - Artist color
    - Volume Panel text color
    /Mini Player
    - Added Custom Background options
    (Color, Gradient with deferent styles)
    - Prev color
    - Next color
    - Music Info color
    Note: Play/Pause color dont work at the moment
    /No Item
    - Thumbnail
    - Text color
    - Title color
    - Name color
    *Notification panel
    - Show/Hide Handler
    - Show/Hide Two Lines
    - Two lines color
    - Background color
    - Ram Box
    (also its background color)
    - Added Custom Background options
    (Color, Gradient with deferent styles)
    *Lock Screen
    /Clock, Date, Alarm and Owner Info
    - Show/Hide AM/PM
    - Show/Hide Seconds
    - Show/Hide Alarm
    - Show/Hide Date
    - Hours color
    - Minutes color
    - Seconds color
    - AM/PM color
    - Date color
    - Alarm color
    - Owner Info text color
    - Date color
    /Help text
    - Show/Hide Swipe to unlock text
    (and its color, custom set up)
    - Added Carrier text
    (and its color)
    /Gradient color
    - Added Dynamic color
    (Moved from advanced features in settings)
    - Added Battery Bar
    (Animation, style, color and thickness)
    - Added 3Minit battery mod
    - Added Potato battery mod
    *Dialer and Contacts
    - About logo color
    - Add to contacts text color
    - 1 color
    - 2 color
    - 3 color
    - 4 color
    - 5 color
    - 6 color
    - 7 color
    - 8 color
    - 9 color
    - 0 color
    - Star color
    - Pound color
    - 0's plus color
    - 1's thumbnail color
    - ABC color
    - DFE color
    - GHI color
    - JKL color
    - MNO color
    - PQRS color
    - TUV color
    - WXYZ color
    /No Item
    - Text color
    - Thumbnail color
    - About Logo color
    - Color Picker info text color
    - Color Picker arrow color
    - Seekbar Title color
    - Seekbar Summary color
    - Seekbar Value color
    - Seekbar Min color
    - Seekbar Max color
    - Custom Background options
    (Color, gradient with deferent styles)
    - Ram Bar
    (also its text colors)
    - Matrix Effect
    (Text, background color and frequency, size etc)
    - Ram Meter
    - Quick Launch
    (Text and background color)
    - No item thumbnail color
    - No item text color
    - QUICK SEARCH color
    - LOCAL STORAGE color
    - DOWNLOAD HISTORY color (title)
    - Download history color (list)
    - Categories title color
    - Categories size color
    - No item text color
    - About logo color
    - Conversation count number color
    - Bubble text color
    - Date color
    - Names/Numbers color
    - Summary color
    - Name color
    - Number color
    ^Emoji menu
    - No recents used text color
    - Recents thumbnail color
    - Smiley thumbnail color
    - Weather thumbnail color
    - Food thumbnail color
    - Bldgs thumbnail color
    - Office thumbnail color
    - Delete thumbnail color
    *General options
    - Reboot
    - Fast reboot
    - Recovery
    - Download mode
    - Restart phone
    - Restart contacts
    - Restart launcher
    #2 SystemUi
    - Smaller header
    - Added mod to active and deactive auto brightness by pressing sun icon
    - Added no recent apps text
    - Redesigned handler divider
    #3 Others
    - Updated HyperRom signature

    #1 SystemUi
    - Smaller brightness btn
    - Added divider in clock
    - Some small dpi changes
    - Redesigned btn icons
    - Smaller battery icon
    - New text font
    - Added all s8 statusbar icons
    - Redesigned some toggles
    - Added S8 notifications style
    (Added list dividers, Removed btn icons, New default colors, Redesigned circle style, New text font)
    - Fixed dark color bug when pull down/up notification panel in color mode
    - New user default preview
    - Redesigned brightness panel
    - Removed auto brightness button
    (Use it from settings)
    - New progress line
    - New pull down action style
    - Some small changes in recent apps style
    - New "low battery" icon
    - Etc
    #2 Settings
    - Reorganized general device management
    - Added "About"
    - Removed some useless stuff
    - Sound changed to Sound and vibrations
    - Removed kernel tuner,exposed framework, greenify shortcuts (Cause if you dont install the apps these options are useless)
    - Added UPSM Manager shortcut
    - Themed add buttons in "users" (forgot it earlier)
    - Added "more connection settings" in connections
    - Redesigned seperators and actionbars in dark and aosp themes
    - Redesigned notification panel toggles menu
    - Added telegram group link
    - New rom logo
    - New icon
    - Removed "Quick setting" name
    - Redesigned all hyper-tools themes
    - Reworked in all categories
    (For a cleaner look, and easy usage)
    - Unlocked some samsung hidden features
    (Use them in "more" option in categories. Most dont work, didnt test them all)
    - Removed "View as" option to avoid any trouble
    - Etc
    #3 Framework
    - Round animated btns
    - Redesigned unanimated btns
    - Blue progress line
    - Round corners for pop up panels
    - Updated volume panel icons
    - Redesigned power off menu icons
    - Redesigned reboot menu icons
    - Redesigned pop up dark and light
    - Lists press from light blue to grey
    - New Text select handle
    - Some tw nougat like text font and color
    - Added divider on list separators
    - Added some new animations
    - Fixed some black text in black background
    - Redesigned search menu
    - Redesigned spinner menu
    - Moved volume panel in top
    - Redesigned text field menu
    - New device default theme
    - New dark and light themes
    - Removed text shadow from toast
    - New tabs text style
    - Nougat style for lists
    - Etc
    #4 Calculator
    - Removed 3 dots menu
    - New background color
    - Redesigned menu buttons
    - New style for menu buttons
    - New icon
    #5 Hyper-Tools
    - New actionbar style
    - Some text no translation
    - Updated all thumbnails
    - New seperators style dark and white theme
    - New icon
    - New background for dark theme
    - Removed "MORE"
    - Redesigned some theme stuff
    - New icons in main page
    - Reworked on categories organisation
    (Cleaner look and better usage)
    - Removed circle battery icon mod
    - Added SideKey panel mod
    (When active just slide from the middle of screen to show, cause is invisible)
    - Removed "circle battery" and "old settings" mods
    - Etc
    #6 Keyboard
    - New background
    - Less round corners in btns
    - Redesigned the thumbnails
    - New icon
    - New text color
    - Removed some shadow in text
    - New font
    #7 Platlogo
    - Redesigned like nougat
    - Removed setting button from ester egg
    #8 Keyguard
    - New text font
    - Redesigned clock like s8
    - New camera icon
    - Removed some text shadow
    - Added seconds
    - Redesigned some thumbnails
    #9 My Files
    - New actionbar text style
    - Updated thumbnails
    - New icon
    - New seperators style black and white theme
    - Updated no files icon
    - Redesigned some actionbar icons
    - Redesigned categories icons
    - New text font
    - Removed "MORE" icon
    - New categories style
    - Clean up
    - New black theme
    - New "no file" icon
    - Etc
    #10 Clock
    - New icon
    - Themed search menu in world clock menu
    - Updated no item images
    - Redesigned menu icons
    - Some new text fond
    - New add and remove icons
    - Redesigned "add alarm" menu
    - Some new text color
    - Updated line and btn colors
    - Redesigned tabs
    - Added dividers
    - Redesigned alarm menu
    - Updated tabs text color, font and style
    - Clean up
    - Etc
    #11 Music
    - New icon
    - Added back full screen mode
    - Added dividers
    - Redesigned tabs in blue theme
    - New background in blue theme
    - Smaller category list titles
    - Some new text color
    - Redesigned preview album
    - Redesigned lists
    - New volume panel
    - Removed "more" word in english mode
    - New thumbnails
    - Reworked on full player
    (Bigger album view, New progress line, moved star in middle, replaced all the buttons, new font)
    - New text font
    - New no files icon
    - Redesigned buttons
    - Fixed text position in mini player
    - Bigger preview in mini player
    - Smaller album preview in mini player
    - Removed equalizer button in volume panel
    - Removed album name in full player
    - Removed full screen in full player
    - Etc
    #12 Launcher
    - New list dividers
    - Redesigned folders
    - Updated indicators
    - New icon
    - New text font
    - Redesigned tabs
    - New thumbnails in folders and tabs
    - Reorganized setting menu
    - New icons in setting menu
    - Redesigned folders style
    - Etc
    #13 Calendar
    - New icon
    - White background
    - Redesigned actionbar thumbnails
    - Some new text color
    - Redesigned dividers
    - New actionbar thumbnails
    - Fixed some text color
    - Removed "MORE" icon
    - Redesigned search map menu
    - Added dividers
    - Some new text color
    - Changed name to calendar from s planner
    - Etc
    #14 TwFramework
    - New test color
    - Redesigned list pop up style
    - Redesigned scrollbars
    - Clear useless stuff
    - Added rounded corners
    #15 Contacts and Dialer
    - New icons
    - New list dividers
    - Updated tabs text color, font and style
    - Smaller text for dialer
    - Some text new color
    - Added remove button like s8
    - Added some dividers
    - Remove "MORE"
    - Fixed position in dialer
    - Reworked on add contacts menus
    (S8 Thumbnails, New backgrounds, New text style, etc)
    - Redesigned swipe to call/messages menu
    (Background material style, s8 thumbnails)
    - Reworked on Logs section
    (New dividers, New text cattegories style, s8 thumbnails, etc)
    - Redesigned search menu
    - Redesigned all thumbnails
    - New contact preview icon
    - Etc
    #16 Gallery
    - Round check btns
    - New icon
    - Redesigned all thumbnails
    - New text style in lists
    - Remove "MORE"
    - New text color in select menu
    - Fixed text color in set wallpaper menu
    - Etc
    #17 Messages
    - New icon
    - Added "no messages" icon
    - Removed "MORE"
    - New text font
    - Some new text color
    - Redesigned conversation screen
    - Redesigned locksreen notification
    - Turned off "priority senders" by default
    - New conversation bubbles
    - Removed some dividers
    - New actionbar thumbnails
    - Redesigned emojis menu
    - Added new thumbnails
    - Updated attach icons
    - Redesigned conversation bubbles
    - Bigger "new message" button
    - Redesigned swipe to call/messages menu
    - New contact preview icon
    - New custom backgrounds
    - Etc
    #18 Video list & player
    - New text colors
    - New dividers
    - Redesigned actionbar thumbnails
    - New dark mode
    - New text font
    - Smaller tabs
    - Removed video count text
    - Removed video time text
    - Redesigned main page
    - New dividers
    - Added indicators in tabs
    - Etc
    - Removed text shadow
    - New text font
    - Removed volume button
    - Redesigned progress bars
    - New volume menu
    - Redesigned all thumbnails
    - Added shadow on top and bottom
    - Cleaned up
    - Redesigned pop up video
    - Etc
    #19 Voice recorder
    - New icon
    - Removed full screen
    - Fix white text in white background
    - New text font and style
    - Removed "MORE"
    - New text color in list
    - Redesigned all thumbnails in main page
    - New action bar buttons
    - New text style action bar
    - Added divider in actionbar
    - Removed "no item" icon
    - Some smaller text
    - Redesigned notification and locksreen style
    - All buttons new color and style
    - Etc
    #20 Samsung Themes
    - New icon
    - New actionbar style
    - New text font
    - Removed hyper-rom text
    - Redesigned default theme
    - Etc
    #21 Weather & widget
    - New icon
    - Cleaned up a lot
    - Redesigned some dividers
    - Removed full screen in settings and lists
    - New background
    - White actionbars
    - Added new weather forecast icons
    - New text font
    - All new btns
    - Worked on some thumbnails
    - New AccuWeather menu
    - New search menu
    - Fixed some text color
    - Etc
    - New text font
    - Removed some text info
    - Added more space in corners
    - Added new weather forecast icons
    - Etc
    #22 Wallpaper Picker
    - New Note8 wallpapers
    - New text font
    - Redesigned btns
    - Updated wallpaper preview
    - Etc
    #23 Radio
    *Dark & white theme
    - New icon
    - Cleaned up
    - Removed full screen
    - New background
    - New text color
    - Redesigned actionbars and btns on them
    - Removed some useless btns in main page
    - Redesigned notification and locksreen style
    - Redesigned main round icon
    - Removed "no item" icon
    - Some smaller text
    - New text font
    - Added dividers
    - New volume panel
    - New btns in main page
    - Etc
    - New icon and no icon
    - Updated thumbnails
    - New text font
    #25 UPSM Manager
    - Removed from launcher
    - White theme style
    - Redesigned thumbnails
    #26 IncallUi
    - New lighter blue background
    - New background in some buttons
    - Redesigned keypad menu
    - All new answer and end call thumbnails
    - Smaller contact preview
    - New text font
    - New text color
    - New contact preview thumbnail
    - Smaller btns and text
    - Removed some dividers
    - New reject call message menu
    - Etc
    #27 Package installer
    - New thumbnails
    - Removed full screen mode
    #28 Edge panel
    - New icon
    - New screen preview
    - Redesigned bubbles
    - New text color
    - All new thumbnails
    - New handler
    - New astionbar style
    - Etc
    #29 Aroma Installer
    - New dark ui
    - New splash screen
    - Removed Snote
    - Removed Browser
    - Removed Memo
    - Removed S-Voice
    - Removed S-Health
    - Removed E-Mail
    - Added Radio
    - Reworked on menus
    #30 Others
    - Samsung experience 8.5 style
    - Updated GApps
    (Also removed the pop up to turn on gps that comes with new gapps)
    - Updated hyper-rom signature in all apps
    - Rebuild the rom
    - Redeodexed
    - Rezippaliged
    - Cleaned all the way up
    - Removed some useless apps and features
    - Way better ram management
    - Brought back official boeffla kernel
    (To fix that config app problem)
    - Reworked in build.prop
    - Some new tweaks
    - Updated emojis to stock oreo ones
    - Added new system fonts
    - Menu key for recent apps
    (For faster multitasking, also you can use home key for switching apps)
    - Updated all sensor libs
    (To avoid any unwanted issues)
    - Removed car mode, reading mode toggles
    - Added camera fix in main rom zip
    - Updated some samsung system apps

    #1 SystemUi
    - Removed edit button
    - Moved pull down button under brightness like nougatux
    - Redesigned all toggles like nougatux
    - Smaller date & clock
    - Uppercase AM-PM
    - Redesigned auto brightness panel
    - Redesigned volume panel
    - Smaller toggles icons
    - Added no recent apps image like nougat
    - Some toggles name fixed
    - Updated & fixed some stuff here and there
    - Full space for notification cards
    - Etc
    #2 Frameworks
    - Redesigned power off menu icons
    - New text color on lists
    - New animations
    - Nougat tab text style
    - New list separator text style
    - Redesigned volume panel
    - New text size
    - Some nougat style buttons
    - New back button
    - Etc
    #3 Hyper-Tools
    - New text style actionbar
    - Added option for SF & QQ text size
    - Added option for settings & audio icons color in volume panel
    - Added blue icons for settings
    - Added blur effect for recent apps
    - Added Hyper locksreen effects
    - Edited the transparent background options for notification panel
    - Changed some names for some better feel
    - Changed the default list icons
    - Added a way to fix fc on tab view for settings
    - Etc
    #4 Dialer & Contacts
    - Better design in dialer pad like nougat
    - Redesigned camera, dial, remove icons
    - Some nougat icons and colors
    - New default contact preview
    - Fixed some dividers
    - Etc
    #5 Keyguard (Locksreen)
    - Added "Hyper Clock Widget" that you should add as a widget
    - Removed clock in statusbar like nougat
    (Note: This will work only when use hyper clock)
    - Smaller camera icon
    #6 Settings
    Note: Dont use "Tab View". It will give force close
    - New text style actionbar
    - Reworked on all categories
    - Redesigned all icons on HD in all theme modes
    - Added blue icons for the new option
    #7 Music
    - Removed back button
    - Removed white mode and replaced with Blue mode
    - Smaller text in full player
    - New text style actionbar
    - Etc
    - New background
    - Blue text color in tabs
    - Transparent mini player background
    #8 Gallery
    - White actionbar in full view
    - Redesigned some icons like nougat
    - New actionbar text style
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - Etc
    #9 InCallUi
    - New background
    - Redesigned endcall button
    - Redesigned incoming call buttons
    - Redesigned endcall buttons like nougat
    - Fixed some layouts
    - Etc
    #10 Messages
    - Nougat style for new message button
    - Some new text color
    - New default contact preview
    #11 Camera
    - New shutter buttons
    - Redesigned some stuff
    #12 Others
    - Fixed freezing and soft reboot after turning on the phone sometimes
    - Better performance
    - Ram management should be better
    - Added back Boeffla kernel unofficial ( Big thanks to @ZaneZam for doing an update)
    - Some libs fixed
    - Removed some useless samsung stuff
    - Added some system tweaks
    - Removed old kernel + config app
    - Added latest boeffla config app
    - Removed launcher option in aroma
    - Added Fan Art Boot Animation in aroma (Thanks to @Elveneleven)
    - Fixed SNote

    #1 Launcher
    - Some new mods & fixes (thanks to @josete_197601)
    - Added icons in settings
    - Some new themed stuff like (bin, add, home, wallpaper, widget, settings, themes etc)
    - Etc
    #2 Calculator
    - New background color
    - Smaller numbers & symbols
    - Some new themed stuff
    - etc
    #3 Dialer & Contacts
    - Redesigned camera & delete icons
    - Some new themed stuff
    #4 InCallUi
    - New purple background like s7 nougat
    - Some black text to white
    - Some black icons to white
    - Redesigned the icons in options (extra volume, bluetooth, speaker, keypad, mute etc.)
    #5 Framework
    - Some new animations
    - Redesigned some stuff
    - Added some space in list dividers
    #6 Music
    - New default text color
    - New colors for some buttons (delete, sound animation, add etc)
    - Dark miniplayer color with white text and buttons
    - Redesigned music preview
    - Redesigned volume and favourite buttons
    - etc
    /Black Theme
    - Dark background
    - New text color on tabs
    - New color for dividers
    #7 Settings
    - Redesigned "more" and search buttons
    - Redesigned all menu buttons like s7ux
    - Fixed some menu names
    - Reorganised menu options like s7ux
    - Fixed hidden menus
    - Some new stuff
    - etc
    #8 Gallery
    - New colors from blue to orange like s7ux
    #9 Calendar
    - New color for some icons like s7ux
    - New text color like s7ux
    - etc
    #10 MyFiles
    - New dividers
    - Some icons redesigned (audio, images, documents, videos etc)
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - etc

    #1 Hyper-Tools
    Note: Go and explore here before reporting bugs that dont exist.
    - Fixed toast "text color" option
    - Fixed some translation to English
    - Fixed some text bugs
    - Removed color changing for task manager
    - Added Default Color in General options
    - Added multiwindow app option
    (Note: Forgot to add the option in v7. Thats why multiwindow panel had no apps)
    - Added options for blur effect
    - Added options for locksreen notifications
    - Tab better divider
    - Note7 like lists
    - Note7 like icons
    - Added options for launcher
    (Only in 3-rd launcher in aroma installer)
    - Etc
    #2 InCallUi
    - Fixed autosave of call recorder
    - Moved extra volume button down
    - Added 3 lines of buttons like note7
    - Added divider in the buttons panel like note7
    - White default image preview
    - Green 3 dots color
    - New design in some button icons
    - Bigger end call button
    - Removed some text shadow
    #3 Settings
    - Fixed "Brilliant cut" lockscreen style
    - Fixed "MORE" button for English Uk
    - New search icon
    - New "MORE" icon
    - Removed private mode, cause cant get it to work
    - Reorganized options like note7
    - Removed some stuff that dont work on s3
    - Tab better divider
    - Etc
    #4 Clock
    - Fixed sound preview when set up an alarm
    - Removed some list dividers
    - Better design in create alarm menu
    - Update no_city icon
    - Etc
    #5 Contacts
    - Fixed "MORE" button for English Uk
    - Used material design style of theming is some thumbnails (to get a better performance)
    - Fixed a force close bug
    - Fixed "untranslated" option in call settings
    - Fixed "Phone", "Contacts", "Logs" icons size in some tw launchers
    - Some new text colors
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - Added divider like note7
    - Smaller "call", "video", "delete buttons"
    - Tabs better dividers
    - New back buttons
    - Etc
    #6 Keyguard (Locksreen)
    - Removed text shadow from default widget clock
    - Better text font in normal clock view
    - New setting button
    - Smaller bubbles in "popping colors" style
    #7 Framework
    - New default wallpaper
    - Smaller check btn like note7
    - New animations
    - New back button
    - New 3 dots button
    - Better desing in power off menu
    - Added list dividers like note7
    #8 Music
    - Fixed "MORE" button for English Uk
    - Fixed "SHUFFLE", "REPEAT" buttons for English Uk
    - New positions for buttons in full music player like note7
    - Round pause_start button
    - Better design in some stuff
    - Better design in volume panel
    - Better action bar divider
    - Fixed grey color to white in black theme
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - Etc
    #9 SystemUi
    - Redesigned all toggles like note7
    - Removed some toggles that dont work on s3
    - Fixed fc of task manager in landscape mode
    - Added blur effect like note7 (thanks to @josete_197601)
    - Fixed some text
    #10 Calculator
    - Fixed clear button position
    #11 Gallery
    - Fixed "MORE" button for English Uk
    - Fixed "SAVE" , "CANCEL" text color
    - Fixed actionbar text color in dark theme
    - New icon
    - Fixed small icon for some tw launchers
    - New back button
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - New "MORE" icon
    #12 Calendar
    - Added "MORE" icon for English system language
    - White actionbar
    - Some text fixes
    - Fixed Icon size for some tw launchers
    #13 Wallpaper Picker
    - New Note7 wallpapers
    - New preview image
    - Redesigned buttons
    - New text color
    #14 Camera
    - Added note7 shutter buttons
    - Redesigned some buttons like note7
    (Note: Not all; only the most used ones. More soon)
    - Note7 like gallery preview (Round)
    - Improved video and image quality
    - Etc
    #15 Messages
    - Better actionbar dividers
    - New "MORE" icon
    - New back button
    - New search icon
    - Redesigned all bubbles & background styles
    - Some new stuff
    - Etc
    #16 DownloadProvider
    - New settings button
    - New menu button
    - White dividers
    - Removed icon from actionbar
    - Updated the download preview file icons
    - Some redesigned stuff
    #17 Voice Recorder
    - Added "MORE"
    - Some text fixes
    - Note7 like buttons style
    - White actionbar
    - New progress line and thumbnails
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - Fixed small icon in some tw launchers
    - New icon
    - Etc
    #18 Video
    - Better action bar divider
    - Fixed grey color to white in black theme
    - New "MORE" icon
    - New search icon
    - Some new text color
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - Fixed "MORE" for english uk
    #19 MyFiles
    - Better action bar divider
    - Fixed grey color to white in black theme
    - Added "MORE" icon
    - New search icon
    - New back icon
    - Fixed white text color in white background
    - White actionbar name in back theme
    - Etc
    #20 Others
    - Added Note7 sounds (ui + ringtones)
    - Added Note7 bootanimation & shutdown in aroma
    - New system default font
    - Updated busybox
    - Removed supersu app
    (Note: Root works as default)
    - Added more system languages
    - Performance improved
    - Better ram management
    - Updated English text suggestions of keyboard
    - Actived all toggles in notification panel as default in first boot
    (Note: You can hide them in hyper-tools)
    - Removed smart manager from aroma installer
    - Added quick connect & s finder apps in aroma
    - Removed chrome, youtube & search from aroma
    - Updated exposed framework apk
    - Added hyper-launcher in aroma
    (Note: Based on josete_197601's launcher and redesigned with my stuff)
    - Simple task manager (for less ram usage)
    - Fixed translation in flash and clear ram
    - Removed full screenshot (for less ram usage)
    - Added MoroKernel (Thanks to MoroGoku)
    - More icons support for themes (Thanks to @josete_197601)
    - Updated XposedInstaller
    - Updated Galaxy market
    - Removed floating messages (for more free ram)
    Old Changelogs:

    #1 Hyper-Tools
    - White actionbar with dark text
    - Added "MORE"
    - New icons
    - Fixed some text bugs
    - Updated icons in "apps appearance"
    - Updated progressive bar & its thumbnails
    - Added Statusbar
    > Statusbar color
    (Change default color, different shapes, custom color for different apps)
    > Battery options
    (Battery icons, percent, define standard level, text size & color, battery color, charging animation, etc)
    > Date and Time
    (Clock, Date, PM-AM, Seconds : position, color, size)
    > Padlock mod
    (Icon, position, color)
    > Icons and text
    (Notification text color, also show or hide & color for every icon)
    > Speed traffic data
    (Colors for text, icons, background also refresh period, text size)
    > Ram information
    (Text size, color also refresh period and background color)
    > Custom text
    (Text size and color also background color)
    - Notification Panel
    > Header
    (Background color, Buttons color also clock and date: size, color, etc)
    > Toggles
    (Personalized toggles, indicators, hide toggles, nr. of toggles in first line, text size also background, text, circle, ux indicators on-dim-off colors, etc)
    > Extra access panel
    (Custom apps, text color & size, nr. of apps in first line, background color, etc)
    > Volume bar
    (Background color)
    > S-Finder & Quick-Connect
    (Background and text color)
    > Notifications bar/Clear recent
    (Notifications bar background and text color)
    (Clear button text and icon color)
    > Transparent background
    (Background color)
    > Information
    (Rom and CPU info also text & background color, refresh period, text size, etc)
    > Alarm and Operator
    (Position, change case, text size and color, background color, custom text, wifi name, alarm info, underline color, etc)
    > Speed
    (Lowering and Rise speed)
    - Recent apps
    > Style
    (Styles, text and background color, blur, transparent, buttons color etc)
    > Mirror mod
    (Rotation, mirror, round shapes)
    - Screen Notifications
    > Heads UP
    (Animations, use in lockscreen, ignore apps, visible time, etc)
    > Colors
    (Text and background colors)
    - Buttons, Actions, Gestures
    > Header
    (Action to perform, app to launch)
    > Gestures Statusbar
    (Double click, click on time, and also two gesture zones)
    - General options
    (Flash options,restart systemui)
    #2 Messages
    - Ux style on actionbar and priority senders bar
    - Some new text color
    - Dark actionbar text
    - New icon & no files icon
    - Lighter orange color over the buttons
    - Fixed text color in "bubble & background options"
    - Updated switch buttons like ux
    - Updated the icons in attach files
    - Lighter default chat background
    - New default contact icon
    - Etc
    #3 Clock
    - Removed menu icons in actionbar
    - White actionbar
    - New icon & no files icon
    - New design in add button
    - Some new text color
    - New color for indicators
    - Etc
    #4 My files
    - New icon
    - Fixed text color in "add shortcut"
    - New dividers & text color
    - New design in buttons
    - Ux style actionbar
    - Etc
    #5 Music
    - New icon & no files icon
    - Some text smaller
    - Blue text color in playing minutes
    - Updated progressive bar & its thumbnails
    - New pause button
    - Ux style actionbar & tabs
    - Lighter blue color over the buttons & text
    - Blue "search" & "more" button
    - Black music name and back button
    - Some blue buttons
    - Etc
    > Dark theme
    - Lighter blue color over the buttons & text
    - White back button
    - Etc
    #6 Memo
    - New design in add button
    - Ux style actionbar with black text
    - White background
    - Ux like, color over the buttons
    - New icon & no files icon
    - Updated Insert images
    - Etc
    #7 Keyboard
    - New colors for buttons, ux like
    - Dark suggested text with white background
    - Lighter color for the background
    - Rounded corners for buttons
    - Etc
    #8 Smart Manager
    - White background & actionbar
    - Lighter colors over the layers like ux
    - Lighter text color like ux
    - Updated some stuff
    - Etc
    #9 Video
    - New icon & no files icon
    - Updated progressive bar & its thumbnails
    - New pause button
    - White tabs with dark text
    - New ux purple color
    - Remove a divider
    - Etc
    > Dark theme
    - New tabs color
    #10 Calculator
    - New icon
    - New colors in buttons like ux
    - Added fullscreen back
    - Added div. button in main screen
    - Moved clear button upper like ux
    - New positions for some buttons like ux
    - Black 3 dots
    - Lighter text color
    #11 Settings
    - New icon
    - Fixes over all three themes
    - Removed air gestures,signature lock etc (things that dont work on s3)
    - Ux style actionbar & tabs
    - Black text color in tabs & actionbar
    - Dark back button
    - Dark text in some menu options
    - Smaller dividers also lighter background & text
    - Moved clock settings & cpu to hyper-tools app
    - New icons color & design like ux
    - Light blue actionbar buttons
    - New design of bars in battery & data usage
    - Etc
    > Dark theme & aosp dark
    - New icons color & design like ux
    - New color for tabs like actionbar
    - White back button
    - Removed settings icon from actionbar
    - Etc
    > Aosp
    - Fixed tabs color to white
    - White back button
    - Etc
    #12 Framework
    - Lighter icons color in power off menu
    - Light blue color in volume bars & thumbnails
    - White actionbars with black text
    - White menubars with black text
    - Some text fixes
    - Btn check buttons like ux
    - Btn radio buttons like ux
    - Switch buttons like ux
    - Grey background in some menu
    - Dark black button
    - Light blue color for three dots
    - Added on/off animations for btn check buttons
    - Etc
    #13 Wallpaper Picker
    - New wallpapers
    - New homescreen preview
    #14 Incall Ui
    - New default preview image like ux
    - Removed text shadow
    - Remove text in end call button
    - Black text color
    - Black color for some icons
    - White background for mini panel
    - Etc
    #15 Contacts & Dialer
    - New icon & no files icon
    - Removed buttons background in dialer
    - Round call button
    - Added video icon
    - White actionbar
    - Light green color for some text & icons
    - New ux like default preview
    - Black text in actionbar
    - Black menu text in logs
    - Added back letters in contact names
    - Smaller dividers like ux
    - Etc
    #16 Gallery
    - Black actionbar text
    - New icon
    - Etc
    #17 Others
    - New icons in browser, download manager, email, splanner, camera, voice recorder
    - Fixed spanner lag (thanks to @josephpatrick)
    - Fixed service mode
    - New default wallpapers
    - Etc
    #18 Systemui
    - Ux colors
    - Fixed pull down button default look
    - Smaller buttons
    - Added more toggles
    - Etc
    #19 Keyguard
    - Smaller camera icon
    - Updated camera icon
    - Etc

    #1 Framework
    - Bigger text and background in list names
    - New text color of list names
    - New design in press icon of volume like s7
    - New grey sound icons like s7
    - Better animation when press lists, etc
    - Some new text color
    - Etc
    #2 Messages
    - Orange color for back button
    - New background in bottom like s7
    - New background in top of add conversation
    - Some new text color
    - Some redesigned stuff
    - Orange color for check buttons & switch buttons
    - New default image
    - Better design in actionbar
    - Some new stuff
    - Etc
    #3 Settings
    - Added "MORE" for English US system language
    - New kinda blue text color for setting name like s7
    - Removed list names in main page like s7
    - Added a light shadow under actionbar
    - Added Hyper-tools, Air gestures, One handed operation,
    Users, Voice control shortcuts
    - Removed "thanks to" in about rom section
    - Added black theme, white aosp & dark aosp
    - Etc
    #4 SystemUi
    - Changed the notification from white to dark blue
    - Some small ui changes here and there
    #5 Hyper-tools
    - Added hyper-tools app (Based on "grx" app)
    - Added change ui (black-white-etc) for some system apps
    - Added Locksreen mods
    > Lookscreen widget enable/disable
    > Remove limit for widget
    > Quick unlock by holding menu key (like touch id, lol)
    > Change background with a custom color
    > Enable/Disable rotation
    > Blur wallpaper
    > Customize operator name with a custom one
    (Change its color, and size)
    > AOSP Lock like cm11 (4.4.x)
    (Customize it with different apps, round it or under)
    - Added Led configuration
    > Customize its time, color, for different apps)
    > Etc
    - Added toast mods
    > Show icon & app name
    > Change background & text color
    > Different animations
    > Customize time to show and fade
    - Added Power off menu mods
    > Added screenshot, on/off flash, accessibility, also a custom app from your apps
    > Etc
    - Display and Notices
    > Change lists animations
    > On/Off 360 rotation like aosp roms
    > CRT-effect
    (customize its speed)
    > On/off vibrate when screen capture
    > On/Off sound when screen capture
    > Low battery warning
    > Volume panel expanded
    > Etc
    - Physical Functions keys
    > Customize key action
    > Sounds skip with volume keys like aosp roms
    - Apps fullscreen
    > Choose which apps to appear in full screen mode
    - Added option to backup, restore or reset the hyper-tools app data
    #6 Contacts
    - Added "MORE" for English US system language
    - Added line under selected tab like in clock app
    - New tabs position
    - White tabs
    - New tabs text color
    - Bigger dividers
    - Removed letter on dividers
    - Some new text color
    - New default image
    - Etc
    #7 Radio
    - Added white mode
    - Some new text color
    #8 Music
    - Added white mode
    - Tabs like in settings in white mode
    - Light blue actionbar color in white mode
    - Removed some divides
    - Some new text color
    - Added "MORE" for English US system language
    - Etc
    #8 Recent apps
    - Added a small divider between two buttons
    #9 Gallery
    - Added black theme
    #10 My files
    - Added black theme
    - Black text color in actionbar
    #11 Lookscreen (keyguard.apk)
    - New base
    - Fixed backup pin
    #12 Others
    - Trying to improve performance & battery
    - Fixed calling bug (Turned off, video calling cause is buggy)

    #1 Clock
    - S7 like tab background
    - New icons colors on and off
    - New text color on and off
    - New line under on icon color
    - White background for the "start", "stop", "reset", "lap" buttons
    - New colors for the text in those buttons
    - Add dividers in those buttons
    - New white background in stopwatch
    - New background when set up an alarm
    - New "more" icon in "Add city" menu
    - New icons colors
    #2 Contacts & Dialer
    - Dialpad letters a little more upper
    - New Call button like s7
    - Replaced camera button like s7
    - New Delete button like s7
    - New text color
    - Some new design stuff
    - New logs icon
    - New icons colors
    - Remove some dividers
    - Make some contact preview round
    - New icons colors
    #3 Incallui
    - New statusbar color
    - New round end call button
    - New default image preview
    - Green statusbar color
    - A different position of buttons
    #4 Themes
    - New white actionbar
    - Added divider under actionbar
    - Dark text color in actionbar
    #5 SystemUi
    - Fixed white text in white background in some apps notification
    - Brightness of icons from 70% to 90%
    - Added margins in notifications
    - Removed divider in auto brightness mode
    #6 Recent apps
    - Removed background in recent panel buttons
    - New design for "ram" button
    - New design for "clear all" button
    #7 Music
    - Added margins in notification panel
    - Round edges for notification panel
    - New line design
    - White volume panel
    - Black text & icon in volume panel
    - Enabled text in middle in control panel
    #8 Radio
    - Background like music app
    - New buttons design
    - Some new stuff
    - New icon
    - New on & off buttons
    #9 Settings
    - Bigger dividers
    - Moved text inside of dividers
    - Added date of v4.1 & v5
    - New more and search icons
    - New "on" color in tabs
    #10 Messages
    - Fixed a background of add button
    - New icons colors
    - Added "MORE" for english us system language
    - Removed grey background in list title and changed text color
    #11 Gallery
    - New icons colors
    - Some new stuff
    #12 Framework
    - Bigger dividers
    - Moved text inside of dividers
    - Better design in some progress bars
    - Some new stuff
    - New design in effect when you press on sth
    - New "on" color in tabs
    #13 Myfiles
    - New icons colors
    - Bigger dividers
    - Moved text inside dividers
    - Some new stuff
    #14 Videos
    - New icons colors
    - Some new stuff
    - New "on" color in tabs
    #15 S Planer
    - New actionbar color
    - Green actionbar text color
    - Some new text color
    - New icons colors
    - Some new stuff
    #16 Calculator
    - New design in all buttons
    - Added "history" as s7
    - Added shadow in first line buttons
    - Some new stuff
    - Some new colors
    #17 Voice recorder
    - New red "option icon" color
    #18 Keyboard
    - New number key color like normal key one
    - New normal key color
    - New option key color
    - New background color
    #19 Others
    - Fully added and fixed fm radio
    - New HD sound libs
    - Better sound quality
    - Fixed some libs
    - Better performance & Ram usage
    - Added unofficial boeffla kernel by ZaneZam
    - Added Samsung's "advanced ui" icons as a theme
    - Video Calling must be working now
    - Fixed OTA-Updater
    - Added s7 sounds

    #1 My files
    - White actionbar
    - New text color in actionbar
    - New design in some stuff
    #2 Browser
    - New color background
    - New text color
    - New desing in buttons & also in buttons with text under
    - New design in quick access pages default preview
    - New divider
    #3 Music
    - New buttons color in notification panel
    - New text color in notification panel
    #4 SystemUi
    - New white background for the music app
    - New color for the screenshot edit panel
    #5 Recent Apps
    - Added some codes from marshmallow to make the corners more rounded
    - Remove the shadow in the back of apps preview
    - Removed divider between clear and ram buttons
    - New design in ram button
    #6 Framework
    - Added "on" and "off" tab text color in video, settings etc
    - New default tab text colors
    - New default tab background
    #7 Clock
    - Added blue like under the selected category like the music app
    - Smaller tab background
    #8 Video
    - Not full screen
    - New background
    - White actionbar
    - Some new design in some stuff
    - New progress line
    - Purple text colors
    #9 Contacts
    - Smaller text in dialer
    - New text position in dialer like s7
    - Better design in camera button like s7
    - Green action bar
    - New white and light green colors in actionbar

    #1 Aroma
    - Added S Note in "samsung apps"
    - Added S Voice in "samsung apps"
    - Added Ad Blocker in "addons"
    #2 Download Manager
    - Updated icons of download preview of "audio", "pics", "videos" files
    - Design improved
    #3 SystemUi (statusbar)
    - Smaller statusbar icons (wifi,battery, etc)
    - Fixed long press to open in Flashlight toggle
    - Fixed multiwindow toggle, now is visible
    - Smaller brightness line like s7
    - Smaller brightness icon like s7
    - New place for check box and its text like s7
    - Removed AC Mods
    - Added "Potato Clock Mods v2.1"
    - Added real time cpu mod
    - Updated screen rotation, smart stay, toolbox, bluetooth toggles
    - Updated S-F & Q-C icons
    - Smaller S-F & Q-Q icons
    - Added network speed
    - Added hidden buttons
    #4 Weather widget
    - Fixed the problem with invisible check boxes
    #5 Keyguard (locksreen)
    - Smaller resolution for the default wallpaper
    - Removed text shadow from "c" & "f" in weather widget
    - Fixed some stuff for better performance
    - Enabled lockscreen rotation
    - Added s7 animation of "lockscreen exit" & "lockscreen enter"
    #6 SPlanner
    - Fixed the problem with invisible check boxes
    #7 Messages
    - Fixed some ui stuff
    - Improved some preview images
    - Added "Messages" name
    - Fixed all the actionbar invisible text issues
    - Fixed date color
    #8 Settings
    - Added options for "Potato Clock Mods v2.1" as Clock Mods
    - Added options for "real time cpu mod" as Real-time CPU
    - Added options for "Network Speed" & "Hidden Buttons" as NS and HB
    - Added OTA Updater
    - Removed options for AC Mods
    - Increase Quick Settings maximum number from 9 to 17 (for fun)
    - Updated Seasonal in unlock effect & Seasonal in charging effect preview pics
    - Added back some dividers
    - Some new text color
    - Some smaller text
    #9 People Edge
    - New design in setting icon
    - Hide people Edge from launcher
    #10 Recent apps
    - Design improved
    - Bigger apps previews like 6.0.1 marshmallow
    - Added back the app name and icon with an white design
    - New colors for the no recent logo
    - Changed the apps text color to black
    - Better design & back colored the multiwindow button
    - Added shadow in the back of the cards preview
    #11 Framework
    - Added back some dividers
    - Removed "on" & "off" text from check boxes in system for a better look
    - Some new text color
    - Some smaller text
    - Some new text style
    - Smaller wallpaper resolution
    #12 Gallery
    - White actionbar color
    - New actionbar text color
    - Design improved
    - Removed some dividers
    - New selected box color
    #13 Voice Recorder
    - Design improved
    - New text color
    - New back & red look
    - New no files logo
    - New black background
    #14 Music
    - Design improved
    - Disabled single line text for mini player
    - Mini player's text smaller
    - New text color in mini Player
    - New background color for mini player
    - New size for mini player
    - Mini player's buttons new design
    - Mini player's buttons moved to the right like Note5/S6 music
    - Design Updated in tabs style like Note5/S6 music
    - Added tabs style on and off text color like Note5/S6 music
    - Smaller album preview in mini player like Note5/S6 music
    - New design in album preview default images
    #15 Others
    - Disable scrolling cache
    - Fixed some libs
    - Fixed long press back button for multiwindow
    - Fixed the too hight volume
    - Hide the platlogo game from launcher
    - Hide the Smart Manager from launcher
    - Ram management improved
    - Performance improved
    - Busybox updated
    - Sqlite binary updated
    - Added tweak auto zipaligning of all apps at each boot
    - Fixed "Hot Restart"
    - Power off menu new text color, size & style
    - Removed xposed framework's already installed files from the system
    - Added OTA Updater

    #1 Messages
    - Design improved
    - White actionbar
    - Bigger press to add button
    #2 Contacts
    - Design improved
    - Fixed the "Logs text menu"color
    - Fixed text color in create contact menu
    - New background in "no logs" & "no favourites"
    - Removed some dividers
    - New dialer buttons text color
    #3 Keyguard
    - Removed HYPER-ROM logo cause there was not much space for it
    #4 Framework
    - Better design in lollipop/marshmallow press effect
    - Added setting icon like "power off menu" in "volume menu"
    #5 Music
    - Design improved
    - Fixed "Search" word translations in some languages
    - Blue color in "No item" & "No playlist" text
    - Added "MORE" for the English US system languages
    - Added "List", "Shuffle", "Repeat", "Playlist" words under their images for the English US system languages
    #6 Browser
    - Added "MORE" for the English US system languages
    - Added "Back", "Forward", "Home", "Saved", "Bookmark" words under their images for the English US system languages
    - Removed some dividers
    - Purple color for "No tabs", "No saved pages", "No bookmarks" text
    #7 Clock
    - Design improved
    - Blue color for no item text
    - Updated no item icon
    - New Timer buttons design
    - Fixed text color in create alarm menu
    #8 Others
    - Tried to fix 3g video calling, it should work now
    - Removed the ad blocker from the system
    - Full fixed Screeenshot editing
    - Added S Note
    - Performance optimized
    - Some libs fixing
    - Etc

    #1 Added Aroma Installer
    - Launcher : 4x5, 4?5_5dock & 5x5
    - Systemui With S-F & QQ or without
    - Samsung apps
    - Some Google apps
    - Bootanimation : stock (note4), HYPER-ROM, S7
    #2 Keyguard
    - Added HYPER-ROM logo (soon, with options to change it in aroma)
    - Clock Widget posicion like s7
    #3 Theme Chooser
    - Update Icon
    - Update the samsung basic preview
    - Removed the store button
    - Removed the "Download and enjoy..." text
    - Added icon container option
    #4 Contacts
    Green color for the "no.." text
    #5 SystemUI
    - Added the shadow in the S-F and QQ like s7
    #6 Launcher
    - Added marshmallow, s7 animations
    #7 Framework
    - Updated animations to marshmallow, s7 ones
    #8 Settings
    - Update icon, like s7
    - Design Improved
    - New colors
    - New animations
    - Seach icon updated
    #9 Font
    - Added Marshmallow Emojis
    Note: You can't use the extra 6.0.1 emojis with the default Samsung keyboard.
    Don't worry, works fine with google keyboard.

    #10 Others
    - Added E-mail
    - Sim toolkit icon updated
    and more...

    - Initial release
    Framework & twframework (system)
    Dialer & Contacts
    Download Manager
    Keyguard (Lockscreen)
    S Planner (Calendar)
    My Files
    Recent apps
    Plat Logo
    SamsungIME (Keyboard)
    Voice Recorder
    Wallpaper picker
    Power off menu
    Sound menu
    Google Emojis
    System Language Pack
    System Font pack
    Edge Screen
    AC Mods
    V7 should be up next week