[ROM][TW 5.0.2/5.1.1] KA™ S6 Revolution v1.0 [S6 Edge][26/06/15][Aroma/Non-Aroma]

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KA: S6 Revolution Rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

--- About Rom ---
  • Only works on the Snapdragon based Note 3 variants. It won't work on any other variant.(e.g. N900H)
  • Based on: Android 5.1.1 S6 Edge firmware (G925TUVU1COE6) and DarkLord S6
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Busybox'd
  • Knox Free

--- Bugs ---
  • S-Voice FC
  • Google Play Store FC (See Notes)
  • Camera not working - Use another camera (E.g. Google Camera) until i fix the issue
  • Sparkling Bubbles Effect not working - 64 libs

--- Screenshots ---





--- Videos ---

How to Install the Rom - Thanks to @android.zealot.fervor

--- Instructions ---
  • Download the Rom
  • Enter Recovery Mode
  • Do a Full Wipe
  • Install The Rom
  • Reboot - The first boot can take up to 10 min
  • Enjoy

--- Notes ---
  • The People Edge Feature only works on the Left side (Go to settings/Edge Screen/Edge Screen Position and select Left
  • If Google Play FC after every app install, go to Settings/Applications/Google Play Store and Uninstall Updates
  • Before posting please use the Search option as the problem might have been already solved
  • Don't report any bugs that are already mentioned in the bugs list

--- Disclaimer ---

  • * Your warranty is now void. *
  • * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
  • Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!
  • YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

--- Supported Devices ---
- N900D (SC01F, HLTEDCM)
- N9005 (HLTE)
- N900S, N900K, N900L (HLTESKT)
- Galaxy J (JS01LTE)
- N900A (AT&T please download the Non-Aroma one)

--- Download ---
  • Did you read the entire first post?
  • Keep in mind this hasn't been tested on Note 3 (Only on S5 G900F - same tech specs )

--- Credits --- (Also includes credits from the predecessor of the Rom and DarkLord Original)

From DarkLord :
Chainfire for Super SU
zhuhang for Viper4Android
amarullz for Aroma Installer
raffaele88 for Ambient Display guide
tonyp for Memory Leak information
hiepgia for DarkQueen Kernel
CNexus for Disable app signature check
rishabh.raj37 for port guide
Wuby986 for Enable Private mode guide

From Successor and Base:

darkera13 - For letting me use files from his port
xPlayer890 - Tester and support
JustArchi For helping me with some libs
scholz123 For letting me use some parts of his rom (Predecessor)
ktoonsez - For letting me use his kernel
danielbula97 For making mirrors (Predecessor)
stalli0nUK For letting me use his sound mod
edgarf28 For letting me use some parts of his Add-on package and rom. (Predecessor)
If i forgot anyone please pm me and i will add you.

XDA:DevDB Information
KA™ S6 Revolution N3, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2015-06-25
Last Updated 2015-06-29


Senior Member
Feb 11, 2012
Keep in mind this hasn't been tested on Note 3 (Only on S5 G900F - same tech specs )

does it mean that we can also use any S5 rom in note 3 because this rom is built for S5 but can be use for note 3 also.. sorry for being noob..
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