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Oct 25, 2012
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Did you try searching in thread? Because it was explained repeatedly by Kamy that it is a standard note7 behavior and he didn't change it to make it more realistic. You can have quick swipe by choosing it from rom control/notification panel. But it is impossible to change the behavior of second row appearing *if you slide the notification bar too fast*. If you slide it normally it doesnt bounce off that visible.

i did tried to ask it before but nobody answered my query

and i didnt faced this thing before on any other rom
used norma and phronesis ( but they aren't stable )
i use this ROM because its quite good


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Apr 16, 2012
i did tried to ask it before but nobody answered my query

and i didnt faced this thing before on any other rom
used norma and phronesis ( but they aren't stable )
i use this ROM because its quite good
Yes, I am also using both n7 aryamod and n7 phronesis in multiboot and phronesis one doesnt have that bounce... But I really got used to it :)
Agree that ROM is quite good. It is sad that the dev had to leave the ROM and development :(


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Oct 25, 2012
Universe 10
Yes, I am also using both n7 aryamod and n7 phronesis in multiboot and phronesis one doesnt have that bounce... But I really got used to it :)
Agree that ROM is quite good. It is sad that the dev had to leave the ROM and development :(

so the development of this ROM has stopped ? :(


Sep 18, 2012
Need more your phone info.
Variant. Boatloads modem ver. How you flash the rom. What kernel current use. Any tweaking in kernel setup.

My notes 3 International no brand ITA.
Installing full wipe without touching anything and when I installed the Roma three weeks ago this morning, to see how he behaved before playing with the settings.
Even now I installed the rom expected that ripristinassero apps set the system configuration as unlocking with the pin, brightness, fonts, ringtones and email. I have not opened the rom control.
All it has done in staza where the modem Fastweb and I left the entire cell in standby morning without anything happening, as soon as I went in the other part of the house where I have the wifi extender has restarted twice already.
It vibrates the first time I see that there is no icon of wifi then two more shots visbrazione and restarts.
But it is a soft reboot why not ask me the sim pin but only the lock screen pin.


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Jul 18, 2016
What is interlocutor? English please

Try tweaking it a bit more in synapse. It seems that phone has been used for 4h40min and 4h20min of it was with screen on. It seems lss3.8 does not give good screen on time. Was it with standard 3200mAh battery?

This posted with open YouTube directly for hours. So it might be heavily drain on it. It's used with 3200mAh battery as I don't use other battery extended. Just want to test it with some heavily usage like opening YouTube and browsing video from Internet for long periods of time. Will try tweak other setting to see results.


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Apr 16, 2012
Works fine, but there can i change long press home button for recent apps? Rom Control-> Framework->Customize Buttons has no long press assigment.
If you cant find there, use gravitybox xposed module. It has single tap, double tap and long press for all three keys

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Jan 13, 2011
For those who want good battery life than performance , try this. Should see great improvement.

Use mpdecision. 3.7ux.

Instead of changing kernel version, playing the cpu governor setting will eventually get what u need.


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Mar 6, 2011
I did a clean install, update the modem and bootloader. But Youtube can not install. Error - 504th
I passed several tutorial but I have not found a solution. Do you have any suggestions?


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Mar 1, 2013
I heard my friend @Kamy 's device was broken, It's really so sad because we lost great dev at this moment.
I hope our hero will be back as soon as possible. Thank you @Kamy for your contribution as ever.

This is add-on pack which includes small fix below for AryaMOD note7 v2.1

- Fixed Bluelight filter
- Add AOD touch
- Changed statusbar icon defualt color in dark mode (Black -> Gray)
- Removed the blur option of notification panel from RomControl
(Blur effect removed permanently, AOD quick toggle is always shown)
- Fixed flashlight brightness control on Quick toggle
- Fixed abnormal behaviour of pop-up view
(Message poped up "This app does not support pop-up view" when reduced again for any apps)
- AOD brightness control menu in RomControl/Framework & general menu
- Removed GIF maker button on Samsung video player.

Download :
It will take over 10 min to boot due to optimization.

SystemUI Blurr.
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Mar 27, 2008
I have a FC as soon as I set up S-Voice for wake up command.
And I have a FC of Samsung Keyboard when a swtich between languages (English <--> German) via spacebar swipe.

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    AryaMod ROM Note7 Port


    @lijianjunyonghu (Norma ROM Dev)
    @venkat kamesh
    And everybody using this ROM :) Please let me know if I am missing your name on credit section.

    General Fetures
    Full Note7 Port based on N930FXXU1APG7 firmware, big thanks @darkera13 for this base
    Lsskernel 3.7UX, thanks @lss1977
    Installed busybox v1.25.1-Stericson
    Init.d support
    Rooted with SuperSu v2.78-SR3 System Mode
    Downloadable apps removed
    ROM Control
    Aroma Installer
    Multi CSC
    Removed dynamic DPI on battery saving mode due to resolution difference
    Ported and Fixed NFC with icon in statusbar
    Supporting all snapdragon variants
    Extended Power Menu
    Disabled Signature checks
    Added Autostart manager in settings>developer option
    Xposed proof CSC codes
    Fixed many dark images
    Fixed Flashlight toggle
    Fixed hotspot
    Fixed Screenshot (security issue)
    Added LED indicator settings in settings>display
    Increased animation scales array in settings>development option>animation scales
    Enabled "Device Status Official" - Removed SysScope dependency
    Added ROM info in Settings>About Device>Software info
    Removed Alpha Channel from Statusbar Icons
    Enabled extra toggles in notifications panel quick settings
    Added Notification Panel Date Gesture: SinglePress opens clock settings
    Added Floating message (settings and toggle)
    Added Toolbox supporting up to 12 apps
    Enabled Google Assistant from Pixel natively
    And maybe more that I cannot remember now...
    ROM Control
    UI Settings
    Toggle custom/stock color for Statusbar Icon/Text (switch on for stock colors/dark mode)
    Statusbar View
    Statusbar Clock Mod
    Battery bar Settings
    Network traffic preferences
    Statusbar Icon Toggles
    Hidden Buttons
    Signal Position
    Statusbar Double tap, 20+ Assignments
    Statusbar Icons colors
    Custom bg for Statusbar
    360 degree rotation
    Custom bf for Recent Task bar
    AOKP RAM Bar
    Recent Panel Quick Launch
    Notification Panel
    Toggle Stock Blur Effect
    Notification bg shape; stock/Rounded
    Toggle Multiuser Avatar
    Toggle Single Swipe for Quick Settings Panel from left side
    Toggle Brightness Slider
    Data Usage Preferences: Visibility, color and more
    Toggle Ongoing Notifications convert to Removable
    Device info customization on Notification panel
    Notification panel Carrier label
    Phone mods
    End Call Delay
    Toggle Call/Record Button in InCallUI
    Incoming Auto call recording
    Outgoing Auto call recording
    Set any Image, Color, Gradiant for InCallUI Background
    Framework and general
    Power Extended menu (toggle 9 option)
    Set any Image, Color and Gradient for Power Menu Background (use portrait images)
    Customize hard key buttons
    Home Button Settings
    - Toggle Home wake
    - DoubleTap Assignment
    - DoubleTap Application
    Left Capacitive Key
    - ShortPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Application
    Right Capacitive Key
    - LongPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Application
    Toggle Torchlight in lockscreen
    Torchlight timeout
    USB Plug/Unplug Wake Screen
    Volume Key Cursor Control
    Toggle Ambient Display
    Launcher mods
    Toggle Wallpaper Scrolling for TW launcher
    Added Dark Font for TW Launcher
    Touchwiz Page Effect (7 effects)
    Gesture anywhere on Homescreen: Double tap, Swipe Up, Swipe Down (15 actions)
    Lockscreen mods
    Lockscreen Display Timeout
    Lockscreen Carrier
    Lockscreen Clock and Data Color
    Lockscreen Clock and Data Font, style and size
    Switch Lockscreen Rotation
    Switch Swipe Screen Text in Lockscreen
    Other mods
    Volume Rocker Music Control
    System Sound toggles
    Full battery notification
    Low battery notification
    Loud Volume Warning
    Other mods
    Toggle to bypass Email Exchange Security on Stock Email App
    Choose number of columns in settings (single, dual)
    Switch to Settings Legacy UI
    Show/Hide QuickSettings Favorite
    Settings Favorites text size
    Settings edit Favorites text size
    Settings dashboard text size
    Animations, Toast and Mokee
    Advanced Function Menu (hidden settings)
    Useful apps
    DPI Changer
    UPSM Manager
    MW Apps Manager
    Galaxy Icon Themer
    Omni Switch
    Emoji Switcher

    Aroma Setup
    MultiCSC, default is set to BTU, United Kingdom in Aroma
    - CSC Features:
    • LTE/4G Data Icon,
    • KB Subsymble,
    • Browser Exit Menu,
    • Browser Home Option,
    • Browser Exit Popup,
    • Call Button,
    • Block Menu in Settings,
    • Data Usage View On Quick Panel,
    • Swipe Notifications to left to block
    7 variants too choose
    Camera: S7E,N7 and N4
    TW Launcher: Stock (Briefing)/Modded (Swipe reset)
    1000 additional custom fonts
    Viper4android v2.4.0.1
    Xposed Framework and Installer in Aroma

    Installation Steps
    Root permission and Custom recovery (PhilZ Touch 6.48.4 or twrp- is required for flashing any custom rom so make sure you are done this part.
    Make sure your phone is fully charged to 100%.
    Now follow as below:

    Download the ROM zip and make sure md5sum is matched then transfer to your phone
    Flash odin latest modem and bootloader from here
    Boot the phone into Recovery Mode
    Do a FULL wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System even if coming from a port rom
    Flash rom
    The first boot may take 15-20 min
    After booting up in setting wizard make sure to uncheck diagnostic data

    Please read and search before asking any question that hasn't been asked before and keep this thread clean.
    I am not responsible for any damages on your device.
    If you like to include any piece of this project in your project contact me first.
    How about bugs?
    This is a port rom so expect some bugs due to the fact that all features and mods including in this rom are supposed to be running on a Note7 device and with a different hardware structure. However it was attempted to fix and provide as less bug free as possible for daily use. Here are major known issues for your info:
    • AOD not working properly
    • Some camera mode not working due to hardware limitation

    My source code for ROM Control V2 is here

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AryaMod Note7 Port, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-11-02
    Last Updated 2017-03-17
    AryaMod Note7 Port V2.1


    • Fully Ported Note7 Keyboard with hand writing feature, to enable Sub-symbol go to Samsung keyboard settings>Keyboard layout and enable Alternative characters
    • Fixed Emoji on 3rd party keyboards tested on SwiftKey and Google keyboards
    • Fixed USB Plug/Unplug Wake Screen Toggle
    • Fixed Ambient Display Toggle
    • Fixed Scheduled Message
    • Fixed Setup Wizard Crash after adding user
    • Added Galaxy Icon Themer
    • Added DPI Switcher the rom supports values between 420 to 480 DPI
    • Fixed all CSC mods in Aroma
    • Updated Contact to a multilingual package
    • Enabled Google Assistant from Pixel natively, no need any module. Updating Google app would break this feature
    • Added TW launcher swipe reset in Aroma, choose between stock with default briefing app or modded with custom app/shortcut

    AryaMod Premium Sound Control is not included in order to keep the rom zip as minimal as possible. Just download once and flash it after flashing the rom zip. Wipe is not required.


    Mirror 1 by Romhut
    Mirror 2 by Mega
    Mirror 3 by AFH
    MD5: 200b536cd282bcd037c98909b26b3994

    Fix and Add-ons:
    courtosy @karkasss


    Downlad AryaMod ROM Note7 Port V2.1

    Grab it here

    AryaMod Premium Sound Control

    Check this link

    Downlad AryaMod ROM Note7 Port V2

    Grab it here

    Downlad AryaMod ROM Note7 Port V1

    Mirror 1 by Romhut
    Mirror 2 by Mega
    Mirror 3 by AFH

    MD5: 6671f3eadf3d8134424bf4cc1b9d1d73
    11 November 2016
    AryaMod ROM Note7 Port V2.1
    6 November 2016
    AryaMod ROM Note7 Port V2
    2 November 2016
    AryaMod ROM Note7 Port V1
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