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    Welcome to AryaMod ROM Port Series


    First of all I should appreciate following people @tdunham, @rompnit, @xperiacle, @daxgirl, for their non-stop support, contributions and being wonderful people around in XDA
    And also people who have directly/indirectly helped me in this project who are:
    @darkera13 for CSC pack and support for all variants and some other fixes on porting roms, please thank him in his original thread
    @Chainfire for SuperSu
    @amarullz for Aroma Installer
    @daxgirl & @Wuby986 for sharing a wonderful project; ROM Control App [App][Code project][5.0+]Rom Control app for devs
    @Ticklefish for his cool tool
    @not-i for his helps and being a great developer inspiring with his Sweet Rom
    @MattBooth for amazing OTA Updates
    @gharrington for 3Minit battery mod
    @David 617 and @Grarak for Kernel Adiutor
    @Eleo for his amazing contribution, help and support
    @dkonect for providing friendly solutions for users
    @venkat kamesh
    @lijianjunyonghu (Norma ROM Dev)
    And everybody using this ROM :) Please let me know if I am missing your name on credit section.​


    General Features
    - Android M 6.0.1
    - Based on G935FXXU1APEK Official Firmware for GALAXY S7 EDGE (SM-G935F)
    - Included LssKernel V3.5UX for all Supporting Variants thanks @lss1977 for open source kernel :victory:
    - Added Note 5 features
    - Rooted with Superuser 2.78 (System Mode)
    - Optimized, Deodexed, De-Knoxed
    - Installed Busybox 1.24.2-Stericson
    - Init.d Support
    - Debloated
    - Multi CSC, 173 sale codes
    - Aroma Installer
    - ROM Control V2
    - Sound Control
    - OTA Update
    Updated for SDK 23
    - Applied July security patch fix
    - Fixed NFC
    - Fixed T9 Dialer
    - Fixed Spen Direct and Handwriting
    - Fixed S Planner edit crash
    - Fixed Movie Editor
    - Fixed Auto Call Record sometimes not recording
    - Supporting all snapdragon variants (except sprint)
    - Extended Power Menu
    - Disabled Signature checks
    - Enabled "Choose app to complete action"
    - Enabled all apps in Multiwindows
    - Working private mode
    - Added Autostart management in settings
    - Statusbar clock and date style in Settings>Date and time
    - Statusbar network traffic in Settings>Display
    - Dashboard favorite column number in settings increased to 4
    - Increased favorite QuickSettings Maximum number to 16 tiles
    - Enabled outdoor mode toggle in Settings>Display
    - Enabled Display scaling in Settings>Display
    - Added ListView animation in Settings>Display
    - Enabled Touch key light duration option in Settings>Display
    - Added LED indicator settings in settings>display
    - Increased animation scales array in settings>development option>animation scales or from ROM Control>phone mods>advanced function menu
    - Enabled "Device Status Official" - Removed SysScope dependency
    - Added ROM info in Settings>About Device>Software info
    - Fixed scroll capture black screen after screenshot
    - Enabled Users settings
    - Enabled Smart Manager icon in app drawer
    - Added Torchlight Settings
    - Modded Messaging App
    - Enabled Identify unsaved numbers, show info about unsaved phone number on the call screen and in the Phone log
    - Disabled Volume Warning on Headphone
    - Updated 3minit battery mod
    - Full transparency for statusbar bg while power saving mode is activated
    - Removed Alpha Channel from Statusbar Icons
    - Added Notification Panel Date Gesture: SinglePress opens clock settings and LongPress opens Alarm
    - Added Multiwindows toggle
    - Added Floating message (settings and toggle)
    - Added Toolbox supporting up to 12 apps
    - Added Swipe reset
    - Added Chinese keyboard for TGY abd BTI CSCs
    - Added Kernel Auditor-Mod (built from source)
    - Added Omini switch, amazing multitasking app
    - Added UPSM Manager
    - Added GalaxyIconThemer
    - Added 1000+ custom fonts
    - Added FasterGPS for better GPS lock based on region
    - Added Adaway
    And maybe more that I cannot remember now...​

    ROM Control
    UI Mods
    - Toggle custom/stock color for Statusbar Icon/Text (switch on for stock colors, switch on for custom colors)
    - Statusbar View
    - Battery bar Settings
    - Toggle between Stock or 3Minit Battery icon.
    - Show/Hide Battery percentage in stock battery icon
    - Hidden Buttons
    - Statusbar Icon Toggles
    - Signal Position
    - Signal Style, immigrate between stock or IOS dot style signal
    - Toggle a global color for all statusbar Icons
    - Set any color for Signal Icon
    - Set any color for Data Icon
    - Set any color for WiFi Icon
    - Set any color for Notifications Icon
    - Statusbar Double Tap, 20+ Assignments
    - Set any Color, Gradient for Statusbar Background
    Notification Panel
    - Any color for for notification panel clock and date
    - Any color for extended panel
    - Any color for header icons
    - Any color for Quick connect panel text color
    - Brightness Thumb (Handle) Color thanks @daxgirl
    - Brightness Progress bar Color
    - Brightness Checkbox Color
    - Brightness Icon Color
    - Brightness Text Label Color
    - Notification bg shape; stock/Rounded
    - Notification bg color set on fly
    - Notification BG Transparency (both round and square)
    - Any color for notifications text
    - Custom image for notification panel background
    - Set transparency for notification panel custom background
    - 17 custom background for qs toggles
    - Overlay any color for toggles background
    - Any color for Toggle ON state
    - Any color for Toggle Off state
    - Any color for Toggle text
    - Hide/Show Toggle test
    - Restore Stock Colors for Notifications panel toggles, clock and date
    - Toggle Ongoing Notifications convert to Removable
    - Toggle Multiuser Avatar (SystemUI restart required)
    - Custom third button in Notification panel header
    - Toggle Single Swipe for Quick Settings Panel from left side
    - Visible Toggles shown in Notification Panel (choose between 4 to 7 toggles, fixed cut off toggle on 7 toggle)
    - Show/Hide Brightness Slider in Notification Panel
    - Data Usage Preferences: Visibility, color and more
    - Show/Hide Data Usage in Notification Panel
    - Notification panel Carrier label
    - Device info customization on Notification panel
    Phone Mods
    - End Call Delay
    - Toggle Call/Record Button in InCallUI
    - Set any Image, Color, Gradiant for InCallUI Background
    - Incoming Auto call recording
    - Outgoing Auto call recording
    - Advanced Function Menu (hidden settings)
    - Power Extended menu (toggle 10 option)
    - Set any Image, Color and Gradient for Power Menu Background (use portrait images)
    - Customize hard key buttons
    - Home Button Settings
    - Toggle Home wake
    - DoubleTap Assignment
    - DoubleTap Application
    - LongPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Application
    - Left Capacitive Key
    - ShortPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Application
    - Right Capacitive Key
    - LongPress Assignment (20+ choices)
    - LongPress Application
    - Toggle Torchlight in lockscreen
    - Torchlight timeout
    - Volume Key Cursor Control
    - USB Plug/Unplug Wake Screen
    - Toggle Ambient Display
    - Toast Animations UI Framework
    Sound and Dialogs
    - Volume Rocker Music Control
    - System Sound toggles
    - Full battery notification
    - Low battery notification
    - Toggle Mobile Data popup
    Launcher Mods
    - Toggle Wallpaper Scrolling for TW launcher
    - Added Dark Font for TW Launcher
    - Touchwiz Page Effect (7 effects)
    - Swipe reset: Select any activity for left-swipe app target
    - Gesture anywhere on Homescreen: Double tap, Swipe Up, Swipe Down (15 actions)
    *** Swipe up gesture has the same action as left capacitive key so specifying recent apps action for the left capacitive would be the same for swipe up gesture on homescreen
    Lockscreen Mods
    - Lockscreen Display Timeout
    - Switch Lockscreen Rotation
    - Lockscreen Carrier
    - Lockscreen Clock and Data Color
    - Lockscreen Clock and Data Font, style and size
    - Switch Swipe Screen Text in Lockscreen
    - Switch Connected USB/Charger text in Lockscreen
    Other Mods
    - Toggle to bypass Email Exchange Security on Stock Email App
    - Choose number of columns in settings (single, dual)
    - Show/Hide QuickSettings Favorite
    - Settings dashboard text size
    - Settings Favorites text size
    - Settings edit Favorites text size
    Useful Apps
    - OTA Updates
    - Kernel Aduitor
    - Toolbox Settings
    - UPSM Manager
    - SuperSu
    - Faster GPS
    - Galaxy Icon Themer
    - Adaway
    - OmniSwitch
    - Emoji Switcher

    AryaMod Premium Sound Control
    Beat Audio Settings
    Viper4Android Settings
    Dolby Atmos Settings

    Note: Switch off Beats Audio and Dolby Atmos on speaker

    Aroma Setup
    - MultiCSC: 175 sale codes
    - Defualt CSC is set to BTU, United Kingdom in Aroma
    - CSC Features:
    • LTE/4G Data Icon,
    • KB Subsymble,
    • Browser Exit Menu,
    • Browser Home Option,
    • Browser Exit Popup,
    • Call Button,
    • Block Menu in Settings,
    • Data Usage View On Quick Panel,
    • Swipe Notifications to left to block
    - Choice of camera
    • S7Edge
    • Note7
    • Note4
    - Choice of SystemUI
    • Stock
    • IOS style statusbar with round notifications in Aroma
    - Sound mod
    • AryaMod Premium Sound Control
    • Viper
    • Stock, Sound Alive
    - Smart Manager
    • S7Edge
    • C style
    • Note7
    • Stock grid
    • 6Dock and 5x6 App Drawer, smaller icon
    • Note7
    - Choice of Emoji: 6 choices


    Root permission and Custom recovery (PhilZ Touch 6.48.4 or twrp- is required for flashing any custom rom so make sure you are done this part.
    Make sure your phone is fully charged to 100%.
    Now follow as below:

    Download the ROM zip and make sure md5sum is matched then transfer to your phone
    Flash odin latest modem and bootloader from here thanks @dkonect and make sure it's updated correctly
    Boot the phone into Recovery Mode
    Do a FULL wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System even if coming from a port rom


    Flash rom
    The first boot may take 15-20 min
    After booting up in setting wizard make sure to uncheck diagnostic data

    Or simply follow this YouTube guide. Curtosy @android.zealot.fervor for this review and nice guide


    If you don't follow the instruction and post an issue you got do not expect any respond. And if you keep posting your issue you would be reported due to spamming and misleading other users.
    Please read and search before asking any question that hasn't been asked before and keep this thread clean.
    I am not responsible for any damages on your device.
    If you like to include any piece of this project in your project contact me first.
    How about bugs?
    This is a port rom so expect some bugs due to the fact that all features and mods including in this rom are supposed to be running on a S7Edge device and with a different hardware structure. If you are looking for a bug-free rom then you cannot found it here.
    • NFC
    • AOD not working properly
    • Sound alive
    • Some camera mode not working due to hardware limitation
    • Hotspot
    • Gallery event


    My source code for ROM Control V2 is here

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AryaMod Hybrid Port, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On: Note5, S7Edge

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2016-05-22

    Created 2016-06-02
    Last Updated 2017-03-17


    21st August 2016
    AryaMod V6.4 S7Edge Port

    18th August 2016
    AryaMod V6.3 S7Edge Port

    7th August 2016
    AryaMod V6.2 S7Edge Port

    20th July 2016
    AryaMod V6.1 S7Edge Port

    3rd July 2016
    AryaMod V6 S7Edge Port

    18st June 2016
    AryaMod V5 S7Edge Port

    1st June 2016
    AryaMod V3 S7Edge Port

    26th May 2016
    AryaMod V2 S7Edge Port

    22th May 2016
    AryaMod V1 S7Edge Port

    Previous Releases

    Note5 Port 5.1.1
    Full Features

    16 March 2016
    AryaMod V1.4 Port V2

    06 March 2016
    AryaMod V1.3 Port V2

    02 March 2016
    Early Update
    How to use and setup Swipe reset mod? check here

    Data signal is not stable? Settings >Privacy and safety >Turn off Report diagnostic info

    Not receiving notification for some apps (like whatsapp)?
    To receive apps notification switch on for apps in RAM section of S7Edge and Cstyle smart manager. Though for Note7 smart manager it should be switched off in battery section. Little tricky.
    AryaMod V6.5 S7Edge Port


    General Changes
    - LSSKernel Updated to 3.5UX
    - SuperSu 2.78
    - Fixed NFC thanks @lijianjunyonghu (Norma ROM Dev) for sharing this fix
    - Added Notification Panel Date Gesture: SinglePress opens clock settings and LongPress opens Alarm
    - Updated Music and Video apps
    ROM Control Changes
    - Fixed Music control applying changes on fly
    - Added Notification Panel Data Usage Preferences: Visibility, color and more
    - Added Toast Animations UI Framework thanks @thereassaad
    Aroma Changes
    - Note7 Camera added to camera choices (now 3 options)

    -The rest is same as V6.X


    Grab it here or from OTA Update
    MD5: 022121911a15344b5866f57f483d4c93

    ProjectGrace_NoteUX: download from OTA Updates>Addons. There is no changes from the previous ProjectGrace pack(6.3) except that music and video are moved to rom zip (official update by Samsung). NoteUX Message app would FC on scheduled message, if it's important feature for you then remove message app (SecMms_Epic_Common) from zip before flashing ProjectGrace_NoteUX zip.
    AryaMod V6.1 S7Edge Port


    General Features
    -Included LssKernel V2.11b for all Supporting Variants thanks @lss1977 for open source kernel :victory:
    -Updated Superuser to latest stable version 2.76, System Mods
    -Updated busybox to latest stable version 1.24.2-Stericson
    -ROM Control V2, totally new app based on a source code shared by my dear firends @daxgirl and @Wuby986 :highfive: my source code link is attached in OP
    -Applied July security patch fix
    -Fixed T9 Dialer
    -Fixed Spen Direct and Handwriting
    -Fixed S Planner edit crash
    -Fixed Movie Editor
    -Fixed Auto Call Record sometimes not recording
    -Added call back No., Sender information when forwarding, MMS delivery time, Copy to SIM, Reply all, Sending MMS on mobile data off, Priority In Stock Messaging App
    -Updated Toolbox
    -Updated OTA Updates

    ROM Control Changes
    UI Mods
    -Toggle custom/stock color for Statusbar Icon/Text (switch on for stock colors, switch on for custom colors)
    -Toggle a global color for all statusbar Icons
    -Set any color for Signal Icon
    -Set any color for Data Icon
    -Set any color for WiFi Icon
    -Set any color for Notifications Icon
    -Set any color for Stock Battery Icon
    -Set any color for Stock Battery Icon Charging Bolt
    -Set any color for Stock Battery Percentage Color
    -Show/Hide WiFi in/out arrows
    -Statusbar Double Tap, 20+ Assignments
    -Set any Color, Gradient for Statusbar Background courtesy to @daxgirl :good:
    -UI Style, immigrate between stock or IOS style statusbar with round notifications
    Notification Panel
    -Show/Hide Brightness Slider in Notification Panel
    -Show/Hide Data Usage in Notification Panel
    Phone Mods
    -Toggle Call/Record Button in InCallUI
    -Set any Image, Color, Gradiant for InCallUI Background thanks again and again dear @daxgirl :fingers-crossed:

    Aroma Changes
    -Added TMB and XSI CSC to Aroma (175 CSC in total)
    -Choose stock or IOS style statusbar with round notifications in Aroma
    -Added Viper Only option in Aroma/Sound Mods, now choose between Stock/Viper/All in One
    -Fixed all CSC User Mods
    -Added Enable/Disable Swipe to Block Notification in Aroma (optional)
    -Defualt CSC is set to BTU, United Kingdom in Aroma
    -Removed all CSC related bloats
    -The rest is same as v6


    Grab it here
    MD5: 66f54205940ac61b528afb7cb57d93cf

    NewUX Repacked for AryaMOD V6.1
    Download here thanks @karkasss

    • If you like to include any piece of this project in your project contact me first.
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