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Jan 30, 2017
ROM: Working link is in the comments.
TWRP: Working link is in the comments.

*This ROM is based on the stock Samsung OneUI firmware.
*This ROM is currently in testing. So please proceed with caution.
*This ROM must be installed via odin mode.
*The bootloader on the device must be unlocked to use this ROM.
*This ROM doesn't include built-in root.
*Once you have tested this ROM, please make sure to provide feedback ASAP in the comments section of this thread.
*You may also suggest me to remove some more stock features or re-add some stock features that I have removed in the comments section of this thread.
*I am not responsible for what you may do to your device.
*If your device gets bricked, don't come and accuse me for wrecking your device.

*11-19-2020: Links removed due to incorrect .tar sizes. Working builds links are in the comments.
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Jan 30, 2017
How does one unlock the bootloader on a Samsung device??
Install instructions??
To install the ROM via Odin mode, you need a Windows computer and at least Odin version 3.13.3
Once you are in Odin, select the .tar file through the AP section. For bootloader unlocking, look on XDA in the Tab A forums for the bootloader unlock instructions.
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Jun 11, 2009


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    You guys are fast to edit a someone's speech but can't clean this thread up?
    If you have issues with posts in this thread, use the Report button. The only problems I've seen thus far have been your posts - you're rude, demanding, and abrasive. Perhaps you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules linked in my signature before you continue posting in such a manner.
    Is a TWRP root version of this being worked on? Having TWRP would be great as it provides a lot of great features.

    I was able to root my SM-T290 using Magisk Manager and a collection of random instructions from different parts of the internet.

    The purpose of rooting my device was to operate Kali Nethunter and its modules in which root access is needed.

    I do not take credit for this, I am simply aggregating what I found during my experience of trying to root my device.

    Furthermore, at the time of writing, doing all the steps will have your ctsProfile set to false, which I believe means you can't do certain banking functions, etc. I've tried numerous guides online to attempt to fix it, but none have worked. They all just unroot the device and I have to do a quick root with Odin since I saved the files from all the steps.

    Needed Items:
    • Cable to connect SM-T290 to PC
    • microSD card
    • Ability to connect microSD card to a PC
    • Paperclip or pinhole stick to open slot on SM-T290
    • Linux (VM is not needed if you don't have one. You can use the Windows Linux Subsystem & obtain Ubtunu from Microsoft Store)
    • Stock Firmware


    Install the drivers for your device on your computer. You can google this or connect it to the computer and let it install them on its own.


    Before you can do this, you need to enable developer options.

    1) Go to Settings
    2) Go to About tablet
    3) Go to Software Information
    4) Click on Build Number repeatedly. You will see a message at the bottom saying X amounts of taps remaining to enable it
    5) Go back to Settings
    6) At the bottom, you'll see Developer options, click it
    7) Locate OEM Unlocking and enable it. Accept the warning is given, if it is shown
    8) Scroll down and locate USB debugging and enable it

    You've now enabled OEM Unlock & USB debugging.

    9) Turn off the device.
    10) Connect the USB cable to the computer. Do not connect it to the device yet
    11) Press and hold the Up & Down volume buttons at the same time
    12) While holding them down, connect the other end of the USB cable to the device
    13) A warning screen should show up prompting about the risk of unlocking the bootloader
    14) Press and hold (Long Press) the Up Volume button

    Your bootloader should now be unlocked. You can confirm if this is the case as every time you boot the device, you'll receive a bootloader warning.

    Download Stock Firmware

    You need a copy of your stock firmware. First, you need to look up what version you are using.

    1) Go to Settings
    2) Go to About tablet
    3) Go to Software information
    4) Find Build Number and write down the portion after the bulk of numbers, ie. T290XXS3ATC2
    5) Go to <I can't enter a URL since I don't have 10+ posts>. Google SFirmware Samsung SM-T290 (I do not own this site nor do I know how the firmware is obtained. Due to this, I don't store anything personal on the rooted tablet)
    6) Find the build number matching your tablet and its country
    7) Download the files to your computer

    File Modification Needed Towards Root

    1) Unzip the file downloaded
    2) On your Linux VM or Linux Sub-Windows System, go to the folder where the extracted files are at
    3) Find the AP*.tar.md5 file
    4) Extract its contents using the following command: tar -xvf <filename>
    5) Decompress the following files from the extracted AP tar file: boot.img.lz4, recovery.img.lz4, and vbmeta.img.lz4, using the following command: unlz4 <files>
    6) Add the newly decompressed files from the last step into a new tar file, using the following command: tar -cvf pre-processed.tar <files>
    7) Copy the newly created tar file named pre-processed.tar onto a microSD card
    8) Insert the microSD card into the tablet
    9) Using Files, copy pre-processed.tar from the microSD card to the Downloads folder on the Internal Storage. (This step may be optional, but I did this anyway).
    10) Install Magisk Manager on the tablet. The software can be found here: <I can't enter a URL since I don't have 10+ posts> Google Magisk Manager
    11) Open Magisk Manager
    12) You will see it says Magisk is not installed, to the right there is an Install button, click it.
    13) You will be prompted if you want to install it now, click Install.
    14) Navigate to the pre-processed.tar file in Downloads and let it do its thing.
    15) It will process and say it generated a new file, which can be found in the Downloads folder called something like magisk-patched.rar
    16) Copy that file back to the microSD card
    17) Copy that file to your computer
    18) Extract its contents using the following command: tar -xvf post-processed.tar
    19) Go into the new directory containing the extracted content and be sure to add post_ in front of each file there
    20) Copy the files to the AP folder which you created the pre-processed.tar files from.
    21) For post_boot.img and post_recovery.img (not post_vbmeta.img), perform the following command in Linux for each:
    22) Delete the post_boot.img file to prevent any confusion
    23) Delete the post_recovery.img file to prevent any confusion
    24) Delete the vbmeta.img (original) file. Find post_vbmeta.img and rename to vbmeta.img
    25) Create new AP tar file with all original extracted files in the AP folder, except replace the following:
    boot.img.lz4 -> boot.img (of= file from last step)
    recovery.img.lz4 -> recovery.img (of= file from last step)
    vbmeta.img.lz4 -> vbmeta.img (from post-processed.tar generated by Magisk)

    Remember the command to create a .tar file is tar -cvf AP-Patched.tar <files>

    Odin & Root

    1) Download Odin if you don't have it already have it from <I can't enter a URL since I don't have 10+ posts> Google Odin3
    2) Boot your tablet into download mode. (Device Powered Off -> Power + Up Volume -> Recovery Mode -> Download Mode)
    3) Connect your tablet to your computer
    4) Open Odin and load the files one by one from the downloaded stock firmware. The only difference should be the AP file which should be the newly created AP-Patched.tar file.
    5) Start it & let Odin do its thing.
    6) Once it's done and the device has restarted, you can check Magisk Manager.
    7) If you see Magisk is up to date with a checkmark, congratulations, you now have root access.

    Hope this helps folks out as I spent about 2-3 days trying to figure everything out.
    I too have this same black screen problem. I just recently posted over on the TWRP 3.5.1 thread here. How I got into this mess is that I tried flashing the TWRP v3.5.1 to my brand new Costco (link) SM-T290NZKCXAR using Odin3 vs 3.14.4 by checking the AP box and putting the TWRP v3.5.1 in the original top post in text area. When it finished successfully, my screen turned on (backlight illuminated) but black and vibrates when touched. If I turn it off by holding the power button, it turns on again to this same state. Odin v 3.14.4 seems to recognize it as COM 1 sometimes (and when it does, Windows shows it as a device in the device manager). When I attempt to hold the power, vol up and vol down buttons to reboot into download mode (perahps im not doing it correctly) it will "reboot" into the same black screen/illuminated background state but without Windows or Odin detecting it. If it helps my serial number begins with R9 and I just bought it from Costco yesterday ($111 with tax / on sale for $99) Any thoughts or ideas appreciated and happy to answer questions or provide more details. thx in advance!
    Turn off tablet.
    Connect usb cable to PC, but NOT to tablet.
    Press vol up + vol dn keys and hold them down.
    Insert usb cable into table while holding down keys.
    You should see a screen with text on it. Release keys.
    Follow directions on screen.
    Here is a TWRP test build for the SM-T290 model only:

    Please test this out and give me feedback. Thank you!
    Well, the SM-T290 can handle ROMs. But only Project Treble enabled GSIs will work on it. So far, I’m trying to figure out how it could be installed through Odin without TWRP. Because Samsung devices doesn’t have a proper bootloader to be able to accept fastboot commands.

    Actually, my T295 has a fastboot option. I discovered it by accident. I modified the system.img file (new bootani*.qmg files). But, it would not boot. I got an error msg. When I did the vol up + vol dn + pwr keys, I ended up in a menu that showed a fastboot selection. I tried selecting it, but since my system.img would not boot, I could not get into it. Nor could I get into recovery, etc. So, I selected power down. After tablet was off, I could get into download mode.