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{ROM}{UB}{TWRP}{7.1.1-7.1.2} Xperia X Concept builds v4.0

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May 30, 2017
Only uninstalled the Viper4android ' app '. Viper Driver is still running on the phone... The New found viper's fx app is quite easier to use and to config (for me)... Because it's in German and you can choose setting modes...
It works fine so far...


May 30, 2017
By default if you flash concept ROM you can install viper4android there and it will be included automatically on the walkman music player. Just make sure SELinuxModeChanger is grantes superuser and is on permissive mode.

Why did you uninstall default viper4andriod for Concept ROM? Was it not working?

Only uninstalled the Viper4android ' app '. The default Viper Driver is still running on the phone... The New found viper's audio fx app is quite easier to use and to config (for me) because it's in German and you can choose setting modes (simple,..., expert). The missed option to install or check driver in viper's audio fx is a deficit so i ve choosed to let the driver installed. Afterwards I can't update the driver now :eek: omg. Should restore Viper4android, or looking only for driver updates to install /flash?? Is there a way to get an update patch?
It works fine so far...
I love it simple and clean but the quality must be present, within the viper's fx app i got all in one -1??
For simplicity and clearing i deleted the concept default Viper4android app.


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Jun 25, 2017
Sorry, forgot to choose the second Screenshot...

I don't know how you can make the german version work for the music app settings but if you want to install the viper4android from concept rom you can just flash the rom again just don't wipe your internal storage and data so you don't lose your files and apps.
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Jun 6, 2017
Known issue:
1. Music control: Cannot shuffle songs using long press on Volume+ button on my SONY ex750bt Bluetooth headset.
2.Certain apps crash at start repeatedly.(sorry I can't upload any logs)


New member
Aug 5, 2017

Anyone can encrypt your internal storage with Concept builds?
I have try many times, without any encrypt process then back to original Concept builds rom.
Nothing happened.


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Jun 9, 2014
Hi guys! I'll present you new 4.0 build with various modifications maded by me and @runels
short changelog:
- new xperia home
- new dialer with FF mod (big thanks to @FreeFlax for his work)
- some modifications on Camera (unlock some settings)
- updated some apps
- nfc work on unlock display with locked lockscreen (thanks to @runels)
- UI, Framework, System and Recent panel modifications with Concept Control
- Fix track swicher
- some fixes and improvements

I recomend do a clean install for this build becouse so many modifications on /system

so enjoy

El Brillantinas

Senior Member
Sep 3, 2011

Flashed twice latest version (4.0), made a full wipe the two times. FC constantly, "Android version keeps stopping". I'm not able to go home launcher, this message pop ups every time I press home button.
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El Brillantinas

Senior Member
Sep 3, 2011
Do a clean install?
Use 3.0.2 TWRP? The only one works well for this rom

Ha! you should be right about TWRP, I'm using a previous version.

Will update it and reinstall ROM. Will report soon.

Edit: Actually, I'm using TWRP 3.1.1, a newer version. Could this really be the cause of the problem?
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    A SONY Xperia X Concept builds v4.0​
    Suzu F5121 (single)​
    Hi Everyone! Today i have crafted a Sony Stock Concept ROM for F5121. So feel free join to Concept team with this ROM.

    - Rooted, DRM-fix, SuperUserMod and Custom Home with double tap to sleep
    - Init.d and busybox support
    - Init.d tweaks for better batery life..

    - and of course Concept Control with various modifications

    Install Section:
    1. Download .zip and Copy to SDCard
    2. Flash recovery.
    3. Go to recovery and make wipe (/system /cache /data /dalvik cache)
    4. Install .zip
    5. Follow Aroma, reboot
    6. Enjoy.

    DownLoad Section:

    my first build (7.1.1) a latest firmware:


    new Android 7.1.2 build:


    On next update
    @lubik1 as stock 7.1.1 is broken due to overheating and battery drain can you tell me if it is possible to make viperfx and substratum working on concept? If Yes how can i do that?

    Good news - i did it, Substratum now work on Concept ROM.

    todo list - Viper4android
    could you update the ROM to the latest (final)build?

    yes. i have a dump and now build new rom. version - N2G47F19 "bonus" build from SONY devs. I have many plans for this ROM and it's my priority #1 for now. POISON l will update too but later, hope u understand. Can't wait for final build and start modding it! You'd like it! =)
    reserved for mods and etc

    todo list:
    new build 7.1.2
    make worked on both device (single and dual) tested on F5122 and worked fine but only 1 sim
    make worked 2nd sim on F5122 (possible after official release 7.1.2)