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{ROM}{UB}Xperia POISON STABLE v2.4 for XX f5121/5122 Aroma Installer

What changes you want from POISON on next updates?

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Senior Member
Feb 5, 2017
May I know if you can confirm below items for this rom:
1. it works on F5122
2. this rom is not rooted, so I can use android pay directly.
3. this rom already included drm fix. even I lost my drm feature, after flashing this rom, my camera should works properly.
Is my understanding correct?
Or maybe you could just read the description in the first page? The rom is rooted.


Senior Member
May 7, 2015
Cape Town
Haven't tried v2.4 because of the battery drain issue instead used v2.3 from build .69 and it's working perfect so far. Imo performance, battery and especially the heating issues of Oreo are all fixed on this ROM (v2.3).
Haven't encountered any issues as of yet even the fingerprint and NFC functionality works perfectly. Xposed and majority of the modules work fine.

Even Gravitybox [N] works fine on this ROM.

I do have a suggestion though. I'd personally like to see the Oreo Sony Xperia dark alarm clock in this Nougat build if that's at all possible.
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Senior Member
May 7, 2015
Cape Town
I can confirm the weak LTE signal reports on v2.3. Using an Oreo ROM with my phone on the exact same spot yields significantly higher signal with up to 50Mbps down on speed tests vs this Nougat ROM v2.3 Poison that yields roughly 10Mbps down.

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    XPERIA POISON STABLE v2.4 ROM for XX F5121/F5122
    Unlocked BL/Recovery (Aroma Installer)

    Hi everyone! It's my first ROM for XX, so let's try all futures of our Wonderful Phone!
    I Present you Stock-Based ROM with some futures:

    - Deodexed and Zipaligned
    - Init.d support
    - SuperSu included
    - SELinux Permissive
    - Build.prop and init.d tweaks for better batery life
    - Aroma Installer for bouth F5121 and F5122 devices
    - Patched services.jar (SuperUser Mod)
    - kernel DRM-fix, DM-verify, RIC-off

    How To Install ROM:
    First of all You need Back Up DRM-keys by Dirty-Caw Exploit then Unlock Your BL

    1) Download and put .zip to your Phone
    ~~~2) Download and put recovery.img to ADB folder
    ~~~3) Flash recovery.img from ADB (fastboot flash recovery recovery.img) command
    ~~~2) Download Flashable .zip from attachment
    ~~~3) Install via FlashFire (root rights needed)
    4) Go to recovery with pressing Power and Volume - keys from off condition and press bouth keys while entering to TWRP recovery.
    5) Go to Wipe - Advanced Wipe and wipe /data folder, than reboot into recovery and wipe /dalvik /system /cache
    6) Go to Mount - check /system /sdcard1
    7) Go to Install and Install POISON.zip than folow Aroma Instaaller steps
    8) Reboot devide (it shall rebooted twice)
    9) Enjoy

    new Add Stereo (Dual) Incall Speaker Audio Mod by Default maded by me.
    Add recovery script for reflashing TWRP recovery
    Add Audio Mod (optional)
    Fixed some update-binary scripts errors.

    Fixed all issues. All in One .zip now!

    DOWNLOAD Section:

    View attachment twrp-3.0.2-suzu.zip
    POISON update coming soon... based on .217 update
    updated to v2.4 fw194
    Never had a problem with touchscreen, could be related to ambient display. After weeks of use my phone has crashed and rebooted for 3 times total. I believe the sloppy removal of bloat apps is to blame. Agreed, would be nice to have the poison rom debloated these apps cause me a lot of trouble. As you can see the poll won to add more features so I guess OP is working on something

    Her is the debloat script. i use it on all xperia x roms, works like a charme.

    updated to 69 fw and added some modificatiom to SystemUI