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[ROM][UBER][5.1.1][OFFICIAL]OrionLP ROM for I9500!{V1.7}[28/09/2015]

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Feb 28, 2014
This rom is for s4 GT I9500 right ? And is everything working like video recording and IR blaster ? How is the sound quality ?


Senior Member
Jan 2, 2015
No problem. No need to rush. If you can not with the source of gearcm use the cm which is the same as the AICP but has also been updated.


Apr 17, 2015
well... just installed the rom, seem very nice and clean

got 1 thing.... changed the number in---> home screen setting - Dock - Dock Icons
and not i dont have anyway to get to my apps, the App Drawer just GONE !!

what can i do about that ??? dont fell like reinstalling everything all over again =/


Senior Member
Nov 13, 2013
Huawei Nexus 6P
Google Pixel 3
well... just installed the rom, seem very nice and clean

got 1 thing.... changed the number in---> home screen setting - Dock - Dock Icons
and not i dont have anyway to get to my apps, the App Drawer just GONE !!

what can i do about that ??? dont fell like reinstalling everything all over again =/

Go into settings and clear your app launcher data should reset it and show your apps again


Apr 17, 2015
well.. thanks !
but i got it... find out the the app drawer isnt fixed in this rom, it just a widget
so i just add the SlimLuncher from the widget menu


after week of use.. very poor battery life, and got some odd sound in calls, and Bluetooth call just wont work =/ (get and dail, but got cant hear on other side... or other rom everything is ok so the phone is good, something with the rom)
had to switch to different rom
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    Official Google Plus community:-

    Click me

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.


    OrionLP is a project based on slim. The name Orion was chosen as a representation of the beauty and vastness of world around us (Too much Philosophy, eh? :p ). We started this project for falcon (Moto G), to make a stable Rom which would include Bitsyko layers and important customization. The Rom is built with Uber toolchain which delivers awesome smoothness and is packed with a custom kernel built from ground-up to ensure good performance [WIP]. Needless to say, this project is a product of our hobbies and the love we bore for Android.



    *Main Features List* - 
    Bitskyko layers [RRO]
    Quick Settings
    Quick Settings tiles
    Smart pull-down
    quick pull-down
    Status bar header weather and LockClock
    Additional tiles - Music, reboot, LTE, Expanded Desktop, visualizer, headsup, notifications
    Status Bar
    Clock alignment - right and center
    Clock color,font
    Clock seconds
    Am/Pm settings
    Date format, style
    Battery icon mods
    Battery bar
    Notification ticker
    Network activity arrows
    Network traffic
    Double tap to sleep on status bar
    Carrier Label (Single sim only)
    Task Manager
    Slim Pie
    Slim dim
    Navbar dimensions
    Navbar buttons
    Nav Rings
    Virtual arrow keys
    menu key location and visibility
    Double tap to sleep on nav-bar
    Slim dim
    Recent apps panel
    Slim recents
    show only running apps
    Disable search bar in recents
    Clear all FAB
    screen pinning
    Expanded Desktop
    Lockscreen Weather
    Lockscreen visualizer
    Lockscreen shortcuts
    Gesture lockscreen
    Lockscreen wallpaper
    double tap on lockscreen to sleep
    double tap lock icon to sleep
    Kernel Adiutor
    Live Display
    LCD Density
    Ambient display
    Sound and Notifications
    Charging sounds
    Volume rocker music controls
    Heads up
    Force expand notifications
    Notification Light
    true silent mode
    Expanded volume
    unlink notification and ring volumes
    increasing ring volume
    zen mode
    flip to mute calls
    disable volume rocker sounds
    Power/Global Menu
    Dashboard switches for wifi and bluetooth
    Viper4Android Thanks to viper520




    Copy the ROM and Gapps in SD card.
    Go to your recovery - Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache.
    Install ROM and Gapps zip.
    Reboot - 1st boot takes around 3-4 minutes.


    ROM -Download
    Gapps - Gapps


    Latest build -
    27th September - 8th build [1.7]
    Orion Walls
    Contextual Weather panel
    Update APNs
    Single click data toggle, Long click data usage
    Update Uber toolchain
    Allow Viper in enforcing
    Hide carrier label on lockscreen
    icons with toast notifications
    Add Android M sounds
    Fix msim fcs in settings>about
    Fix msim fcs in dialer>settings>subs
    Reduce battery padding for text
    Remove the emergency call label
    Dismiss voicemail notification
    Change lockscreen wallpaper implementation
    Upgrade to r18
    Show running apps in recents by default
    Disable double tap on lockscreen by default
    Enable task manager by default
    Update default walls
    Fix glitches in recents
    Fix dual non-intrusive entries in dialer settings
    device and kernel updates
    Tons of slim updates
    Add cm lock security ( variable grid patterns )
    Live display fixes

    4th July - 1st build [1.0]
    Battery bar
    Weather in status bar
    weather in lockscreen
    layers in settings
    SuperSU in settings
    Expanded desktop
    arrow keys for navigation
    12th July - 2nd build [1.1]
    Slim updates
    Orion Kernel for falcon
    msim fixes
    Orion bootanimation (wip) 
    Add cellular networks in settings dashboard
    set default sim1,sim2, notification tones
    Add smart pulldown to SlimActions
    statusbar ticker
    updated from r5 to r8
    Layers Manager updated
    Added network speed 
    Music tile
    reboot tile
    Non intrusive call UI switch
    add option to disable search bar in recents
    Carrier label (single sim only)
    double tap on navbar to sleep
    Soft reboot
    18th July - 3rd build [1.2]
    Task Manager
    Lock screen shortcuts
    Left clock
    Updated bootanimation
    Enable Advanced reboot by default
    Move screen pinning to recents
    Fix carrier label for msim
    Viper4Audio, removed AudioFX
    Kernel Adiutor
    Add kernel adiutor in settings
    Eleven Music player
    Slim updates
    Clear all positions
    FAB button in recents
    reorganize recents
    Force expanded notifications
    seconds clock
    clock fonts
    volume long press skip tracks
    Enable performance profiles 
    Charging sounds/vibrate
    Notification light
    Notification access
    App notifications
    headsup fixes
    add switches to dashboard
    28th July - 4th build [1.3]
    non-intrusive calls fixed
    Clear all recents fixed
    Rename AudioFX tile to viper
    Remove AudioFx,MusicFx
    Long press lock icon to sleep
    Fix saving default sim
    Unhide unused sim
    Updated kernel [falcon]
    New Bootanimation
    Lockscreen visualizer settings and improvements
    custom dpi value
    Enable unknown sources by default
    Add anti piracy support [Thanks Dave Kessler]
    webview support
    other updates
    10th Aug - 5th build [1.4]
    update to r9
    SlimOTA [thanks to fusionjack]
    updated Kernel Adiutor
    updated toolchains
    new headsup implementation
    slimdim improvements
    fix double tap on navbar to sleep
    update APN's
    return of silent mode
    fix vizualizer
    Gesture Lockscreen
    in-call vibration
    update rro idmap
    slim updates
    optimization in bionic string routines
    device/kernel updates
    24th Aug - 6th build [1.5]
    Nav rings
    heads up tile -my implementation for slim [tile works if heads up is on in settings]
    reduce battery padding
    fix OTA
    Fix recents clear all. Also make bottom right default
    Fix settings>more>cellular networks for msim
    Lockscreen wallpaper 
    Layers type 3 commits 
    prevent audio ducking
    vectorize universe and layers icons
    Power/Global menu
    double tap on lockscreen to sleep
    update lockscreen wallpaper implementation
    remove network arrows toggle
    flip to mute calls
    All lockscreen tweaks added in universe
    disable volume rocker sounds
    rework expanded volume panel
    rework silent mode
    toggle unlink notification and ring volumes
    increasing volume
    Add notification tile and long press option
    Add increasing ring feature
    updated kernel (falcon)
    fixed layers and universe icons
    Android 5.1.1_r13
    tons of slim updates
    device specific updates
    5th September - 7th build [1.6]
    Rename OTA app
    Remove network arrows toggle
    Fix Lockscreen lag
    Orion Wallpapers
    Revert to previous lockscreen wallpaper implementation
    Volume steps
    Data toggle opens detail on clicking
    2nd sim ringtone
    Add cm gallery
    Fix the cellular dashboard switch automatically turning off
    Remove battery saver color [keep the color chooser settings temporarily]
    Fix audio ducking (default player)
    Toggle lock screen bottom shortcuts
    Enable screenshot in power menu by default
    Floating Windows
    Battery saver tile
    Development Shortcut
    kernel updates
    slim updates



    TipsyOS, martinusbe (big thanks)
    Layers team
    Team SOKP

    XDA:DevDB Information
    OrionLP, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

    minidude2012, srisurya95
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: SlimRom

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v1.7
    Stable Release Date: 2015-10-01

    Created 2015-10-01
    Last Updated 2015-10-01
    screenshots here
    @minidude2012 If you are not too busy, would like to post a new build? The slim and gearcm updated sources of i9500 .

    I am trying to release new build ever since switching to gearcm I keep getting to many conflicts sorry build will be released soon but not sure exactly when

    @minidude2012 Would have set in post?
    Click the ram management bar, then click again to return to normal. Is not bug the rom but the function.