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[ROM][UBER][DUI][OFFICIAL] Zephyr-Os 7.0 [23/11]

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Jan 24, 2016
Come on now its written on the first page of every ROM thread. Just in case you missed it, wipe system, data, cache, davlik . Flash ROM followed by the appropriate gapps example open gapps arm 7.0 nano.

Yes, I did exactly the same, still Google apps are force closing... Ii have tried two different gapps but having same issue. Right now I am having modified twrp recovery, can that cause the problem

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    An AOSP-RRO based rom compiled with UBER-TC

    -Carrier Label
    -DT2S on statusbar/lockscreen
    -Quick Pulldown
    -Battery icons
    -Clock & Date customisation
    -Network Traffic indicator
    -status bar brightness control
    -DT2S on navbar
    -recents panel search bar toggle
    -Clear all recents fab (top right/left/center,bottom right/left/center)
    -Hardware buttons action( for HWnavkeys  devices only)
    -Longpress recents button to switch between apps
    -Middle Lockscreen shortcuts(Custom apps)
    -Quick unlock
    -Music seek control when screen locked
    -Volume rocker wake
    -Customize quick settings tiles(add/delete/rearrange)
    -Brightness slider toggle
    -Advanced QS location tile
    -Vibrate on touch
    -Four tiles per row toggle
    -toggle status bar icons
    What else?
    -GESTURES (Hand Wave/Pocket mode)
    -Heads-up toggle
    -Dashboard switches
    -LAYERS for theming
    -Per app expanded desktop control
    -Multi window mode
    -light and dark theme toggle
    -FORCE MOVE apps to SDCARD
    -Download Speeds for your downloads
    -Ability to pause/resume downloads
    - Custom Ambient Display  settings


    Zephyr Nougat Builds
    Zephyr-OS Nougat Folder

    Keep an eye on this!!


    -Let me know.
    -Report bugs with LOGCATS or screenshots only, else it will be considered invalid.

    [CENTER]Sri Harsha[/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Akhil Narang[/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Adarsh-MR (designer)[/CENTER]
    [CENTER]AOSP-RRO(base rom)[/CENTER]

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ZephyrOs- Onyx, ROM for the OnePlus X

    Sarthak Narang
    Source Code: https://github.com/Zephyr-OS

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader, TWRP
    Based On: AOSP-RRO

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2016-06-17
    Last Updated 2016-11-23
    Update guys!
    4.1 Changelog
    - Updated to android-6.0.1_r52
    (Latest security patch)
    - Whatsapp crash fixed
    - Removed layers and added Substratum for theming
    - included masquerade
    - Updated Pulse to newest changes
    - Sliders for Pulse customizations
    - Removed the big "Z" from no recents and added Android N style
    - Added a performance hook on dashboard for kernel auditor settings
    - GPS locking fixed
    - Huge updates on ART & Bionic for optimizations and performance
    - GCC updates
    - Added Navigation bar tile to toggle smartbar/fling
    - ability to filter apps for substratum theming
    - Sanity level for both pulse styles
    - Re-added HW rebinding
    - HW key disabler(requires testing)
    - battery improvements
    - Updated SuperSU to 2.76
    - Added SystemMode superSU
    -Device specific Merges

    If you don't know how to use substratum for theming then please read the posts in Bitsyko Development community


    Substratum is right now in a beta stage which is expected to go for public release soon and so to get the substratum engine you will have to sign up as a beta tester. The link is attached in their community as well
    Points to be noted before using substratum
    - There are not many themes released yet and not many of them are free themes either but since it takes a lot of hardwork to get a theme done please support the developers by buying one of your favourite themes.....the themes that are out for beta testing is also attached within their community so go through it all before any queries
    - Turn off the dark mode when applying a theme
    - To see your Google apps get themed properly you will have to use THEME READY GAPPS

    Sorry For late update :p
    Enjoy!! :D
    Update Guys!
    -Tri-State Fixed.
    -Video Recording(Use Third Party App)
    -Audio Fixed.
    -Upstream Merges


    Sorry For the Late Update tho! Exam Time
    Update Guys
    V4.2 Changelog
    -Device Upstream Changes
    -Pulse: Added fading blocks into anim
    -Added prebuilt Substratum theme engine
    -Unlocked USB data access
    -Organize dashboard in settings
    -Add tint to Privacy guard/SuperSU
    -Add a new banner (changes color depending on the theme applied)
    -Added Paranoid Android battery styles (settings>battery> drop down menu) or pull down the panel and tap on battery icon
    -Completely fixed Whatsapp crash as tested on every device
    -Fixed settings > accounts > google force stop
    -Removed previous battery styles and carrier label
    -Added New Custom carrier label options
    -Reverted non-functional screen recorder

    Hello Guys so here is the update!

    Changelog v4.0 :
    -Duplicate gesture tile removed
    -Unknown model no fixed
    - Update pulse to pulse 2.0 [All credits goes to DU team]
    - Pulse Customizations [DUI] Thanks to resurrection remix
    - Blur/pen mode in Screenshot Crop&Share
    - Rework on HW keys rebinding
    - Fixed bug notifications bleeding to center clock
    - Updates on Smartbar
    - Add colors to navigation Buttons
    - Paranoid Android's Floating window [credits:AOSPA team]
    - Per app Floating window control in settings
    - Fix vortex icon in settings to match any layers applied
    - New Zephyr Fling icon added
    - Dark Mode Updates for Telephony
    - Fix Sim card icon for Layers compatibility
    - Materialise Telecom icon
    - Bug fixes and RIL updates
    - Updates on UBERTC
    - Heavy update on CAF/AOSP changes
    - Tons of bug fixes
    - Added gapps backup tool

    Downloads on AFH now!- https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24591020540824304

    -Cheers! :)