[ROM][(UN)OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for Nexus 6 (shamu)

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Jan 15, 2011
Asus Transformer TF700
Nexus 6
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Dec 20, 2017
Ridiculously minor nitpick, you may want to add a `mkdir -p` on /cache/recovery or the directory it makes underneath it, as if you wipe the cache the recovery directory won't exist and a fresh install will fail as a result. Doing a mkdir to make it and the install sailed through fine


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Jan 13, 2008
A friendly reminder to anyone in the US that uses Verizon (and possibly T-Mobile) you will need to flash LOS15.1 for your phone to work on the network starting on 1/1/2021.

You need IMS (VoLTE), which LOS15.1 is the last version to support this, for your phone to work as 3G will be shut down on the network(s). There is internal documentation that T-Mobile is shutting down their 3G network on 1/1/2021 but nothing has been released publicly. For those on AT&T they will shut down their 3G network 1/1/2022.

Happy Holidays everybody!!
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Mar 6, 2013
Hi. Thanks alot for the rom.. Has anyone tried using this OS with multirom? I tried and it won't boot into my lineageOS anymore. I know I have to flash stock to fix it, I just wonder if there is no way to use this with multirom?
During the multirom installation, do I have to change the kernel?
I picked the 5.0 (default one). Sorry, a newbie here. Thanks in advance.

EDIT : LineageOS 16.0 is my primary OS
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    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock android for your device.

    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit our Wiki.

    Important Info

    Current lineage 16.0 shamu nightlies are based on the N6F27M October 2017 update from google.
    So you should be using the radio and bootloader img from that update.
    If you already have those you don't need to flash them again.
    They can be extracted from the factory image on google's site here.
    Or you can use the ones linked below that I already extracted:


    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VERIZON USERS: Google released a separate October 2017 security update (NGI77B) just for verizon users that has a different radio. So you'll want to flash it. I repeat, THIS RADIO IS JUST FOR VERIZON USERS.


    You can use fastboot to flash the bootloader and radio.

    More information and installation instructions can be found on the LineageOS wiki here.

    Download Links
    LineageOS OFFICIAL: https://download.lineageos.org/shamu
    Latest build dates back to april 1st 2020 and there will be no new OFFICIAL builds as shamu has been promoted to LineageOS 17.1.

    LineageOS UNOFFICIAL: lineage-16.0-20201107-UNOFFICIAL-shamu.zip
    Includes November 2020 Android Security Bulletins.
    Here is its md5sum.

    Google apps: MindTheGapps or OpenGAPPS <= nano

    • When you initially install LineageOS, be sure you flash the gapps package with your ROM. If you boot your ROM, then go back and try to flash gapps after, you're gonna have a bad time.
    • If you are migrating from an OFFICIAL build to the UNOFFICIAL build you have 2 options:
      1. Wipe data and do a clean install of UNOFFICIAL build
      2. Dirty flash thanks to an intermediate MIGRATION build
        First flash the MIGRATION build (lineage-16.0-20200430-MIGRATION-shamu.zip md5sum), boot to it and then flash the UNOFFICIAL build and boot to it.

    SU addon zip: Addon Install zip / Addon Removal zip
    NOTE: LineageOS does not come with root, so this is now provided for those that want it.
    The install zip is a one time flash, like gapps.
    Meaning, it persists when updating to a new LineageOS nightly.


    Builddate: 2019.03.01
    [new] Initial LineageOS 16.0 release

    Known Issues:
    [bug] Trusted voice is not working and probably never will
    [bug] TWRP is not able do decrypt your data if you encrypted it with lineage-16.0
    [bug] IMS is not working - if you need it you have to stay on lineage-15.1

    You're also welcome to use npjohnson's personal builds, but these are experimental, and likely to destroy your data. These builds include GApps, and Pixel-Goodies, among other things -- you'll find no support for these, so please don't discuss these here.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS, ROM for the Nexus 6

    Elektroschmock, Elektroschmock, dwardo
    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2019-03-01
    Last Updated 2020-11-07
    Any chance of lineage OS 17 for Nexus 6 ?
    Just want to know is there any development going on ?

    Yes I am porting android 10 to shamu. But as stated before there could be some problems which could block an official release.

    Right now everything works so far except:
    * de- /encryption
    * seamless upgrade from 16.0

    Lineage official takes a lot longer to update to new versions. You will find a lot of android 10 ROM's son enough, then some unofficial lineage 17 builds, and eventually official lineage 17.
    In other words, look in the threads for other ROMs for progress.
    Bliss and havoc have had a few comments from their developers.

    I wouldn't that say that we take longer - it's just that we have higher standards. ;)
    I don't know how Bliss or Havoc people could know anything about shamu's current development status, as they only take the code I have already pushed to LineageOS's gerrit.
    AFAIK there is no development from their side - so here would be the best place to ask.

    My name is Sam Envattings and I live in a small village in North Europe, and I am quarantained like probably a lot of people right now. Fighting to not become crazy :). I just bought a Nexus 6, I am really looking forward for Lineage 17.

    I would like to ask very kindly ( i don't mean to pressurize anybody ), it just more to aquire to have some insight about the latest development around Los 17. Maybe Electrosmock can tell us something? I hope you kind developpers find the energy and time to support us.

    Kind Regards

    So I finally had some time to work on LineageOS again and managed to fix two of the three remaining blockers for official builds.
    Camera and Decryption should work now. Will need some more testing though.
    Last thing to fix should be selinux policies.

    Dear Wavedashdoc,

    First of all thank you to do the trouble to type a reply:cool:. I am really sorry to hear that Electroschmock is injured. Can we send him money to enlighten his suffering? I am willing to donate 50 euro.:crying:

    Thank you for the information, I will check also AOSIP 8.1:good:

    Thanks for your offer, but it's really not needed. I just smashed my shoulder in a mountainbike accident and it still hurts when working long hours in front of a computer.
    As my pais job is mainly infront of a computer I don't have too much fun working on android in addition.
    Thats's why everything took a bit longer then I hoped it would.
    Hey! Nice ROMs, these Lineage OS 16.0 and 15.1, thanks for all hard work!
    But, can we expect a Lineage OS 17.0 development for the Nexus 6?
    That will be really great!

    I am already working on LineageOS 17.0, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am ever going to ship it.
    I got source code from lineage official repos, built lineage-17.1 shamu for my own test purpose only. It works great, already bump to January security patches myself. Magisk issue has been solved temporarily. Sometimes camera won't get up until system reboots. The battery percentage on status bar never showed up. (My bad, the PIN is alright.)

    WeChat cannot login normally, I grap a log shows
    Big thanks to Kim Le(@Elektroschmock) making great efforts maintaining this.

    You might try this:

    I did that patch a long time ago, but wasn't able to push it.

    I think its quite rude to discuss another build other than the OP's. So I think its time to take it to pm's or make your own thread.

    If it's not going too offtopic I'm OK with it. I can understand that people got nervous because I haven't updated such a long time.

    It's completely related to the thread, I don't see the problem. People are just trying to get the new build working and discussing the issues in the current build thread. I guess what could be done is to make a thread for the new 17.1 build but this doesn't seem offtopic.

    I haven't done a 17.1 thread yet as there are still some bug left which should be fixed before I do a beta.