[ROM][Unlocked BL][V7 02.07.2017] LineageOS BETA (NJH47D) for SGP611/SGP621

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Nov 25, 2010
Sorry for pestering but is there any chance of one last 14.1 build to include LOS updates? Thanks.

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    Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk! Backup your data before flashing! I am not responsible for bricked devices, World War III or your exploding cats!
    Warning: The SGP611 images are not tested, but just built by me, as I do not own the device. But as the two devices are the same except for the 4G Modem, it should work. If not, please let me know.

    As my beloved SGP621 was just collecting dust, I decided to try porting Android 7.1 AOSP onto it. That worked well, so I moved on to CM 14.1 and now LineageOS
    And voila, with a few tweaks here and there, it works (for the most part). But this is still considered BETA, so be warned and flash at your own risk. This will most likely replace the CM14.1 from the thread here, so the Changelog will also be continued on here.

    What works:
    - Display
    - Sound
    - WiFi
    - 4G Data
    - Bluetooth
    - Camera (Taking Pictures and Video works, but focus does not work)
    - NFC (somewhat flakey)
    - LED
    - Magnetic Cover Sleep/Wake
    - Double-Tap to wake
    - LiveDisplay
    - SELinux enforced
    - FM Radio (only minor glitches remain)
    - AptX and AptXHD BT support

    What doesn't work:
    - Audio Volume has some issues (Loudest in the middle of the slider, than does not change after.)
    - QuickCharge (Implementation to high a risk [Overheating], will leave it out for now.)
    - You tell me

    If your battery depletes rapidly, please disable NFC and check if it betters things. Then comment here, so I can look into it.

    Flashing from CM14.1 (This should no longer be needed, as everyone should be updated by now):
    If you have CM14.1 from the other thread installed, and want to upgrade, you need to take special care and follow the instructions here or you could end up with a bootlooping device. Anyways, as always, before you try to upgrade, make a backup. I repeat, MAKE A BACKUP! LineageOS is now enforcing SELinux, which leads to all kinds of complications, but makes the device more secure in the end and is well worth the extra effort needed. So lets get to it then.
    First you need to have twrp recovery, as cm recovery is, for some reason we have not been able to figure out yet, not capable of installing GApps to the device. After that, flash the update.zip any way you want (via SD or sideload) and DIRECTLY after flash GApps (if you use them. If not you should be good to go). If you forget to flash GApps you will end up in a bootloop. But do not panic, it can be fixed by (you may have guessed) rebooting back into recovery and flashing GApps.

    If you installed the recovery to the FOTAKernel partition then, while booting, get your device into recovery mode, by hitting VolUp multiple times once the LED flashes purple. Do so until it turns orange. (If you already have another recovery installed, boot into it.)
    Now select install from adb sideload and from your computer issue:
    adb sideload lineage-14.1-(DATE)-UNOFFICIAL-Lowtraxx-scorpion(_windy).zip

    Lineage 14.1 was tested with open gapps for Nougat 7.1 arm (nano confirmed working, others could be problematic)

    Tips for better battery life (obsolete):
    I installed Naptime to trigger deep doze as soon as the tablet goes to sleep. I also enabled zzmoove cpu gov and noop scheduler in the kernel options. Because of the high display brightness. This leads to me getting standby battery consumption of around 1.2% per hour (measured with GSam Battery Monitor) which is nearly the same amount I got with stock.

    Changelog (LineageOS):
    02.08.2017 - V8:
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android Sources
    - Android June/July security patches
    - Small fixes everywhere
    06.06.2017 - V7:
    - Integrated new RQBalance-PowerHAL and librqbalance from Sony's GIT
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android Sources
    - Android May security patches
    - Small fixes everywhere
    27.04.2017 - V6:
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android Sources
    - Android April security patches
    - Small fixes everywhere
    11.03.2017 - V5:
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android Sources
    - Android February security patches (addendum)
    - Audio volume fixes (finally) thx to @dontbelive
    - Lots of Audio enhancements (but still lots to do)
    - Support for AptX and AptXHD
    - More FM fixes (should be mostly stable now)
    - Sleep improvements and kernel simplification (less log clutter and removal of unneeded drivers)
    05.03.2017 - V4:
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android Sources
    - Android February security patches
    - Updated to newest Sony and QCom blobs (crash fixes for Adreno etc.)
    - FM and Bluetooth now work independent of each other and can be on at the same time (still some glitches)
    - Sleep improvements and kernel simplification (less log clutter and removal of unneeded drivers)
    - Fixed NFC glitch that was introduced in V3
    19.02.2017 - V3:
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android patches
    - Updated to newest Sony and QCom blobs (crash fixes for Adreno etc.)
    - Video recording fixed (works most of the time now)
    - Switched to Open Source GPS implementation
    10.01.2017 - V2:
    - Newest Lineage, Sony and Android patches
    - Update to newest Nougat with Jan Security patches
    - NFC fixes (Worked mostly reliable in my tests and no Log Spam)
    - Many SELinux changes
    05.01.2017 - V1:
    - Switch to Lineage Sources
    - Newest security patches and fixes by Sony, QCom and Google
    - Camera now records video
    - SELinux is now enforced
    - GPS on SGP611 should now work reliably (thanks koron393)
    - Bluesleep wakelock should be gone and device should deep sleep now

    Changelog (CyanogenMod):
    21.12.2016 - V4:
    - Newest CM, Sony and Android sources
    - Security patches
    - Lots of UI fixes
    - Support for SDCardFS
    - Support for LiveDisplay
    08.12.2016 - V3:
    - Updated to Android 7.1.1 (NMF26O)
    - Updated to newest sources (CM and Sony)
    - Added workaround for charging wakelock (thanks rcstar6696)
    - FM Radio works (only if Bluetooth is off, breaks if BT is on while Radio gets enabled)
    04.12.2016 - V2.1:
    - Updated to newest sources (CM and Sony)
    - Added UHS SD-Card fix from koron393
    03.12.2016 - V2:
    - Updated to newest CM14.1 sources
    - Updated to newest Sony kernel and driver sources
    - Integrated Widevine DRM for Play Movies
    - Lots of fixes and enhancements
    - Better battery life
    - Lowered user configurable mimimal brightness
    02.11.2016 - V1:
    - Initial release: Everything except Camera and Radio is working. Camera uses HAL1.

    - Sony, for providing awesome AOSP support on github
    - alviteri for providing me with pointers and help on my porting issues
    - koron393 for the UHS SDCard fix
    - dontbelive for the Audio fixes from his StereoMod here

    There is a Bug in the bootimages of V8, that prevents USB data from working. After flashing the Full ROM, please reboot to bootloader and fastboot flash the corresponding fixed boot.img
    V8 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V8 - GDrive - Fixed Boot Image Scorpion
    MD5: 2ca53a92c40b60be28c0078dd0c2e00b
    SHA1: f5d963eff2b45cb1c52bc74ae7955d9162d17be3

    V8 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    V8 - GDrive - Fixed Boot Image Scorpion Windy
    MD5: 9b223ed474427c8628d0d8904efdf9ca
    SHA1: 0e64a01a8d204e951a1f3c87ed4ba45eec68c919

    Older Downloads:
    V7 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V7 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    V6 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621) Only use if you know how to apply the NFC fix from here
    V6 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611) Only use if you know how to apply the NFC fix from here
    V5 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V5 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    V4 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V4 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    V3 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V3 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    V2 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V2 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    V1 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion (SGP621)
    V1 - GDrive - LineageOS14.1 Scorpion Windy (SGP611)
    December patches are in, build for SGP621 is running. (Crossing fingers and hoping everything works :))
    @lowtraxx did you abandon the ROM? Please give us a short update. A new build with KRACK fix would be really nice [emoji4]

    No, I have not abandoned the ROM. I just got my repaired Tab Z3 back last week. Also I am working hard on porting Oreo to the device. Also (real ;)) work takes precedence and the last weeks of the year are always the worst.
    Status-Update Nougat: I think I found the root cause of the WiFi error that plagued me the last weeks. If so, I will wait for the December Security patches, integrate them and then finally release the new version. Sorry it takes so long, but as stated previously, I have a lot on my plate currently :(

    Status-Update Oreo: It is currently booting into Android, but not much else is working.
    Just an update and FYI for you guys. I am still working on this, and there will be new releases. But my main goal is to get this as stable as possible and in the last few weeks many things in the ROM suddenly broke (due to changes in the blobs, changes Lineage made and other stuff) and I am patching it up here and there. I should get a rock solid build in the next few days (running the RC for it on my SGP621 to put it through its paces). I also added lots of the recommended changes here in the thread and still try fixing the alarm volume issue as well as up the speed performance-wise. So stay tuned ;)