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[ROM][UNOFFICAL][6.0.1][** crDroid **] For Huawei Honor5x (KIWI)

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May 12, 2015
crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on CyanogenMod so use custom kernels compatible with them!
================================================== ==================================================
*** Disclamer***Since you are here, I hope you already know that flashing custom ROMs will VOID YOUR WARRANTY and is a chance to BRICK your device if you're inexperienced.
Do as you think is best, on your own responsibility.​
================================================== ==================================================
Rom Features:
* Volume panel timeout
* Slim recents panel
* Clear recents button location
* Lock app on recents panel
* SlimRoms Heads up (with snooze time, timeout, touch to hide and swipe behavior)
* SlimRoms custom lockscreen shortcuts
* SlimDim (dim navbar icons)
* Ticker notifications
* Navbar on/off
* Hardware keys on/off (in devices supported)
* Power menu in navring targets
* SlimPie controls with all working
* Sound panel option on power menu
* Superuser indicator on/off
* Force expanded notifications on expanded statusbar
* Power menu and notifications tiles
* Four tiles per row
* Vibrate on tiles touch
* Disable quick settings on secure lockscreen
* CAF task manager
* Kill app back button configurable timeout
* Ambient display with a bunch of options
* ADBlocker
* System apps remover
* IME advanced settings
* SELinux switch
* Network traffic meter
* RAM bar in recents panel
* Wakelock blocker
* Battery saver enhancements
* Non intrusive incoming call
* Option to disable battery saver orange bars

PS: All CyanogenMod features are also inside

First time installing crDroid to your 5X, or coming from another ROM:
- Make sure you're running a proper working Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
- Copy GApps and crDroid zip to your internal SDCard
- Boot into Recovery
-Wipe system,data,cache,dalvik cache
- Flash crDroid zip
- Flash GApps zip
- Reboot

Upgrading from earlier version of crDroid:
- Copy crDroid ZIP to your internal SDCard
- Boot into Recovery
- Flash crDroid zip
- Reboo
================================================== ============
crdroid-6.0.1-20160405-kiwi.zip - 407.90 MB
crdroid-6.0.1-20160415-kiwi.zip - 409.04 MB
crdroid-6.0.1-20160505-kiwi.zip - 413.37 MB
crdroid-6.0.1-20160513-kiwi.zip - 408.32 MB
crDroidAndroid-6.0.1-20160825-kiwi.zip - 470.80 MB




If you find this rom useful, please consider donating. Your donation is used to cover costs for computer/energy and a part of time consumption. Your donation keeps my attention to this project.​
Donate Paypal​

Don't expect any support if you
- have installed any mods such Xposed!
- have modified system files

Special thanks:
- Google
- CyanogenMod
- @JustArchi
- SlimRoms
- @kufikugel
- AOSPA (Paranoid Android)
- OmniRom
- NamelessROM
- @0xD34D
- @temasek
- @faux123
- @show-p1984
- @neobuddy89
- @flar2
- @Tasssadar
- @Mazda
[email protected]
- Many others... (if you're feeling upset being out of the thanks list just send a PM )
Hit THANKS if you like the Work

XDAevDB Information:
crDroid Honor 5X

Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid

ROM OS Version: 6.0.1
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2016-05-05
Last Updated 2016-05-13
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Oct 10, 2012
Though downloading for flashing, im still inconsistent. Does this support Fingerprint sensor or try porting it from Nexus 6P ! @jsbeyond


Mar 23, 2016
it is very good Rom and has lots of wonderful features .. Until now i Didn't know How fine is the battery

Sent from my KIW-L21 using Tapatalk


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Oct 7, 2014
I like the rom
volume adjustment steps is inside!! no need of Xposed!
waiting for a stable one because I just have one mobile device so.

my device for the moment has sporadic reboot crdroid and loop on it
do you need syslog or do you know this issue
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Oct 7, 2014
There is an issue with the last build 05052016
I have a smart case when close the cover the device is not going to sleep,
When I press the power button the system goes to sleep mode,
When I open the cover the screen switches on,

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it is very good Rom and has lots of wonderful features .. Until now i Didn't know How fine is the battery

Sent from my KIW-L21 using Tapatalk

The battery life is great
it seems the feature "Battery saver enhancements" works!!

---------- Post added at 02:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:54 PM ----------

Waiting for the today build if it exists :)

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