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[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] CarbonROM for Samsung Galaxy A70

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Sorry to bother, but I did exactly this (used MiXplorer) and copied the apns-conf.xml to my /system/etc and then rebooted the phone but nothing has changed and I am still unable to use cellular data. Is there anything you could suggest?
Manually add an APN. You can call your carrier's customer service number, and they'll guide you.

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    don't say "everything is fine" then, I'll no longer post roms in XDA.
    don't say "everything is fine" then, I'll no longer post roms in XDA.

    This is one of several reasons why Developers leave any given site. While it is ok to report bugs, please include logs if/when you have issues with any development on XDA.

    Cheers and thanks to all for your cooperation: Badger50


    What is CarbonROM?​

    CarbonROM is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project created with the purpose of adding versatility and customization to stock Android. Stability is our highest priority; our vision is to be the best alternative to a stock operating system for your device.


    • Unlocked bootloader.
    • TWRP Recovery, use official one.
    • I recommended installing 2.5 vendors if you're a FOD fan.

    Installation Guide​

    • Reboot into recovery.
    • Tab on Wipe > Advanced Wipe.
    • Check the following partitions that are required to be wiped;
    • Dalvik/ART Cache > Cache > System and Data.
    • Now flash the whole build and your favorite GAPPS.
    • Format Data before booting.




    • In the second post.

    My Blog:​


    That's the common thing on Android... Stop posting weird thing that isn't even related to bug... Go to buy iPhone if u want bugless UI
    No, just return the device to the stock operating system, Android 11 stock and then root the device, debloat yourself and enjoy flawlesness. Custom roms/o.s. will never work better then the stock UI for the A70. This is because not all drivers and software are released from samsung, just the basic so you'll actually be downgrading by moving to custom o.s.
    Stock is bloated heavily, that we all can agree, but, everything works on stock even while rooted with Magisk including passing safety net. Ive also figured out how to upgrade the stock rom without loosing root, magisk, twrp, and ect. No more having to start over or factory reset when updating the o.s. and the steps are very simple. So with that said, remember, these custom roms/o.s. is a work in progress and not meant to be ran as a daily driver, at least not yet. So if your looking for a smooth, flawless U.I. well, stay on stock.