[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11][EAS][SM-T820][SM-T825][2022-05-08] LineageOS 18.1 for Galaxy Tab S3

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Apr 19, 2022
Hi, I've installed the ROM on my SM-T825 through TWRP, rebooted the tablet and everything was great.
Then I started configuring it and I got to the point where it asked me to set a protection.
I chose fingerprint + PIN and, when I clicked "confirm" after typing my PIN when it requested me to confirm it, the settings app crashed.
A message popped up saying "the Settings app doesn't work."
I clicked "close app", turned off the tablet and, when I tried to turn it on for the second time, it got stuck in a bootloop.

P.S.: I can't access recovery
....... , when I tried to turn it on for the second time, it got stuck in a bootloop.
P.S.: I can't access recovery
Download mode still accessible?
If yes it might be worth trying to just flash TWRP via Odin and, when rebooted to recovery, to make a clean flash (incl format data) from SD but this time with LOS19.1 which imo is much better anyway as being more stable.
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Apr 19, 2022
I somehow managed to access recovery and reflashed the ROM.
Now everything's fine and the tablet is usable, but I still can't set a lockscreen.


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Mar 15, 2010
I have a bug report concerning WiFi display/screen casting.

It worked fine in the version 20211219 in which you first fixed WiFi display (tested with a MS Wireless Display adapter). Unfortunately, something seems to have broken the functionality in the next version, since both the February and March versions cannot establish a connection anymore.
I just noticed recently because I hadn't needed the screen cast for a while, but with teaching starting again, I now had to revert to the December version.

I tried to grab a log of the connection breaking down, maybe this could be useful. I'll upload it later from the tablet itself. Would be great to get this working again!


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Mar 15, 2010
Here's the log around the time I tried establishing a connection.

ps: What the hell?!?! I attached the log file four times on two different browsers, upload - save, and then they still don't show up in the post?
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Dec 28, 2008
Big problem with the latest version: random reboots (without using it) until the tablet (825) is definitely dead! Sometimes running out of battery completely, sometimes not. To restart it, power supply inserted, power+vol-+home....... Any kernel-related issues?


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Dec 20, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
OnePlus 8
Hello all,

I updated LineageOS and HavocOS and uploaded them to the forum.
In this update, besides the latest Android sources, I added some more fixes including the fingerprint recognition issue.

Please check the update changelogs, thanks. :)
Thanks for the update! My wifi tab s3 was having black screens after trying to unlock the screen from sleep on the previous version. Seems to be fixed now.
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Dec 7, 2016
Thanks you so much.
I made an update via TWRP, straight flashed without any wipe.
Everything is working fine, before the update I had sometimes that black screen after fingerprint reading, now after a few days that failure is away.
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    Oh no... sorry, I misunderstood again. Now I have it. I tried the disk encryption, it doesn't work as I said. But then what is the general encryption in the lock screen settings?

    I meant a lock screen method like fingerprint, pattern, and pin. :)

    Anybody using this as a daily driver? Is it possible to run S notes with this ROM? Thanks in advance for answers.

    S Note is a Samsung dedicated application. I don't know if it can run on non-Samsung devices.

    S-Pen is working on third-party note applications but you couldn't use its full functionality as much as the Samsung devices do.
    Hi @Ilja Repin,
    a few weeks ago I managed to fixed hardware encryption. Unfortunately I forgot to publish my changes after testing... So I have only my compiled version for now... 😅
    It is based on the sources mentioned in the first post, my changes for device encryption and I disabled debugging by default (can be reenabled in settings).

    Here is the link to my cloud: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgBELbH5Ycnt0RKSPGXy2r0FXd_i?e=F4OVNL

    Of course all credits go to @Awesometic who did a very good job with porting LineageOS!
    I got your answer already. Thanks again! (It's Yes I suppose.)
    Yes. If you are on the latest build, you can dirty flash because the sources are nearly the same. 😉

    I hope you have the LTE version of our device? Otherwise this image would not work. I have not build it for the WIFI version up to now.
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    * Your warranty will be VOID after installing a custom ROM.
    * Get notified yourself that I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it!
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications,
    * and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device,
    * I will laugh at you.

    # LineageOS

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.

    # What's working
    • Display/Touchscreen
      • LiveDisplay
    • Audio playback
      • Quad speakers
      • Headphone/Headset
      • Bluetooth audio
    • Video playback
      • HDR
    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Sensors
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • GPS
    • LTE (SM-T825)
    • WiFi
    • WiFi display
    • Hotspot
    • Bluetooth
    • DRM
      • Widevine L1
    • Samsung Doze
    • S-Pen
      • Palm rejection
    • SD Card
    • Power-off mode charging

    # What's not working
    • Fast charging
    • SELinux permissive
    • Hardware encryption
    • Please see the "Known issues" part of this post

    # Downloads

    ## LineageOS 18.1

    ## Google Apps

    ## TWRP Recovery

    # How to install
    1. Unlock the bootloader.
    2. Download TWRP and flash the recovery image via Odin.
    3. Download LineageOS 18.1 for Galaxy Tab S3.
      • Be aware of the board name.
    4. Download GAPPS for Android 11 and the others you want to flash.
      • Only OpenGApps is tested. (open_gapps-arm64-11.0-pico-20210130-TEST.zip)
    5. Enter TWRP recovery.
      • The first boot to TWRP might be very slow because of the unmatched file systems.
    6. Format the whole system, data, cache partitions using the format menu.
      • You will type `yes` to do that.
    7. Flash the images.
      • If you're going to install GApps or something, you have to install the LineageOS first.
    8. Reboot the system.
    9. Done.

    # Known issues
    • OTG drives may show nothing even if it mounted
    • The side button on S-Pen is working but you must use the proper application that can handle the button event
    • Fast-charging won't work properly, it sometimes works but most of the time it won't
    • Sometimes turning on the flashlight via the quick panel doesn't work after using a camera app
    • Using a camera app may cause reducing the UI performance on a launcher app
    • The tablet rarely reboots with a GMS related error
    • Unlocking the lock screen can make tablets not usable sometimes (black screen)
    • Thank all of you for the feedback

    # Sources

    # Telegram Groups
    • If you are interested in developing this potential machine, please tell me through PM then I will send you the invitation link.
    • If you need a general discussion channel for this potential machine or want to share the news of its Android projects from anyone to everyone, you can join our discussion group chat.

    # Buy me a coffee

    # Credits / Special thanks to
    • Android Open Source Project
    • LineageOS Team
    • @Valera1978 for his amazing previous work including his MSM8996 kernel
    • @supermike86 and @samsuffit for testing LineageOS 18.1 for T820, which is I don't have one
    • @bmwdroid and @cherepanov for confirming the LTE works
    • @sebmue for letting me know that the useful information for palm rejection, and @ghostwheel for sharing its working source codes on Android 9
    • @switchgott for helping me in the development discussion and creating Telegram groups
    • All from our Telegram discussion channel, @EonOfBlack , Sands, David Becker, ...
    • @LuK1337 for giving me a hint to fix the quad-speakers.
    Hi all,

    Finally, I can take a picture with my Tab S3 :)

    But still, there are some annoying bugs about the picture resolution, a flashlight behavior, ... but yeah it is usable when I take something using slightly lower resolution without the flashlight.

    Also, for now, both the LOS camera app and Snap camera are not working well while Open Camera and Google Camera seem to be working well.

    For now, the major problem is that if I use a flashlight in the camera app at least once, the overall GUI animations slow down even I closed the camera app.

    So, when I publish the camera fixed version, at least I will fix this most bothering thing even though I can't fix it all for the camera.
    ## Changelogs
    • 2022. 5. 8
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, April 5, 2022
      • gts3l-common: Switched to use only the MDFPP Keymaster set
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the fingerprint sensor recognition issue on some third-party application
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the Vulkan not activated
      • gts3l-common: Updated awesometic's kernel to v0.9
        • Disabled CPU AutoSMP, as known as CPU auto hotplug
        • Improved stability
    • 2022. 3. 1
      • gts3l-common: Synced with the latest LineageOS source
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the broken hardware button settings
    • 2022. 2. 23
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, February 5, 2022
      • gts3l-common: Enabled triple buffering of SurfaceFlinger
      • gts3l-common: Enabled partitions on loop devices
      • gts3l-common: Implemented thermal HAL, so that we can get the correct temperature from each hardware components
      • gts3l-common: Changed default CPU governor to blu_schedutil
      • gts3l-common: Changed the schedutil properties
      • gts3l-common: Set the default GPU frequency level to 6, which is 133 MHz in idle
      • gts3l-common: Enabled msm_irqbalance, which is from oneplus3
      • gts3l-common: Updated blobs
        • Updated Adreno libraries to v415, which is from daisy firmware (Android 10)
        • Changed media blobs to daisy firmware (Android 10)
        • Changed perf, thermal libraries to oneplus3 one
      • gts3l-common: Reduces ROM size
        • Removed unused camera firmwares
        • Removed unused Samsung specific OMX libraries
      • gts3l-common: Updated awesometic's kernel to v0.8
        • Cherry-picked lots of common upstream patches from LineageOS kernels
        • Added support for WireGuard
      • gts3llte: Fixed ipacm binary working
    • 2022. 2. 9
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, January 5, 2022
      • gts3l-common: Fixed fingerprint working on a third-party app
      • gts3l-common: Updated built-in blobs to T825UBU3CUF1 by ZTO (from Brazil)
      • gts3l-common: Changed dynamic_stune_boost to 10 from 15
        • That value indicates a kind of reactivity of the CPU frequency of the schedutil governor. Generally, 10 to 20 is recommended, but in my test setting that 10 is enough to use the tablet smoothly and also can expect better battery and thermal.
    • 2021. 12. 19
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, December 5, 2021
      • gts3l-common: Fixed aptX, aptX HD working
      • gts3l-common: Fixed WiFi display working
      • gts3l-common: Fixed a download fail problem for some games
      • gts3l-common: Changed the default CPU governor to schedutil
      • gts3l-common: Changed the default I/O scheduler to bfq
      • gts3l-common: Added Dolby audio effect
        • Added that library successfully but don't sure it is working, will investigate that too
      • gts3l-common: Added FlipFlap package for better handling of flip cover flips
      • gts3l-common: Added software navigation bar feature
      • gts3l-common: Enabled ZRAM for 2GB for a 4GB device
      • gts3l-common: Updated awesometic's kernel to v0.6
        • Merged EAS-Project/msm-3.18 and successfully migrated to EAS based kernel
          • Enabled EAS, WALT, Schedtune, Schedutil, ...
        • Added blu_schedutil CPU governor
        • Updated sdfat driver to 2.4.5
        • Updated camera driver
        • Imported/enabled ZRAM with LZ4 compress
        • Imported/enabled BFQ I/O scheduler
        • Optimized memory performance
        • Fixed a flip cover working
        • Maybe more...
    • 2021. 11. 30
      • gts3l-common: Synced with the latest LIneageOS source
      • gts3l-common: Fixed Bluetooth input working including a Bluetooth keyboard
      • gts3l-common: Now it starts to use my custom kernel, awesometic's kernel v0.3
        • Merged android-linux-stable/msm-3.18, which is including up to Linux 3.14.140 patches
        • Merged LA.UM.7.6.r1-07800-89xx.0 CAF tag
        • Replaced the built-in WLAN driver into the CAF one from LA.UM.7.6.r1-07800-89xx.0 tag, which is the latest version
        • Disabled most of Samsung-specific flags including TIMA, KNOX, RESTRICT, ...
        • Enabled F2FS file system
        • Added AutoSMP CPU hotplug feature and enabled by default for better battery consumption
        • Added AdrenoBoost and enabled by default for better GPU performance
        • Added Anxiety I/O scheduler for better I/O performance
        • Enabled TCP Westwood congestion window control by default for better network stability
        • Set CONFIG_HZ to 300 which is recommended in Android devices and it improves overall interactivity and UX with no power cost
        • Now the S-Pen palm rejection is implemented in the kernel rather than the Android frameworks
        • Maybe more...
        • To get the detailed information, please see the third post of this thread
    • 2021. 11. 16
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, November 5, 2021
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the external keyboards' arrow keys working
    • 2021. 10. 29
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, October 5, 2021
    • 2021. 9. 22
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, September 5, 2021
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the power-off mode charging using the Samsung LPM binary
      • gts3l-common: Switched to QTI USB HAL, version 1.2
      • gts3l-common: Cleaned up the keyboard layouts and added the layouts from the latest firmware for Samsung products like the book cover keyboard
      • gts3l-common: Improved power management
    • 2021. 9. 1
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the camera working
      • gts3l-common: Resolved lots of SELinux warnings
      • gts3l-common: Added some props to optimize the video and media performance
      • gts3l-common: Added proper power profiles for better power management
      • gts3l-common: Added a proper thermal-engine config for better thermal management
      • gts3l-common: Change the hotspot location of the pointer arrow
    • 2021. 8. 13
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, August 5, 2021.
      • gts3l-common: Fixed the quad-speakers working.
      • gts3l-common: Disabled WiFi display feature.
      • gts3l-common: Added support for Adaptive Fast Charge.
      • gts3l-common: Added LiveDisplay HIDL to switch the screen modes.
      • gts3l-common: Added the button backlight control menu.
      • gts3l-common: Added the advanced reboot menu.
      • gts3l-common: Changed to the Light HIDL completely.
      • gts3l-common: Changed the stylus pointer icon to the smaller one.
    • 2021. 7. 29
      • gts3l-common: Fixed headphone jack working.
      • gts3l-common: Fixed Bluetooth audio playback working.
      • gts3l-common: Fixed microphone working.
      • gts3l-common: Fixed AudioFX working.
      • gts3l-common: Made hardware touch key, LCD, Touchscreen, S-Pen disabled when the screen turns off.
      • gts3l-common: Fixed DRM working.
      • gts3l-common: Disabled connecting to WPA3 WiFi.
      • gts3lwifi: Fixed Bluetooth working.
      • gts3lwifi: Fixed vibrator working.
    • 2021. 7. 14
      • gts3l-common: Applied the new security patch, July 5, 2021.
      • gts3l-common: Added support for palm rejection for S-Pen.
      • gts3l-common: Added support for the Freeform Window mode of AOSP.
      • gts3l-common: Removed the "Serial console enabled. Performance is impacted..." message.
    • 2021. 7. 4
      • gts3l-common: Changed the default DPI value to 320.
      • gts3l-common: Added new pointer arrow icon for S-Pen.
      • gts3l-common: Moved fingerprint sensor location when the preview screen that is before the actual enrollment a fingerprint.
      • gts3l-common: Enabled automatically brightness by default.
      • gts3l-common: Enabled adjusting haptic feedback intensity menu.
      • gts3llte: Fixed LTE working.
    • 2021. 6. 28
      • gts3l-common: Separated the device tree into 3 parts, common, LTE, and WiFi.
      • gts3l-common: Changed the default DPI value to 360.
      • gts3l-common: Fixed fingerprint sensor working.
      • gts3l-common: No more adsprpcd errors on the logcat.
      • gts3llte: Added missing RIL-related binaries, init scripts and could check the RIL initialized properly. But an error still repeated on the logcat so I think it won't work yet.
      • gts3lwifi: Added support for Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi variants.
    • 2021. 6. 17
      • Initial release
    Hello all.

    I uploaded the new version, including fixing the power-off mode charging.
    I'm using the LPM binary that is from Samsung for the power-off mode charging. When you plug in the charging cable while the tablet turns off, you can see the original charging screen you might see in the stock firmware. :)

    And I tried to fix the Bluetooth inputs and the OTG drives issues but I couldn't. I can reproduce these problems but I cannot find how to fix them for now. But I can confirm that the wired input devices are working such as a keyboard and a Playstation 4 controller.

    Please check out the first post of this thread. :)
    Great news here. The next release will include the fully-working quad-speakers. :D
    And I also have implemented the audio rotation codes for the screen rotation.

    Actually, I already have used it for about 3 days, and I think it looks working flawlessly.
    And, for the alternatives of the Dolby Atmos, I have tested with the Dolby Digital Plus module with Magisk and I can say that it is awesome. :cool:

    The new release will be uploaded before this weekend. :)