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[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][ 5.1.1][Armani][09/11] Carbon Rom R3

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Feb 6, 2013
Hi, I've been tweaking and testing all the ROM, everything perfect, im using "No-Frills CPU" for unleashing the Carbon Kernel power.
Governor: Alucard
I'll be posting the results and the battery life the next months...

But I have a big problem.
SOLVED: XInternalSD xposed module.
I was installing apps trough google play when "Insufficient storage space" notification came up.

I have 500 free mb in the internal-root partition !! (5,72GB TOTAL) Why is this message coming up too soon?

Is there any way to tweak the minium free space that triggers that notification and limitation? Like a flashable or xposed module?

I'll try XInternalSD to move apps to the internal sd... Hope that works...
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Feb 6, 2013
I use Xcooldroid to move apps to SD. From no space to 3GB free.

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Thanks for your answer, vrij.

Hehe XInternalSD is working like a charm. You should try it :) Because internal SD haves a bit more write/read speed than external SD (maybe it's unoticeable in daily-using)

Also xposed framework and lot of modules are working nice.
INTELLI3G XPOSED MODULE Not working (it leaves you with no phone signal)
Nothing to worry about, but obviously it would be nice to switch to 2G when you are not using your phone.
So I'll try [APP][2.0+] Toggle2G (Tasker/LTE/Rootless) [v0.3.5 / 1/13/2013] and post the results here.

I also noticed a little probability that phone freezes+instant reboot if you try to do lot of tasks when phone is "booting" or recently powered on (black screen, bugged recent app list[long-press home], launcher can glitch, etc). So you must keep it calm a few mins after turning it on. After booting up the phone, MAX CPU freq will be limited to 1401MHz. After a few mins, you can change MAX CPU speed to 1689MHz. Kernel probs

Carbon Kernel ondemand governor is not bad, it's working like it's supossed to do (default governor) but I don't specially like it. Im testing SMARTMAX as it seems to be a good option for balanced perfomance/battery.

I'll keep testing and reporting.
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Feb 6, 2013
Be careful about flashing custom kernel to this ROM. Do a TWRP/CWM recovery backup of your full-working and customized ROM, then you can try installing kernels. If something goes wrong, you can still chat and call :)
(1- Wipe Cache+dalvik.
2-Flash kernel zip.
3- Wipe Cache+dalvik)

You can face WiFi not turning on issues (and maybe other bugs). You can even face "system ui has stopped working" problem
Be very careful. Always do backups.

Also CARBON KERNEL seems not 100% stable.
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    About Carbon

    CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Android community and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.

    Please feel free to look at, build, and use our code on CarbonDev GitHub. and on our Gerrit CarbonDev Gerrit.

    We would like to thank CyanogenMod for their device trees, framework/settings mods and their code that was incorporated into this project. We also extend our gratitude to the devs whose code that we have incorporated. Proper authorship has been maintained and can be viewed on our repository.

    Special thanks also go to Slim Rom for some of their features, PA, AOKP, and anyone else we may have borrowed commits from that hasn't been mentioned here. If you feel you have been unfairly left out, please - let us know.

    While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, family, pets, or perception of reality. We ask that you do your part to know your device and know how to recover from problems before you flash! If you have questions, ask your fellow users or ask us in #teamcarbon on freenode IRC.


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    CARBON-5.1.1-UNOFFICIAL-20150911-1517-armani.zip - 269.05 MB



    For a detailed changelog, check out the changes made each night here:

    Carbon Changelog


    We spend an astonishing amount of time developing this software. We can't spend much time on XDA as a result, so if you need support, please try the following:

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    3) Ask a question in your device forum. Someone will no doubt try to help you. Warning: this help may come in the form of telling you it's a dumb question that has been asked before. See step 1 - such are the perils of asking questions when you haven't done the research yourself. Android is about helping yourself.

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    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][ 5.1.1][Armani][09/11] Carbon Rom R3, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: R3
    Stable Release Date: 2015-09-11

    Created 2015-05-09
    Last Updated 2015-09-11
    R3 released

    Carbon ROM 5.1.1 R3
    OTA n Kexec Patch added

    known Bugs
    the mobile data is disabled by default you have to manually add APN setting to make it work

    - Added OTA support (Thanx to Matt Booth for the Awesome app OTA UPDATES)

    - Upstream Updates

    - Fix Lockscreen Touch issues

    - Removed Bricked_hotplug

    - AluCard Hotplug Reworked n adapted to Armani

    - Reworked Thermals

    - Used UBERTC 4.9 for Kernel and ROM

    - -O3 Optimizations (Thanx to JustArchi and this Optimizations)

    ## NOTE ##

    - addons tab will give you FC as its WIP pls wait till its solved

    - Pls Use kernel adiutor app to tweak with the stock kernel
    please developers upload rom andriod 6.0M
    google announced that they launching android vesion 6.0. M on may

    firstly welcome to the forum mate !! njoy your stay here

    secondly wat you posted in your first post was not really a good move we aint google ourselves even if google releases 6.0 in may getting it stable will take atleast a few months so stop asking things that aint possible right now :cowboy:

    peace out :fingers-crossed:
    I am trying this ROM for a couple of weeks and I have to say that it is amazing. But the only problem found is the GPS. I can't get it connected even using GPS+network.

    does anyone know if it's a bug?
    is there anyone else facing this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Waiting for next build R2 was just amazing

    Here is the link of my Recent Test/BETA build try it out n tell me the stats n things i have being busy lately to test things :(