[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1][G800F/M/Y] Bliss Rom 6.2 For Galaxy S5 Mini G800F/M/Y [BETA]

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Jan 8, 2009
Stock marshmallow is out. I guess most of you do not want it on your phone since it is full of bloatcrap - as usual. Neither do I.
Unfortunately i am not able to do it myself, that's why I am asking the devs here if it is possible to exchange the troublesome camera and everything needed to make it work with the stock marshmallow files? Does it make sense at all? Will it help to stop the battery drain many of us experienced after the camera was used or froze or could not be accessed?
Thanks in advance.


Feb 22, 2009
Wallpapers and Ringtones out of Bliss Rom 6.2

Dear Bliss developpers,

I used Bliss Rom for quite some time on my S5 mini, but finally decided to switch back to stock rom 6.01 which was recently publised. After installation of the stock room and having some hurdles with unrooting, my S5 is runing smoothly again. However I miss some wallpapers and ringtones form the Bliss rom, which I have gotten very used to.

Is there a chance that somebody could provide me with the ringtones and wallpapers of this rom?

Would be great - many thanks in advance,

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Nov 9, 2015
Dear Bliss developpers,

I used Bliss Rom for quite some time on my S5 mini, but finally decided to switch back to stock rom 6.01 which was recently publised. After installation of the stock room and having some hurdles with unrooting, my S5 is runing smoothly again. However I miss some wallpapers and ringtones form the Bliss rom, which I have gotten very used to.

Is there a chance that somebody could provide me with the ringtones and wallpapers of this rom?

Would be great - many thanks in advance,

In media/audio are all the sounds. Wallpaper not sure. Have a look around their repo.

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Sep 27, 2016
Hi guys,
I installed yesterday this ROM and I'm very happy with it. Smooth, battery, very configurable.. all perfect.
Only I found a problem.
I cant start Protonmail.
After the installation when I want to open it appears "unfortunately protonmail has stopped"
I tried to change Launcher, no root mode, xprivacy disabled for it, clean installation only with Aurora and nothing..
Really pity.. it's a great ROM.
Someone knows why of this problem? Can I resolve it?



EDIT : I tried to install old versions of protonmail and til 1.11.0 the interface appears but tell me that I have to update the app and I cant use it and from 1.11.1 directy closes saying me "unfortunately protonmail has stopped".
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Hello, I'm right now using the stock TouchWiz ROM, but trying to debloat it. Could anyone please send a Google drive link or zip or anything containing the normal android (not google) package installer from a Marshmallow ROM from the /system/priv-apps directory? It's important that it isn't the folder "GooglePackageInstaller". I'd really appreciate it.

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    This is a unofficial Bliss 6.2 ROM for the Exynos3470 based Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (G800F/G800M/G800Y) by
    hennymcc and CTXz.​


    Although G800F and G800H share the same name they are not related in terms of hardware due to the different SoCs used (Exynos vs. Snapdragon).
    Hence please do not ask for support or ROMs for the G800H.

    Working features
    • Internal Root
    • Brightness slider
    • Option to use soft keys
    • Additional settings (Buttons menu in settings)
    • HW accelerated GUI
    • Camera (pictures+video: Back+Front)
    • MTP storage
    • Flash Light
    • Bluetooth (A2DP, HFP, HID)
    • IR
    • Lock Screen
    • Sound
    • SMS
    • Wifi
    • Mobile Data
    • USB-OTG (Keyboard, Mouse, USB-Audio, Mass-Storage)
    • NFC
    • Hardware sensors (Orientation, Compass, Proximity, Acceleration, Hall sensor, Step counter)
    • Light sensor (needed for auto-brightness)
    • Pulse sensor (preliminary and very inaccurate. Works with Apps like Kardiograph)
    • SD-Card as internal storage (new Android M feature)
    • GPS
    • Fingerprint scanner
    • Recieving Calls

    Non-working features:
    • SELinux

    • You flash this image at your own responsibility. I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing this image (bricked device, lost data, ...)
    • Flashing this kernel image will trigger the KNOX counter, so your warranty will be void.
    • Applications that use KNOX (e.g. "Private Mode") might not work anymore when returning to the stock ROM, as the device is regarded as compromised. Do not flash this ROM if you need those applications.
    • The image is only for Exynos3470 based S5 Mini variants SM-G800F/M/Y.
    • It might be instable, crash your device, drain your battery, or even might damage your smartphone (e.g. if an USB-OTG device drains too much power)
    • Some users reported that their touch-screen stopped working permanently after some weeks of usage. For some user's (two at the moment including me) NFC stopped working permanently. Probably this issues are not related to this ROM as also many stock user's complain about hardware issues (random reboots, black screens, unresponsive touchscreen) but you have been warned.
    • Backup your data before flashing and check if the original firmware is present (e.g. at SamMobile)
    Before you start:
    • Backup your data, like call history, contacts, sms, WhatsApp messages, favourite app settings that are on internal and external sd (by using Titanium Backup or other apps available on PlayStore). At least all internal data will be lost in any case. If you have bad luck you might also loose data from your external sd card.


    Install recovery:
    • Reboot your device into Odin mode: turn off your device, then press Volume-Down + Home + Power button at the same time and release them.
    • Confirm the following warning message with the Volume-Up button.
    • Connect your device to your PC via USB
    • Make sure the device driver's are installed on your PC
    • Start Odin
    • In Odin select PDA and select the recovery image (recovery.tar.md5)
    • Check that only "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" is set
    • Click on "Start": the kernel image should be flashed now and the device should reboot afterwards. By flashing the recovery, your warranty will be void.
    • After the recovery flashing process was successful, power of your device. If not restart into Download mode and flash again or flash the stock rom.

    Before you flash:
    • You need the latest TWRP recovery (see above). Otherwise TWRP might not be able to flash the ROM. This is because TWRP checks now if the device is "supported".
    • Wipe the device to avoid problems with remaining files from the old installation (see instructions below). This also applies if you already installed an older version of Bliss or any other CM based ROM

    Flash Bliss:
    • Reboot into recovery mode (Press Volume-Up + Home + Power button)
    • If you come from a stock ROM, this is your opportunity to make a Backup of your phone(Backup, then select Boot, System, Data, then swipe to backup). Note that the recovery might fail to restore the backup when you want to go back to the stock ROM (for me it got stuck after a restore during boot. But the backup was made with a different version of TWRP, so it might work in general) - simply do not expect too much of it at the moment.
    • If you haven't copied the installation files yet, you can now copy the GApps and CyanogenMod zip to your internal sd or external sd (be careful not to put the files into the data directory of the internal sd card as this will be deleted in the next step). Be sure that MTP is enabled (inside Mounts, click on Enable MTP), then, from your pc, copy the files. If MTP does not work from recovery, try it directly from Android or remove the external sd card from the phone and put it into your PC.
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache, System and Data (inside Wipe -> Advanced Wipe). Do not report problems if you did not wipe those partitions as the problems are most probably related to this!
    • Install the Bliss 6.2 ROM zip-package
    • Install the GApps zip-package

    How to root:
    No SuperSu is needed as CyanogenMod already comes with integrated root support. Root access is disabled by default.
    You normally do not need root access. If you want to activate root access for apps, do the following:
    • Open the Settings menu, select "About Phone"
    • Tap on the "Build number" entry seven times. You should be notified, that the developer settings are now active.
    • Open the Settings menu, select "Developer options". Enable root access by selecting "Apps" in the "Root-Access" setting.

    In case you want to go back to the stock ROM:
    • lf you do not have the latest ROM for the G800F you can download it from SamMobile
    • Reboot your phone into Odin mode
    • Open Odin on your PC and connect your smartphone with your PC via USB
    • If you have a zip-file unzip it so that you have a .tar.md5 file
    • In Odin click on the PDA button and select the .tar.md5 file. Then press "Start".
    • Normally the stock rom fails to boot as the data from Bliss is still on the data partition. So after flashing the stock rom, reboot into recovery mode (it looks a bit different now). First wipe the data partition, then wipe the cache.
    • Reboot

    * Updated to bliss 6.2
    * Fixed receiving calls
    * Bliss released
    * Fixed lock-screen freeze
    * Fixed Infrared support
    * Fixed search for mobile networks (search will take ~1min until results are shown)
    * Updated some libs with LP versions
    * Initial support for a fingerprint scanner
    * Sync with CM sources
    * Fixed camera problems with WhatsApp
    * Fixed preferred radio family settings (LTE/GSM/...)
    * Added default long-press actions for home and app-switch buttons (DJSteve)
    * Switched to LP kernel (G800FXXU1BOL4)
    * libsensors: replaced with open source implementation (fixes light sensor which is needed for auto-brightness)
    * Preliminary (and very inaccurate) support for heart-rate sensor
    * Update to TWRP 3.0 (TWRP 2.x will still work)
    * Sync with CM sources
    * Fixed BT calling problems (only noise)
    * CM Camera replaced with CM Snap Camera
      * better image quality (check picture quality settings), resulting in image file sizes of > 1MB instead of 200KB
      * Saving images to SD card supported (check settings)
    * Improved RIL support
    * Use stock soft-key layout (left capacitive button is app-switch instead of menu now)
      * Key-layout can be configured via button settings.
    * Fixed adb root problem (root permissions were lost after reboot)
    * SamsungServiceMode app works now
    * Sync with CM sources
    * Add soft keys option under settings > buttons
    * Fix crash after hanging up call
    * Sync with newest CM sources
    * Receiving calls works now
    * psyafter: SD-Card can be used as internal storage (new Android M feature). 
        Can be used to store photos on SD-Card.
        IMPORTANT: the SD-Card will be formatted if you activate this feature.
    * GPS works now
    * Sensors work now (Orientation, Compass, Proximity, Acceleration, Hall sensor, Step counter).
       Light and Pulse sensors do not work yet.
    * Youtube/Screencast crash fixed
    * Wifi and Mobile Data work
    20/12/2015 Hennymcc :
    * Audio Fix
      - Audio is now working (Still a bit quiet though)
      - Making Calls is now working
    14/12/2015 Hennymcc, CTXz :
    * 6.0.1
      - Updated to Android 6.0.1
      - Fixed reboot when locking phone
      - Fixed Internal Root in developer options not working
    30/10/2015 CTXz :
    * Added 'Buttons' settings
      - Integrated Buttons/Capacitive Keys menu into settings
      - Double tapping or holding button to open camera now works (In CM12 it didn't work)
      - Power Menu is added under buttons menu
      - Minor fixes
    -!- NOTE : Setup Wizard may have some issues/crashes with this build. I will exclude it in the next one
    29/10/2015 CTXz :
    * Synced to newest sources
      - Ugly looking Google search box removed
    28/10/2015 CTXz :
    * Changed from eng to userdebug
      - No more red frames flashing
      - Fixed Browser crashing
      - Fixed crash after first boot
      - More user friendly
      - No additional boot.img flashing required
    28/10/2015 hennymcc:
    * First CM 13.0 test-build

    This section is for developers:
    A README file with build instructions can be found here:


    Developers welcome
    • At the moment the G800F/M/Y specific port of this ROM is only done by two persons (CTXz and hennymcc). Although Unjustified Dev also works on this ROM he does not own an Galaxy S5 Mini but a Galaxy Light which has a similar base but is different when it comes to camera, nfc and other components (maybe even slightly when it comes to audio and radio).
    • Help from other developers is always welcome. See the bug/feature section and this thread to see what is missing. Just give some short info (here in this thread or PM) that you want to work on some issue or feature so that work can be synchronized. Maybe there are also other devs that want to work with you on the same issue.
    • Knowledge in how the kernel works and good programming skills in C, C++ and Java would be nice but not necessary for all problems. At least you should be able to build the ROM and test your changes yourself but you do not need experience in porting ROMs.

    Thanks to Psyafter for some patches and working on the G800F.
    Thanks to Unjustified Dev from Team Regular for the initial work to get the G800F ready with CM.



    XDA:DevDB Information
    Bliss Rom 6.2 For Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800F/M/Y, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

    CTXz, hennymcc
    Source Code: https://github.com/cm-3470

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2016-03-15
    Last Updated 2016-03-30
    I have made a new update to the ROM.
    Once again only updated the source so the device related bugs will still persist.

    Credits go to Bliss ROM team, hennymcc for setting up the device tree and CTXz for his work to port Bliss to our phone.
    Hey guys, I have finally managed to make a new build. @CostasGr

    I have not yet been able to test it in depth. But at least I can confirm its booting and I didnt encounter any obvious bugs.
    As I have used the device tree from @spookcity138 there shouldnt be any issues regarding mic or robotic voice.

    Only thing updated in this build is that I synced with Bliss sources (so actually its Bliss ROM 6.4 now). So for a detailed changelog you should google for official BlissROM changelog.
    Thanks and credits to @hennymcc for the original set-up of the device tree, @CTXz for original port of Bliss ROM (safed me quiet some time), the BlissROM team for there sources and Spookcity138 for reverting some changes to get rid of the robotic voice issue as well as mic issues and helping me with some build errors.

    I have built another update to the ROM. I didnt change anything, just synced with Bliss Sources.

    Official Bliss ROM changelog: Link

    I am not sure about the screen flickering...either it is an issue in the Bliss sources, then it might be fixed in future updates. Or it has to be in the kernel used to build Bliss as this is the only part different from the other ROM releases by Spookcity. It will take some time until I would be able to take a look into the kernel (lack of skill). Either someone more experienced will take a look into it or you guys will have to stick with that issue for the moment.

    Cheers =)
    Hey there,

    I have synced with bliss sources again and did a new update for the ROM. Have fun with it =)
    Thanks and credits as always to CTXz for porting Bliss ROM, hennymcc for setting up the device tree and spookcity138 for his work on the device tree :good:

    I will try to do the future updates closer to the beginning of the month, so you guys wont have to wait so long for the monthly security patches from google ;)