[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][6.0]Beanstalk 6.04[Z00A][Z008][01/02/2016]

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Sep 25, 2014
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  • CyanogenMod 13 based
  • Quicker system animations
  • Trimmed down fat and excess bloat
  • Option to enable all widgets
  • Numerous extra lockscreen options
  • LCD Density
  • Custom original BeanStalk Wallpapers by skyliner33v
  • Custom BeanStalk bootanimation by skyliner33v
  • 3-minit battery support
  • Clock and date options
  • Contextual Header - Original and Polygraphic
  • Battery styles - Includes specific colors and styles. Also includes battery bar
  • Do not disturb option
  • Show notification count
  • Recent screen options
  • Customizable navigation bar
  • Use Omniswitch as default recents
  • Built-in screen record
  • Toast animations
  • App Circle bar
  • Gesture Anywhere
  • Disable FC warnings
  • Disable Immersive message
  • Force expanded Notifications
  • Configure scrolling cache
  • Build.prop MOD options to enable/disable tweaks as preferred
  • Less frequent Notification sounds options
  • CRT screen off/on options to specify how the animation shows
  • Enable/disable wake up on charge option
  • Superuser fully embedded into the build and accessed from settings menu
  • CM Performance options and features
  • Hide superuser icon
  • Developer options and advanced reboot enabled by default
  • Numerous cherry-picks and improvements throughout the build, baked into the
    awesomeness of existing CM layout.
  • Numerous other options hiding throughout the build. For a full list of changes and features, please
    be sure to checkout change log below.


https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24352994023704395 Z008

BeanStalk Change log

* Download ROM and latest GAPPs.
* Copy ROM and GAPPs from above to internal storage.
* Reboot into recovery
* Full wipe and format is ALWAYS suggested to avoid odd issues.
* Flash ROM and then flash GAPPs.
* Reboot and enjoy the BeanStalk goodness.

BeanStalk source can be found HERE
Skylinerv33 - Graphics and bootanimation - Thanks!
Vaughn N - Endless support and help throughout the years.
Cyanogenmod - HERE

Donate to scott.hart.bti by clicking HERE

Source Code: https://github.com/scotthartbti

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
Based On: CyanogenMod
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Sep 25, 2014
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Rom specific bugs
on screen nav bar will enable when you enter the buttons settings. to fix this
-download a build prop editor
-add to the end of your build prop "qemu.hw.mainkeys=0"
-reboot device
-go to button settings and disable on screen nav bar



* packages/apps/Settings/
70b1c7b Merge pull request #20 from spezi77/bs6
d00d57d Import German translations.


* android/
bb9324f Use my incallui and dialer
8f3a74c Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android into bs6

* frameworks/base/
77e1fa3 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base into bs6
e6dfcf4 Turn advanced devices and file sizes on by default
dc298d4 [SQUASH]Base: NavBar: add power button [1/2]
ce4e0db Revert "Navbar: add power button"
f25f6c4 Revert "SystemUI: Power Button - Toggle nav item visibility based on IME"
aa0df59 Revert "Navbar power XML drawables"
c11fd94 Lock screen weather: Add options to hide the weather when notifications are visible, (1/2):
8209cbc Update default public notification view on notification update.
7013b51 Forgot the 2nd part of reboot dialog rotation animation
4c18359 QS: fix music and reboot tile labels

* packages/apps/Browser/
dc40359 Browser: runtime permissions

* packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
d3de2eb Themes: Define back arrow tint color for themes

* packages/apps/Dialer/
c230039 Dialer: give smart options their own header
81b0e86 [2/2] Dialer: SmartMute

* packages/apps/InCallUI/
95d4544 [1/2] InCallUI: SmartMute

* packages/apps/Settings/
1daae4a Share Beanstalk: Update download page (AndroidFileHost).
e0b788a Fixed typos in bs_strings.
2f1b772 May need to redo weather options in very near future.
a16c2e6 Lock screen weather: Add options to hide the weather when notifications are visible, (2/2)

* vendor/cmsdk/
4e60f01 Sdk: NavBar: add power button [2/2]


* android/
abf249b use my omniswitch

* external/stagefright-plugins/
e13ea55 stagefright-plugins: Refactor packet queue locking

* frameworks/av/
c39941d libmedia: correct latency computing for TRANSFER_SYNC

* frameworks/base/
84e9264 Update default public notification view on notification update.
0f8b833 Revert "CustomHeader: Full multiuser support for Polly HD"
7395459 Revert "fix build"
e0a9488 Revert "statusbar: fix overlapping backgrounds when expanded"
2cfcf87 Revert "Remove the field of MediaDrm from inner class CryptoSession."
032537a Revert "Cancel unlock sound when screen if off"
423e2c1 Fix IME animations
cb18a47 Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Services:Fix Derp From Lockscreen Toggle Merge""""
0d935b4 Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Services: DO NOT send Broadcast On boot""""
ea2ecd9 Animate backlight quickly when display state request to change or power mode changed
6bd4738 Cancel unlock sound when screen if off
60c6023 Remove the field of MediaDrm from inner class CryptoSession.
7609eda statusbar: fix overlapping backgrounds when expanded
9bb3f61 FWB: IME animations (1/2)
aeb0607 InputWrapper: opt out early if session == null
84dd05c Memorize memory class lookup methods
7cb2be8 Scroll: modified velocitytracker
c00027b Reboot/Recovery QS Tile
3ca2738 Add Music QS Tile
8e6ab36 Add IME Switcher icon back into the statusbar
c9bb48a Reduce the delay during headset removal

* frameworks/native/
b4615d2 Revert "Tuning compiler thread count for optimal application install times"
0a6dd19 Revert "auto tune dex2oat"

* packages/apps/Browser/
7b3e63c Revert "Browser: runtime permissions"
227de02 Revert "1/2 Use prebuilt chromium or build from AOSP source."

* packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
528a394 OmnSwitch: fix disapperaring memory display

* packages/apps/Settings/
e6981e9 More changes to allow IME animations to work for us.
2fc5fd0 Settings: IME animations (2/2)

* vendor/beanstalk/
2964473 Revert "2/2 Use prebuilt chromium or build from AOSP source."

* vendor/cmsdk/
e409397 cmsdk: add a couple more tiles


* android/
7391f89 Use cmdsk from my github

* external/stagefright-plugins/
30ab9dc stagefright-plugins: Fix shutdown deadlock
644d57a stagefright-plugins: Fix crash during testDecodeWithEOSOnLastBuffer
61710f5 stagefright-plugins: Wait for reader shutdown on EOS

* frameworks/base/
e2befe3 Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base into bs6
b4d1782 Core: Fix setupwizard FC
9e24858 SystemUI: Update WiFi indicator drawable sizes
91865bd SystemUI: Fix status bar clock color disappearing
208e3ed Fix clock seconds display with am/pm Instead of just adding seconds to the resulting timestamp, replace within the dateformat itself the minutes together with the seconds.
bb43ff3 Frameworks/base: Second Clock (1/2)
f94cd0c SystemUI: Remove mclockview
0bf2c80 FWB: Statusbar clock font size (1/2)
68b2b58 FWB: Make all 14 font variants available to Statusbar Clock (1/2)
eb8b31c Status bar clock: Add BOLD ITALIC to font style (1/2)
c516334 Statusbar clock font style (1/2) PS1: Initial PS2: Int settings
cc60da3 SystemUI: Add back status bar clock color option (1/2)
62ee657 Add back slim date customizations
5aea7b0 QS: use CM's profiles vector from settings
2ded724 QS: add Expanded desktop tile
27792e0 Quick Settings: add some more tiles
ff12560 Add rotation animation to reboot dialog also
22893a4 Themes: Expose hard code color for divider sim pin
d7cdf63 Themes: Expose Hard coded colors in Quick Settings Tiles
4e6f4db FWB: Rotation anim to Power and reboot menu (1/2)
97208ca FWB: Battery saver and low battery notification toggles [1/2]
9dae5e2 Get the reboot menus to follow power menu animations previously merged

* packages/apps/Settings/
ead80ff Fix batterybar derp
2a239fb Fingerprint: Forward challenge extras
d5d6dcf Color picker enable alpha slider as default
70acc6a Status bar clock font size: Don't use same key as display font size
9332432 Change status bar clock font size to use listpreference
50e1e02 Settings: Statusbar clock font size (2/2)
53e6ac7 Settings: Make all 14 font variants available to Statusbar Clock (2/2)
f9e89fa improve status bar menu layout
69784d7 Settings: Second Clock (2/2)
d309fef Settings: enable reset option to status bar clock color
efcdc54 Statusbar clock font style (2/2)
d48eae4 Settings: add back status bar color option (2/2)
90c0154 Settings: Move battery bar options to separate menu to cut down on amount of options in status bar menu. Things are getting crowded!
a894862 Settings: add back status bar date & style options (2/2)
99d7eb3 Settings: Expose backgroundTint from Single Button Panel
969c28d Settings: Battery saver & low battery notification toggles [2/2]
e8ecc3b AE: Rotation anim to Power and reboot menu (2/2)

* vendor/beanstalk/
3f61e53 bump to beanstalk 6.0.4.. This is coming together nicely.
2da41af Merge branch 'cm-13.0' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm into bs6

* vendor/cmsdk/
d7be511 cmsdk: add some more tiles


* external/stagefright-plugins/
09f677f stagefright-plugins: Only do as much sniffing as necessary

* frameworks/av/
8ca3dfd nuplayer: Enable PCM offload for any source

* frameworks/base/
0e9c897 Themes: Expose hard code color for divider sim pin
255eb8f Themes: Expose Hard coded colors in Quick Settings Tiles
18dc4a2 SystemUI: dont roll but add :)
b2f5f3c fb: less notifications sound (1/2)
f7517ea Powermenu screenshot delay [1/2]
5bc56fa SystemUI: more SlimDim performance boosts
620ef79 SystemUI: SlimDim performance boost
4fa18f3 Fix DT2S on navbar after SlimDim

* packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
dd6bee9 Themes: Expose hardcoded styles and colors for themes

* packages/apps/Settings/
db9da86 Revert "Selinux switch"
e3b87e3 improve strings
a2dfec6 About Beanstalk: Update download page. We now use AndroidFileHost.
e77d9ae fix build
ebd6a53 settings: Animation scale seekbars
b35405e Profiles: Cleanup the code
267d57d Settings: improve empty Profile trigger icons
20e815c Settings: make empty profile views fit on hdpi
37e31c0 Improve profile setting layouts.
4cca214 profiles: Make the actions wizard buttons show up
3ccfaee Profiles: remove unused code
9528133 Settings: always allow profile app groups to be linked/unlinked
67ba372 Settings : Save instance state for app group deletes
c727ce7 Settings: fix empty Wifi triggers screen
239a76a Settings: make empty profile trigger screens more useful
0f756b0 Settings: merge ProfilesList into ProfilesSettings
34f58a0 Selinux switch
d92f426 settings: less notifications sound (2/2)
03b532d Powermenu screenshot delay [2/2]

* vendor/beanstalk/
053b180 sepolicy: label exfat and ntfs mkfs executables
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Sep 25, 2014
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ohh :( So we have to manually disable it afterwards?
just enable expanded desktop and it goes away

and yes every gesture your heart desires is in this rom.

Thanks for this release

Has MMS been tested? And if so, Does it work?
sorry I missed your post. It should work but i didn't test it. I'll check it out tonight and get back to you :)
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Dec 23, 2013
I can't disable on screen nav, I have achieved activated expanded desktop but it didn't disappear

EDIT: it's disappeared, I've rebooted 3 times to get it works but navigation bar appears when I open a conversation and the keyboard appears, it's too annoying.
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