[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2_r8][MIDO][31/05/17] AICP - 12.1 - N 7.1.2_r8

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Jul 2, 2015
Mysuru, Karnataka
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
Thanks :)

Since I had an issue with the root software (I had supersu installed instead of magisksu) I just reinstalled everything.
Before following the usual process though, I did a full wipe, including a "system wipe" (which I didn't do on the first try), with TWRP.
Then I flashed the firmware, flashed the rom, and the gapps.

No more FC at the first boot. Looks better !

I think doing a "system wipe" is important (the default TWRP "factory reset" isn't enough).

Yep, always clean flash is recommended.

Clean flash = wipe system, data, cache/dalvik :p


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Jan 22, 2014
@sylvain15250I think you should have avoided the factory wipe between the firmware and rom but AFAIK it doesn't make any difference. So I am guessing the FC are happening because of the rom itself or because of something beyond my knowledge. I recommend you try out the official build itself and see if it fixes the issues for you or just go ahead and flash any other regularly updated rom. I haven't personally tried aicp so I can't comment much about it. Good luck ??


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May 29, 2012


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Mar 31, 2013
You can see it on kernel Adiutor. All cpu cores stays online even when doing nothing.

Yes. All cpu cores stays online on unofficial build. On official build, SD card support is broken.

Is this problem present even in official build or only on 31 may build? Can someone confirm?
Oct 15, 2012
I am using ACIP on my redmi note 4 and its pretty good with some bugs.
-Battery draining fast compare to MiUI stock tom
-Memory card read sometime and sometime shows corrupted need to format. This happened when alternative nightly build installation
-When I share the image to whats app directly from the QuickPic application , application suddenly get closed.
-However rom is pretty smooth and will commanded to it.
-Fingue scanner delay to unlock the screen compare to default MIUI stock rom.
-I request the AICP developers to fix these issues as soon as possible in future roms.


Jun 23, 2017

As I can see, the screenshots show that i can use a pixel launcher. How can I use the pixel launcher instead of the one im using right now? (im using the trebuchet one at the moment)

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    Android Ice Cold Project​

    AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!!

    Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features.

    If there are any bugs, either we will sort them or CM team if it concerns their modifications. This rom isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!!

    In the beginning we would like to thank:
    • CM team
    • maxwen
    • SlimBean rom team
    • CarbonRom team
    • LiquidSmooth rom team
    • Omni rom team
    • DU team
    • Community

    • @LorD ClockaN
    • @zipsnet
    • @n3ocort3x
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    • @eboye


    We are now paying for servers that build nightlies and everything that comes with it, so EVERY DONATION will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
    Thank you!!


    Download link: aicp_mido_n-12.1-UNOFFICIAL-20170531.zip

    Gapps link: opengapps.org (Use Latest)

    Firmware: Download Firmware


    Full Changelog link: Aicp_N Changelog

    • You tell... :p

    ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy N. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, gapps, flash it, and go!
    You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

    How to flash:

    • Don't do it if you don't know it
    • Flash Firmware , Rom , Gapps.
    • Do Reboot Once after ROM Boots Up
    • Then Setup All Things

    Sources :-

    Device Tree


    Credits :-

    > Abhishek Agarwal (abhishek987)
    > Tirth Patel ([email protected])
    > All The members of #Team_Sanam

    If you want to contribute to the AICP or wanna see what is being worked on/merge feel free to visit our gerrit, link is at the bottom!!!


    IceColdJelly AICP G+ community

    kernel github
    rom gerrit

    You want to see a normal night at the DEV office, click here!!


    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2_r8][MIDO][31/05/17] AICP - 12.1 - N 7.1.2_r8 , ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    [email protected]
    Source Code: https://github.com/AICP/platform_manifest

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 1.6
    Beta Release Date: 2017-05-31

    Created 2017-03-12
    Last Updated 2017-05-31
    AICP_N - 7.1.2_r2

    */ New Build Added. */ - 16/04/2017

    > Merged AICP Upstream Changes
    > Updated to 7.1.2_r2
    > Compiled with SdClang

    Full Changelog :- AICP_N_7.1.2

    Link :- OP
    Lineage has support fpc fingerprint sensor in the last build, how aicp xan fix this problem too


    Build will be updated soon.

    [B]BETA v1.6 :- (31/05/2017)[/B]
    > Added Toggle for Double Tap to Wake
    > Added f2fs support
    > Increased notification light brightness (it was too dim earlier)
    > Disabled printk (Should see memory gaiin)
    > Disabled few drivers dmesg Spam 
    > Fixed Reboot to Recovery Issues
    > AEX Upstreams
    > Using kernel built from source i stead of prebuilt.
    > Added vibrater intensity
    > Added glove mode switch
    > Fixed Hotspot Issues
    [B]BETA v1.5 :- (13/05/2017)[/B]
    > Merged Upstream Changes
    > Merged 7.1.2_r8
    > Fixed wlan logs saving in internal storage
    > Fixed fpc fingerprint sensor (now fingerprint should work for all)
    > Fixed headphone issue (where volume keys were not working)
    > Fixed safetynet (which earlier failed with magisk)
    > Updated blobs from latest miui
    > Initial Sepolicy
    > Drop FP Wrapper
    [B]BETA v1.4 :- (16/04/2017)[/B]
    > Merged AICP Upstream Changes
    > Updated to 7.1.2_r2
    > Compiled with SdClang
    [B]BETA v1.3 :- (02/04/2017)[/B]
    > Merged all Upstream Changes
    > Fixed DT2W
    > Fixed Weird HW Key Layout
    [B]BETA v1.2 :- (20/03/2017)[/B]
    > Updated Blobs from Latest MIUI N
    > Fixed HW key Vibration (Again)
    > Fixed weird fp issue (where fp wasn't recognized randomly)
    [B]BETA v1.1 :- (18/03/2017)[/B]
    > Updated Blobs 
    > Fixed WiFi/USB Tethering on IPv6 Networks
    > Fixed Roaming FC's
    > Reworked HW key Layout
    > Enabled HW Key Vibration
    R u sure about it?....I have tried many roms without problem...Only tipsy have FP problem....

    i take that back.

    AICP is the only LOS-based ROM that 1 fingerprint can work 100% of the time.

    - When you got "finger read error" once, you cant re-scan the FP. Need to unlock the screen manually with pattern unlock. Lock it again, and FP works again.
    - add 2 or 3 other fingers. None of them will work (in other LOS-based ROM and LOS itself, none of my fingers can unlock)


    workaround fix for fingerprint bugs i mentioned above:
    - clear the lockscreen lock
    - add a new pattern lock 5x5
    - when asked press NEXT on Fingerprint screen, put your finger on the scanner (DO NOT press NEXT).
    - follow the instruction until complete.
    - done, now you can add any other fingers and all of them will works.