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Nov 25, 2016
I install the rom on my sm-925i and everything works properly for an exception that is wifi, not even i can activate. It's rare as i didn't read that anyone happens the same and i don't take so much to start the first time and every restart is pretty quickly even more than samsung rom stock
and the flash of the camera something delayed.
Thank you any help with the wifi problem
Change kernal. That would solve your problem


Jan 4, 2013
All good except it does not recognize the SIM

Glad to see this thread is still active recently.

SOLVED: I have completely wiped my S6 (G920F) and installed this Pixel Experience. It works fine except it does not recognize the SIM? As far as I could test, everything else is working as it should, including camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (and yes, it takes a loong time to boot but after that it's fine). In Settings, the "SIM status" just says "No service". I've seen thread comments that confirm the "phone" part of the phone as working, so it's not a general issue. But also, when I install a different ROM then the SIM works just fine, so it's also not a problem with my specific SIM chip. What can I do to pinpoint this issue?
--> FIXED: I saw this thread response that said I needed to enter the APN values. A quick Google search and the phone works!


One other issue is that pressing the physical home button does not wake the phone. Only the power button will wake it up. The home button otherwise works as expected.
--> Is there a setting for this home button that I can change?
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May 27, 2013
Apps take like 20 to 30 seconds more to launch and the rom isn't smooth, otherwise I tried camera, calling, wifi and it all works
Nov 24, 2010
Multiple installs, trying online solutions, still cannot see my SIM. APNs don't do anything, I can't see them because the ROM can't see the SIM at all.

Canadian S6. I thought it was G920F, but maybe it is G920W8? The device claims the former, but looking it up online shows the latter.

Bought from Bell. Everything else worked well.


Jun 12, 2018
I habe followed the steps and tried to install the rom multiple times, but this rom won't just work, it installs and everything, but it cannot verify my sim card, and takes forever in the wizard to activate my sim card, and if i skip this step it gives me "no service-sim card cannot be detected"

I flashed the stock rom and everything is working fine so idk what is wrong with this rom

Btw i have already installed the latest twrp and downloaded the rom file twice and no luck.

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    PixelExperience for the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge [zerolte/flte]

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 9.0

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader
    Sound / vibration

    Known issues
    Takes a while to boot
    You tell me

    Edge users need to flash G925boot.img!

    Download ROM

    Help with project translation

    Telegram channel
    Stay tuned

    • enesuzun2002 - Trees and kernel
    • TeamNexus - Everything else

    This ROM is really nice but I got one issue so far but I think it's due to the HWC thingy...
    Apps launch times are really slow any Advice how to remedy this problem?
    Works great in my G-920F. Camera (native and Gcam working good). Maybe best battery life I've seen on this phone.

    The issue I have is that, although it recognizes my Google account, it doesn't recognize the apps I have purchased, and is asking me to pay. Any fix for this issue?

    When i've had this issue in the past, I've clicked purchase and then am able to download the app for free again. After this apps purchased were recognised. For me, at least.
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