[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] Resurrection Remix OS 7.0.2 [G920/5F-FD-I-S-K-L-T-W8]

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Nov 3, 2019
Unusable microphone in Video calls

I would like to point out this problem .
I have SM-G920F and ROM 7.0.2.
Everything works fine, you guys did a great work!
My only issue is in the use of the microphone on video call. In that cases it uses loudspeaker, and I suspect there is something to do with filtering the echo.
Just few seconds in the call, both me and the person on the other side (especially the second person) starts hearing metallic noises. I think they are echoes going in the loop and being amplified.
It happens with both Google Duo and Whatsapp making video call unusable. As a solution, I tried with plugging the earphones. It seems to help.
I suspect there is something also not totally okay with the video. The person I call the most, states most of the time the video is black and is not received on his/her side.

Would you have time to have a look at it for the next release?
Mar 28, 2019
I just installed it but when trying to record a video I have no sound, it's not like before it sounded low now nothing sounds. just install the rom for zerolte (sm-g925i), the gapps and magisk. Should we install something else?


Feb 19, 2019
Originally Posted by DqrKn3Zz
DqrKn3Zz said:
Improved GPS (should fix battery drain)
Ok! No more battery drains also with Location in High Accuracy mode

DqrKn3Zz said:
Wired headset bug fixed
I don't know if you are referring to my problem 'cause it hasn't been solved... With wired headset it's using the phone mic and I cannot change headset volume

Still remains the bug when using the camera.
If the flash is on I can't take pictures: camera hangs after flash is fired

Thank you!
Jan 7, 2010
Just don't encrypt, it won't be fixed.

Unfortunately this would mean that I can't use this phone any more for production since stock Android allows encryption but doesn't provide any security updates any more... Is there a specific reason why this won't be fixed? Is it a specific thing about this phone model or a general thing about RR?
Mar 28, 2019
Thanks but at the same time help haha.

when installing 7.0.3 it has no sound in the camera so I put the mixer_patchs_0 of the previous version and now if I have sound although it is super bad, is there any way to solve that? help haha ​​I really want to leave this ROM for daily use but I need the microphone.
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    [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 7.0.3 [G920/5F-FD-I-S-K-L-T-W8]


    • Support for G920T/W8 and G925T/W8 is back.
    • Improved Speaker sound.
    • Wired headset bug fixed.
    • Improved kernel for better smoothness and battery save.
    • Improved GPS (should fix battery drain).
    • Improved video recording stability.
    • Video recording mic volume is same as stock now.
    • Fixed laggy video call in WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, etc.
    • Merged December 2019 security patch.
    • Theres more things improved or fixed, but I just writted the more interesting/important ones.

    • HWC fixed (stable and working without worries).
    • October 2019 security patch.
    • Reduced vibrator intensity.
    • Restored Stock LiveDisplay values.
    • Kernel side fixes.
    • Synced with latest RR sources.

    • August 2019 security patch.
    • From this release i've do separate builds for S6 (zerofltexx) and S6 Edge (zeroltexx).
    • Tweaked PowerProfiles for better performance.
    • New LiveDisplay 2.0 HAL (New features).
    • Reverted some commits in kernel to improve battery life.
    • Synced with latest RR sources.

    • July security patch.
    • Improved WiFi stability.
    • Improved power profiles to match at least the same as stock.
    • Improved performance and battery.

    • Dropped support for S6 & S6E TMO/Canadians models since this release.
    • Synced with latest RR sources.
    • Undervolted CPU (Better battery life and performance + reduced heating).
    • Improved Wi-Fi stability.
    • Camera now uses headphone microphone while recording videos if available.
    • Improved Speaker Sounds.
    • Enabled audio effects (might fix echo issue, needs testing).
    • This is Unofficial build, so, no OTA updates are working and modded TWRP isn't needed.

    • Merged June 2019 patch.
    • Synced with latest RR sources.

    • Initial public build.
    • Fixed call audio for G920T/W8 and G925T/W8.
    • Fixed SystemUI bug (thanks @enesuzun2002 for the help).
    New build of Resurrection Remix soon :)
    New builds of RR 7.0.2 for S6 and S6 Edge are up!
    Check the 2nd post for the changelog.
    New build is up!
    Check 2nd post for more info.