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[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] Resurrection Remix OS 7.0.2 [N920X][G928X]

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Oct 30, 2018
Why is there no quick toggle button on the quick setting? As far as i know, lineage os has this feature

Edit: just found out that if i press and hold the wifi toggles when the quick setting is not expanded, i can expand to more wifi choices but still, it's a tad annoying
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Aug 11, 2015
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I don't have that app installed. It boots up the RR logo, loads for a few minutes then goes dark and reboots into recovery. I reflashed Linage latest and it boots up again fine.

You do something wrong then, just flash:

1• ROM
2• Gapps (Pico is the most recommended)
3• Magisk (but is optional)
4• And nothing more.


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Jul 3, 2012
Deer Lake, NL
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You do something wrong then, just flash:

1• ROM
2• Gapps (Pico is the most recommended)
3• Magisk (but is optional)
4• And nothing more.

That's exactly how I did it the first time when it didn't work. I just tried it again exactly like you said and it show the boot logo for 5 mins and reboot into recovery. This is with the file RR-P-v7.0.3-20191218-nobleltetmo-Final.zip and on a W8.
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    Some good news.
    The step to flash a separate kernel isn't needed anymore, the kernel inside the build zip now works and boots without problems.
    NFC is fixed and stable now.
    Call audio for N920T and N920W8 seems to be fixed too.
    S-Pen inverted or buggy in landscape/portrait mode seems to be fixed too.
    Also changed the ugly arrow pointer when the S-Pen is used.
    Low volume on speaker also fixed too.
    Wired headset bug is fixed too.

    These changes will come on the next builds, they don't are on the current 11052019 builds.

    Many thanks to @ripee, @ananjaser1211 and @enesuzun2002 for their work, give them much love.

    Now the bad news
    I can't built RR for now, the PC that I've used need to be checked, i don't know when i got it fully stable, so guys you'll need to have more patience.
    [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 7.0.3 [N920X/G928X]


    • NFC fixed (maybe for N9208 too).
    • Support for S6 Edge+ added.
    • Call audio fixed on N920T/W8 (also for G928T/W8).
    • Improved S-Pen support.
    • Improved Speaker sound.
    • Wired headset bug fixed.
    • Improved kernel for better smoothness and battery save.
    • Improved GPS (should fix battery drain).
    • Separated build for N9208 due that it uses different NFC Hal.
    • Improved video recording stability.
    • Video recording mic volume is same as stock now.
    • Fixed laggy video call in WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, etc.
    • Merged December 2019 security patch.
    • Theres more things improved or fixed, but I just writted the more interesting/important ones.

    • Initial public beta builds.
    • Initial support to:
    - nobleltejv: N920C, N920G, N920I, N920S, N920K and N920L.
    - nobleltetmo: N920T and N920W8.
    • Fully device, kernel and vendor tree reworked from S6 (huge big thanks to @ripee).
    • HWC fixed.
    • September 2019 security patch.
    • Synced with latest RR sources.
    Well this rom is based off of lineageOS so I think you are wrong about that. Where are other W8 users saying it works for them?

    The last version installed without wiping so it's most likely a problem with this build.

    W8 user here and it boots for me as a clean install. I'm running TWRP 3.3.1, installed the 12/18 build along with pico gapps. I did not wipe dalvik/cache. I just installed the ROM, then gapps, then boot to system.

    That being said, still no Rogers LTE data for me running this ROM (same with LOS) so back to stock for me. I did attach a logcat if anyone wants to help me figure this out - I would really appreciate it!
    Common questions
    • It supports "X" variant?
    - No, because I don't want, I have my reasons for not supporting your device, sorry (read the title of the thread for the supported ones).

    • I have this bug, how to fix it?
    - Send proper logs when you has that issue, ortherwise I'll ignore you (always if youre on a supported model/variant).

    • When Estimated Time of Arrival?
    - Never ask this, to be honest.