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[ROM][Unofficial][BeanStalk][Android_5.0.2][vs985, ls990, d85x][03/23/15]

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Mar 31, 2008
Eagerly awaiting the 5.1 update with data fix for the d851.

In the mean time I have an odd issue. I just bought a car dock that has an NFC chip pre-installed. It seems that contact with this chip locks the screen and will not allow me to unlock it again. If the phone contacts the chip while unlocked, the screen locks and unlocking causes it to immediately lock and turn off again. As soon as I pull the phone away from the chip, I can unlock the phone without issue again. I have no NFC profiles set up or anything like that.

I've tried disabling NFC in settings, but that has no affect whatsoever. This bug effectively makes my dock useless. Has anyone come across this problem?
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    This rom was compiled by me, Scott.Hart.bti has done the real work!
    I am proud to present to you BeanStalk Builds put together by myself. This is a build composed off of the CM builds and i have added alot of features on top of it. So you get speed, stability, and ultra customization ability. Many of the additional code additions came from slim ROM and also Derteufels build and have been modified to work with my current setup. A huge thanks to Derteufel and the Slim ROM guys for their work and dedication. Also a big thanks to everyone involved with CM as that is the building stone in this project. Thanks to skyliner33v for the bootanimation and upcoming wallpapers!

    I plan on updating this and adding features on a pretty regular basis, so if you happen to like this, keep checking back.

    Like what you see? Click the thanks button or Donate to scott.hart.bti by clicking HERE

    If you have building/development concerns or issues, Please visit the BeanStalk Development Thread to avoid cluttering this thread.


    • CM based
    • Lockscreen shortcuts
    • LCD Density
    • Custom original BeanStalk Wallpapers by skyliner33v
    • Custom BeanStalk bootanimation by skyliner33v
    • Status bar color and transparency
    • Clock and date options which includes color, location, style
    • Signal Styles which include color and text instead of icons, alternate GB signal layout, hide signal icons
    • Battery styles - Includes specific colors and styles.
    • customizable navigation bar
    • Keyboard and input method options which include disable full screen keyboard and auto rotate
    • Clock widget for LockClock including extra options to fully customize every feature of the lockclock
    • Less frequent Notification sounds options
    • Enable/disable wake up on charge option
    • Superuser fully embedded into the build and accessed from settings menu
    • CM Performance options and features
    • About BeanStalk option with links to github source and facebook for beanstalk. Also links to my twitter and donate.
    • insane amount of edits/tweaks/fixes to make this build absolutely fly
    • Numerous other options hidding throughout the build







    ***Please keep in mind that this is the initial release and bugs are to be expected. I am working on this myself and do not have a team that is helping me. Before reporting bugs, please make sure you verify everything on your end and make sure you do a full wipe and format first to make sure it is a legitimate issue. Im going to say this once and only once... I am doing this for fun. It is my CHOICE to share my work with everyone. If you decide that you do not like my work, good for you.. Move on and flash something else. I will not tolerate ungrateful people in my thread.***


    • First time flashing a CM based rom to your device?
    • Update to the latest CM ready TWRP recovery or use the latest CWM
    • Make sure you are rooted
    • Download both the BeanStalk build and the latest Lollipop GAPPs package.
    • Boot into recovery
    • Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe /system and dalvik cache as a precaution
    • Flash BeanStalk build
    • Flash GAPPs package
    • Reboot & Enjoy!


    SlimROM source can be found HERE
    DerTeufel's source can be found HERE
    My source can be found HERE

    Kernel source


    Donate to scott.hart.bti by clicking HERE

    Scott Hart for his source codes and amazing rom
    Hey guys, new builds in the OP. Enjoy!
    Hey guys, new builds are up in the op!
    Hey guys new Builds are posted in the OP. Enjoy!
    Hey guys, new builds in the op. Enjoy!