[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][BETA][13][T]LineageOS 20.0 for z5c (suzuran)

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Sep 22, 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Normally I publish the latest version with december security updates at this place.
But unfortunately this version is so sluggish that it is nearly unusable. Every tap on the screen leads to some seconds of freeze of the whole system!
I have to dig deeper to fix this.
Please be patient!
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Sep 22, 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
...and unfortunately the device gets quite warm and the battery drains quite fast...
At this state the ROM is not usable as daily driver. I'm sorry... :confused:

I have to correct myself! Something must have been messed up at my running los20.0 system! A clean install works smooth as expected and keeps cool! The battery drains very slow as it should be.
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Sep 22, 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
New version out; see 1st post.
  • Platform version bumped from android-13.0.0_r16 to android-13.0.0_r20
  • Android security patch level: 5 January 2023


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Oct 26, 2020
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
OnePlus 6
After few days of use (lineage-20.0-20221115 with NikGapps + Root) I have encoutered weird thing :
After boot (<1 minute) the phone just reboot, again and again (Another member have the same issue on lineage 19)

setenforce 0 solve definitively the problem, after that I can boot without using that command again.
So, small update on my issue: I finally gave in and bought a new battery (the Polarcell one), and all my crashes and reboots are gone. It has been running fine for three days now (on LOS 19). Before, it would crash more and more, even when on a charger.

I don't know if SELinux was just an early "canary bird", or if the time spent charging while doing stuff in TWRP helped, but for me it's clear that my issues were just a dying battery.

Maybe your issue is different, who knows. But if I were you, I would at least consider the age/history of the battery.


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Sep 22, 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
New version out; see 1st post.
  • Android security patch level: 5 February 2023
  • Platform-Update: android-13.0.0_r20 -> android-13.0.0_r30
Unfortunately no progress regarding bluetooth and camera.


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    Hi all:

    Here is a LineageOS 20.0 BETA ROM for Z5 compact (suzuran).

    New: ROM with microG apk's included in priv-app:
    Download 2023-02-13

    Please pay attention: microG can't coexist with GApps! So decide whether to install microG OR GApps!

    If you want to remove microG, enter these command line by line in a terminal:
    adb root
    adb shell
    mount -o remount,rw /
    rm /system/priv-app/DroidGuard/DroidGuard.apk
    rm /system/priv-app/FakeStore/FakeStore.apk
    rm /system/priv-app/GmsCore/GmsCore.apk
    rm /system/priv-app/GsfProxy/GsfProxy.apk


    Or flash this microG-remover.

    This is a 7z archive with the zip'ed ROM and the md5 file in it. Please unpack this archive, copy the included two files somewhere to your device, reboot into TWRP and flash this zip file. Enable md5sum checking. The zip file itself is not signed, so you have to disable zip verification.

    Kernel sources
    Tree sources


    • OS Version: 13 (T)
    • Kernel: Linux 3.10
    • Kernel 3.10.108
    • New: Android security patch level: 5 February 2023
    • Using Sony blob's from stock version 32.4.A.1.54

    Important informations:
    • You should be familiar with general installation of custom ROMs.
    • Required for installation: TWRP 3.2.1 (pick the version from 2018-02-23!!!)
      OR use my self built TWRP-version 3.7.0!
    • This ROM needs a clean install, old /data may cause problems!
    • This ROM is NOT pre-rooted. For rooting you can use Magisk.
    • It is highly recommended that your device is running (or HAS RUN in the past!) the latest stock ROM from Sony (32.4.A.1.54) before flashing this ROM.
      Otherwise the baseband files may not match.
    • Audio
    • Enforced SELinux support
    • Fingerprint (sometimes crashes)
    • GApps (tested: MindTheGApps)
    • German App AusweisApp2
    • GPS
    • LiveDisplay
    • Location services
    • NFC
    • Notifications
    • Notification LED
    • Offline charging
    • Phone calls
    • Reboot into recovery and bootloader
    • Sensors
    • Signed build
    • SMS
    • Sounds
    • WiFi
    • ...please tell me...
    These things are NOT (or badly) working:
    • Bluetooth
    • Camera
    • Encryption
    • FM-Radio (removed; causes crashes of bluetooth!)
    • Headset
    • Network Traffic Monitoring
    • Payment
    • Streaming (mirroring)
    • Torch
    • VoLTE
    Maybe some more things are not working. Please tell me...

    Use this ROM at your own risk! It comes without any warranty! I'm not responsible for any damage! If you don't agree with that, don't try to flash this ROM in any way.

    Please keep in mind, that this is a BETA version and there are some things not or not fully working. The ROM feels a little bit sluggish too! Please don't expect miracles...

    ...but it WORKS!


    • Added Aurora-Store, F-Droid and UnifiedNLP! If you don't want this, simply de-install it.
    • I've set maximum speaker volume to a higher value.
    • I've increased microphone gain.
    • I've changed the microfone gain to avoid echo in phone calls.


    • If you're running into an error, please search in this thread if this error is already posted, before you post it again!
      If not, I need a LOG to see what went wrong. Without a LOG I can't help you!
      A LOG can be fetched by connecting the device with an USB cable to your PC and then by typing these commands line by line:
      adb root
      adb shell logcat -b all -d > logcat
      Send my this LOG file via PM.
    • If you think this could be a SELinux related issue, please try to set the device to permissive mode first.
      If the issue is gone, I need the policy file too (plus LOG). Fetch it by typing this line in a terminal:
      adb pull /sys/fs/selinux/policy
    • If you stuck in a bootloop you can fetch a LOG with this trick:
      • Press the power button and the volume up button together until the device shuts down.
      • HOLD the power button.
      • Release the volume up button and press the volume down button immediately after releasing the volmue up button.
      • The device should start into TWRP recovery.
      • Tap on "Advanced", then on "Terminal" and enter these commands line by line:
        cd sys/fs/pstore
        cp * /sdcard
      • Send me the copied file(s), if any, via PM.

    One last request:

    Please, do not ask about problems for which my ROM is not responsible.
    From now on I will only react to problems that I can reproduce and that are caused by my ROM.

    I'm sorry for that, but I'm developing this ROM in my spare time and I still have a normal life.
    Awesome, thanks for the constant support to z5c!
    Oh! I've forgotten: Signature spoofing is now working!
    Haven`t tested your new release on my old Xperia Z5C yet, but I installed unofficial LOS 20.0 in my Xperia XZ2, by @dtrunk90, and with his ROM, bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP profiles work pretty fine. Don`t know if the kernel plays a critical part on this matter. For Z5C it`s still in version 3.10, whereas for the Tama platform, it`s 4.9. Maybe you guys could chat a little about it. Thanks for giving our old little beast a new life, anyway!
    New version out; see 1st post.
    • Android security patch level: 5 November 2022