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Jun 29, 2015
Xiaomi Mi Max
IR blaster works fine in this and any other my builds.
If it doesn't work for you, try to update the firmware. Otherwise, do a clean flash.
I'm on the latest firmware, and always do a clean flash.
Ir not working, if someone using this Rom could confirm, it would help me to decide if i should switch Rom or it's a problem from my side.


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  • Feb 11, 2015


    BlissRoms v12.12 is out! Here are all the new changes:

    Feature additions
    • The September security patch has been merged! Thanks to @jackeagle for the merge ?
    • Added toggle for carrier group visibility
    • Added support for MiSound FX and DiracSound FX
    • Improved lockscreen nav Pulse
    • Added music card in volume panel
    • Improved FOD
    • Added centered R-style notification headers
    • Added ambient screen Pulse
    • Improved SystemUI
    • Added volume plugins
    • Added toggle for gradient background in QS panel
    • Added setting to add minimum auto brightness value
    • Face authentication now automatically blocks when the device is in a pocket
    • Clicking on the QS data usage toggle now opens the data panel
    • Aligned music card vertically to volume panel
    • Added option to force custom Doze brightness
    • Made ringer icon optional in volume panel
    • Asus Longshot is now the default screenshot system!
    • Moved Dark Mode to Blissify Settings
    • Added dependencies to system themes
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed “Edit QS panel” icon touch issue
    • Fixed battery QS tile icon not changing. The detail for it was also removed.
    • Fixed “remove lockscreen default shortcuts”
    And that’s it for this month! Have a good one and see you in the next update post!


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    Jun 29, 2015
    Xiaomi Mi Max

    BlissRoms v12.12 is out! Here are all the new changes:

    Thank you so much fir the update.

    My favourite, and the best Q Rom.

    Just wish, the static and disturbance while using speakerphone, during calls could be fixed. All Q and Pie Roms have this issue.

    Wondering why is so hard to fix this?

    Anyways thanks agian bro, you're doing a big favour to our Mi Max community. :good:
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  • Feb 11, 2015
    Hi, any updates for yet for this rom?

    It looks like Bliss ROM team switched to Android 11. My device sources aren't ready for Android 11 and I have no time to fix them for R now.

    I'll sync the Q sources and upload a new Q build soon. But I'm not sure if it will have any new features, bug fixes, etc.


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    Apr 14, 2019
    Ok. It's a pity there are other new phones cheap and very powerful nowadays, but their screens aren't as big as our ones

    Enviado desde mi Mi Max mediante Tapatalk


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  • Feb 11, 2015

    • Synced sources
    • Set min CPU freq to 400
    • Enabled QPower and Deep sleep at the same time
    I still can't find October Security Patch on their Github. So, please let me know if it's available in the current build.
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      • Synced Sources
      • February Security Patch
      • Fix for Apt-X headsets

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      • Make sure you have a custom recovery installed(TWRP is the preferred recovery)
      • Download the latest Bliss Rom & the latest GApps package
      • Boot into recovery
      • Backup your current ROM
      • Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
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      • Reboot recovery
      • Flash OpenGapps--NANO PACKAGE!!
      • *Flash magisk* optional
      • First boot may take up to 10 minutes. This is due to Gapps and root optimization.

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      • April Security Patch
      • Fix possible screen freeze issues
      • Fix lock icon getting stuck in AOD
      • Need unlock to access QS tiles
      • Add language QS tile
      • Fix random FC in themepicker
      • Disable Quick Settings on lockscreen
      • Lockscreen weather enabled by default
      • Add 15 , 30 min update time for weather
      • Add option to change icons acc to openweather API
      • QS Header data usage info
      • Android R screen Record dialog
      • Add Qs Data Usage
      • Fix some lawnchair denials
      • QS disable improvements
      • Silence default perm errors
      • Face unlock
      • Gradient picker
      • Updated BlissPapers to v2.1
      • Internal audio fixed in screen recording
      • Touchscreen Gestures added (Only works for NVT panel users)

      Bliss v12.5
      ROM Changelog:
      Device changelog:
      • Added FMRadio app

      • Add Asus long screenshot in place of oneplus longshot
      • Remove nerves clock ( only created problems)
      • Fix default clock style handlng/improvements and fixes
      • Add ton of fonts
      • Fix vpn layout in quick settings
      • Add them to lock clock, date and carrier label
      • Added a different switch to hide clock now instead of clock style hidden entry
      • Orono, divided, mnml box and minmal that had date in them , will be hidden by default on locksceen ( wll show in doze)
      • fix fod cutout hidden (thanks to @Pivcer )
      • Multi sim rigntone fixes
      • Default dialer fix for non gapps
      • Add Notification log n Improvements
      • Music title and artist in doze/pulse
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